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Help out a new member with Crowdflower


#1 by hmaheshwari » Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:14

Hi all,

I'm new to Clicksense and the whole doing micro tasks thing! I was wondering if any of you could be kind enough to answer a couple of queries about task selection, maintaining accuracy and levelling up in Crowdflower.

Unfortunately, I find that I don't qualify for very many surveys. Even the surveys that are India specific boot me out because I live in a small Tier 2 city. Therefore, I've realized that doing tasks is the only way for me to make money.

I've worked on 7 jobs with test questions so far.
- I scored 100% in 3 of them (quiz mode only, there wasn't any work in that job)

- 96% in one job (did 16 tasks here)

- 88% in one job (got expelled for 2 wrong answers, disputed one of the answers with CF as unfair, but they didn't do much about it)

- 42% in one job (got expelled, my fault to be honest, the job's ratings fluctuate from 2 to 2.5) This job is still available in my task list. ID - 1198165. Have any of you worked on it?

- 60% (got expelled, even though I feel the instructions were contradictory to how they probably checked answers in quiz mode) ID - 1201236

So my questions are:
1) What can I do to level up quickly? I do see some level 0 tasks, but I gave up on 3 today after I got expelled from one. The instructions were unclear, but the task is still available and has a rating of 3 stars, what am I missing here? I've seen a similar job listed for people who're at Level 1

2) How long did it take you all to level up? Is getting expelled from too many jobs going to hurt my chances?

3) Any other tips at all regarding the sort of jobs I should look out for or avoid as a newbie?

Sorry for the long post and I'd be grateful for any replies. Thanks in advance :)
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#2 by alok141 » Wed Oct 25, 2017 23:35

1) You Can't do anything. You just need to do level 0 task when they are available without getting expelled continuously.First do easy task otherwise leave it.

2) It is upto you from 1 months to 1 year or more. Most of time people loose their badges immediately after getting it due to over excitement of doing each and every task. Getting Expelled from task will surely hinders your proress.

3)Just check rating and always learn from past mistakes and if you are doubtful then press the button give up.

Good Luck :thumbup:
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