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How many languages do you speak/understand » Post #1

Mon May 13, 2019 15:32 in General Talk

I like to say that I speak english and french... But I'm not sure if I can say that I speak, I understand 99.9 % of all that I listen on news, I can naturally reply someone on both... Even so I will not stop replyng the question: "Do you speak english?" with a: "Yes, I do" or the "Tu parle français?" with a "Oui, couramment!"

You know It is all about cofidence!?....

And you? How many languages do you understand/speak?

Which mobile game you played last time? » Post #20

Sat May 11, 2019 10:33 in General Talk

Quote:I think it was minecraft that I tried once. Everything was blocks and you was
to create stuff. So I managed to dig a hole. The hole continued to get deeper.
No matter what I did, I couldn't get out of it. :lol:

I quit the game and never played it again. :evil:

This is because you were not interested in playing :lol: :lol: , I think that you judged the game by its graphic, which is very different from more modern games, those from xbox one, for example.
The game is about exploring the world and being creative, it is a very complex game. I quit playing sometime ago...without defeating the ender dragon.

When i was a kid I had a super nintendo and I loved to play super mario world...Today if try this game in an emulator I just can't play it...Maybe my brain just evolved and the game doesn't make sense anymore...Even when I try PS4 sometimes the games don't entertain me (no way I'm going to save money to buy one)... :lol:

Which mobile game you played last time? » Post #18

Fri May 10, 2019 14:05 in General Talk

I used to play age of empires the Conquerors expansion, age of empires 3 and COD on gameranger 2 to 3 years ago... Then I started playing texas hold'em poker on WSOP app for android I used to love it but now... the only game that I'm actually playing is The Simpsons: Tapped Out. :lol:

But i have installed on my android device Minecraft, Chess game, Math Riddles, Brain Elevate...And I have a Sudoku app, I always do the daily chalenge :D ... On my laptop I just have an X plane 8 demo installed... :lol:

ALIEN HUSBANDS and WIFES...tasman1 » Post #7

Tue May 07, 2019 18:48 in General Talk

Quote:OHHH Jesus , why some people like you are so lucky in life

Or unlucky god knows how it could be :lol: :lol:

ALIEN HUSBANDS and WIFES...tasman1 » Post #5

Tue May 07, 2019 18:00 in General Talk

Quote:Not sure about that , I am 100% sure that my wife is alien . What about your partner ?

My wife I don't know how she looks or behave yet because I did not meet her up to this moment, I'm not married :D

ALIEN HUSBANDS and WIFES...tasman1 » Post #3

Tue May 07, 2019 16:32 in General Talk

Such species are not between us the only place that you might probably find them is on Area 51.

Surveys VS Tasks, which is better? » Post #7

Mon May 06, 2019 12:46 in General Talk

For me tasks are by far better than surveys (despite the fact that I had virtually no gain here with tasks this past and actual month )....I don't even take surveys anymore...

Cyclone Fani » Post #9

Sat May 04, 2019 18:24 in General Talk

I agree that the Amazon deforestation is a real issue. It can cause a lot of problems if not controlled.

Cyclone Fani » Post #6

Sat May 04, 2019 13:36 in General Talk

Is climate change really responsible for exacerbating the extent of these natural phenomenon?

In my opinion it can and cannot be since all we know is what media tell us...(they have insterest). Anyway i don't have the knowledge nor structutre, method and money to reasearch for myself (which would grant an impartial verdict):thumbup:

So I'm not buying this rhetoric....

Your opinion please ...tasman1 » Post #9

Thu May 02, 2019 13:36 in General Talk

I dont know how I would classify such a country... I just know how I would not classify it: Democracy.

Anyway, talking about politicians I bet they are getting richer and richer...(i'm not insinuating here that they are profiting of the system for it)...This would be very unfair :mrgreen: think about it: would someone dedicate his entire life to politics just to touch barely 40X than a normal worker+ benefits, or even less depending on the area that he could act in private sector If he didn't love his country or genuinely cared about his fellow citizens or even dreamed about changing it, :?: :?::?: :silent:

Beluga suspected of being a Russian agent » Post #1

Tue Apr 30, 2019 14:37 in General Talk

A Beluga Whale was spotted by a fisherman off the coast of northern Norway... yeah, so far nothing much, I bet there are plenty of them there...

But this Beluga Whale was wearing a harness with the "warning" "Equipment of St. Petersburg."...hmmm how much of them wear this? Unless they work for the russian speacial service :silent: this is very unlikely, at the minimum....But this isn't all, this Beluga approached the boat, wich is an indication that this animal is used to, if not trained by humans...or simply was hungry...who knows...maybe is lazy and didn't want to go after fish...anyway..

I wonder what was/is the mission of this Beluga (what he was trained for) ...Carryng a machine gun? Equipment to fotograph? Explosives in a kamikaze misson to sink or compromise enemy material ? Recognition missions?

Anyway, in my humble opinion, I think that this innocent and docile, Delphinapterus leucas, in question is a specs ops, trained to sabote and compromise important enemy assets...things that can change the outcome of a conflict... Maybe he is even trained to make IEDs:shock: :shock: Oh gosh...

Zombie Programs, Movies, Series, etc » Post #8

Sun Apr 07, 2019 14:54 in General Talk

Letting aside the point about the tons of plastic that people dump into the oceans creating many problems and, eventually, "giving rise to these "creatures" that seek revenge and 'food" ( Just one thing, I think that they would hate more the straws and the the plastic bags instead of the bottles) :thumbup::D

Quote:How did zombies come to exist? Why do people turn into a
zombie if bitten but not when zombie blood splashes in their
face? Why do zombies only die for good, when they are stabbed
in the brain? Why are zombies hungry? Why do zombies want
to eat people?

I think that the human skin protects from small blood splashes, unless it is cut or have bruises, but I'm not sure... :roll:
The fact that zombies just die with a "stab in the brain", :geek: Well, the first thing that comes to mind is that their body functions are gone, because their bodies are completely rotten, so an attack on their bodies isn't effective... But their brains are stil functioning, is what gives 'em capacity to move and feed on humans, But, What about their nervous system and muscles?, I don't know :D (Let's not think too much when watching a tv show, sometimes they don't respect the rules that govern our world). :lol:

I'm the luckiest guy in the world. » Post #16

Wed Apr 03, 2019 13:26 in General Talk

Quote:I think that's very different and depends on what part of the world we are talking about, But yes!! biribe and corruption are everwhere.

In the danish parliament there's a rule that states that every donation above 20.000 DKK has to be publically available so everyone can see who funds a political party, What do you do then with 1 million??? You split it into 50 donations of 20.000 DKK of course :roll:

You are right.... it depends on what part of the world... For me, all the corruption I see has at least 6 digits...but it can go up to 9...

A scientific notation, I think, would be useful to simplify the operations sometimes... :mrgreen:

I'm the luckiest guy in the world. » Post #14

Wed Apr 03, 2019 12:10 in General Talk

Quote:We have received an Official Letter regarding the Release of your Approved Fund of US$ 4.2 million dollars part payment.

Politicians receive this kind of thing everyday, you know, "fund", "approved"...

$1,000.31 Clixsense earning milestone. » Post #5

Tue Apr 02, 2019 17:16 in Success Stories

Quote:Nice round number , congrats

Rounding numbers diminishes accuracy of calculations :lol: :lol:

$1,000.31 Clixsense earning milestone. » Post #3

Tue Apr 02, 2019 15:20 in Success Stories

Quote:nice..good job..
keep earning

Thank you... :D
I will continue with the hard work... :D :D

$1,000.31 Clixsense earning milestone. » Post #1

Tue Apr 02, 2019 12:34 in Success Stories

I just reached the milestone of $1,000.31 in earns on :clixsense: and Figure eight ... This is a reasonable amount... :lol:

I don't know for how long I will have free time to complete tasks and surveys...

But I hope :clixsense: to continue being this realible site. Nice work :clixsense:, always paid correctly and offred a realiable patform :thumbup: :thumbup:

What is your FAVOURITE SUBJECT » Post #7

Mon Apr 01, 2019 15:04 in General Talk

Me, personally, I like mathematics, even though I'm not so good at it ( I struggle everyday with the functions and their constraits, sometimes I forgot to consider all the things that I should). I like algebra, Calculus, you know, all that funny stuff, limits, differentiation, finding slopes; Integration, measuring areas under curves, measuring arcs length ...As I study by myself I need to search internet to complete my mathematical puzzle.

I also like military stuff, you know, guns (let's not amalgamate guns with the violence perpetreated by disturbed people), weapons systems, I espeacially like the area of demining, even though I have no understanding of this area at all (I hope someday I will be able to work in this area, by becoming a militar again).

Recent Privacy Policy Changes, » Post #9

Thu Mar 28, 2019 14:25 in General Talk

I superficially read it...
But companies gather so much information about us nowadays that I didn't give too much attetion to it.
Each time we take a survey we give our information away, There is always a "policy privacy terms" there. In my opinion, they just gather general information without individualizing the person.
My way of dealing with privacy issues is controlling my input of personal information.

Reject recycling ......tasman1 » Post #7

Tue Mar 26, 2019 14:15 in General Talk

Quote:Go to island in the middle of sea. Be stranded there all alone.

You won't need old recycled poopie pants. :lol:

You won't need ink either.

Only you can recycle and buy for free.

Eat coconut. Recycle coconut shell for a hat.
Hat get old, stomp on it with rock, recycle hat for fire start shavings.

Fire be good to throw fish on for charbroiled dinner. Recycle fish bones
for floss.

This looks like one of those Discovery channel survival shows :lol: :lol: :lol:.
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