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Posts by valerie
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Mistaken Click on Advert » Post #2

Yesterday, 23:16 in General Talk

Submit a support ticket.

payment return » Post #9

Yesterday, 21:36 in Payment Processor Support


payment return » Post #8

Yesterday, 21:33 in Payment Processor Support

I'll contact them for you.

LART Button » Post #7

Yesterday, 19:04 in Feature Requests

splat, you can use a 3D printer to create 2x4's so that you can knock yourself in the head
every time you ask a question that has already been ask 37 times.

That is what he is saying, jokingly, about the 3D printers.

I've memorized ads » Post #1

Yesterday, 19:01 in General Talk

There is a variety of ways to prepare potatoes

Boil pasta in a skillet

You can cook eggs lots of ways

Did you know the variety of ways to crack eggs

Skin can be clear in just weeks with stelara

Use hair spray on unruly eyebrows

Find out more about whooping cough vaccine

You can lower your cholesterol and your blood pressure

How many ads can ya click before ya fall asleep? » Post #22

Yesterday, 18:51 in General Talk

mappo710 wrote: I have no idea how some of you are getting 300 + ads per day . I'm lucky to get 4 or 5 these days

My PTC Clicks today 615

The above is my number of ads clicked during this 24 hour period and that pans out to a little
over $3.00. Plus, it counts in the daily checklist.

Total earned: $3.667
EXTRA BONUSES (Complete the checklist to unlock)
ClixAddon Bonus Not Installed +2.0%
Activity Bonus Completed +2.0%
14.0%Congrats! The checklist is completed!
$0.5134Your bonus is currently standing at:

In reality, that is over $4.00 due to the .51 cent checklist bonus.

I don't know but I can tell you that some advertisers only target their ads to paid members.
I see you are a free member. Since you are in the USA and IF you are going to be an active
member, I strongly advise you to upgrade your membership. I always find it odd that anyone
in the USA is not a premium member UNLESS of course they are not going to actively focus
on making money here.....then it would be understandable.

The large amount of ads, may not always be available. I want to be clear about that. Still,
actively logging in and checking multiple times thru-out the day, doing a few free offers, a
USA member can easily make their premium membership back within a week, often just days.

I will also add that it is VERY TIME CONSUMING to click a large amount of ads. It takes me
approximately one hour per 120 ads. It varies a little bit depending on the time length of the ads.
In this 24 hour period, beginning at 11pm when the ads came in, I viewed the ads from 11pm to
3am. 4 hours of almost constant clicking and I clicked/viewed 500 ads before finally giving up
and going to bed.....they were still coming in. After waking, and thru-out the day thus far, I have
viewed now a total of 615 ads.

Having trouble with "Your Survey" » Post #2

Yesterday, 18:29 in General Support

**** Proxy/VPN/VPS error **** | ClixSense Forum
That is a topic abut proxy.

Something you might try after reading that topic is to clear your machine, reboot, and then attempt the survey.

BouldRake for President » Post #2

Yesterday, 15:01 in General Talk

I am going to leave your post and I know you mean well ..... all in a days fun.

However, It is a political post. :roll:

Payment delay » Post #4

Yesterday, 14:56 in Payment Processor Support

One thing they did not long ago was implement 'Tango'. I would advise those of you that
have problems cashing out, to take a look at that option. You can view it by changing your
payout to Tango and that way you can see all that is available to you thru Tango.....then
you can simply switch it back to whatever payment option you have or prefer. I am stating
this because I think there is a lot of members that would probably use that option and may
really prefer it IF they only took a strong look at it to see what is available to them.

In regards to Payza, I can only GUESS. I am guessing the reason why this has not been
updated and removed completely is....MAYBE.....just MAYBE.....I am GUESSING....MAYBE
it might have a little something to do with the USA presidential election and / or.....they
may still be trying to work with Payza in regards to funding.

I am NOT going to tell you to be patient. You have your own mind so you can do what you
want. I am just using my own common sense about it and that is why I am stressing the
fact I am GUESSing.

Anyone see my total earnings? » Post #4

Yesterday, 13:46 in General Talk

Ehhh Maybe a senior moment. I am not sure what I could have been looking at
to think I had $13,000 accumulated if I didn't. Maybe too much ice cream. :?

LART Button » Post #5

Yesterday, 13:43 in Feature Requests

Oh I see. Glad I don't have a 3D printer. :o

Anyone see my total earnings? » Post #1

Yesterday, 13:05 in General Talk

Did anyone see my total earnings displayed a while back?

This is my message as I update it from time to time by primarily changing the date and my earnings total:

Hello, my name is Valerie Underhill in case you did not know. Today is Sept. 15, 2016 and I thought I'd do an update to my message in here. Keep in mind, you can contact me any time at xxxxxxxxxx I've earned over $13,000 in ClixSense. Altho that is not get rich money, it's good, honest, solid, legitimate, EASY money. ClixSense has added more ways to earn such as daily surveys, tasks, videos, and more. If you're new, have recently joined ClixSense, it is to your advantage to check out all the ways you can earn here. Even if you have 0 referrals, you can make some very nice extra money. Be sure to visit the forum... I have posted TIPS and more...I am a moderator at the forum. And another thing, many International members outside the USA, love doing the tasks. There are hefty weekly bonuses too. Don't forget, you can also play to win in the clixgrid. Thanks for joining ClixSense as my referral. I'm always willing to help you. Also, ClixSense has now added gift cards through Tango. Go into your profile and choose 'Tango' and you can then view all the various gift cards available by choosing from your account cash out 'Tango'.

I ask because my total earnings are not displaying over $13,000. I wouldn't have updated my message
stating that if it hadn't.

I also just went through every year, tallied up my total earnings, and it does not computer with what is
stated now.

I submitted a ticket about this and Brian replied stating the totals were correct and they had did an audit
on totals after the hack.

login bug » Post #2

Yesterday, 12:58 in Bug reports

Members and moderators cannot do anything with your account.
You need to submit a support ticket if you are having log in issues.

LART Button » Post #2

Yesterday, 11:57 in Feature Requests

Good idea.

Maybe there is something faster than the 3D printer. Instead of Geek Squad, maybe
we could start a business and call it 'Brainy Squad'.

PS. 'Brainy Squad' poor quality 2x4 cost at $12.00 each and high quality 2x4 at $24.00 each.
Delivery at $0.65 per mile. Actual hit = free.

payment return » Post #5

Tue Sep 27, 2016 23:25 in Payment Processor Support

I don't know how they enter the payment details, coma delimited or what.
It no doubt was an error some where so all I know to tell you is to double
check to make sure you do have your payment address entered correctly
and to resubmit the cash out.

payment return » Post #2

Tue Sep 27, 2016 21:47 in Payment Processor Support

Make sure your paypal email address is still entered correctly in your ClixSense profile.
Then simply click the cash out button again. As they told you, it may have been a bug.

forced password change » Post #2

Tue Sep 27, 2016 17:01 in Bug reports

I don't know if they sent out in batches or what but yes, several weeks ago, members
began receiving notifications to change their password when attempting log in.

ClixGrid » Post #2

Tue Sep 27, 2016 03:54 in General Support

Yes members have won more than once when clicking in the clixgrid on the same day.

Mod to erase some topic » Post #2

Tue Sep 27, 2016 03:31 in Feature Requests

Topics roll down and disappear eventually.

Disappearing ads » Post #16

Tue Sep 27, 2016 01:44 in General Talk

They updated servers weeks ago.
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