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Posts by valerie
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Poll Fish » Post #11

Today, 11:23 in Your Stats

You deserve a balloon! All I have is a face. :puppy:

Mobile » Post #4

Today, 11:21 in Hindi

What I suggest is to go to the Hindi sub forum and ask them.

I will move this topic there.

Be creative part 2 » Post #6

Today, 11:13 in General Talk

I was thinking about the stones of years ago, perfectly placed together and weighing tons.

Could it be giants visited from outer space and built all that?

If they did, then of course people looked very tiny to them.

Also, if the giants were hungry, they could eat the tiny people.

Be creative part 2 » Post #3

Today, 11:08 in General Talk

I have an idea for you.

Make a giant with little people in it.

bring back » Post #24

Today, 11:06 in General Talk

Most importantly, trees release oxygen.

none can be ignored » Post #13

Today, 09:02 in General Talk

Allow me to attempt rudeness....

Topic Locked

Mobile » Post #2

Today, 08:56 in Hindi

I don't know what you are saying.

ClixSense is not configured for mobile.

You are not allowed to configure ClixSense in any way whatsoever.

In regards to your own mobile device there are many Apps for sending and receiving payments
such as Samsung, Vemo, PayPal, etc.

Do a google search. Also you might want to look in your own country sub forum here 'Hindi'.

warning message from antivirus » Post #2

Today, 08:53 in Bug reports

You might try submitting a support ticket through the Helpdesk and see if they know
what your problem is.

Apps » Post #1

Yesterday, 14:38 in General Talk

Apps, Apps, and more Apps.

DON'T post spam.

Have you found any good helpful Apps?

I ask because I have been loading Apps onto my new cell phone. I place my local news station App, various
Google Apps, Facebook, Avast, Walmart, Roku, eBates, Netflix, etc.

Have you found any good ones?

bring back » Post #17

Yesterday, 11:47 in General Talk

Stores in the USA do not use paper bags any more. It's plastic.

Plastic Plastic Plastic and more Plastic.

For When BITCOIN Payment Processor? » Post #2

Yesterday, 09:25 in Payment Processor Support

Tango is the closest thing we have for bitcoin option here.

bring back » Post #15

Yesterday, 09:12 in General Talk

As I sit here looking out my window, I can see the largest tree on my property.
It's a large oak tree. Nothing attractive about it. The squirrels seem to really
like it and there is some large openings in it further up the tree.

Some times when at my desk, as I am now, I am almost entranced when I
look out the window at the old oak tree. I guess the word 'wonder' would be
more appropriate. How long has that tree been there? How long did it take
to grow? Did someone plant it?

When I look at that tree, I know it is hundreds of years old. Maybe over a
thousand years old.

IF that tree was to fall, was to be destroyed, could another tree really take
it's place? NO, it never could. You could plant a fast growing pine but it
would not be an oak tree. If you plant another oak tree like it, another
hundreds if not thousands of years before it grew up big and strong like it's

Where I sit was once a tree. Now it is a house.

No matter what anyone says, our forestry is and has been depleting and has
been for many years.

clixgrid is not working » Post #2

Sat Mar 25, 2017 23:54 in General Support

The ClixGrid works fine.

Question About Exact Check Cashout Deadline » Post #16

Sat Mar 25, 2017 13:18 in Payment Processor Support

I received my check today so I am guessing you received yours also. If not, you will most
likely get it Monday.

I buy new phone and get more calls from unknown » Post #15

Sat Mar 25, 2017 10:37 in General Talk

Oh I really like TracFone and have never had issues with them at all.

I don't think phone calls have anything to do with the phone. It of course may have something to
do with the phone number but that can happen with any service.

I was on Verizon for many years and paid a monthly fee and I received unknown calls from time to
time not to mention wrong numbers.

For me, I know everyone that is going to call me and have them in my contacts. For example if I
get a call from Bob, it is going to display 'Bob calling' and I answer it. If it doesn't display who it
is, I don't answer it.

A cell phone is not extremely important to me. Most my calls come in on my landline. I do really
like TracPhone due to the reasons I stated. Rarely do I ever need to buy more minutes. 1200 minutes
a year is usually enough and by the time the next year rolls around, I simply buy a new phone with
the triple minutes included again.

I am not one to yak yak on a phone. My conversation goes something like this:

I will be there at 9.00


Yes I saw it


Are you going?
Me too.

A long phone conversation for me is 2 minutes.

suggestion for payment better than skrill » Post #2

Sat Mar 25, 2017 00:09 in Payment Processor Support

It's up to you to choose the option you want that is available in your account.
No one can choose for you.

Personally, for USA members, I would suggest choosing check. It's the simplest and only $1 fee plus
cashing out once per month is a nicer sum.

You can read around the forum topics to see what others have to say and or simply visit the websites
options for their FAQ and info.

people calling me bro on chat,haha! » Post #9

Fri Mar 24, 2017 20:02 in General Talk

zegon wrote: They call me 'dude' in the chat , maybe i look too old out to be their 'bro' :lol:

You are hilarious and that was a good one. :lol:

payment after Paypal is out » Post #2

Fri Mar 24, 2017 19:56 in General Talk

Read the Update about it then maybe you will understand that ClixSense is NOT the only site
that no longer has PayPal.

Question About Exact Check Cashout Deadline » Post #15

Fri Mar 24, 2017 16:42 in Payment Processor Support

He said he received his. He posted the dates.

Most probable, we'll receive ours tomorrow or Monday.

However, as I have stated and posted many times that as a norm, checks are received before the end of
the month.

It's really not that long. At least to me it is not.

I always fine it kind of funny. Not heehaw funny, just funny because working offline, I can't even recall
a job in which I was paid weekly let alone more than once a week. I was always paid bi-weekly or monthly.

dreaded flu captivated me for a week! » Post #2

Fri Mar 24, 2017 09:18 in General Talk

I'm glad you are feeling better. Nothing worse than being sick.

This year I did take the flu shot. I probably wouldn't have except I was in the hospital with
that gallbladder surgery and they kept pressing I take it so I did. Maybe my taking it was a
good thing because shortly thereafter, everyone around here seemed to have the flu....schools
were even closed for a few days but I never got sick at all.

I worked in health care for many years and I rarely if ever got sick from anything. I equated
that to being immune to sickness since I was around sick people daily.

What did you say your husband does? I think you said some kind of work he does that takes
you from your main country to the UK.
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