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Posts by valerie
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Decreasing of my money by clicking ads » Post #4

Today, 09:45 in Bug reports

klose9 wrote: I think that there are a bug in some ads or something like that because i was clicking my usual Ads and for 4 times my accounts left more than 1 dollar!
Can someone explain me that?
I also look in my transaction history and there are something like that i bought ad credits?
How? And why?
I clicked only my ads like usually and waited the time that needs to complete that.

That was already corrected. You will need to log out of ClixSense, clear your machine.
Then log back in.

In regards to surveys/offers, some times they are reversed and that would display in your
offers history if it is.

Changes to the website? » Post #4

Today, 09:42 in General Support

I've never used it so I can't help you out about it.

I keep a window open for ClixSense 24/7 and check it from time to time when I am
wanting to do surveys, etc.

Clixsense logout problem » Post #2

Yesterday, 14:41 in General Support

Check the 'stay logged in' button.

Still no credit even tho advised otherwise » Post #4

Yesterday, 13:11 in General Support

You're welcome, glad that worked.

Still no credit even tho advised otherwise » Post #2

Yesterday, 12:30 in General Support

You might want to log out and log back in, perhaps even refresh your page
by clearing your machine. Perhaps that will display the correct info for you.

Highest Tasks and Earnings per day so far :D » Post #6

Yesterday, 12:22 in Your Stats

Devenderraghav wrote:
rkx300 wrote: Congrats tej bro
And @ raghav bro stop arguing people to be in your downline or you will be banned

Sorry for that will take care of it in future

Stop posting this junk because it is extremely inappropriate. It is against the rules
to post begging members to be your downline and furthermore it doesn't even make

cat and dog pics on adds » Post #11

Yesterday, 08:16 in Bug reports

I's a cheat prevention so that honest people can make money and advertisers
ads are safe from cheaters.

22 referrals within 3 months !!! » Post #9

Yesterday, 00:38 in General Support

Sorry, moved to support and meant to move to general discussions.
Repost there if you wish.

delete » Post #9

Yesterday, 00:29 in General Talk

Ok we don't talk about weapons here of any sort!

There was an error but money has been returned » Post #7

Yesterday, 00:26 in Payment Processor Support

Stop posting this over and over again. They are working on fixing the issues.

They've already fixed the money issue.

Decreasing Balance » Post #43

Yesterday, 00:12 in General Talk

Account balances » Post #40

Yesterday, 00:07 in General Support

Purchase I did not make!! » Post #20

Yesterday, 00:05 in General Support

$3+ less in account balance » Post #14

Yesterday, 00:04 in General Support

Debit from my account » Post #2

Yesterday, 00:02 in General Support

Wheres my Clixsense Earnings!!! » Post #10

Yesterday, 00:01 in General Support

purshase » Post #3

Yesterday, 00:00 in Bug reports

There was an error but money has been returned » Post #1

Sun Jun 26, 2016 23:59 in Payment Processor Support

Hi Valerie, There was an error that was created after an update that has since been corrected. The purchase they made has been refunded back to their account already.

Sorry for the mixup.


For what purpose you use your money? » Post #39

Sun Jun 26, 2016 17:26 in General Talk

zegon wrote:
RoseGold wrote: I use mine in case of emergency or if there's something really needed. I had to replace the refrigerator water filter. Got a 2pk for $50.00 at Home Depot. Things do tear up, nothing's built to last long anymore. I have purchased few on sale clothing items. Mostly try to save :$

Yes, stuff then has the ability to break down all the time , it's almost like i become afraid of the dark times.

True , it feels as if the stuff was better in the past , today they build in a ' timeout ' for how long things should work.

They want to sell us a new product as soon as possible , money, money, money ... :thumbdown:

It's not like in the past when people were proud to work and proud of whatever work they did.
Products were made much better quality and most products lasted much longer. I don't think
people were in as much as a hurry.

You know, it is kind of strange. Technology was suppose to make life easier. I think the future is
much more complicated than in the past and I think people have less time now than ever before.

For what purpose you use your money? » Post #34

Sun Jun 26, 2016 16:02 in General Talk

I think a few more people that are realizing the free product arena, is
growing since Amazon now offers a month to month prime membership.
In the long run, paying monthly cost more. I did the math one time but
I forget what it was. Maybe about $40 more per year.

It depends on the arena (I am using words that are not necessarily the
words I would use due to posting at this forum) as most will say do not
sell the product on eBay. That does make sense. However, for the most
part you can give away the product or even sell it in a yard sale. Again,
I stress accordingly to terms.

So lets say you get a product for free that has a price of $50. You get
the product free, you do what you're suppose to do and then you put
it away to either wait for your upcoming sale in which you will put a
$20 price tag on it and allow yourself to be bargained down to $15...
OR you give the product as a Christmas gift thereby saving yourself

Now then, if you're still with me, lets say you are receiving a mere
ten products per day per 5 day week. Equals 50 products per week.
Granted the value of those products are going to be as a norm, mind you,
a few dollars each at the bare minimum and most much more. So
you store the product for say ohhhhhhh lets say 4 months.

4 months of products would according to my math above, be about
800 products.

Still with me? :D

So now it is yard sale time and you take those 800 products and you
sell them on average of $3 per product. Of course, some products will
be much more worthy of $3 and some less but to keep my math low
for this example that is $3 per 800 product which equals $2,400.

Now then if you have paid Amazon $100 per year (my membership
is actually about $109 per year due to TN tax I suppose) OR you
have paid a monthly fee x4 can do the math on that.

Also, lets not forget to subtract a few dollars too because there are
some products that cost $0.01 on up to perhaps a dollar now and then.
So you'd want to subtract $5 or $10 for those cent items.

So lets just cut that $2,400 down to $2,200 and if you did that every
4 months you would have what.....around $7,000.

However, if you work really hard and you become really good at what
you do, like Valerie :mrgreen: you could be making a lot more than
$7,000 per year. In fact, even though it is a lot of work, it is not back
breaking and a person could net $25,000 or more per year.

There's a little more to it but that is the jest of it. I am working on
creating a website explaining how to do this, the steps, etc.
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