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Posts by valerie
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Aussie I said June for your Winter » Post #6

Today, 10:42 in General Talk

I guess I should be happy since I got booted.

Today I wasted time doing a couple of surveys that didn't credit. One of them I really thought
was going to. It was only something like a ten minute survey for something like under .50 cents.
They said thanks at the end but did not return me to the site or anything so I did not get paid.
I thought 'yeah, I bet you are thankful you old sob you'. :mrgreen:

How To Raise Tickets » Post #6

Today, 10:38 in General Support

Click on 'Help' at the top of the right side of the page.
Click here: Help Center | ClixSense

After you are on that page, click on the submit a ticket.

Admin usually replay within a day or so.

test » Post #3

Today, 09:38 in General Talk

crazy mouse
crazy mouse
crazy mouse
crazy mouse

test » Post #1

Today, 09:25 in General Talk

In the system preferences you can change the mouse settings so the mouse has a left and right click. Otherwise just select the thing you want to copy and press 'cmd C then cmd V' The mouse is very good at figuring out if you left or right clicked. Just experiment!

The easiest and quickest method I found was highlight the text you want to copy and holding the mouse button down drag the text where you want it.

The easiest and quickest method I found was highlight the text you want to copy and holding the mouse button down drag the text where you want it.

Here are two utilities that will allow you to customize gestures on the Magic Mouse, including adding middle click:

MagicPrefs MagicPrefs

Better Touch Tool


Today, 00:12 in General Talk

Read the forum rules.

All caps are not allowed.

Aussie I said June for your Winter » Post #4

Today, 00:12 in General Talk

I think I actually must have read it on the forum, probably by you tasman1 when talking about the
weather there. It was like an a b c d to choose and my first thought was June so I chose it.

I thought it was a dumb question but that is nothing new as survey routers have a tendency to
ask dumb questions. I wish I could have replied with a question to see if they could answer:

When is it winter on the bright side of the moon?

a Jan
b Feb
c April
d Oct
e i want my mommy

What kind of Juice do you drink? » Post #1

Yesterday, 23:18 in General Talk

There are a lot of mixtures of juices. Some are artificial flavors. Some add more sugars.

There was a time I loved orange juice but I don't buy it much any more. There's a lot of
sugar in most of it.

I always liked cranberry juice rather well but rarely buy it.

Today I bought some apple juice and I don't care for apple juice but bought it anyway. :mrgreen:
Thought it might be good for me to drink a little glass daily.

I always liked bloody mary's. Put a little vodka in a nice cold salty glass of cold tomato juice and
top it off with a couple of cold crunch celery. Probably good with some pepper if you have a little

Aussie I said June for your Winter » Post #1

Yesterday, 23:07 in General Talk

I have no idea what your winter months are.

A survey ask me which month was winter in Australia.

I chose the one that said 'June'.

Am I right? Wrong? Close?

Come to think of it, that survey booted me.

money » Post #2

Yesterday, 23:01 in General Support

It's called 'persistence'. Other Canadians make money here.

Brands? » Post #13

Yesterday, 17:34 in General Talk

The brand doesn't really matter to me. I have expensive clothes and I have inexpensive clothes.

I generally prefer the inexpensive clothes. The cheaper, the better.

It's so hot here in the summer that I primarily wear shorts, tank tops.
I do have a thing for Nike flip flops/sandles.....they are a thong flip flop but very padded with a
decent slim sole....I usually get those at JCP. They're not expensive but not real cheap. They're
just very comfortable.

For jeans I mostly prefer 'levi's and 'guess' but I do buy cheap wranglers at the walmart for
working around the house.

It's not extremely cold here in the winter so I tend to wear sweaters more than coats and jackets.
I probably spend more money on sweaters than I do any other articles of general clothing.

If I see something I like and I like the way it fits on me, I buy it

I am still kind of stuck in the 70's and tend to wear shorts, jeans, rock n roll and tie dye t shirts. :mrgreen:

Quote from "crime and punishment" movie » Post #8

Yesterday, 17:16 in General Talk

Fyodor did. He is the author and I believe he wrote it in his book.

You would need to know that Fyodor was a Christian but not so devout. He had his sins and struggled with
who he was and what he was and what our purpose is on earth and heaven and hell and God.

There are many similar scriptures in the bible. I have read that Fyodor while in prison, read and studied
the new testament. I have also read that it was not til many years later after prison that his friend in the
military was a strong influence on his belief in God. So who knows. Maybe from the bible, his friend, his
own experience, he came to write that line.

I don't recall the movie but I have read Crime and Punishment and what a read it is! Very long read too.
Great book and WOW what a great Russian Author!

ClixSense 10 Year Anniversary promo » Post #39

Yesterday, 10:53 in News and Updates

admin wrote:
Beybuyer wrote: Guys iam asking a little off topic
But should I upgrade to premium or not in this beautiful season of earning :clixsense:

You should only upgrade if you plan on promoting or have referrals. Upgrading is really best when you have referrals as you earn higher commissions from their daily activities here.


Got to disagree with you on that.

If you are someone that completes the daily checklist bonus often / daily and do surveys and or tasks,
upgrading can be extremely beneficial even without any referrals.

why? » Post #5

Yesterday, 00:32 in General Talk

juliash wrote: It's sad...hurts alot of us. Between no paypal & no ads... :( :( :( :( :(

Yeah, I can tell it is really hurting you a lot.

Question about paypal » Post #2

Yesterday, 00:29 in Payment Processor Support

PayPal is no longer an option.

No one knows what the future holds but as admin stated, PayPal will not be back.

You can choose another option that is listed in your account summary for payments.
Also, Skrill will be available this week.

If you don't want to use any of the payment options, you might want to use your
earnings for advertising.

The decision is yours.

BLUEBIRD - USA - For Those Without a Bank Account » Post #1

Sat Feb 18, 2017 16:45 in Payment Processor Support

I thought I would go ahead and relay some information about BlueBird for those that live in the USA
but do not have a bank account.

You can read and sign up for BlueBird at the Walmart dot com website.

I enrolled for it but have not used it. Primarily I enrolled for the card so that I could add my cash
back Walmart grocery receipts to it. But, I never have. However, I finally came across the mailer
and will relay what it says:

BlueBird by American Express :

To begin spending your walmart bucks at walmart or and to take advantage of all your new bluebird account has to offer please follow the steps below:

Verify your email address
Activate your permanent card
Fund your bluebird account

Many free ways to add funds to your account:

*Enroll in direct deposit and get access to your money up to 2 days faster
*Add checks with mobile check deposit or through mail
*Add funds with each cash or debit at participating walmarts nationwide
*Transfer funds from a linked bank account or debit card

Three ways to sign up for Direct Deposit:

*Complete the form below or
*Print the form at then complete and submit or
*Submit your account information directly online if your employer/government benefits provider allows

In the mailer they include your new bluebird card and the direct deposit form if you want to use it.
On the back of the mailer is the following:

-Multiple Ways to Spend:
*Make purchases in store or online or any where american express cards are accepted
*Pay Bills with our online Bill Pay Tool
*Withdraw cash for free at over 24,000 money pass atm's
*Write checks without fear of overdraft with bluebird checks

-Convenient Tools to Manage Your Money:
*Bluebird mobile app
*SetAside Account
*Family Accounts

-Membership Benefits
*Shop with confidence and Purchase Protection
*World class 24/7 american express customer support

Reduce PTC in DCB to 5 » Post #13

Sat Feb 18, 2017 15:56 in Feature Requests

I just don't understand how these topics go way off the deep end.

I said, I would like to see a -1 subtraction of CDB in regards to ads qualification.

What follows is:

-i dont know
-whats a daily checklist bonus
-what another ptc does

Topic Locked

Anyone in the UK? » Post #25

Sat Feb 18, 2017 15:47 in Payment Processor Support

munekyun wrote:
obiaubin wrote: If you get the Tango Visa card, you can still get it to your Paypal through a couple of extra steps and a small fee
I looked Into Tango card and they advised me that It's not possible to get the Tango Visa card, Are you actually able to get It from choosing It as your cashout option on here? They told me the option I will be given Is simply from their choose of gift cards which are all US only.

Your cat looks hungry.

The best way to clean your desk » Post #18

Sat Feb 18, 2017 15:43 in General Talk


I just received $30 worth of double AA batteries and this is a new dell keyboard that wired.

My keyboard was beginning to act a bit weird as it is getting old I guess. Probably every bit
of 5 years old. I guess a drink of coffee was the last straw for it.

Goodbye old apple magic keyboard!

The best way to clean your desk » Post #17

Sat Feb 18, 2017 15:39 in General Talk

Testing new keyboard.



Mouse bla bla bla

The best way to clean your desk » Post #15

Sat Feb 18, 2017 14:05 in General Talk

mouse seems to be ok but was something with the keyboard and can't use it since i can't get the return key working. Will have to try another keyboard i have on hand until i can get a new apple keyboard. :twisted:
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