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Leaving Clixsense-consumer demand » Post #37

Today, 14:24 in General Support

Nessily wrote:
calicomist wrote: I liked the PTC, easy to reach cash-out limit, and PayPal.

I'm sorry, but how was it easy? I've made like $35 from ads since 2015 and that's with a premium account. I'm really sad they're gone but come on. You should try doing tasks, surveys are very unreliable.

WOW! Look at you!

You have 0 referrals. You have been here less than 2 years. You've made over 2 thousand bucks!

Update to changes - July 2nd » Post #402

Today, 14:19 in News and Updates

I know you miss the PTC ads but if you are seriously wanting to supplement your income, you can
in fact qualify for some surveys, in addition to offers, and perhaps whatever else they implement in
the near future.

By the way..... I am white, in my 60's, live in the backwoods of Tennessee and there has been days
when I work the surveys, that I make $10.00 or more in one day.

Give yourself a chance.

Are you guys Addicted with PTC clicking ads » Post #54

Today, 14:13 in General Talk

There is nothing wrong with clicking for cents. Nothing at all.

The dollar is more worthy in some countries than others. Don't we all know that?

$1.00 can mean a lot to some people. It can help put food on the table. Maybe help put gasoline in the gas tank.

In reality, it doesn't matter where you are, a buck is a buck and it can help with your needs, not to mention, your

In more recent years, those in the USA could often get many ads to click and if they wanted to spend their time
clicking, they could in fact make $1.00 a day or more. There was one time I was up almost all night and I was
watching tv and clicking ads. I clicked something like 800 ads and made about $4.00, give or take some cents.

The clicking of ads for some members, such as those in the USA that got a lot, could easily net them $30 a month
and for some very persistent members, $100 to $200 a month, simply clicking the ads.

However, for everyone, it all adds up. My day might look like this:

-Affiliate upgrade - $2.00
-Affiliate commissions - $1.00
-My PTC Clicks - $0.50
-My Offers - $1.00
-My Surveys - $1.50

Even a measly dime a day is $3.00 a month.

What can I buy in the USA for $3.00 ?

- 2 loaves of bread
- 3 jugs (litter size) of coke
- 1 or 2 family size package of cookies
- A few dozen eggs
- 1 to 2 gallons of gasoline

I hope all of you that clicked PTC ads, were very proud to do so. You worked. Any way you look at it, you worked.

If all those FAT people in America on food stamps would use their fingers to click ads, we could feed more people
in this world. People that need some food. Children that need food. So be very proud you clicked ads. Any way
you look at it, you were saving the world. PayPal should put that in their pipe and smoke it!

Adverts » Post #2

Today, 13:53 in Feature Requests

One more thing, if you could program a banner or two that displays our amount earned, that would be good
for banner promos. We've been asking for that, for years.

Adverts » Post #1

Today, 13:51 in Feature Requests

You know it is almost ironic that ClixSense has never had affiliate ads.

All I can recall is banners and in more recent times a couple of splash pages.

To bring in more members that can do these types of earning programs, it would be a good idea, I think, to
have some professional affiliate ads.

For example, take a guy over in Mexico that can speak English but not fluently and has a tough time understanding
the English lingo, especially in reading and writing. His ClixSense ad might look something like this:

ClickSense make you money for free. I at Clicksense and paid money and paid by payza.
http://.......my clixsense

That's the type of lines that can be easy for anyone to make a mistake and gee, wish I had a buck for every
one of them I have viewed in this forum over the years.....Clickiesense, ClixCents, Clixsanse, etc etc etc.

You see, people won't make those mistakes when they can copy and paste an advert.

There's the time factor too. People don't want to think about ad creation. If it is there, they may use it.
If it is not there, they may use a competitor ad instead.

Just suggesting

Leaving Clixsense-consumer demand » Post #33

Today, 09:27 in General Support

They could have kept an upgrade option.
Free and Paid could have earned a direct commission on upgrades.
The upgrade could have been for banner views or something else.

That would have at least gave much more incentive for people to promote.

As is, well in all honesty, it is no different than any other GPT program out there and in one regards, a lot less here.
So hopefully they will implement some additional ways for members to earn.

No answer just a threat to ban me » Post #13

Today, 08:52 in General Talk

I can answer your question very easily. It's a simple question and one you should already know the answer to.

Admin has plainly stated more than once in his updates, that he is working to implement MORE ways for members
to earn.

Therefore, if your balance is very low and you can never make a cent here at this present time, you have some
choices available to you:

1. Refer Others

2. Wait for New Earning Implements

3. Walk Away

Oh, and as someone else above stated, I too have many times joined something in which I never reached
the cash out balance requirement due to the program going belly up or I didn't want to participate any more
or some other reason.

Man lost 5 million since his kid buy the ticket » Post #7

Fri Jul 21, 2017 23:40 in General Talk

The USA government has nothing to do with the state lotteries.

Not all USA states have a lottery but most do.

There is good and bad in most everything.

Some of the good the state lotteries provide from the monies collected:

-Education: New schools, books, special meal tickets for children that cannot pay for lunch, band uniforms, various extracurricular activities.

-Infrastructure: State highway repairs, new interstates, road signs, bridges, etc.

-Special State Programs: Examples might be 'Meals on Wheels' that provide and deliver meals to the elderly. State funded health care (nursing home facilities for those on state aid). Special health care, food for young children such as WICK program that provides milk, juices, baby foods, cheese for babies and young children.

Don't think that the USA State Lotteries do nothing. They are suppose to be very strictly ran and every cent accounted for. The state lotteries provide much help for people in need.

The bad is that it is a form of gambling and that means people always want to blame others for their lack
of responsibility. For some reason, there are some people that think everyone else is responsible for their

Should oj Simpson get parole today? » Post #5

Thu Jul 20, 2017 18:05 in General Talk

I think people should not read fake news or come to unfounded conclusions.
In my opinion, that is a big part of what is wrong with the world today.

The facts are OJ and Nicole had affairs over the course of their marriage. The facts also record that Nicole had
suffered years of physical abuse from OJ.

There is also some facts that Ron Goldman was a homosexual. There is also some facts that Ron G had some
part in the Japanese drug ring and that he had been known to sell drugs to prominent people that frequented
the restaurant where he worked.

There is also facts that Nicole had become friends with Ron.

There was also some speculation that (may be fact) Nicole had more recent affair with OJ's best friend, Marcus.

Kidnapping is not only illegal in the USA, it most states, it carried a very heavy sentence.
Robbery is also illegal in the USA and Armed Robbery can result in a very lengthy sentence, as well.

Just because someone takes something that is not yours, in the USA, does not give you the right to kidnap
and/or threaten or commit robbery to get the stuff back. Instead, you are to go to the police and or present
your case in a court of law that the stuff is yours.

Also in the USA, adultery does not give anyone the right to murder another person.

I don't think anyone seriously knows who murdered Nicole and Ron. Today, I would say that most people
do believe OJ murdered them and that Ron just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The flip
side, the way they were so brutally murdered, almost one could say that Nicole was in the wrong place at
the wrong time and the Japanese mafia murdered them due to Ron's drug involvement.

For the crime in which he has spent 9 years in prison, I think it was sufficient to give him parole. The
most he would have done any way, was maybe four or five more years.

For the previous crime of murder, he was found innocent and so, either he really is or he really isn't.
Everyone gets paid, some how, some way, some where, if not on this earth, some where else.

July 17th Update » Post #195

Thu Jul 20, 2017 12:23 in News and Updates

I'll make y'all a new topic in regards to taking surveys/offers and I will post it in the OFFERS sub forum.

Paypal back again? » Post #12

Thu Jul 20, 2017 01:54 in Payment Processor Support

sausopas wrote: Hello :)
Maybe someone knows if paypal will be added again or not?

Ya, I would guess to say that if ClixSense wants to utilize PayPal, they could in the very near future.
There is no reason why they couldn't. All they would need do, is talk to PayPal about their new business model.

However, CS plainly stated they were going to a new direct payment system so, everyone may like that
better than PayPal anyway.

Leaving Clixsense-consumer demand » Post #12

Wed Jul 19, 2017 13:10 in General Support

I don't know why some seem to think CS won't survive. No one can say why it wouldn't.

Getting paid to do things online, is today, hotter than ever.

It's not that CS won't survive. Of course it will. It will survive as long as CS wants it to survive.

There's a lot of earning stuff they can add and no doubt will.

The question isn't about ClixSense survival. They obviously know how to do that.

The question is if YOU will survive it. If YOU will participate. If YOU will spread the word.

As far as I can see, CS is still primarily international. So even if you are in an area that does not
get surveys or tasks or few of and even not much else that is added in the future, you might want
to psych yourself in the direction that is going to pay you.....refer others that can.

Leaving Clixsense-consumer demand » Post #4

Tue Jul 18, 2017 19:40 in General Support

calicomist wrote: I've been a member, and upgraded member of Clixsense for years. I don't like these changes. I liked the PTC, easy to reach cash-out limit, and PayPal. For your business model, I understand you have to make the changes. But what I want as a consumer isn't here.
I didn't do surveys as much as PTC ads. The last several times I did surveys, and I'm certain I did everything right, the money was taken back anyway, for this reason or that, which isn't a good sign of stability. So, I stopped doing surveys altogether since it seemed like a waste of time. I might not get paid for it. Since the PTC ads are gone, there's no reason for me to stay.
I really liked Clixsense. But in my experience as a PTC user for several decades, changes like this in a PTC or PTR or whatever, with a higher cashout, aren't good. It's life support.
I hope I'm wrong about that and ClixSense remains a good-paying program. But as for me, I don't see anything here that interests me.
Good luck and Happy Trails- ;)

Yep, change can be very difficult.

Most active members had something here we enjoyed more than another.

You can do what you wish, of course.

Me, I never leave a good movie and I certainly don't walk out until it's over.

I learned a very long time ago, don't abandon the ship, especially the one that pays.

Update to changes - July 2nd » Post #377

Tue Jul 18, 2017 10:18 in News and Updates

No I did not state in any way that surveys are for people every where.

I said two things and the first 1. plainly states it is not for everyone. I said it is what the person or company that is paying for the surveys, want. The majority of surveys are for targeted USA people. This is probably because people in the USA are stupid enough to pay people for taking a survey. :lol:

QoL - sort surveys by CPA/LOI » Post #4

Mon Jul 17, 2017 19:07 in Feature Requests

Alrightie then.

July 17th Update » Post #56

Mon Jul 17, 2017 19:04 in News and Updates

dashington wrote: Change is no big deal for me. The number of PTC ads has been going down recently anyway so maybe advertisers don't like PTC so much nowadays? How will neobux and the other PTC sites get on now I wonder?

Bottom line is for CS members what they are able to earn in future especially with new stuff admin says is coming. If earnings go down so time spent on CS is no longer worthwhile for some then they will quit. That's life.

One thing CS admin could do though especially now surveys will become more important now as source of earnings. is start to stick up for members when survey companies give us the run around often not paying.

Valerie will probably give me a telling off for saying this!

Don't know why you would think such.

However, I will say that you can go to google and do a search for 'free image resize' and you can resize
your images for free.

QoL - sort surveys by CPA/LOI » Post #2

Mon Jul 17, 2017 15:52 in Feature Requests

I think that's all done on auto by the survey affiliate companies.

I'm just guessing but I don't think ClixSense can sort them like that.

July 17th Update » Post #44

Mon Jul 17, 2017 15:47 in News and Updates

Give us the signature line.

No more PTC adverts, no more ClixGrid, then why not a forum signature line?

July 17th Update » Post #43

Mon Jul 17, 2017 15:45 in News and Updates

Almost as bad as this.

July 17th Update » Post #42

Mon Jul 17, 2017 15:43 in News and Updates

Too much white space

Font too small

Non motivating color

I was kind of hoping for a new design but mostly it is the same. It makes me tired. Reminds me of a hospital room.

Just saying.
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