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Why no ads last 2 days? » Post #2

Mon Oct 03, 2016 12:34 in General Support

Are you saying you did not get the stated allotment of ads for free members?

Guaranteed prize in Clixgrid » Post #2

Mon Oct 03, 2016 12:26 in Feature Requests

Yep, It is really disappointing when I buy lottery tickets and never win.
I think the lottery should pay us even when we don't win.

Yes, I am being sarcastic.

You need to understand that in games, there are people that win and
there are people that win/lose. The ClixGrid is listed as a game.

However, ClixSense actually does give you a free bonus, every day, if
you complete the Daily Checklist. One of the requirements to that is
the ClixGrid.

I got them behind the KFC » Post #3

Sun Oct 02, 2016 22:47 in General Talk

They may be crazy but the people buying them are stupid as a rock.

Prime-Time Advertisements » Post #2

Sun Oct 02, 2016 22:42 in General Support

Advertisers purchase ad packs and I guess the ads go in when they want them to go in.

I have clicked a few hundred late at night and then clicked over a hundred later in the day.

It just varies.

Activity Bonus » Post #11

Sun Oct 02, 2016 22:18 in General Support

Do the clixgrid first and you'll have it out of the way.

Activity Bonus » Post #8

Sun Oct 02, 2016 18:33 in General Support

Mine always displays completed UNLESS I don't complete it.

Activity Bonus » Post #4

Sun Oct 02, 2016 17:05 in General Support

I guess I am now confused.

Activity Bonus Completed +2.0%

Mine always says completed when completed. :?

Animal Testing for cosmetic Banned in Europe » Post #5

Sun Oct 02, 2016 17:02 in General Talk

Ya, that is all very true also, lotoole.

In my opinion, people have not done too great a job at producing food. In one way, they have
taken the lazy route. They say people that eat people are horrible and it's the unthinkable. Yet,
people don't blink an eye when biting into a hamburger.

Some people do believe that humans are nothing more than cattle, not much different than cattle.
One does have to beg the argument that cattle may actually be smarter than people. It does seem
that every living thing wants to eat another living thing. It's a shame that anything has to eat to
survive. Cattle seem to enjoy life, that is until taken to slaughter.

I believe beauty in regards to what we look like, our skin, aging, is mostly due to heredity and I
don't think in this point in time, we can do anything about that. The next part is defined mostly
by what we put in and on our bodies.

Not wanting to step on any toes but I will say that I think make up on most people, looks terrible.
I think it looks plastic. And when you get on up there in age, such as my age, make up just looks
absolutely horrible on older women. A little make up to emphasize the natural, I think is fine. Today
however, it looks as if women are going overboard with make up.

Activity Bonus » Post #2

Sun Oct 02, 2016 16:40 in General Support

So which is it? Two days or Three days?

Xoxly Ads Qyestion Please? » Post #5

Sun Oct 02, 2016 14:49 in General Talk

The dollar amount of ads varies of course. However, the majority of the large amount of ads
is the 15 second ads. It takes about 1 hour to view 100 ads. 100 ads, amounts to about $0.50
cents. 200 ads viewed equal about $1.00. So viewing 4 hours = approximately 400 ads equal
approximately $2.00.

That doesn't sound worth it, does it....but WAIT.....

If you view ads for 5 hours you have probably made approximately $2.75 to $3.00.
If you were wise, you also viewed the 'website explorer' up to at least $1.00. You
may even completed a couple of other small center offers. So if you worked less than
a typical American work day (8 hours) of 6 hours, you could possibly make (0 referrals)
$5 to $10 per day.

Unfortunately not everything is available to everyone and not all that huge amount of ads
is available daily. Everything varies.

Animal Testing for cosmetic Banned in Europe » Post #2

Sun Oct 02, 2016 14:38 in General Talk

In todays world, there is really no point in testing products on animals.

Science knows what chemicals do and how chemicals react with other chemicals.

In my opinion, in regards to cosmetics, people would be better off without them and save a ton of money to boot.

one day click earning not reflecting » Post #2

Sun Oct 02, 2016 14:32 in Bug reports

It's automatically added as you click and view each ad.

You might need to log out and then log back in if your computer is cacheing the page.

Xoxly Ads Qyestion Please? » Post #2

Sun Oct 02, 2016 12:19 in General Talk

Who knows!

Seriously. Advertisers place ads and when their purchase package is complete, it is over.
They can then purchase more ad packages if they want to.

So I can't tell you if that particular ad campaign is over for good or if there will be more
ad purchases or what. All you can do is continue to check for them from time to time.

I don't know how you can click them for 14 hours straight! I'd be cross eyed. I think the
most I ever clicked at one time period was 700 ads. More recently, I know I clicked 500
ads in one sitting and then the next day I managed to click over 100 more and all that
about had me standing on my head. :roll:

Countdown to 7 Billion » Post #2

Sun Oct 02, 2016 00:59 in General Talk

I don't know. I always kind of think it will take care of itself.

Natural disasters seem to be more and more prominent today.

There's the crazy wars in which people kill each other and they don't even know what for.

Disease is always a biggie. Although health care has come a long way, I am wondering
how much longer people will be able to afford it. Then of course, there seems to always
be another disease or virus lurking around the corner.

I need help with premium account information » Post #2

Sun Oct 02, 2016 00:13 in General Talk

1. Yes

2. If you sign up a member, that member can only sign up one time. Therefore, the sign up bonus is one time per direct referral.

3. You earn on your direct referrals activity

4. As a premium member, you earn the upgrade commission thru 8 levels, year after year.

Best Affiliate Programs | ClixSense

I've memorized ads » Post #5

Sat Oct 01, 2016 14:03 in General Talk

I am ______ _______ and I approve this message

First time grocery shopping in 2 months » Post #20

Sat Oct 01, 2016 11:31 in General Talk

Mostly I get my groceries from walmart. There is the DollarGeneral stores just a mile or two
away in either direction and I pick up items there that I may run out of quickly such as bread.

There's also the Save-A-Lot stores not far from the Walmarts and I stock up on some of the
items there such as the 'cream soups', primarily cream of celery soup. Also I buy the large
jars of mild pepper rings there too. I like their crackers and usually buy several box's of those
at a time.

Walmart is just really strange on the shipping and the packaging is usually horrible. Today I
received a box from Walmart that had liquid detergent, batteries, can cat food, and a couple
of febreeze sprays. It came in a nice heavy duty square box with plenty of brown paper on
top and on bottom. That was delivered by way of FedEx. BUT yesterday I actually had to
drive to the post office (only a few miles away) and pick up two box's. One box was HUGE
that had my vegetable oil, tuna, cookies, coffee, coffee filters, and a ton of other stuff...all
in one box with NO paper, NO packaging materials at all. There was a couple of cans of
salmon and those can's were slightly dented. There was also chips and cookies and I have
not opened those yet but if they are not in a lot of crumbs, I will be even more surprised.
The smaller box was packed poorly too. AND that big order came through the postal mail
which you would think if anything came through FedEx it would have been that. Walmart
has the worse packaging and worse shipping as you never know what condition your items
will be in or when you will truly receive them.

ask about tango cards » Post #2

Sat Oct 01, 2016 09:02 in General Talk

Can you change how you recieve a payment? » Post #2

Fri Sep 30, 2016 21:20 in Payment Processor Support

It does not matter if you had chose paypal. Your first payment will be sent by check
whether you chose it or not. You do want to make very sure your home mailing address
is correct.

You have plenty of time because to request the payment by check should be done by
the 5th of the month.

Checks are processed approximately 10th of the month. Usually checks are received
by the near end of the month.

You can in fact, keep adding your earnings to your cashout request, all the way up
til it is in processing. You'll know because it won't allow you to add funds to it any

Bottomline, you are ok, nothing more for you to do except continue to add funds to
your check in waiting. When you receive your check, get the pin code.

Please help us to find a way for cash out (Turkey) » Post #12

Fri Sep 30, 2016 16:51 in Payment Processor Support

I stickied this topic so that others needing help can read your instructions @ANICAMILIONER
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