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Just for fun..... » Post #68

Thu Aug 18, 2016 09:14 in General Talk

A Frenchman on a motorbike using a Fish-Eye Lens! YAY I WON! :cry:

Just for fun..... » Post #54

Thu Aug 18, 2016 00:56 in General Talk

Ya but I don't ride a motorbike. I ride a Harley.

Need Help » Post #2

Thu Aug 18, 2016 00:48 in General Support

Regarding Pending payment » Post #2

Thu Aug 18, 2016 00:48 in General Support

Neteller can take a very long time, a month or even longer.

Premium x 1 VS Premium x 2 » Post #2

Wed Aug 17, 2016 09:47 in General Support

Whatever you decide to do, don't take off your toothies.

We can't make that decision for you.

Click on the cat » Post #24

Wed Aug 17, 2016 09:44 in General Talk

Silly. So silly. Don't you know there is no such thing as a crossdresser in animals?

It's obviously a CatDresser.

Just for fun..... » Post #50

Wed Aug 17, 2016 09:41 in General Talk

I got it! I got it! I got it!

It's a Friggin French Fry Wrapped in Fish and You Eat it While Riding a MotorBike!



Affiliates » Post #2

Wed Aug 17, 2016 02:11 in General Talk

Didn't you ask this before?

You are an affiliate of ClixSense. You joined. You are associated. Therefore you are affiliated
and that makes you an affiliate.

Click on the cat » Post #21

Wed Aug 17, 2016 02:08 in General Talk

Ya, too bad there is not sound on those animals.

You could say 'SPEAK' and the one that says 'MEOW' is the impersonator.

1st Cashout via Check, how long? » Post #2

Wed Aug 17, 2016 02:02 in Payment Processor Support

Click on the cat » Post #9

Tue Aug 16, 2016 15:59 in General Talk

Be sure to send that link to admin and let them know and so they can also apply your credit.

Is time difference a problem? » Post #2

Tue Aug 16, 2016 15:57 in General Talk


The cron runs at 11 pm central time zone just before midnight USA.

When the cron runs, everything is reset such as ads. However, you still get the stated
number of ads per day and usually more.

Withdrawal Query » Post #2

Tue Aug 16, 2016 15:49 in General Talk

You can keep adding your earnings to your pending amount.
It has no affect on your payment position in the q.

Just for fun..... » Post #35

Tue Aug 16, 2016 09:01 in General Talk

Biker Mice from Mars


Cursive Writing - Writing - Printing NO MORE » Post #1

Mon Aug 15, 2016 10:35 in General Talk

What do you think? Do you think schools should stop teaching children how to write?

I am not only referring to English language. In the USA, I know there is a lot of conversation
and opinions about cursive writing in regards to no longer teaching it. In fact, I think some
schools have stopped teaching cursive writing.

In a way it makes sense. I almost see a day when no one needs to know how to write with
a pen or pencil. No signature needed. It will all be electronic. Already people scan their
smart phones for purchases, people scan their cc for purchases, rarely do I even see anyone
write a check at a store......even if you give a check, you don't need to write anything on it
at all. I have handed a check at walmart store in the past and I did not even need to sign it.

"Mod" Marcel666 doesn't have what it takes Part 2 » Post #1

Mon Aug 15, 2016 10:06 in General Talk

Well I am beginning to not like you and I told you not to post this junk here!

I told you if you have a problem with a moderator, to contact administration through the helpdesk.

I don't have time for a bunch of bull and I plainly already went through all this with you already
and I am not doing it again. If you continue this nonsense I will contact admin and I am giving
you a warning now.

Topic Locked by Yours Truly!

Implement voting system to remove abusive mods » Post #3

Mon Aug 15, 2016 09:55 in Feature Requests

Your feature request is not only disrespectful and unethical, it is not completely correct.

If you or any member in ClixSense utilizing this forum has an issue with a moderator,
they should already know where the 'Helpdesk' button is and report the issue to the
administration team.

Topics are locked for a multitude of reasons.

When a topic is against the rules, it may be locked
When a topic is inappropriate, it may be locked
When a topic has been answered by a moderator, it may be locked
When a topic for whatever reason, should be closed, it may be locked

Moderators must use their own discretion too in regards to moderating the forums,
not just the main rules put forth for all.

I personally have owned forums in the past and have also used others forums often
over the years. As a general rule, once the topic was answered, it was locked. Locked
primarily so everyone including the moderators know that topic was answered. Even
here, I often do the same thing. This allows other moderators to know the topic is
already answered and they don't need to waste their time reading it and can go on
to help others.

I am locking your topic because it is unethical and very inappropriate in my opinion.
I am using my sole discretion to lock this topic. I feel your topic hurts every member
in ClixSense because it is a focus of disrespect and new members or potential new
members visiting the forums may become confused, not ask their questions, etc.

Finally, moderators are not employees. We are volunteers. We focus on answering
questions and helping members that truly need help. So guess what?

No moderators, No forums.

Topic Locked

PayPal transfer not received yet » Post #2

Mon Aug 15, 2016 09:32 in Payment Processor Support

About rules for website advertise. Important! » Post #9

Mon Aug 15, 2016 00:06 in General Support

But a Bux site is not a scam.

See here again, it's the legal definition of a scam that comes into play.

Just because a program functions with a Bux script, does not mean the program is a scam.
It might be and it might not be.

In addition, if a program fails, does that mean it's a scam?

Then there is the risk factor. Extreme high risk can often be categorized as gambling.

So it all comes back to if you have an issue with a website that is being advertised, you can
submit a support ticket because ClixSense cannot define every single advert that comes in
but they do initiate common sense and follow the law set forth.

Just for fun..... » Post #29

Sun Aug 14, 2016 19:05 in General Talk

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