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Payments » Post #58

Mon Nov 07, 2016 20:30 in News and Updates

BouldRake wrote:
valerie wrote: Oh good grief BouldRake, you should write a book on 'How To Be Sarcastic While Singing In The Rain'
or some such as that.

I haven't gone that far, but I did used to have a blog called "Ruining Jokes".

Well now, that sounds like a winner.

Payments » Post #55

Mon Nov 07, 2016 20:00 in News and Updates

Oh good grief BouldRake, you should write a book on 'How To Be Sarcastic While Singing In The Rain'
or some such as that.

Surveys? » Post #9

Mon Nov 07, 2016 19:57 in General Support

In a nutshell you are barking up the wrong tree because ClixSense does not own survey
companies and has no control over the routers, their operations, etc. Everyone goes
through rejections on surveys and if members attempt them every day, they usually go
through that every day.

It's like the guy that has a yard sale. He had a sofa he paid $100 for and he let it sell
for $80. But along came another guy that wanted the chair that cost $100 but he let it
sell for $300.

Bottomline, you hear more bad in regards to surveys and their operations than good.
I have completed surveys that took me 20 minutes or longer and made a whopping
30 cents. I have also completed surveys that took me all of 20 seconds and made a
whopping 2 dollars. I never concerned myself with rejection. If after a few minutes
they have not qualified me or keep asking me questions, I close the page. I know it's
a bummer but like I said, it pans out. If you have the time to bother with them, it's
easier than digging ditches all day for a buck.

All depends on your frame of mind, I suppose.

Concerned » Post #13

Mon Nov 07, 2016 19:42 in General Talk

One reason why I do that some times 'CatMonster' is so that someone may remember the internet
history. Some day, ole Valerie may not be around. Alertpay now Payza may be gone or even turn
into something else. The Patel brothers may be gone.

Take someone 16 years old at this moment. What stories will he recall about internet startups,
40, 50 or even 60 years from now? Who will relay the correct information?

Well, there you have it. Just a very small chunk of a tiny corner online, came to be.

Payments » Post #53

Mon Nov 07, 2016 19:37 in News and Updates

Takerphenom30 wrote:
valerie wrote:
Takerphenom30 wrote: neteller is out only for usa customers??

No, that is not the issue.

The issue is Neteller does not do business with the USA and ClixSense is a USA program.
It's not that they don't do business with the USA but almost as they are limited in regards
to USA bank transfers.

valerie, then should i cancel my cashout and use paypal for example? or can wait a days more to get my paid for neteller.... always take 30-40 days... right now has 28 days pending.... thank you for your help

Well Neteller and Payza can take a long time and as Jim stated, if you have a PayPal option,
choose it.

Allow me to say these famous words of late ..... Let Me Be Clear :P ......this is what happens......

When you have PayPal in your account profile that you can choose and you choose something else
such as Neteller or boot someone else. Think about that. Others that only have
Neteller or only have Payza have to wait a long time. So when members have PayPal but choose
Neteller or Payza, it makes others wait even longer. See what I mean?

Everyone should choose PayPal instead of Neteller and instead of Payza, IF they have the PayPal
option. That gives those that only have the Neteller and Payza option, not as long to wait....could
even be your referrals or others down your line waiting.

So, we all have to help each other, right?

Change your payment option to PayPal. Do it now and you will probably be paid by Friday.

Admin Payment Update Explained » Post #5

Mon Nov 07, 2016 19:27 in Payment Processor Support

clickcashonline wrote: Valerie any links (if allowable) you can post regarding this? id like to go deeper whats going on.

Nothing deeper to say. It is the admin update and I explained what he said to those
that may not be understanding completely.

Nothing really new other than he is looking into adding some other payment options
since Neteller and Payza does not allow USA bank transfers.

Payments » Post #48

Mon Nov 07, 2016 17:35 in News and Updates

You may choose whatever payment options are available in your profile.
You may choose to change it any time.

Admin Payment Update Explained » Post #3

Mon Nov 07, 2016 17:01 in Payment Processor Support

You're very welcome.

You Tube video » Post #3

Mon Nov 07, 2016 17:00 in General Talk

It's a good thing I keep kleenex on my desk and I can barely see to type.

I can't help it, but I am rolling in laughter and tears. Oh my goodness.

Actually, I am not sure what the question is and just guessing that maybe there was a ClixSense video?
In fact, there was some time back. YouTube some times blocks content about programs and that is
probably the case in regards to a ClixSense video on YouTube. Probably been blocked.

Admin Payment Update Explained » Post #1

Mon Nov 07, 2016 16:47 in Payment Processor Support

For those that need more understanding of the update and what it means now and in the future.

Jim said:

Members, as many of you are aware there have been issues that are out of our control with some of the payment processors we're using for cashouts.

Jim is saying that the USA has issues with Neteller and Payza and there is nothing ClixSense can do to resolve it.

Neteller has stopped accepting any deposits from USA customers and Payza is again having issues with accepting USA deposits as well. We've also been told that Payza is unable to process any ACH (bank withdrawal) or send checks to USA customers. This makes it nearly impossible for us to pay via these methods when we cannot deposit money to them.

ClixSense is a USA program. Neteller and Payza won't let ClixSense deposit money from their USA bank due to terrorist stuff. Payza has gotten really bad because Payza won't send checks to those in the USA any more.

It's ALMOST impossible for ClixSense to pay everyone that chooses payouts by way of Neteller and Payza since they won't allow ClixSense to deposit money from their bank. However, for now, those that are waiting for payments through Neteller and Payza will be paid because ClixSense does get paid money from advertisers. You will probably have a LONG WAIT if you choose either of the options and as soon as other payment options are available to you, you will be able to choose one of those instead.

For those of you who use Tango Card there have been on going issues with the bitcoin processor they use (Snapcard) and frequently they run out of bitcoin. Hopefully this situation will get better with time.

You can still choose this option if it is in your account profile as an option. Some times it takes a little longer because Tango/Snapcard wait for low price bitcoins.

Paypal seems to be the most solid option right now so we're requesting if any of you have a Paypal account and are able to use it to please do so. We want to make sure you're paid. In the meantime we've been searching for replacements for Neteller and Payza and have contacted Skrill and Payoneer. We're also considering adding a bitcoin processor so you can cashout directly to bitcoin.

If you have the PayPal option in your account profile, choose it. If you have the Check option in your account summary, you may choose it if you prefer offline payment.

ClixSense is waiting on Skrill and Payoneer to get approval to use one or both of them.

ClixSense is also considering adding a bitcoin processor.

We will keep you updated on this as we move forward.

Jim will let us know as soon as other payment options are made available. In the mean time, do what he said. Choose PayPal if you can. Choose Check if you want offline payment and IF it is an available option. Choose Tangocard if you want to but takes a bit longer. Choose Neteller or Payza but the wait may be very long.

YOU will be paid!

Thank you

Payments » Post #41

Mon Nov 07, 2016 16:30 in News and Updates

Takerphenom30 wrote: neteller is out only for usa customers??

No, that is not the issue.

The issue is Neteller does not do business with the USA and ClixSense is a USA program.
It's not that they don't do business with the USA but almost as they are limited in regards
to USA bank transfers.

Payments » Post #40

Mon Nov 07, 2016 16:29 in News and Updates

StarryMight wrote: Are payments by checks affected by whatever the heck is happening right now? :o


Would you quit your job for taking online survey? » Post #19

Mon Nov 07, 2016 14:23 in General Talk

I forgot about that part, lotoole.

David, being your own boss is not always what it people may think it is.

Reminds me of my aunt. She's on up in age now and lives with one of the grand children.
Most of her life, she owned a house that she paid on the monthly mortgage. Eventually,
they sold the house in the country and rented a house inside the city. She said the reason
why they did that was because:

-They had to mow lots of yard
-They had to pay for lawn mowers
-They had to pay for gas for the lawn mowers
-They had to pay for upkeep/repairs of the lawn mowers
-They had to buy new lawn mowers when the old wore out
-They had to pay a monthly mortgage that was more than rent
-They had to pay property tax
-They had to pay property insurance
-They had to pay more gasoline going to and from town, rather than being in town
-They had to pay for a new roof
-They had to pay for house upkeep....paint, repairs, etc
-They had to spend a lot of their time at their house doing the above that they didn't spend enough time with each other and enjoy things outside of the house as much

What they liked about paying rent:

-Much lower monthly outlay since the rent was lower than their mortgage was
-Very small yard to mow that only took them about 15 minutes
-Almost null to pay for a mower, gas, upkeep, etc. In fact, they used a manual mower half the time
-No expense for home repairs. Anything that went wrong or needed repaired, the landlord had it done immediately
-Saved a ton of vehicle gasoline since they no longer had to drive into the city daily
-No property tax to pay
-No property insurance to pay
-----And she said, when they died, their children wouldn't have to argue over who got the house since they no longer had one!

And.....a couple of years ago, her husband passed away. As I said, she now lives with a grand daughter.
She doesn't even have the rent to pay now.

So what has that got to do with being your own boss?

A lot. Because when you are your own boss, you do have your own expenses too.

New Movie - Gets ya thinking about aliens » Post #12

Mon Nov 07, 2016 14:07 in General Talk

All this electronic stuff, even in hospitals, has to be doing something to us, and most people think
nothing of it.

I have stopped going to a particular dentist because every time I go, he takes X-rays. I know it
is just a money thing on his part. I go to have a tooth extracted and he takes an X-ray when I
was just there few weeks prior and he took X-ray.....of the entire mouth every time! I felt like
saying 'why don't you just hang out in here with me whilst she snaps the image?' I did not
say it, I instead, changed dentists.

Microwaves, tv's, desktops, laptops, electronic cars, x-ray machines, scanners, printers, and it
is almost a never ending list. Cell phones now a very biggie and parents even placing them in
the hands of their children.

That is one thing I don't use much.....cell phone. I am home most the time and I am not a
person that talks on the phone. I keep my cell phone primarily for emergencies and quick
calls for family when I am out and about.

I also think people look so stupid holding up cell phones in crowds, taking videos and photos.
Another thing I think is so strange is people that consistently take pictures of themselves.

I have a family member that takes selfies of herself almost daily and post them on Facebook. :lol:
That seems so lame to me. What the heck. You look the same today as you did yesterday. And
of course 'friends' almost feel obligated to say how nice you look. Selfie's rank up there with
my list of stupid things people do.

paypal limiting merchant accounts » Post #28

Mon Nov 07, 2016 13:52 in General Talk

shadecat wrote: So do you have to give them your SS# when you cash out reaches $600.00? I am very concerned about security of giving out my SS# over the internet.

I answered that in your topic.

About needing SS numbers for cash out.. » Post #2

Mon Nov 07, 2016 13:48 in General Talk

Actually, I was the one that got them to encrypt the SS numbers years ago when they first began
requiring it.

To explain....

When John owned ClixSense, I don't think he required it. If he did, it was on down the road a bit.

When ClixSense transferred over to Jim, at an early stage, he required it.

So I entered mine and updated the info and noticed the numbers were there like daylight. In other
words, anyone that did manage to get into my account, would see my SS#. I contacted them about
it and they immediately saw my point and encrypted except for the last 4 numbers. So that is all that
is displayed. The first 5 numbers do not display.

I've had mine in there for years. Never had a problem. In fact, I also have it listed with some
affiliate companies, never had an issue at all.

To also be clear, you will receive the W-4 forms at tax time but YOU are responsible for what you
turn into the tax man, not ClixSense.

I sure wouldn't put it in any of the bux sites or fly by night programs.

Marriage Bug » Post #9

Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:19 in General Talk

Not everyone is logical.

Just look at you sitting there rocking back and forth with headphones 24/7.
How logical is that?

clarification of ads » Post #4

Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:16 in General Talk

Ok well that doesn't say anything either.

ClixSense is not into politics, just for the record. Jim is not a politician and I don't think he has
even been following the USA candidates. He doesn't have political ads. However, this IS an
advertising program. If you see an advert that may have something to do with politics, so what...
just click it off if you don't like it.

Marriage Bug » Post #7

Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:04 in General Talk

Not really. I did it twice. Understandable that ok, first time did not work so try again.
So twice did not work out. That's it. No more for me.

Look at people that have been married three, four, five, six, seven....and more times.
Now that is very very buggy.

Would you quit your job for taking online survey? » Post #11

Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:02 in General Talk

People have always been lazy. Think about the caveman time frame. The caveman couldn't
even exert enough energy to date a woman. Couldn't even introduce themselves properly.
Nooooo, they'd just dray the woman by the hair of their head and drag them to their cave.
How much lazier does it get than that?
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