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Posts by valerie
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Do You Drink Pepsi? » Post #7

Mon Jan 14, 2013 14:55 in General Talk

FYI Rod (proadco), I no longer drink diet cokes. In fact, I don't drink soda's of any kind.
On my desk at this very moment is a glass of ice water.

Something happen to my taste buds OR coke did something to diet coke. I don't know
which or what happen. All I know is diet coke started tasting very bitter and almost like
alkaseltzer to me. I kept buying cases thinking that perhaps I got a bad case, an old
production or some such. Whatever the reason, it was a good thing because I don't
even want a soda any more.

So for those of you out there addicted to soda, don't think you can't turn off that addiction,
you can.

I really think it's more about what you get use to and what you get into the habit of doing.

I'm working on my next monkey hugging my back and that is SWEET ice tea. I don't drink
as much of it any more but when I do, I still like it sweet.

Gaw! DON'T DO THIS! » Post #14

Mon Jan 14, 2013 14:46 in General Talk

oberder wrote: Now the next question: what lucky store will be you be spending the money at? :mrgreen: 2 Grand! That's a lot of candy and treats for the kids and grand kids, valerie :thumbup:

I'm on a diet! I had a slim fast this morning and a bag of m&m with peanuts for lunch. :lol:

Oh I don't know what I would spend it on. I've been building a new house for about two years now so
I suppose I would use it towards the house build.


Mon Jan 14, 2013 14:43 in General Talk

Dennisxc3 wrote: This post form is a thing to get accustom to however, I wish to thank VALERIE for your quick and very ture response.
I am going to dedicate more time, energey, and effort to the Clixsense Bus. I you don't mind i f save you somehow in cause i f I have some more questions......if so, My First question would be, is this form process the only way to send you a not from time to time. Like, is there an instant messages buttom I could hit using clixsense that would reach you rather than juming into a conversation were I might have a totally different subject.


Thanks to Darkstar --your comments were noted and appreciated I going to figure out how to save, subscribe, or connect with u 2

Yes, we're not allowed to post email addresses and such. However, if you do a google search for Valerie Underhill
you'll most probably find me rather quickly.

If you use ClixSense, you will make significant extra money.

Thanks for the snazzy rain boots, CSR » Post #4

Mon Jan 14, 2013 14:28 in Success Stories

You can double check your CSR member area but I believe now they are offering $5 per referral or
some such as that. So even if you are in France, you might want to try referring some people from
the USA to it. If you have a blog or some such as that, you could go into CSR and grab your ref link.
BUT do not hold me to that as the truth but I do think I am correct that they are now offering some
sort of referral earnings.

Gaw! DON'T DO THIS! » Post #11

Sun Jan 13, 2013 21:26 in General Talk

proadco wrote: Val,

That sounds like Big Crumbs too me.

No, not BC. I am always paid by them automatically every month.

Gaw! DON'T DO THIS! » Post #10

Sun Jan 13, 2013 21:24 in General Talk

I promise you I am not pulling your leg at all about this.....when I looked after posting this here, I had
joined that program Jan. 13, 2007. Today is Jan. 13, 2013. Is that weird or what? EXACTLY 6 years
and I decide to check my affiliate earnings. :lol: :mrgreen:

The thing is, it's an advert program and for whatever reason, I never entered my payment information.
I guess I didn't think about it and never thought about checking to see if I had earnings. It's one of those
resources that you do receive emails but not on a frequent basis.

In essence, I've been making about $400 per year with it and never even knew it! :lol:

Gaw! DON'T DO THIS! » Post #3

Sun Jan 13, 2013 16:42 in General Talk

It's not the only time I've done that but I must say that is one of the more expensive amounts I have
left on the table.

Gaw! DON'T DO THIS! » Post #1

Sun Jan 13, 2013 16:27 in General Talk

I joined a free advert type program back in 2007. Over the years, I've received their updates, emails, etc.
Also over the years, I'd log in from time to time to update my advert listing.

Oddly, I never entered my payment information so they never had a way to pay me on affiliate sales.

Yes, after all these years, I went in and added my payment information. I decided to look and see if I
had some affiliate earnings. When I clicked on the my affiliate earnings, I did not think the list was ever
going to stop loading. There was amounts of 2 cents, 3 cents, 50 cents, 2.50, 7.50, 15.00 and so on,
over and over and over........

Total Account Earnings $2450.62

Account Balance $2450.62

:lol: :oops: :lol:

I guess that's called....'letting it add up'. I suggest not waiting 6 or more years to cash out. :oops:

Festival » Post #4

Sun Jan 13, 2013 13:24 in General Talk

Kite? Oooeeewww Sounds like fun. Maybe you could take some pictures.

$5.00 Balloon » Post #4

Sun Jan 13, 2013 13:21 in General Talk

A bird might have used the bill for it's nest.

It makes me think of that because they grow cotton in my area and when they harvest the cotton
and haul it away in trucks, cotton blows from their trucks. Raw cotton is all over the sides of the
roads. I have found many a bird nest full of.....cotton! :P

Why do Women/Girls Look at Men/Boys from Cars » Post #10

Sun Jan 13, 2013 13:20 in General Talk

What makes you think they were looking at you?

It could be, they were looking at something across from you.

Even so, just because someone looks your way, does not mean anything per se.

Men look at cars and people in cars next to them the same as women look at women in cars
next to them the same as men look at women and women look at men as families look at
families and so on and on and on.....

If there is an attraction well that is called attraction and/or social attraction within a specific
group or crowd.

Thanks for the snazzy rain boots, CSR » Post #1

Sun Jan 13, 2013 13:14 in Success Stories

Seriously! If you're not utilizing ClixSenseResearch, you're missing out on easy free money.

I bought a pair of snazzy rain boots at amazon yesterday. They were only $30 but the best
part is, I had almost $25 worth of credits. With the free shipping on that item, my real cost
was only $5.

There's several cash out options at ClixSenseResearch but I choose amazon gift codes.

Thanks to ClixSenseResearch, I got a $30 snazzy pair of rain boots, for $5. No more sloshing
around the property in big ugly black too big for my feet rubber boots!

Balance goes down... » Post #2

Sat Jan 12, 2013 01:09 in General Support

Not sure what you are asking as it looks like youve only been a member a few days but I suggest you submit a support ticket.


Fri Jan 11, 2013 10:36 in General Talk

Dennisxc3 wrote: Hello Valarie
I have subscribe to your posts since Dec 2012. I am totally new to the Clixsence & Clixsence Research opportunity but in attempting to learn I see you have great success with it. I wish I was someone you sponsored so that you could have benefited from sharing your expertise. However I was wondering if you could help me along the way, I see that there are many different was on can get paid to do many things with Clixsense. Really If I could make 50.00 a week or two I would be ecstatic

It does not appear you do much of anything here. I'd say that is your first problem is not realizing that you
have to work if you want to earn. I see you have made .63 cents since you joined in June last year. So that
is your first very big hump to realize, you have to work. There is ads to click which maybe that is all you do.
There is also offers that can be done, surveys, tasks, videos to watch, etc. Click on 'Offers' and start doing some
and you will begin to see it's not hard, not real time consuming, and can increase your earnings significantly.


Fri Jan 11, 2013 10:31 in General Talk

Darkstar2 wrote:
valerie wrote: A WISH TO LIVE FOREVER
I met a fairy who said she would grant me one wish.
Immediately I said, "I want to live forever."
"Sorry," said the fairy, "I'm not allowed to grant eternal life."
"OK," I said, "Then, I want to die after Congress gets its head out of its ass!"
The fairy replied, "You crafty bastard."

lol !!!

Smart fairy you dealt with.

But really ??? Did you really wish for eternal life ? Do you ever watch the news and see what is going on in this world ? Are you sure you want to live forever ? Have you heard the saying "Be careful what you wish for ?" I think this would apply here :D

We all live eternally in some form or another, just not in the same body ! :D

You know what I would have wished for ??? My number 1 wish would be: "When my time comes to die, I want to die with my sanity, in peace, serenity, with my mind / brain intact......" In other words a peaceful natural death (in my sleep), with a good state of mind - Not through illness, suffering and die like an abused animal like in old age shelters....That I think is the best thing one can wish for...

It's only a joke that someone sent me by email.

By the way, often in the dying process as bodies shut down, oxygen is lost which results in a brain stupor.
People in the process of dying, do often appear as if they have lost their mind. This is not a bad thing per se.

~*~Made $1584.34 For 2012~*~ » Post #16

Thu Jan 10, 2013 10:39 in Payment Proofs

That's some very good extra dough! :thumbup:


Tue Jan 08, 2013 14:00 in General Talk

I met a fairy who said she would grant me one wish.
Immediately I said, "I want to live forever."
"Sorry," said the fairy, "I'm not allowed to grant eternal life."
"OK," I said, "Then, I want to die after Congress gets its head out of its ass!"
The fairy replied, "You crafty bastard."

Lazy Members and Advertisers » Post #3

Tue Jan 08, 2013 11:06 in General Talk

There is one thing that ClixSense does that I don't like and I will say, it does make me lazy in this regard.

That one thing is, they don't pay you affiliate commissions on the advertiser forever. That really is a big
let down for me and I am sure I am not the only one. There are plenty of affiliate type programs that do
function the same way in that, they will only pay you ref commissions for set number of months or set
number of cash. I just absolutely hate that.

When you sponsor someone, I don't care who it is, in my opinion, you should earn on that ref accordingly,

11th Payment - SPAM » Post #2

Sat Jan 05, 2013 12:06 in Payment Proofs

You've been here long enough to know the rules and therefore I am submitting you a warning.

Login problem » Post #2

Sat Jan 05, 2013 12:02 in General Support

Just answer the secret question to log in, when and if it ask you that question.

Some times, other people type in their user name incorrectly which could have been the case in your instance.
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