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If you could combine two animals to keep as a pet » Post #13

Sun Jun 19, 2016 16:33 in General Talk

One time some years ago, I wanted to buy the domain catdog dot com it was taken
so I tried dogcat dot com and it was taken too.

So not long ago I tried to buy the domain name BoBoDog dot com but they wanted
a couple grand for it so I didn't bother.

Then I decided to try BoDog dot com and of all things that domain has been legally
seized by the government or a state due to gambling!

I call maltese dogs 'BoBoDogs' because my dog name is Bo and I call him BoBoDog.
I was going to start a blog about 'BoBoDogs' (maltese). It wasn't super important,
just a thought so I didn't pay the amount they wanted for it at the time.

Mods misuse their authority » Post #37

Sun Jun 19, 2016 16:25 in General Talk

Just for the record, I tried to get the reputation thing removed. I even
had an open topic concerning it. I feel it is useless and on the childish
side. I think it is little things like that, that can bring out the kid in
people if they are not a kid already. I realize it is just human nature
for some people to take stuff to heart like a reputation button.

Also, just for the record, the warning thing doesn't really mean anything
eiher. All it is, is for admin or moderator to submit a message to the
user concerning whatever that they did against the rules.

In regards to banning, well that is very rare I am sure. I could submit
a hundred warnings on someone and they'd probably still be here or at
least til the cows come home.

@proadco, not all but I will have to say most of what you posted above
is the most sensical thing you've posted since you've been using the
general sub forum.

Do You Snore » Post #6

Sun Jun 19, 2016 00:33 in General Talk

Oh gawd, YES. I snore lREAL LOUD!

I snore so loud that I wake myself up snoring. Really I do. One day recently I fell asleep in
the recliner and when I woke myself up snoring, my little dog's face was almost right in my
face with a look of amazement on his face. :oops:

If you could combine two animals to keep as a pet » Post #9

Sun Jun 19, 2016 00:30 in General Talk

Naw you can't top that one ..... milk and eggs it is!

Mods misuse their authority » Post #17

Sun Jun 19, 2016 00:20 in General Talk

OK I guess it was a bit long. :lol:

Also, I am not leaving. I think some got that impression. I just don't
have the time I once did to be as active.

Just remember if you have an issue you can't get resolved here, submit
a support ticket through the helpdesk.

Bottomline, moderators do not have authority here. This topic really
is bad for everyone. I don't know why he made such a topic because
if he is having an issue with a moderator, he should contact the admin
through the helpdesk.

Also remember, don't allow yourself to get bent out of shape at a forum
online. There are good people and bad people and down right weird

Mods misuse their authority » Post #9

Sat Jun 18, 2016 10:29 in General Talk

Moderators do not have any authority at all here.

The only thing moderators can do that members in general cannot do, is
edit, lock, deny posts. That's it.

What I see often and I do mean happen very often, is members getting
bent out of shape if their topic is edited or locked. They feel like it is some
sort of personal attack or their human rights are on the line. :lol:

When the truth of the matter, moderators for the most part could not
care less....I know I don't. I don't know anyone here. There isn't anyone
here that comes to my house. I've never met anyone here in person. Yet,
if I follow the forum rules and do the task of moderating which I said I would
do, there are always going to be those members that think they are some
how being singled out.

However, in regards to authority, moderators do not have authority at ClixSense.

Penny remodeling » Post #31

Sat Jun 18, 2016 10:22 in General Talk

Pennies meant much more back then. Up til around the 80's, people could still buy
stuff with 1 cent. There was still 1 cent candy and gum. Sales tax's were often
lower and the cents was handy to cover the tax.

Saving pennies was a way to teach your children how to save money.

The piggy banks were extremely popular in the 60's and 70's.

Coin collecting.....searching for old valuable pennies was very popular.

Basically, it was just a fun and often not even thought about, thing to do in regards
to saving the coins.

Penny remodeling » Post #24

Fri Jun 17, 2016 23:51 in General Talk

In the United States, it is illegal to destroy currency of any kind in regards
to federally issued money. That includes cash bills and it includes coins.

I remember back in the 1970's and once again in the 1980's, there was
a dramatic 1 cent coin shortage. I think it was in the 70's that the banks
were giving extra money for every 100 cent coins turned in. For example
if you turned in 500 1 cent coins, you got back $5.00 in bills and a nickel.

What happen was people were saving their 1 cent coins.

In the bank where I banked at that time, they had a huge clear acrylic
type case. It was in the middle of the bank floor and I guess it was
about 12 x 12 feet and maybe 6 foot high. When people turned in their
pennies, they were then dumped in that case. It was all a big todo in
order to get people to turn in their pennies because the country was
literally growing short of them.

Anyway, REAL USA federal pennies cannot be glued to a floor, not legally.

Mods misuse their authority » Post #6

Fri Jun 17, 2016 23:36 in General Talk

I don't think your post makes any sense what so ever and I will tell you why.

Moderators do not have any authority.

Moderators are simply volunteers that spend their personal time answering
questions of members, helping new members, denying posts that are very
much against the rules that you fortunately never see, and more.

However, in regards to authority here, we have none. We are not owners.
We are not administration. We are not employees. We have no authority
here at all.

Why no status updates on Crowdflower credit? » Post #2

Fri Jun 17, 2016 17:04 in Your Stats

Well, my many years of experience tells me it is NOT on the skids.

Penny remodeling » Post #16

Fri Jun 17, 2016 08:32 in General Talk

I wonder if they realize it's illegal?

Be aware of the new additional forum rules » Post #3

Thu Jun 16, 2016 12:02 in General Talk

......and I appreciate administration taking out time to look into this and to make that decision
in regards to the forum rules.

Members need to understand what they have joined. This is an advertising program in which
people can join freely and earn money for viewing ads, completing offers and tasks, along
with surveys and viewing videos, and more all pertaining to earning money from home.

The primary purpose of the ClixSense forum is to help members discover the best ways they
can go about earning money in ClixSense. This is why there are sub forums that pertain
to specific needs such as TASKS, OFFERS, SUPPORT, etc.

ClixSense has gone above and beyond by allowing a General Discussions sub forum where
members can communicate with each other, have some fun, and share interesting topics.

A lot of name calling and arguing has been in regards to religious topics and political topics.
These are topics that have no place in this type of program any way.

So please abide by the rules.

Be aware of the new additional forum rules » Post #1

Thu Jun 16, 2016 11:55 in General Talk

'No Politics/Religion. For the benefit of all, no discussion on religion and politics will be allowed. While we appreciate people’s beliefs and political ideals, they are not appropriate to be discussed or mentioned on this forum. Be aware that forum membership is comprised of people from all over the world and not everyone will share your beliefs.'

Time to Ban some members » Post #23

Thu Jun 16, 2016 11:52 in General Talk

See the new forum rules addition which states the following:

'No Politics/Religion. For the benefit of all, no discussion on religion and politics will be allowed. While we appreciate people’s beliefs and political ideals, they are not appropriate to be discussed or mentioned on this forum. Be aware that forum membership is comprised of people from all over the world and not everyone will share your beliefs.'

Time to Ban some members » Post #5

Wed Jun 15, 2016 17:10 in General Talk

Hodusty wrote: Hi valerie you do not ask him about the status of The CS-CF problem? how can we do money if this its not working ;)

Why would I need to ask him?

He has already made a report/post about that and displays in your account.
Basically, they're working on resolving whatever issue it is.

Time to Ban some members » Post #2

Wed Jun 15, 2016 17:01 in General Talk

I've contacted him and I know he does not have time for all this and neither do i.

It's just a shame you folks can't spend more time making money here and promoting
the program so you can bring in more advertisers and more referrals and hence, make
even more money.

It's fun to be able to post some fun and or interesting topics and communicate with
other members. But all this baby junk and baby arguing is hurting not just those
doing the arguing but those working hard to bring in referrals.

Time to Ban some members » Post #1

Wed Jun 15, 2016 16:54 in General Talk

I think it's past time for the owner of ClixSense to ban some members.

I know he doesn't have time for these childish arguments that keep
popping up.

The first thing I am going to request of him is to add the following rules:

-No political discussions
-No religious discussions

I am contacting him right now to request that. I am also going to give
him names of those that are trouble makers here that are constantly
badgering each other as if they don't have a life and nothing else to do.
Why, If I didn't have anything else to do, I would polish my toe nails or
go for a jog or read a book or eat a sandwich or go punch a punching
bag or take a nap or contact an old friend or ANYTHING BUT WASTE

What's your Favorite Berry ?? » Post #33

Wed Jun 15, 2016 12:49 in General Talk

Most berries are very good, but beware of the dinkle.

I was warned by my first husband about the dinkle, way back in the 70's.
At that time, I didn't know what a dinkle berry was. He explained it to me.

So beware of the DINKLE! :mrgreen:

PS. whatever you do, do NOT mark 'All' in the poll above or the dinkle
might get you

Today Must Be SandBox Day » Post #13

Wed Jun 15, 2016 02:00 in General Talk

I'm just sick of members crying over BS topics and acting like gutless children
that don't know when they're being played by big wigs trying to make a buck
off the backs of paranoid schizophrenics and in a screwed up political world in
which the powers that be have a way of dribbling saliva down on unknowing
unintelligible beings that are unaware of their real surroundings and live in a
make believe world that would be better focused as a fly on the computer
screen or an avatar to nowheresville.

I don't play in the sandbox. The sand makes my itch crawl.

Genie in a lamp... » Post #10

Wed Jun 15, 2016 01:52 in General Talk

To go to heaven and take my MAC with me.
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