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Posts by valerie
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Wanted: Global Amici Glass Pig Jar » Post #9

Thu Aug 09, 2012 17:38 in General Talk


Wanted: Global Amici Glass Pig Jar » Post #7

Thu Aug 09, 2012 16:16 in General Talk

jzt451 wrote: It's like there rarest design. You should see the obscure stuff my fiancee makes me find. This is nothing lol.


That's a 'flash shopping site' and products differ from day to day. Also, they have limited supply so most
things sell out the same day.

I ordered the amici rocky horse, amici fish, and the amici pig. All designed as your image above. The pig
arrived with its face broken out and it was the main one I wanted! I've looked online for it but can't find.
It could be, these are so new, they don't really have them out yet. That particular shopping site gets dibs
some times on new items.

Anyway, guess I will see it again, some where, some time.

Wanted: Global Amici Glass Pig Jar » Post #5

Thu Aug 09, 2012 15:53 in General Talk

I was afraid you were going to say that. :lol:

I did order it from there but it arrived broken. I'm trying to get a replacement but afraid they won't.
Most items from there are sold out and replacements are impossible until they might list it again at
some later point.

Thanks anyway.

Wanted: Global Amici Glass Pig Jar » Post #3

Thu Aug 09, 2012 15:37 in General Talk


Where is it?

Payment for task is very low. » Post #27

Thu Aug 09, 2012 15:35 in Tasks

I am not sure if you understand the point or not 'Darkstar2'.

Of course everything in the world and online, is not legit. I don't think anyone in their right mind would say it is.

Topic Closed

Payment for task is very low. » Post #25

Thu Aug 09, 2012 15:25 in Tasks

tiagopedroso wrote: valerie good or not we have to respect the opinions, i desagree with crowdflower too in some aspects.. but overall i am happy.. jennysue is disapointed and she have here reasons..

Well you know what? I am a volunteer moderator and I am given the permission to moderate as I deem fit.
I think that I have been more than fair with many of these topics that most forums would never even allow to be posted.

Some of the words posted here by members, is more than unethical, more than unprofessional, and many down right mean.

I feel this has really got to stop.

It's ok to be disappointed and even aggravated. If any member has a problem, they can always contact support or post here for help. Consistently coming to this forum and name calling, using harsh remarks about this company, is mighty bad to say the least.

I can't speak for other moderators. I can speak for myself and I will no longer allow it.

Payment for task is very low. » Post #24

Thu Aug 09, 2012 15:14 in Tasks

People can be their own demise.

It would be great if every task paid $100. It would be wonderful if every daily survey paid $200.
Guess what?
If they paid that amount, there would be no tasks and no daily surveys.

It's like wanting $100 for clicking on one 30 second ad.
Would any PTC out there be in business?
Who in their right mind could spend that much money for advertising?
And if they could, you can bet there would be a lot more targeting than geo-targeting.

These online companies and programs, offer a reasonable fair rate for advertising to the every day average user.
They try and give the advertiser the biggest bang for their buck, as they can. That's what keeps advertisers coming
back and that is what puts money in our pockets for doing things like surveys, offers, tasks.

None of this is slave labor so please don't refer to it as that. Anyone else that does that, I will edit and close the topic!
Neither is it appropriate to call offers, tasks, surveys..scams. This is not the place for that.

Everything here is voluntary. No one is being forced to do anything.
We all know that some tasks, offers, surveys are very easy to do while some are hard to do and others still yet, very hard to do. We also know nothing online is perfect. If something is not working for you and you want to raise cain about it, just say it did not work for you and contact the source. ClixSense cannot do anything about CF tasks or offers or surveys but place them here to give you all an opportunity to make money. ClixSense can monitor things and they do. So if ClixSense sees that an offer is not crediting, they remove it. Simple as that. They can see how many members clicked on an offer and how many members were credited for the offer.

And some members wonder why they can't get referrals or why they can't keep them. :roll:

While looking at my stats... » Post #2

Thu Aug 09, 2012 15:01 in Your Stats

A commission reversal is exactly what it says. A reversal of the commission that was applied to your account.

A reversed amount can be due to a number of things. Such as a referral purchasing advertising and then asking
for a refund. Or, a referral upgrading and then asking for a refund. Also, reversals may be due to cheating, fake
payment or some such as that.

Payment for task is very low. » Post #20

Thu Aug 09, 2012 14:50 in Tasks

jennysue19 wrote: You don't have to take part in this slave labour joke and personally I choose not to.

Think about it. Why on earth would you work for an hour or more for a few cents? Even the surveys, supposing you can qualify for a few are better than this.

Clixsense should be ashamed to even offer such an insult as Crowdflower tasks. What is the point of them anyway?

Do you ever have anything positive to say? Ever? IF you ever post anything positive, I hope I read it.

The reason why CF tasks are here, is so that members that want to do them, can, so that they can make extra money.
Unfortunately, daily surveys and offers are not in abundance, especially not every day. In addition, members in various countries have very few to no survey/offers to do. The tasks give them the opportunity to earn some more money here.

I don't know how you come here and call tasks 'slave labor'. There is no chains. No whips. No belts. No sweat. No tarring roofs. No swinging a hammer. No etc. What is, is people sitting on their arse, doing tasks at their leisure, if they want to do them.

Also, there are a LOT of members that are making very good extra money doing tasks. In addition, there is nice hefty bonus's offered. To top that off, doing tasks can help make an extra bonus called the 'daily checklist bonus'.

Tasks may not be for you and that is ok. But there is no reason in this world for you to come to this forum and post such negativity and put down ClixSense, simply because they implemented an additional FREE way for members to make extra money.

two different task at a time » Post #4

Thu Aug 09, 2012 14:40 in Tasks

shawnkhan0 wrote: Psychology researches have found that more often than not when we attempt to ‘multitask’ our time taken to perform the task increases and the accuracy in which the task is performed decreases. Most of the reasons for this have been covered above but another theory suggests that when two tasks are being performed simultaneously, we tend not to process the inputs at the same time but shift our attention from one task to the other. This therefore increases the time taking to perform the tasks as the time taken to switch from task to task increases. So this relates back to an earlier question; are we performing the tasks at the same time using divided attention or do we switch between tasks and use focused attention. This research would suggest that multitasking is not taking place; we are merely focusing our attention selectively on each individual task but not at the same time.

That is exactly correct.

Wanted: Global Amici Glass Pig Jar » Post #1

Thu Aug 09, 2012 14:36 in General Talk

I know it's a stupid topic but I am looking for the 'Global Amici Glass Pig Jar' and it is some times referred to as a 'Storage Jar' or a 'Cookie Jar'. It is clear glass. Global Amici is an Italian made product.

If you see it online some where, please let me know where.

Thanks. :P

clickgrid - waste time » Post #6

Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:27 in General Talk

The math:

Each ad is 5 seconds
10 ads = 50 seconds
50 seconds = LESS than 1 minute

Therefore, less than 1 minute per day, is a green check in the checklist.

Plus, if you win some cash, it make the 50 seconds even more worthy.

You can do the rest of the math, in regards to clicking the total amount of ads allowed per day in the clixgrid.

But if you think 50 seconds is a big waste of time, that's ok because you are not forced to play the clixgrid.

I complete the bones » Post #3

Thu Aug 09, 2012 02:04 in Tasks

I need some new bones. Mine are getting tired.

I've Finally Upgraded To Premium! » Post #2

Thu Aug 09, 2012 00:20 in Success Stories

Congrats! :P

Request payment lowered to 3! » Post #3

Thu Aug 09, 2012 00:18 in Feature Requests

Topic Closed

Daily checklist bonus » Post #2

Thu Aug 09, 2012 00:14 in General Support

Yes it displays in your earnings stats pages.
(Transaction History)

Liberty reserve Cashout TOO HIGH » Post #19

Wed Aug 08, 2012 19:41 in Payment Processor Support

Topic has been discussed more than once and admin is very aware of LR fees, the number of members
that actually use it for cash out, etc.

Topic closed.

redeem » Post #4

Wed Aug 08, 2012 14:13 in Payment Proofs

surobhiroy wrote:
jontwosix wrote: hi. you can cash-out at 8$,for free member.just add ur alertpay details.hope that helps you,if not send me reply.thx :thumbup:

hie jontwosix!
i dnt hv an alertpay accnt...nd i thing is i want to knw the procedure aftr i hv n accnt in alertpay or payza..hw do i get goin...i ask for a cashout from clixsense and den wat?

Cashouts are done every Monday USA eastern time zone.
So if you cashout today for example, you would be paid next week, Monday USA time.
Also make sure you have chosen and entered your payment option info correctly within your ClixSense.

Payza despite problems ? » Post #20

Wed Aug 08, 2012 14:11 in Payment Processor Support

Shaiannna wrote: I requested a pay out to Payza last Tuesday, July 31st. I am still waiting for it to be handled. I would hope if Clixsense was having issues with transferring funds I would get an email or something. I need these funds to be in Payza as I will use it to pay another site from my Payza that does not accept Paypal, anyone know if these issues are fixed or if there might be another hold up on my account??

Make sure you have entered your correct payout information. That's the first thing you need to do.
The second thing you need to do is log into payza to double check if it is there or not.

who is famous celebrity in olympics » Post #5

Tue Aug 07, 2012 22:36 in General Talk

Tuberlance84 wrote: I think all my Country Athletics are the best Portugal 0 Medals

the best....

Me been sarcastic :thumbdown:

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