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Posts by valerie
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Ten Pound Bag of Pancake Mix and Beans » Post #19

Sun Aug 19, 2012 02:56 in General Talk

I don't care a lot for oats but I do like them every now and then. There is no way I could eat them without
butter and brown sugar. I buy the quaker oats quick oats. Also I buy the 'walmart brand' single packs of maple
brown sugar instant.

If you are not exercising in some way, many hours per day, it can be very difficult to lose weight properly.
When I say exercising many hours per day, I mean simply 'moving your body in some physical ways'.

I use to manage a ladie's gym.

You don't have to go to a gym and work out with machines. However, you do need to be physically moving.
In fact, I will let you in on something to those that may not know, exercising and weight lifting, can make it
more difficult to lose weight as you age, if you give up doing what you use to do. This is the very reason why
many people have a slow metabolism when they age, it's normal for many but also if you were very active in
your younger years, then stop the activity, you'll find it much more difficult to lose weight.....especially if you
were exercising heavily when you were younger.

You have to do something different rather consistently, in order to lose weight. I'll give you an example that
I can relate to so that I can relay what I mean. When I worked for years in the hospital, I was doing something
different every day/night. For example, one night at work I might find myself running up and down the hallways,
much more than the next night. The next night, I might be physically picking up people out of the floor. The
next night, I might working in long term care, lifting/turning/ people. In other words, it's a lot of activity but
it's never exactly the same activity....and that is exactly what you want.

If you're primarily at home, like I am, you want to still make sure your routine switches up consistently.
If you like to walk every day, that is fine. But if that is all you are doing is walking every day, at some
point you may find you are not losing the amount of weight you want, you'll come to a stand still. So it's
best that you walk every other day for a few weeks while doing some floor exercises the other days, then
after a few weeks, try jumping rope every other day, while working in the garden the other days. Whatever
type of physical activity you are doing, try to do it at least 30 minutes at a time.

There's nothing wrong with eating sugar or even greasy foods. You just want to limit that intake and not
over indulge. The same goes with food, as it does physical activity. Eat different foods. If you eat eggs
every morning, stop. Instead, eat eggs one day, toast the next day, oats the next day, grits the next day,
and so on.

One of the main problems with people is they don't drink enough water. If you don't like water, dress it
up and eventually you will get the hang of drinking it. Place a lemon in it. Spike it with a lime. Whatever
but drink lots of water. Water will keep your colon healthy, keep your skin healthy, keep all your innards
clean and working. Our bodies need lots of water. Also, water is filling. Before you sit down to a meal,
drink a glass of water.

Use smaller utensils. In America, we tend to use huge plates, huge bowls, and eat like there is no tomorrow.
Instead, use smaller plates, smaller bowls, and larger glasses. This will help in regards to portion control.

FAQ - Most often ask in the forums » Post #40

Sat Aug 18, 2012 02:11 in General Talk

abid1269 wrote: Respected Valerie

I have an issue.Some features of clixsense does not work in my country,Pakistan,such as surveys and also that paypal accounts are also not authorized to be established from here and there are problems with payza internationally.So what to do with payment processor .Hope you will guide about it.In addition to it how one can maximize earnings on clixsense.?

Thanks and regards.

Choose a different payout option.
Refer others in countries that do get surveys and tasks.

ClixSense Surveys » Post #2

Fri Aug 17, 2012 21:38 in General Support

Hmmmm well, I am trying to understand what you are saying.

Some times, when I am in my ClixSense member area, I click 'Offers' and I must log back in.
That's just because some times the crohn run times me out. It's not a big issue and doesn't
happen often. I log back in, click 'Offers' and go on and do a survey.

Make sure you have logged into ClixSense first. It won't matter if you are logged out during
a survey or offer, you'll still get the credit. However, you do want to be logged in before you
click on 'Offers'.

Ref Tip - Donate » Post #1

Fri Aug 17, 2012 16:06 in General Talk

You really need to have your own blog or website or web page to utilize this ref tip.

There's probably more than one thing you care about.

Some years ago I donated to a child feed the hungry program online.
I would have done it anyway but it did bring us some referrals too.

There's a young woman that went missing in my area over a year ago, and they are still searching for her.
In fact, every weekend, for over a year, her father and search team go out searching the woods for her.
Very sad indeed. Anyway, I was visiting one of the rescue sites involved in the search, which brought to
mind this ref tip.

Many programs that have a donation option, will list your site. Some times they list your site as a partner
or a contributor, or forever, or for a limited time.

So keep in mind worthy causes you care about. Donating a few dollars can benefit the cause but it might
also benefit you in more ways than one.

payment » Post #2

Fri Aug 17, 2012 15:22 in General Talk

Payouts requested are issued every week on Monday, USA eastern time zone at approximately 5pm.

hello » Post #2

Fri Aug 17, 2012 15:21 in Member Introduction

Hello. Welcome aboard! Cute user name. :P

yahooo won 5 $ from clixgrid ! » Post #2

Fri Aug 17, 2012 15:20 in Your Stats


Non Active Referrals » Post #11

Fri Aug 17, 2012 14:18 in General Support

Yes it does display ALL referrals that are or once was, active. You just need to do as stated above to see them.

However, keep this in mind, IF you referred those that never activated/confirmed their membership, you won't see them because in reality, they were never members since they never activated their membership.

surveys » Post #5

Fri Aug 17, 2012 13:00 in Your Stats

atmhasanr wrote: how can i attend in surveys..where the part of clixsense..pls help me for doing survey..

Click on 'Offers' and if there is any surveys available for you, you will see them listed there.

surveys » Post #2

Fri Aug 17, 2012 12:14 in Your Stats

Yes the daily surveys is a very good way to earn extra money. Some days are better than others at getting daily surveys.

First time asked for cashout » Post #2

Fri Aug 17, 2012 12:08 in General Talk

Glad you like it here. Yes, payouts are issued every Monday to those that request payouts.
You can expect your payout request, Monday, USA time zone, usually in the evening.

A few tips for building your ClixSense » Post #94

Fri Aug 17, 2012 03:20 in General Talk

freemoneylinks wrote: I post this site every ware i go and i have so much trouble getting a referral here.. I know 98% are already here but in would think that over a year and half now i would get more that 2 referrals( ones i asked to join under me,family friend) but yet i have gotten not one sign up from my ads i put out.

I even ran On neo for 3 months and not one referral. yet cost me over 300.00 to do this.

Sure wish we had rented ones.

You might want to try a different strategy than what you have been doing. That may not necessarily mean
you need to stop advertising where you have been. It may mean you need to try a different strategy, such
as creating a page, pointing out specifics of how one makes free money here, etc.

ClixSense App » Post #2

Fri Aug 17, 2012 02:31 in Feature Requests

I think someone has mentioned that before.

Ten Pound Bag of Pancake Mix and Beans » Post #14

Fri Aug 17, 2012 02:27 in General Talk

Darkstar2 wrote: LOL ! That $8 pancake mix, I could down those in maybe 2-3 days not 1 year. I could use a whole bag in one sitting after a good workout at the gym......Add some blueberries too :D

Oh you could not! That's at least 270 pancakes or 365 little pancakes. :lol:

Everybody's earning a lot of money on here now! » Post #21

Thu Aug 16, 2012 22:18 in General Talk

chelaine wrote:
jzt451 wrote:
chelaine wrote:
jzt451 wrote:
valerie wrote: Oh, that's just 'chelaine', you can take her with a grain of salt. Instead of working, all she does is complain and tell me I want chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream. :lol:

Actually, I prefer coconut or carrot cake and I'm not much on ice cream.

I'll take your carrot cake & some ice cream sounds good for breakfast. Rocky Road here I come lol.

Can't we please just stop arguing and get back to earning money? By the way, this ClixSense Forum is part of our checklist if you don't know by now! Therefore, I might get soem mroe money by doing this with the checklist!

Don't look at me I didn't start this lol.

Hold on! If you didn't start this whole thing, then who did?! By the way, valerie's probably grabbing her 10,000-calorie carrot cake and Rocky Road ice cream late night buffet to eat right now so that she can get fatter while she makes fun of everybody on ClixSense!

I don't have any carrot cakes right now, but I do have pancakes!
Your jealousy is showing, chelaine. :lol:

Ten Pound Bag of Pancake Mix and Beans » Post #11

Thu Aug 16, 2012 16:00 in General Talk

Happy Birthday! :kitty:

Ten Pound Bag of Pancake Mix and Beans » Post #9

Thu Aug 16, 2012 13:47 in General Talk

I don't know who is sillier, you or me. :mrgreen:

Ten Pound Bag of Pancake Mix and Beans » Post #7

Thu Aug 16, 2012 11:58 in General Talk

Ya, but MRE's are expensive.

Pancakes are $8 for an entire year. :mrgreen:

Task bug » Post #7

Thu Aug 16, 2012 11:51 in Tasks

As has been stated many times, ClixSense does not own CrowdFlower and if you have an issue with CrowdFlower/Tasks, you need to contact CrowdFlower.

Thanks Olympics and Olympians! » Post #16

Thu Aug 16, 2012 10:38 in General Talk

jiminy2714 wrote:
valerie wrote: Oh I would have loved to been in London for all that. Sounded so exciting and lots of fun! Once in a life-time event.

I've always wanted to go to the UK anyway. Lots of 'Underhills' over there, me thinks. At least part of my heritage is there as I suppose is the case with many people in the USA.
It certainly was a once-in-a-lifetime event - it will never happen again around here during my life!

What are these 'Underhills' you refer to? Are they Hobbits in disguise? :geek:

Well now, that's certainly a thought. Perhaps the 'Underhill's' were Hobbits. Eh, I sort of think not, as most
people in my family are not what I would call 'short' in stature. I'd say that the 'Underhill's' probably lived some
where in the UK, in the low lands, or ..... under the hills. Altho I have never heard of any 'Uphill's'. :?
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