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Posts by valerie
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Time for referrals » Post #2

Wed Nov 12, 2014 09:39 in General Talk

I don't understand your question.

You can refer others by giving them your referral link and if
they sign up under you, you will have direct referrals.

I am very depressed » Post #8

Wed Nov 12, 2014 09:35 in General Talk

I'm going to make a last comment here and then I am going to lock this topic.
The reason I am going to lock it is because 'sullybutt' posted a simple sentence
that has now got out of hand in her topic.

Firstly, 'sullybutt' has posted topics on the ClixSense forum before making
statements she is depressed about surveys/ads, or some other such thing.

Secondly, know there is a big difference in a person feeling depressed and
a person with clinical depression.

Thirdly, it is not up to you nor up to me, to diagnose 'sullybutt'. You 'drarkstar2'
and you 'cookin2' are taking this thread way out of context.

Fourth, I have worked in hospitals and health care for many many years. I
worked in a major hospital's mental health ward for over 8 years. I am very
much aware of clinical depression and more.

Fifth, I think you two 'darkstar2' and 'cookin2' should be ashamed of yourself
for making lite of my comment to her. There is nothing inappropriate about
my comment and I said nothing bad or nothing wrong. How rude!

And YES, if you are sad or depressed about something such as a holiday, you
most certainly can shake it off. You can do something else, think of something
else, join a church group, celebrate the holidays with living people, feed the
hungry, go to a movie, etc. Just because someone is sad or momentarily
depressed, does not mean they can't get over that feeling. It also does not
mean they have clinical depression.

Finally, I will say if anyone needs physical or mental help, they should see
their physician.

Topic Locked

Clixsense Money Survey » Post #8

Tue Nov 11, 2014 13:53 in General Talk

This topic makes no sense.

Topic Locked

survy error » Post #2

Tue Nov 11, 2014 13:52 in General Support

I don't think you are allowed to change your survey profile but once every 90 days or so.

However, that really wouldn't have anything to do with surveys loading.

You are in Pakistan and Pakistan does not get surveys often.

Emoneyspace forum is dead » Post #5

Tue Nov 11, 2014 11:11 in General Talk

This is ClixSense and discussions about other programs and other forums, really isn't allowed here.
You can always do a google search to find out more information in regards to what you are wanting
to know.

Topic Locked

I am very depressed » Post #6

Tue Nov 11, 2014 11:07 in General Talk

cookin2 wrote: Validating someone's feelings is one of the best things that you can do for another person.

Depression is as real an illness as diabetes or cancer. Telling someone to "shake off" their cancer isn't logical; the same holds true for depression.

I know you were trying to help, Valerie, but I suggest (in the kindest possible manner) that you read some articles from respected sources about depression before you give out what could very well be harmful advice.

I have a bachelors degree in Rehabilitation and minor in psychology.

I wouldn't dare even begin to diagnose anyone online. No doubt 'sullybutt' has her own physicians.
My reply to her post, was more than appropriate.

I am very depressed » Post #3

Tue Nov 11, 2014 01:49 in General Talk

Everyone is not dead.

I'm here.

Holidays don't mean anything.

The true meaning is in what you celebrate every day. The sky, air, moon, stars, animals, nature, heavens, earth, God, and the wonder of it all.

Shake off your depression and celebrate your life every day.

Accept Bitcoin Payments » Post #42

Mon Nov 10, 2014 21:33 in Feature Requests

I don't know but I will tell you this.......

Whenever the day arrives they want us to put chips in our hands and
chips in our foreheads, that is the day I fry my computers.

I truly believe, it's all leading up to just that.

There is way too much theft and people are doing themselves in without
even realizing it. Ignorance can bite hard.

about buying direct referral » Post #7

Mon Nov 10, 2014 21:28 in General Talk

I just want to add to this topic.

There was a time when I owned programs that sold 'Paid to Sign Up'.
My programs were 100% legitimate.

For example, I owned a PTR (paid to read) program. My PTR listed
various free to earn such as signing up to offers, clicking banners,
viewing ads, etc. It also offered Paid to Sign Up. The way mine
worked is not by me directly going out there and grabbing people
to sign up to programs.... :lol: Rather, it worked by way of members/
advertisers in my PTR that purchased an ad placement to pay my
members to sign up. There were some restraints on both partiers as
a norm:

-Myself/PTR- The member that signed up would submit their email
confirmation of their enrollment....such as a welcome email.

-Advertiser- The advertiser that listed their ad for paid to sign up,
usually had some sort of stipulation such as 'must be active for
30 days' or 'must not only sign up but must log in and complete
profile' or 'must email sponsor directly after enrollment', etc.

I am relaying this because often times people get the cold shoulder
when they really shouldn't. Paid to Sign Up is not always bad nor
is it always not legit.

It works both ways. The program such as my PTR was perfectly
legit. The person purchasing adverts for paid to sign up, was
perfectly legit. Often, the person signing up, was perfectly legit.
So where was the problem?

The problem was often with the 'follow up' and the 'completion
of instructions'. The person might sign up but not follow thru
with the instructions.

There are always those stupid people that will do anything for a
dime and sign up multiple times, using multiple IP's, and after
making a weenie two bit, they get busted and lose memberships,
internet service, etc.

Reality is, it takes a whole lot more work to cheat and a whole
lot more money to pay someone else to cheat, then it does to
simply be legitimate and do the work yourself.

about buying direct referral » Post #6

Mon Nov 10, 2014 21:15 in General Talk

laxlerobin wrote: Thank you for your information and advices.

But I want to say one thing. If I get banned here in this site because of this, then why clixsense broadcast their advertisement here in this site ?

Best regards.


ClixSense does not advertise on paid to sign up web programs.

There are ClixSense members that advertise on paid to sign up web programs
and if they are caught (and many are in fact caught) purchasing sign ups, they
will be banned from ClixSense forever.

Payment Still Pending » Post #4

Mon Nov 10, 2014 17:57 in General Support

I've been here for over 7 years and its always done when they say it will be.

Today is only the 10th day of the month. As stated, checks are processed
on or about the 10th day of the month. Also as stated, the USA mail does
not run on Federal holidays nor on Sundays.

If you don't receive it by the latter part of the month then you would need
to submit a support ticket.

Payment Still Pending » Post #2

Mon Nov 10, 2014 13:57 in General Support

Payouts by check are processed around the 10th of the month.

If your payout is still displaying as pending, then it has not been processed yet.
You still have time to add your current balance to the pending amount.

I have no idea what time they will process the checks other than what it states,
that checks are processed about the 10th of the month. Of course, one must
take weekends and holidays into account. The postal mail does not run on
Sundays or Federal Holidays.

Affiliate cash? » Post #2

Mon Nov 10, 2014 10:18 in General Support

Just giving your referral link away, does not get you anything.

You would need for referrals to actually sign up thru your link
in order for you to earn from that referral.

When you upgrade ($17 per year) you can then earn down 8 levels of

See the affiliate details for more information.

JOB 642383 (0.02 pay)- not working » Post #2

Sun Nov 09, 2014 23:34 in Bug reports

You need to contact crowd flower about tasks.

A top success history or what? » Post #2

Sun Nov 09, 2014 09:32 in General Talk

I'd first like to tell you that it is always a good idea to read and possibly try it out before paying for anything.

If you buy a pair of shoes without reading about them and/or without trying them on,
you may find they are not the style you wanted and they don't fit.

So why would you upgrade without reading the ClixSense information on the site,
viewing the FAQ, reading and viewing the earnings comparison charts, and about
all the various ways to earn?

You do get more guaranteed ads as a premium member than you do standard members.
However, that alone truly isn't saying a whole lot in regards to earnings difference. You
need to look at all the ways you can earn and experience those various ways.

Yes, when you have direct referrals that upgrade and/or complete activity, you earn a
percentage. However, you don't need direct referrals to earn money. You can earn money:

-Viewing ads through-out the day/night when ads are available
-Watching videos when available
-Completing offers
-Completing surveys
-Completing tasks
-Winning in the ClixGrid
-Earning the free daily checklist cash
-Earning percentage from direct referrals activity
-Earning percentage of direct referrals upgrade
-.....and more...

I strongly suggest you take the time to view your ClixSense website inside and out,
click on all the tabs and read the information. Otherwise, you simply cheat yourself
out of possible earnings.

PS. Please read the forum rules to learn how to post appropriately.

Minute Staff OfferWall » Post #5

Sat Nov 08, 2014 14:26 in Feature Requests

momochi_zabuza wrote:
Akshath333 wrote: This has many single 'Click' offers that can be completed by everyone and is super easy. It would be helpful globally who have issues completing offers and some days where tasks aren't much. Also everyone can complete daily checklist. I'd be very thankful if it's implemented. :)

I'm agree. And I'd also suggest to add have better surveys and rewards (of course :D ) is already listed.

Why pay me only 1 mg cents every day I was doing a » Post #2

Sat Nov 08, 2014 14:24 in General Support

I don't know what you are asking.

What is an 'mg'?

I feel ripped-off by clixgrid » Post #6

Sat Nov 08, 2014 09:06 in General Talk

Well heck fire, you won 50 times and 42 of them was cash!

Anyway, just because you do get free chances to play, does
not mean you have to play. I always try to play at least the
20 so I can earn from the free check list bonus and even if
I win extra chances, I don't always take advantage of it.

That's one of the greatest advantages of playing the grid...
earning free daily money from the daily check list bonus.

Your topic title is rather ridiculous, by the way. How can
someone feel ripped off from a free to win optional game!

I know some people are not crazy about winning 5 extra
chances but there are members that won cash due to
having the extra chances.

The real purpose of the grid is to gain advertisers. It
seems there are members that don't realize it is the
advertisers that are making them money. The purpose
of the grid is to give advertisers and affordable means
to advertise. Whether you win in the grid or not, you
can still earn daily from the checklist bonus and from
clicks that advertiser may have purchased due to his/her
satisfaction of utilizing the grid...or even purchasing more
grid adverts which again, gives members the opportunity
not just to win but to earn daily cash from the checklist

Problem offert betclic » Post #2

Sat Nov 08, 2014 08:54 in General Support

No. You would need to ask that offer company.

I feel ripped-off by clixgrid » Post #4

Fri Nov 07, 2014 19:27 in General Talk

Stormrider7 wrote: I just finished clixgrid for today, and I was "lucky" to land on 3 winning squares. Except those 3 winners were all extra chances. The 15 extra chances amounted to 5 more chances. So out of a possible $40 I could have won, I ended up with nothing. what I kind of prize is that? :thumbdown:

That's called 'sore loser'.
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