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Posts by valerie
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payment » Post #2

Wed Feb 17, 2016 09:26 in General Support

stevoe93 wrote: under the when and how will i get paid? (cashout) help section it says that payments are processed daily but in the blue box on the cashout options and conditions on the same page it says payments are processed every Wednesday! Now i am confused! Is it every day or every Wednesday?

Read the recent updates in the News/Update sub forum.

Presently, paypal payments are paid within 5 to 7 business days from the time of cash out.

ClixSense does process payments every day. When you submit a cash out, your payment goes into the q.

I pay delayed » Post #2

Wed Feb 17, 2016 09:19 in General Support

If you have a question, I don't know what it is.

Freeze Payment Proof sub-forum from Replies » Post #1

Wed Feb 17, 2016 09:18 in Feature Requests

Please freeze the payment proof forum from replies.

A sticky topic could be made congratulating everyone.

Cash out » Post #2

Wed Feb 17, 2016 09:08 in Payment Processor Support

What do you mean what can you do?

When you cash out, that is all you do in regards to cashing out.

If you chose paypal, payment is usually sent in approximately 5 to 7 business days.

Cashout Problems.. » Post #8

Wed Feb 17, 2016 00:48 in Payment Processor Support

Raven420 wrote: How do I delete a post when I have posted something I found out I was wrong about?

You can click on 'edit' to edit your post. Or you can request a moderator to list if for deletion.

Is freedom of speech allowed here? » Post #6

Tue Feb 16, 2016 22:09 in General Support

Let me see if I can explain this to the expired experienced super talk gold moderator.

For years, ClixSense did not have a forum. Even though the owner is very busy with
his businesses, he opened the forum/sub forums along with assigning moderators. The
owner also posted the FORUM RULES. In these rules, it states that moderators use their
own discretion in regards to the forum posts and so on and so forth.

Granted, moderators can get out of hand at times. When a moderator gets out of hand,
it is usually due to provocation. We are volunteers and a pretty good lot but if you press
our buttons the wrong way, well, we're human too.

The best thing to do is obey what the moderator suggests. If the moderator suggest you
stop posting something, stop. All over. Easy breezy. If for whatever reason you can't
bring yourself to decease from whatever that moderator is instructing, then you can
spend your time clicking on the Helpdesk and submitting a support ticket to admin. An
admin will take out their time as soon as possible, review the posts, and get back to you.

Just for the record, it doesn't matter what forum you were a moderator of. This IS
ClixSense and its a good idea to read the forum rules.

Human will lose their jobs due by robot? » Post #61

Tue Feb 16, 2016 09:20 in General Talk

I'd like to know what you think the various species are on earth?

Sure, you think of robots in the terms of metal but there is a lot more to them than that.
There's processors, wires, various fluids, and tons of other stuff. So who created robots
and who will continue to create them? Also, won't they become more intelligent as time
moves forward? And some day, after many years and centuries have passed, robots may
read their bible to their robot children and say our gods created us, known as humans....
humans are gone now, preparing a place for us in an unknown galaxy far far
little son robot, be good, believe in humans because humans are our creator and humans
will one day return for us, keep a watchful eye on the sky.


What I am saying is, things don't just evolve. Things are created. People are not created
from metal. So what? We're still created. Wouldn't you say humans are programmed?
We're programmed to an extent and our brains, even tho we have a large amount of it,
are used very little.

In fact, you can read this topic and see how little use our brains are functioning. :lol:

more surveys And Extended Ads » Post #2

Tue Feb 16, 2016 09:07 in General Talk

Advertisers purchase advertising. So you are talking to the wind.

Payment » Post #4

Tue Feb 16, 2016 08:57 in Payment Processor Support

If you chose paypal, payments are processed in approximately 5 to 7 business days.
I have no idea what time of day.

Pending cashout » Post #14

Tue Feb 16, 2016 08:55 in Payment Processor Support

First of all, this is the support sub forum and a member ask a simple question.
I replied with the correct answer.

Why someone else came into this topic carrying on about delays and everything else, I don't know.
I don't know how anyone could come up with all this long thread over a simple question with a
simple reply.

Topic is closed.

Payment » Post #2

Tue Feb 16, 2016 08:51 in Payment Processor Support

Approximately 5 to 7 business days if you chose paypal.

Cashout Problems.. » Post #2

Tue Feb 16, 2016 08:51 in Payment Processor Support

Approximately 5 to 7 business days if you choose paypal.

Pending cashout » Post #4

Mon Feb 15, 2016 23:53 in Payment Processor Support

hydtasker wrote:
valerie wrote: PayPal is 5 to 7 business days.

Ms. Valerie,

Pay Pal is 5 - 7 days is all correct but why blame Pay Pal for the delay in this case?

The payment is not yet processed by CS. CS is taking so much time to process. They said to clear top 30% of payment requests daily, monday to friday, when they introduced this new payment processing system. That should cover all payments in 4-5 days. But in reality they are not doing this. They seem to clear less than 20% per day. That's the real cause of the delay.

Earlier we know when we get the funds, give or take one day. But now, it is like a toss. I never understand why they changed a system that is perfectly working and make everybody suffer.

First it was twice a week. Then once a week. Now once 15 days. What next?

I don't know what you mean about blaming paypal.

The topic starter ask a question in regards to how long she needed to wait to receive
her payment. I replied. For paypal, members have been receiving their payment within
5 to 7 business days. So I don't have any idea what you mean about blaming paypal.

Increase minimun payout. » Post #29

Mon Feb 15, 2016 20:49 in Feature Requests

BouldRake wrote:
Quote:Back in the day, I was a
member of even an email program that promised to pay you for reading your email.
They lied.

Damn, what was the called? It's doing my nut trying to remember. I remember it not really working, nevermind paying - emails rarely arrived at all. I think it began with a Z, but I can't remember what it was.

There was 'NetZero' and probably the one you are thinking of.
There was one before that one, I think.

Then there was 'Juno'.

I cant remember ever getting paid a cent from any of those.

Yep, it was none of those that I am thinking of. The one I am referring to, I want to think it
had the word 'mail' in it. Now its going to drive me wacko trying to remember what it was.

Human will lose their jobs due by robot? » Post #55

Mon Feb 15, 2016 20:44 in General Talk

Back to the future!

Transformers built the pyramids. I think it was their parking lot.

Pending cashout » Post #2

Mon Feb 15, 2016 20:24 in Payment Processor Support

PayPal is 5 to 7 business days.

Fast Food Wars Prices is happening in USA? » Post #23

Mon Feb 15, 2016 16:39 in General Talk

davidbugs wrote:
valerie wrote: It never does any good to raise the minimum wage. It's almost a joke.

They usually say the minimum wage will go up slowly over the course of a few years.
That gives the employers time to restructure and revamp. In the mean time, while
the small business owner closes down and other mom and pop joints let employees
go, prices go on the rise every where.

So don't be fooled. It's one of those things that initially sound good but it always
bites you on know where, before you know it.

A lot of company becaming greedy. they want take over the world. Now Fast Food restaurant want to be like starbucks. Wal-mart want to be one shop grocery store. Mcdonald try sell fried chicken compete KFC. Mcdonald try to sell pizza compete domino pizza and pizza hut. American became lazy because they are happy with working mininum wage. But the rest of the world want come to American to get education and get higher pay.

American became spoil brats since our mininum wages can be ablle to buy a car, tv, iphone and other. Compare the third world country mininum wages. You can't afford to buy latest gadget iphone, tv, and cant afford to eat mcdonald all the time.

Oh come on now.

How many people in the USA do you see suffering because they don't have a cell phone.

There is noting wrong with competition. Competition is good.

When I started high school I moved to a rural area at a nearby college town. I'll never
forget how there was nothing there but the university and the hospital. There was no
walmart, no target, no major department stores. What there was, was a court square
with little mom and pop stores surrounding it. The prices those people charged for the
most part, was outrageous! In regards to those stores employees, no one worked at them
but MOM and POP and BRO and SIS. In fact, everyone in the community would often
refer to the store as not the stores name but 'Bertha's' or 'Old Man Jones', etc. When
major department stores came to town, all those mom and pops complained and yes
some shut down. Today there is plenty of business around the court square even tho
Walmart, Lowes, Kmart, HomeDepot, and more exist.

Don't get me wrong, I believe Walmart really should pay their employees more than they
presently do. However, most of what I hear in regards to Walmart and Mom and Pop
stores is very one sided. There are plenty of businesses that mom and pop can create
in which they can make a good living with little to no competition from walmart.

The reason why business is booming around that old court square where I once lived,
even tho there is big box stores, is because those mom's and pop's now offer a good
service at a good price.

It works both ways.

Super Tuesday Primary Today Election? » Post #27

Mon Feb 15, 2016 16:27 in General Talk

This is a pretty good topic in that for the most part, members are not name calling.
So continue to keep it clean and informative.


Mon Feb 15, 2016 16:17 in General Talk

Sarge25 wrote:
valerie wrote:
Sarge25 wrote: Yes! We should banish valentine's day!

It'll never happen though obviously, so not to worry it'll be back around again in no time. :mrgreen:

No rush on it but lets not do away with it otherwise I might not exist!

Aww, it was your birthday yesterday? Happy belated birthday. :)

Well, okay. That's a more than good enough reason for it to stay! :D

YES! lol lol lol :lol:

Thank you.


Mon Feb 15, 2016 15:27 in General Talk

Sarge25 wrote: Yes! We should banish valentine's day!

It'll never happen though obviously, so not to worry it'll be back around again in no time. :mrgreen:

No rush on it but lets not do away with it otherwise I might not exist!
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