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Tops 1,235,000 + Pledge to Boycott Target » Post #83

Fri Apr 29, 2016 00:51 in General Talk

You know things have gotten bad when all people can do is argue about bathrooms. :lol:

Prince AIDS Shocker » Post #4

Fri Apr 29, 2016 00:46 in General Talk

CatMonster wrote: Kind of depressing when you hear all those famous people that you grew up knowing as a kid are all slowly passing away in one way or another like Michael jackson, prince, david bowie, john candy, james Gandolfini and many others. :(

Yeah, kind of reminds me of a long line. Only when you get to the end,
you are not at a water fountain.

I can remember my grandparents always reading the obituaries in the news paper.
It seemed they knew everyone that had died. Their conversation would go something
like this : you know jessie fay died....jessie fay, you don't mean it.....yep, says funeral
is monday....who's officiating....rev burial at golden you
remember when jessie rode that pet cow and fell off and broke a leg....yep...

Now I look at the obits. :?

Free Coffee for the Entire Year! » Post #9

Thu Apr 28, 2016 23:21 in General Talk

Many years ago I decided to do some marketing tests on eBay. In fact, I owned some
safelist programs at that time I recall relaying the results to members of at least one of
them. What I did was purchase an old black Coach handbag. It was very old. Leather.
Totally scratched up. I don't think anyone in their right mind would buy guess
who bought it? Yep, me. I gave a few dollars for it. When I received it, it was even
worse in person. So I took several photos of it and put it on eBay for sale....and I said
something like this....

UGLY UGLY UGLY this IS IT.....THE Ugliest Coach Handbag Ever! This the gem of the
gems. Old old old.

Well I went on and on about how horrible it was and how it was the worse I had ever
seen. I made a very large profit from it. I'd be lying if I told you how much because
I honestly don't remember. Seems like I made about $50 or so in profit.

---------So back to referrals....

I thought someone would come along and get it. You can see that the subject certainly
attracted attention. If I wasn't a coffee drinker, I probably wouldn't even bother to hit
on this topic. However, If I was a coffee drinker, I'd feel mighty dumb if I didn't hit on
the topic.


Coffee has become so expensive but I have discovered a way to pay for all my coffee
needs including k-cups, pods, and even coffee brewers with $0 out of pocket expense.
I'm saving hundreds of dollars ever year on my coffee habit. If you're an addict like I
am, do this:

-Go Here
-Sign up free
-Activate your account and complete the profile
-Send me an email and I'll tell you how to make the extra cash that more than covers
your coffee needs ____@____



Ya got to give people what they want.

What do you think about Cat money » Post #4

Thu Apr 28, 2016 15:03 in General Talk

I like Grumpy Cat better than the $19.99 Prince 20.


Plus, Grumpy is worth more!

Free Coffee for the Entire Year! » Post #1

Thu Apr 28, 2016 15:02 in General Talk

So you say you want referrals?

Most Creative Ads Contest » Post #5

Thu Apr 28, 2016 14:52 in General Talk

That's funny. Ok, here is mine...

At one time I was so broke I moved from Alaska to Florida so I could sleep on the
warm sandy beaches. I had no roof over my head. The sea turtles would lay eggs
between my toes. To keep from starving I would eat sand crabs. One day whilst
stealing a bikini hanging on someones line, I stood in awe as I viewed the mansion
before me. At that very moment, a man came from the mansion, took me by the
hand and said 'YOU TOO CAN BE FILTHY RICH' and I replied in my meager dry voice
'how?'. It was at that moment my life changed. I now own seven
condos in Miami, three mansions in Mexico, and two pairs of Ellen Degeneres shoes.
Just fill in the information below.....right there......down there.....right there.....down
there......right that blank there......where it says name....down there.....
and enter your email address.......down there, right there.....and then enter your
paypal address......down there......and for a LIMITED TIME.....right to be
now......for the first 20,193 only....HURRY and send $9.49 for the FREE information
($9.49 is for processing only) and you'll receive the FREE information immediately
upon my logging into my paypal account and grabbing the money as fast as I can.
HURRY! Fill in the form below......right now........down there......on this page...
three lines down.....right there.

Tops 1,235,000 + Pledge to Boycott Target » Post #76

Thu Apr 28, 2016 08:24 in General Talk

@CatMonster yes Freddy was gay.

That's what I've been saying all along....solo bathrooms, solo dressing rooms.

All I can say is, I do my best to try not judge others. I leave that up to God.
I can't imagine being something other than I was born to be.

Tops 1,235,000 + Pledge to Boycott Target » Post #74

Thu Apr 28, 2016 00:44 in General Talk

You might be too young but this whole thing reminds me of the movie:

Harry Nilsson - Everybody's Talkin' (1969) - YouTube

Clixsense is your consider your new careers? » Post #6

Wed Apr 27, 2016 23:37 in General Talk

I think you better wise up and watch out a little bit in regards to what you say.

Topic Locked.

PayPal, Payza, The Pits » Post #3

Wed Apr 27, 2016 21:51 in Payment Processor Support

I don't know what you are doing.

This is the payment processing support sub forum.

Topic Locked.

employment » Post #15

Wed Apr 27, 2016 19:03 in General Talk

kebo25 wrote:
valerie wrote:
Age discrimination does exist.

Sadly the same here in the UK Im lucky to have got a job here at 20, granted it pays well but its a terrible job. Im just a skivvy basically.. . . Though here its mainly the experience conundrum. You need experience to get work but you need the work to get the experience :roll:

Yeah and just wait til they tell you, you are over experienced.

payment rejected » Post #4

Wed Apr 27, 2016 12:26 in Payment Processor Support

rohit925 wrote: I have viewed my clixsense many times .payment address it is exactly same email id that is registered for paypal. Even paypal is saying that everthing is fine with my paypal account.what has gone wrong unable to find

Submit a support ticket thru the Helpdesk.
This is the forums. Members and Moderators do not have access to your account.

payment rejected » Post #2

Wed Apr 27, 2016 12:18 in Payment Processor Support

I would suggest viewing your ClixSense account profile to make sure you
enter the correct payment address. If it is incorrect, you need to correct it.

Referrals are not working and not active » Post #2

Wed Apr 27, 2016 12:17 in General Talk

I moved your topic to general talk sub forum.

banners » Post #4

Wed Apr 27, 2016 09:54 in General Talk

I don't know what kind of site or hosting you have.

It's difficult to tell you anything without knowing what your are doing exactly
or what you are using exactly.

If you need HTML help you can do a search online 'free html code help' something
like that and you will pull up some free help sites that show you how to place the
banner code into your own pages.

employment » Post #13

Wed Apr 27, 2016 09:48 in General Talk

Micshad wrote: Full time? I wish. I lost my job back in 2010 and even though there's a law against age discrimination, try fighting that fact. I looked for work for 4 years and finally gave up. I know when I'm not wanted anymore, so I spend my days on Clixsense and another site, plus email surveys to try to make a decent income...which is impossible.

I believe you are correct about that and it even shows online too when doing
various surveys or attempting to do them.

At the moment, I can't recall what it was....but just a day or two ago, at CSR,
I received one of their emails to do a survey in which one could earn something
like a $10 amazon gift card for participation in some sort of online thingie. I
attempted it but did not get far. As soon as I chose my age group...BAM!...
back to CSR I went and got a dime for trying. :lol:

Just the other day something was mentioned on the really wasn't about
age ..... something about a sports coach but it was mentioned that his father did
not have a child until he was 68 years old and his dad is now something like 98
years old and still going strong.

Age discrimination does exist.

banners » Post #2

Wed Apr 27, 2016 08:49 in General Talk

It depends on where you are placing the banner.

Most sites have a place for you to place the link to the banner image
and then also a place for your referral link.

Think of it as underwear and pants. You put your underwear on and
your pants over it. Your underwear is your ClixSense referral url and
your pants is the ClixSense banner image url.

payments » Post #8

Tue Apr 26, 2016 18:34 in Payment Processor Support

ldeavors wrote: It is my understanding that to become a Premium member there is a significant fee--why in the world would I want to pay for such slow processing methods?????

ClixSense is free and you never are forced to pay anything at all.

There is a low upgrade to premium option which truly is about as Insignificant as it can get,
at only $17.00 per year which pans out to less than $1.42 per month.

In regards to payment, such as payment to a members paypal account, it can take usually
any where between a few days to nine business days. ClixSense is using a q system now
at a 30% pay rate per day. Due to thousands of payment request, the time frame varies

I believe it was you that said something about them only needing to push a couple of
buttons. Nothing could be further from the truth. Running a legitimate and successful
program for approximately TEN YEARS takes a lot of work. They check closely all cash
out requests so that they can pay all their members and not be cheated by scamsters.
If they allowed scamsters to cheat them, members like you, wouldn't get paid and the
entire program would have bellied up many years ago. It does in fact take a whole lot
more than pushing a couple of buttons to process payouts to hundreds and thousands
of members.

employment » Post #2

Tue Apr 26, 2016 09:12 in General Talk

Why do you think its an oxymoron?

payment » Post #2

Tue Apr 26, 2016 05:36 in Payment Processor Support

The following is an approximate time table
When and how will I get paid (Cashout)?(Cashout)#pq
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