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Posts by valerie
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hi » Post #2

Sun Jun 10, 2012 20:32 in Member Introduction

Hello and Welcome aboard!

my earning now is $ 5.40 thank u clixsense » Post #2

Sun Jun 10, 2012 16:52 in Your Stats

Congrats randsor!

About : Moderators » Post #7

Sun Jun 10, 2012 16:47 in General Talk

No one, I guess.

7 days Trial Premium » Post #32

Sun Jun 10, 2012 16:46 in Feature Requests

Ya, I got to say IF I was going to offer a free premium upgrade, it would have to be for 30 days, not 7.

7 days Trial Premium » Post #28

Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:46 in Feature Requests

I think we'd regret it if that was implemented, for more reasons than one.
But here is a little scenario for you to see what I mean:

George is new online and wants to make money. He doesn't have much money but is willing to pay
a little money if he knows he can benefit. George comes across 'rlutia66' ClixSense referral page and
joins. George gets the free 7 day premium trial. He logs in, figures out he is to click ads, clicks some
ads. The next day, George returns and clicks some ads. On the third day, George clicks ads and also
takes some time out to read some of the faq. George even comes to the forum and tries to figure out
how to make a post....he finally does and introduces himself. On the fourth day, George clicks ads
and he gets to looking at his profile. He sees he can edit his profile. He plays around with his profile
and on manages to upload his picture and edit the signature he wants to displayed on site. On the
fifth day George clicks ads and he clicks the TASK button. He reads and decides to try his hand at
doing tasks. He goes thru the training session and does a couple of tasks. On the sixth day, George
clicks ads, does a couple of tasks and notices the OFFERS button, so he does an offer and a survey.
On the 7th day, George clicks ads, does an offer, takes a daily survey, posts a hello at the forum and
puts some emoticons in the post. George is having a bit of fun.

On the 8th day, George premium membership has expired.

What just happen?

Well first of all, George really hasn't had enough time to think about the upgrade to premium.
Even if George does have enough time to think about it, he is unsure if it is worth it for him to
upgrade to premium. George has not had enough time to read everything in ClixSense or to
even learn all the numerous ways he can make money here. George has not had a chance
to even discover where the affiliate banners are. To top it off, George has not figured out why
he would want to upgrade anyway. After all, he has only made some cents clicking on ads
and doing tasks and not much more than that for doing the few offers/surveys he did. And
now, George sees his free premium membership has expired. George is a little peeved about
this and decides ClixSense is not worth it. George goes inactive. Poor George....he is still out
there looking for the pie in the sky. Poor rlutia66, he wonders why his newly referred member
is inactive.

Task » Post #2

Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:26 in Success Stories


Ads » Post #2

Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:20 in General Talk

As in the forum? The answer is no, not specifically.

Or as in purchasing adverts or using advert credits? The answer is yes.

About : Moderators » Post #4

Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:19 in General Talk


Survey problems » Post #13

Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:07 in General Support

I sleep just fine, David0089. :mrgreen:

When I make a post, I realize I am talking to everybody. Other members read the post.
That's what I mean by addressing the issue YOU are having. Because not everyone has the issue you
are having and some may be having the same issue you are having. It does not matter where you are,
or where your friends/peers are, in regards to someone having or not having the same issue.

Now that you have relayed some information about what you are seeing in tasks and offers, I can
answer to that.

Tasks - I think most everyone sees the same tasks listed. However, not everyone is allowed to do
all the tasks. Some task jobs are for those members in a specified country. When you see a task
job state 'Not Available', this could mean one of several things....such as, there are no more of those
particular tasks to do....or.....there are members at that very moment in the process of doing the
tasks and there is no more open to do at that moment. All you can do is check back later in the
Tasks, to see if there is available tasks for you to do.

All these things don't come out of thin air. Someone is paying. So some times there may not be
any tasks because no one has paid for work to be done. That's why it's a good idea if you want to
do tasks, to keep an eye on that area, keep checking back as your time allows. Some times there are
lots and lots of tasks. Other times, not very many.

Offers - After completing an offer/survey and returning to the ClixSense screen, there will be a little
yes/no popup sitting there. This is ClixSense. It does not hurt no matter which way you answer.
If you completed the offer/survey, click the YES. Offers in which you have to download something,
usually do not confirm/credit right away. But since you did it, you would click YES on that popup.

Now you see, this is what I find weird and did not know, that you said:

The message then came was that i am not authorised yet to acknowledge in "yes" mode.

I'll contact admins about that. Because when you answer YES or NO, that is simply asking you if you
were able to complete what the offer or survey was wanting you to do. I'd think you'd be able to click
YES on it.

Some offers will display as 'Pending' in your history of offers because according to what you must do,
it may take some days for that offer to confirm and credit.....such as keeping a download on your computer
for 15 days.

Survey problems » Post #9

Sat Jun 09, 2012 12:38 in General Support

David0089 wrote: I am unable to do tasks, offers and surveys, even if they are displayed in my member area! When i am trying to do tasks, it says its 'not available'. Offers and surveys are also visible but when i click them I am unable to complete such offers and surveys! This is quite strange and really causes us to doubt about the legitimacy of such programs who are giving opportunities, though i am not blaming click sense here as because i found they are coming from other companies who are supposed to cooperate with Clicksense workers. This is really strange and i would like to do such work if they are allowed. Please give an acceptable solution even if they are optional jobs in nature.

First of all, I don't know who 'us' is because I don't have any doubts about ClixSense.
It's best if you have an issue, to firstly speak for YOU and secondly to explain exactly what's happening.

You have explained nothing. All you have said is that you see tasks and offers but you can't do them.

What does that tell me? Tells me nothing.

I can say that in regards to tasks, many tasks are not allocated to every single member in ClixSense,
altho every single member in ClixSense may see them. Normally however, it does state who may do
the task. In regards to offers, generally a member is only going to see offers displayed if it is targeted
to the country he/she is in.

Therefore, it appears to be an issue that you are having which you have not explained.

In other words, which offers is it that you are attempting to do?
When you attempt to do an offer, what happens?
Do you see an error page when you attempt to do an offer?
What is the error you are seeing?
What browser are you using?
Do you turn off the pop up blocker?
Are you using anti-virus software that is turned on and may be blocking access?

You see, when a member comes here and wants help, it can be impossible to help them when all they
do is call an offer a scam, call a task a scam, call people and programs cheaters, and not even bother to
state exactly what issue they are having.

When it comes to doing offers/surveys, some are more difficult than others to do. Clients often pay
a lot of money to have their survey feedback and they don't want to pay cheaters to do those offers/surveys.
So they can be very particular in the survey. If you are not what they are looking for in regards to doing
a survey or offer, you will not qualify to do the offer. If you have popup blocker on, that could prevent
tracking accuracy and an offer won't confirm. If you are using a browser that is not in sync with the
survey/offer, it won't confirm/credit. If you do a survey and answer a question one way, later in the
survey the question is put to you again and you answer another way, the survey may not credit/confirm.

There is many various reasons why an offer/survey may not confirm/credit to the member account.

ClixSense has no control over Tasks or over Offers/Surveys in regards to them crediting. ClixSense
of course wants all tasks and offers/surveys to credit. ClixSense does not get paid for tasks/surveys/offers
that do not credit to the member account. These are all outside of ClixSense control because they are
not owned by ClixSense.

There are TIPS in the offers forum here and also tips in the tasks forum here. Reading the tips, can
often help a lot in regards to doing those tasks/offers/surveys.

You really need to relay full information as to what I stated above because you have not given anyone
here any info in order to help you.

WARNING - I do NOT sell Junk - WARNING » Post #7

Sat Jun 09, 2012 11:50 in General Talk

Ya, people steal my images all the time. That's why I am getting ready to watermark all my images.

Survey problems » Post #6

Sat Jun 09, 2012 11:45 in General Support

Since you believe ClixSense is a cheater, I am wondering what you are doing here as a member.
Well, I take that back. I don't wonder about it at all. It's just weird.

Neither am I sorry that you find my reply above annoying.

You may think it's immoral to put GUYC on the offers page but that's what you get for doing your
own thinking. I've been credited many times for doing GUYC offers. You don't own ClixSense and
you don't have access to the information they have. Admins can see how many members do an
offer and how many conversions there are to an offer. If ClixSense see's the conversion rates are
low, with any offer, or not confirming, they take action to find out if there is an issue with the
tracking. They do remove offers/surveys that are not converting and/or has many problems.

I don't have anything else to reply to you about. I guess I find your tone 'immoral'.

Why not rednted raferrals » Post #2

Sat Jun 09, 2012 02:59 in General Talk

This has already been discussed. ClixSense does not sell nor rent referrals.

Topic closed.

Survey problems » Post #4

Fri Jun 08, 2012 19:17 in General Support

jennysue19 wrote: According to Clixsense support, they say they are having problems being paid by Give Us Your Two Cents and depending on the company actually providing the survey, they are not paying Clixsense responders.

Personally I think this stinks. I suggested that they should take GUYTC off the offers page, but they say that some of the companies GUYTC route to are paying but others aren't. I am afraid I don't accept what they say. As an example, I have taken surveys for Toluna via two different routers today. Via one offer router I got paid. So far, I have not got paid by Clixsense for the GUYTC one. That suggests clearly that the problem is with GUYTC themselves and not with their clients.

If Clixsense offer surveys here and it is them who are paying us, then we should not suffer and Clixsense should do whatever is necessary to make GUYTC pay up, but we've done the work, we should get paid AS PROMISED by Clixsense, no quibbles. Either pay up or take them off the offers page but DON'T CHEAT US.

Since you did not post what ClixSense support said exactly, there is not much for me to comment on...other
than, ClixSense does NOT cheat it's members. IF you would read in the news/update forum here, you would
know that ClixSense does not guarantee any offer will confirm. There are many reasons why an offer may
not confirm. If you don't want to participate in an offer, I suggest not doing the offer. All offers/surveys, and
actually everything here, is totally optional.

Whats the weather like where you are » Post #59

Fri Jun 08, 2012 17:57 in General Talk

HOT. :geek:

Hi ! » Post #2

Fri Jun 08, 2012 17:54 in Member Introduction

Hi, welcome aboard!

Anyone know of an image protect identity software » Post #13

Fri Jun 08, 2012 14:08 in General Talk

No, I have not gone with any yet. I am still reviewing some of them as my time allows.

survey question » Post #3

Fri Jun 08, 2012 14:07 in General Support

ClixSense does not send out a lot of email. In fact, all the send is a weekly update.

FBN - Contractor from hell LOL » Post #4

Fri Jun 08, 2012 10:42 in General Talk

Something to be said for honesty. :mrgreen:

7 days Trial Premium » Post #23

Fri Jun 08, 2012 02:03 in Feature Requests

Premium members receive $2 per upgraded direct referral.
Therefore, unless some rules were made, the free 7 day premiums would receive $2 per direct upgrade.

I'm not sure what you mean about 'keyboards'. I've been a premium member ever since I joined, over
five years ago.
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