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Posts by valerie
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Need Some Information » Post #2

Mon Apr 16, 2012 09:45 in General Support


44.30$ my april payment » Post #5

Sun Apr 15, 2012 23:39 in Payment Proofs

Congrats! :kitty:

Cross in sky of clouds here » Post #1

Sun Apr 15, 2012 14:45 in General Talk

This is very very weird. We are waiting on the storm to hit here and someone took a picture of clouds in the sky that are in the shape of a huge cross. Rather cool looking but a tad scary too.

I don't know if you can see this but perhaps you can.

Did ya ever see this video? » Post #1

Sun Apr 15, 2012 14:07 in General Talk

Sponsor 8 Tiers Up » Post #14

Sun Apr 15, 2012 13:56 in Feature Requests

Well I think so of you are making a big ordeal out of it.

It was just a suggestion and one I would really like to have implemented.

I like to know what the hey is going on in anything and everything I am a member of.
Call me nosey. Call me curious. I don't care what you want to call me.


Seriously, when I am active in something, I like to know who I am active with even if they are not active or.... duh!
Ya know. I joined a line some where and I'd like to see it, not just below, but above also.

Anyone Recommend a Free Splashpage Site or Maker?? » Post #5

Sun Apr 15, 2012 13:49 in General Talk

Hey, I'll give you a big hint about that one too. They list several of the best splash pages created with their splash page maker, below the splash maker. So if you make a really good splash page with it, go ahead and submit it to them, say, look at the splash page I made with your free splash page maker. They might list it below the maker. Everyone sees it, you see? I kept thinking about doing that but I never did so I might as well tell you guys.

Anyone Recommend a Free Splashpage Site or Maker?? » Post #4

Sun Apr 15, 2012 13:46 in General Talk

EasyHits4U gives you a free splash page maker.

ClixGrid 0,25 $ » Post #3

Sat Apr 14, 2012 22:08 in Success Stories

Congrats to you both!

ClixGrid (how many prizes) » Post #2

Sat Apr 14, 2012 13:57 in General Talk

It's based on advertisers purchases.

Ad available but not there » Post #3

Sat Apr 14, 2012 13:42 in Bug reports

They are fixing it.

2nd pymt proof » Post #2

Sat Apr 14, 2012 13:31 in Payment Proofs


Ad available but not there » Post #2

Sat Apr 14, 2012 13:31 in Bug reports

Ya, it's stuck.

My 1 payment! » Post #2

Sat Apr 14, 2012 09:24 in Payment Proofs


I won a voice over contest! Yippee, it was fun! » Post #10

Fri Apr 13, 2012 21:19 in General Talk

It was not much, $30.00.

The video is for a free to earn program online. It's been online several years.
They wanted a video voice over to introduce new people to how the program works, how much they can earn, etc.

They also wrote the script for the voice over. What contestants had to do, was record the script in sequence with the video. They also had to have a good voice to do it. I suppose the owners of the program, do not have a voice they felt was worthy for the video. So they ran a contest.

I don't have a deep southern voice. I was born and grew up by Chicago. However, most my life has been in the south. When I go up north, people know I am from the south. In the south, people know I am from the north. I have sort of what you would call, a broken northern/southern accent. :lol:

I won a voice over contest! Yippee, it was fun! » Post #6

Fri Apr 13, 2012 19:54 in General Talk

Well that sure sounds like something I would say so no doubt, I said it.

Ya ever see that video of the elderly woman that gets nothing done because she continuously forgets what she's doing?
Hmmmm seems like I posted that video here once. I think I am getting like her. :shock: :lol:

I won a voice over contest! Yippee, it was fun! » Post #4

Fri Apr 13, 2012 19:45 in General Talk

sp1915 wrote: You mentioned that recently, I'm so happy for you that you won!! :thumbup:

I did? I guess I did. :lol:

I won a voice over contest! Yippee, it was fun! » Post #1

Fri Apr 13, 2012 19:03 in General Talk

A program was having a voice over contest. What they did was, created a video without sound. The contestants had to put their own voice in to the video.

And I WON!

It was actually kind of hard to do but fun. I was afraid my voice may not sound good enough.

I'm so thrilled about that I just had to tell somebody.

I won! I won! I won! :mrgreen: :P :lol: :kitty:

my third payment proof » Post #2

Fri Apr 13, 2012 14:50 in Payment Proofs

Websites. » Post #4

Fri Apr 13, 2012 13:44 in General Talk

No one can really say what site gives the most referrals. Think about it. If someone gained a lot of referrals
from a particular site, then most probable there is few if any more there to get. They already got them. Unless
it's a site that gains thousands of new members weekly, it probably wouldn't be worthy to pay for advertising thru it.

You just have to seek out advert sources, place free ads where ever you can.

Some members have had some success with AdHitz. You do have to pay for it tho. It's a good idea for those
that want advertising on auto-pilot and also on a budget. Even tho it cost, you can get some advertising for
little outlay. And with it, you're only paying for click thrus...which is good.

ClixSense Spam » Post #4

Fri Apr 13, 2012 13:37 in General Talk

I can't say I love getting it but most of it I don't see anyway as it hits the spam folder and goes poof with one click of my finger.
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