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Posts by valerie
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Holiday Checklist Bouns?! » Post #2

Tue Nov 10, 2015 15:11 in General Talk

BlaneIsBrady wrote: Are we getting one this year? last years was great!

They always make a news announcement for updates, specials, etc.

cashout... pending » Post #5

Tue Nov 10, 2015 09:43 in General Support

You must have cashed out after payments were made.

There is the HelpDesk in which you can submit a support ticket.

Personal message to new referrals » Post #4

Tue Nov 10, 2015 09:39 in General Support

Why not just enter it and see if it is clickable. Since HTML is not allowed, I suspect it
won't be clickable. I think that is what you are asking. It's very easy and simple to
know by entering it and looking at it yourself to see what they see.

Keep in mind, spam is not allowed and you could lose your account if you enter adverts,
links to other programs.

Problem with advertising! » Post #2

Tue Nov 10, 2015 09:28 in General Support

They're working on it.

Personal message to new referrals » Post #2

Tue Nov 10, 2015 09:27 in General Support

In case you missed it, it says HTML is not allowed in the message.

Would You Like Admin increase the ViewAds Quantity » Post #5

Tue Nov 10, 2015 01:55 in General Talk

This poll doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

For starters, we do, at least as premium members, often have near 50 ads per day, some days more.

If you want to purchase ads so others can view them, you are very welcome.
Also, you can refer advertisers so that they will purchase advertising.

I'm not getting ads » Post #10

Tue Nov 10, 2015 01:52 in Bug reports

I submitted a ticket about it. However, they're probably aware of it.

It seems at cron run, server time change, there is a slowing down and that may partially
be due to an enormous amount of activity at that time.

Personally, I viewed 32 ads after the cron run and at 11:29 eastern, there was one 1 cent
ad. So, the issue does appear to be with the standard ads.

New - Please Read » Post #90

Tue Nov 10, 2015 01:46 in Payment Processor Support

wadarbr549 wrote: I meant what I said , other countries seem to be able to choose PayPal for there first cashout. People in the USA have to use the check option the first time , I never said all people use PayPal as an option.

Most places do not mark something as processed until it has been processed which would mean completed . I think you are confusing the word processed with the word processing .

Also when I read on or about the tenth I assumed that meant the tenth was the latest possible date the checks would be ready to send out , I will not use the word processed as I have a different meaning of that word I guess .

What I was confused about was how they could add money to my cashout balance tonight and still process my check tomorrow. That has been cleared up for me now . there isn't a certain date you can count on your payment to be mailed out. At least that is what I understand from your post.

I have never saw a company have a bank print there checks before , most companies do that there selves now days . they usually print pack and mail there own payments .

And I personally think not having to get your first payment via check would be nice , I prefer PayPal over checks every time . from what I read only USA and Canada have to use the first time cashout check method.

I thought I was clear in my last post but I guess I wasnt

Still not too sure why you are relating ClixSense to some other company. Not all companies
operate in the same fashion, online or offline.

Bottomline, it is as it states. Checks are processed on or about the 10th of the month. You
may add your earnings to your cash out request (check or any other payment option) all the
way up until you can't. There is a cut off time for adding your funds to your cash out request
by another means other than check, now....that time is 11 am Eastern time zone on Wed.

As stated, ClixSense has been online almost 8 years. Unfortunately, they've had cheaters
and therefore, had to implement the 'first cash out by check'.

Actually, I am kind of surprised you don't know all this since you've been a member for over
a year.


Tue Nov 10, 2015 01:04 in General Talk

Well, actually $43 a month isn't bad at all.

I figure I get off pretty good and I hate paying what I pay but it's a lot less than what
many pay. In addition, I live in a rural area, just lucky I live not far from a rural school.

My landline is about $10 a month. My internet service DSL is about $50 per month.
The total bill is about $80+ per month......that's because they nickel dime me on various

New - Please Read » Post #88

Tue Nov 10, 2015 00:56 in Payment Processor Support

wadarbr549 wrote: Well it is getting very close to the tenth and I still have the option to add to my pending check , this seems odd to me , as it says checks will be processed on or before the tenth . I thought that meant they were mailed on the tenth . but I don't see that being possible with tonight being the ninth and the add to pending cashout still available . I know I am new , it is just that compared to any other place I've ever done this sort of thing at clixcense is the only one that has such a very confusing cashout process . I just hope it will be easier to figure out when I get the option to use PayPal. I will also say it seems odd to me that all the USA members do not get the privilege of using PayPal instantly .

ClixSense has been online over 7 years and has always paid out as stated.

Checks are processed on or about the 10th of the month. The word 'about' means just could
be the 10th or if there is holidays or some other interruption, it might be the 11th, for example.

Yes you have the option to continue to add your earnings to your cash out request, all the way up
til the payment is processed.

The word 'processed' does not necessarily mean 'mailed'. The checks have to go through a bank
system, so to speak, printed, and then mailed.

What is it you are confused about in regards to the cash out/payment system?
It seems you understand it as you have stated how it works.

Also, paypal works basically the same way except Checks are processed only once per month
whereas other payments are processed on Wed. of each week. Same can continue
to add your earnings to your cash out request, all the way up til it is processed.

I'm not too sure what you mean about all USA members getting paypal instantly? For starters,
cheating runs rampant online and ClixSense must protect its members and business by making
sure funds are appropriated correctly. Secondly, not all USA members choose PayPal as their
payment option. Thirdly, ClixSense is basically international and treats all of its members and
advertisers as equally as possible.

Let's talk about movies » Post #167

Sun Nov 08, 2015 23:26 in General Talk

I don't know what you people are grumbling and cussing about.

Why is it that a topic about 'movie's' winds up as a garbage patch thread?

In regards to subscriptions, it is not the least bit difficult to spend $200 a month.
My DISH bill is over $100 per month. My Netflix bill is approximately $20 per month.
To top that off, there are times I go to the theater and/or pay for an on demand movie.
I have some friends that pay more than $200 per month for their TV programming and
a lot more than me for their Netflix.

No wonder everyone in the world is fighting with everyone else. Things never change.

Topic Locked due to arguing and cussing.

waist » Post #2

Sun Nov 08, 2015 09:20 in Success Stories

So what you are saying is, its a waste of 2 minutes of your time to earn
your daily free bonus in the checklist.

Ok, choice is yours.


Sun Nov 08, 2015 07:53 in Payment Processor Support

Payza through ClixSense to Slovenia, is not available.

Yes, you can choose paypal.

What music/song are you listening now? » Post #865

Sat Nov 07, 2015 23:01 in General Talk

First Cash Out » Post #6

Sat Nov 07, 2015 07:54 in Payment Processor Support

vrushaliu wrote: Hi Everybody,

I have withdrawn my first payment on 5th Nov 2015...Its still in pending payout status...

Can you please tell why its not deposited in paypal?


Payouts are processed on Wed.

Let's talk about movies » Post #158

Sat Nov 07, 2015 00:50 in General Talk

'It! The Terror From Beyond Space' 1958

Terrible and Hilarious at the same time.

New - Please Read » Post #85

Fri Nov 06, 2015 23:03 in Payment Processor Support

danytagarzat wrote: Hi...

This will be my first cashout.
As I read here, being from Mexico it must be done by check, however if I go to payment mehod in settings I only get to choose paypal, neteller and paytoo... There isn't a "check" option...
I don't want my payment to be messed up... What should I do???

Thank you very much!!! :)

Checks are not sent to Mexico.

discussing other programs » Post #5

Fri Nov 06, 2015 22:57 in General Talk

freelizard wrote: valerie » Today, 16:05
Discussing other programs is not allowed.

I looked in the forum rules and thought #2 and #8 might be applied :? , but didn't expressly forbid discussing programs

I also read through the terms of service/ user agreement - and found nothing there that forbids discussion :ugeek:

I'd think lots of members besides me would welcome help and discussions about legitimate online programs that work and pay :$

please point out where it says this type of forum use isn't allowed

To make it real easy on you, you might want to closely read rule #8 which states moderators
are allowed to use their own discretion.

However, it has been stated and admin has posted previously that this IS the ClixSense forums
and discussions are to be concerning ClixSense. The General Discussions sub forum is for off
the wall general topics and that means stuff like 'what music are you listening to?'

I realize common sense may not always be in ones face. Please do keep in mind, ClixSense is
a for profit business and pays its members well for the work they do here. If it wasn't for
advertisers, members wouldn't make money here and that means you wouldn't make money
here and it means ClixSense wouldn't exist.

The best thing to do if you want to discuss a program other than ClixSense, is to go to that
program or do a search online. There are forums that are nothing but hodgepodgges of
gazillions of programs with people giving their two cents.

Topic Locked.

Pending research payment! » Post #2

Fri Nov 06, 2015 22:42 in General Support

If it displays as pending, that probably means it will be about 30 days to go into your earnings balance.

shoe money » Post #10

Fri Nov 06, 2015 16:05 in General Talk

Discussing other programs is not allowed.

Rod, you said:
Quote:Cause if everyone was making the big money, wouldn't be clicking for credits and scrambling for lose change.

You are so very very incorrect about that.

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