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My Payment thanks » Post #2

Wed Dec 27, 2017 14:56 in Payment Proofs

Great! :xthumbup:

Don't forget to edit out your reference numbers. It's for your protection.

What are the ways you can earn here? » Post #5

Tue Dec 26, 2017 17:24 in General Talk

Is that what you tell potential referrals?

What are the ways you can earn here? » Post #1

Tue Dec 26, 2017 16:49 in General Talk

Can you name all the various ways you can earn money at ClixSense?

Another Payment » Post #2

Tue Dec 26, 2017 16:42 in Payment Proofs

Congrats on your payment! :xthumbup:

Remember to remove or blur your reference / transaction numbers.
It's for your protection.

checklist on eve of xmas » Post #7

Tue Dec 26, 2017 15:38 in Success Stories

fred891 wrote: Where did you get the symbol that you show instead of your photo? It is familiar to a German symbol that was popular in the 1930s & 1940s. What does your symbol mean & what does it stand for? Is it religious or something like that?
Too curious for my own good.

I assume you are referring to the swastika.

The reality is, it is NOT a Nazi swastika. However, there are many people that become
disturbed at seeing any resemblance to a Nazi swastika.

What you are seeing is a Hindu swastika and I believe that primarily relates to the member
religion such as perhaps Buddhism or Hinduism.

This guy put entire savings on bitcoin » Post #8

Sat Dec 23, 2017 19:13 in General Talk

It may be real but the entire video sounded phony to me.

Plus, seems since he had all that money he could have purchased a hoodie without rat holes in it.

My Payment » Post #2

Sat Dec 23, 2017 17:19 in Payment Proofs

WOW! Great! :P

Remember to edit remove/blur out your payment reference numbers.
That's for your protection.

**Gluten, anxiety, headache, heartburn, carbs ** » Post #59

Sat Dec 23, 2017 14:04 in General Talk

fred891 wrote: You are an interesting person Delman77. At first I was not going to read all of this. Then when you were writing about omeprazole abuse, I had to read on. I have found that I can't live without the drug. Zantac etc. just will not take away that horrible pain in my stomach. Only PPIs work and I spend lots of money on them. I did come across an interesting group of sellers on Amazon (far down the page) that sell the drug cheaper. I clicked the link & it took me to Ebay and a bunch of sellers that had the drug so cheap I couldn't believe the price. I ordered 2 bottles (120 each) at $9 per bottle and I waited & waited some more. I thought I got ripped off so I sent them an email. They replied and when I got the order, I received 4 bottles (480) capsules for less than $20. The sellers are from India. I didn't know they could sell meds to the USA. Btw, the drug work just as good as those I buy here.
I wish I could get off them, but my reflux is so bad that I can no longer sleep in a bed because food comes up into my mouth while I'm sleeping and I have inhaled this toxic mess at times. I usually wake up chocking & coughing & I expell this poison before I drown in it. I have to sleep in my recliner now just to be safe. That is where my life is because of gerd and other stomach problems. I don't get very good sleep as you can imagine.
Also I have thought that probiotics were a scam & did not work. There are so many on the market and the price is so high. I can't believe they work. If you feel they work, please let us know which of the brands work so we don't waste lots of money using brands that don't work.
Hope you get better & let us know what works. Best of all to you & yours for Christmas and the new year.

Have you been to the doctor and sure it is not a gallbladder problem?

I had emergency surgery in Feb. I woke up in the middle of the night and was so very sick.
However, I recognized the symptoms and was sure I must be suffering from a gallbladder
attack. I went straight away to the emergency room and they removed it straight away.

Some of the symptoms can be similar.

Merry Christmas Poem ♥ » Post #4

Sat Dec 23, 2017 09:43 in General Talk

It's a good idea to post the author of a poem when it is copied.

Actually, it's a good idea to post the author of anything that is copied.

This guy put entire savings on bitcoin » Post #2

Sat Dec 23, 2017 09:42 in General Talk

Never put your entire savings in anything.

Merry Christmas » Post #2

Fri Dec 22, 2017 09:26 in General Talk

Merry Christmas!

**Gluten, anxiety, headache, heartburn, carbs ** » Post #51

Thu Dec 21, 2017 21:27 in General Talk

Delman77 links to blogs and various web pages are not allowed to be posted.

can delete this I've been told off by Admin Tazman » Post #9

Thu Dec 21, 2017 20:13 in General Talk

bla » Post #5

Mon Dec 18, 2017 23:50 in General Talk

bla bla bla bla

bla » Post #2

Mon Dec 18, 2017 17:09 in General Talk

bla bla bla

bla » Post #1

Mon Dec 18, 2017 17:03 in General Talk

bla bla

Net neutrality will killed Clixsense for good » Post #10

Sun Dec 17, 2017 19:45 in General Talk

I guess I believe the Feds do what they want to do.

Net Neutrality was almost like a trial period and a very brief one at that since it
did not last but a couple of years if that.

So from the beginning, I have never noticed much difference in anything other
than the rising prices over time. That has taken place without Net Neutrality and
with Net Neutrality. It has not mattered in regards to internet provider costs.
There has for a very long time, been various data plans and higher speed packs.
The more you want, the more you pay for.

Everything rises in price over the years or most everything, just like food.

Look at everything the net has offered over all these years without Net Neutrality
and I personally have not noticed anything different with it other than the government
attempting control of the www.

I have Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, all three for less than $30 per month. That's not
bad at all, at least not in my opinion. In regards to DISH, I pay approximately $49 per
month. Many people have cut their cable or satellite service totally and others like
myself, cut their package way down. So for approximately $80 a month there is always
something I can find to watch plus I have the Amazon cloud storage, book every month,
two day shipping, etc. I mean seriously, that is not bad at all.

In regards to mobile phone service.....well come on, there's a lot of people that have
wised up on that too. I once paid approximately $75 a month for years to Verizon and
in the last few years, I turned to TracFone and I don't have a monthly bill. I buy a new
Samsung smart phone with included service and minutes every year to two years...cost
= Approximately $110 a year. I wouldn't even gander a guess at how many people are
paying close to a thousand dollars for a mobile phone and paying $100 on upwards per
month for service. I about fell out of my chair one day listening to a news show on tv
that displayed a family mobile phone bill.....almost $1,000 per month. WOW! People
have surely lost their priorities. All I could think of is how many starving children that
could feed every month.

I really can't or shouldn't complain about my internet service. The speed is not super
fast but it is good. I pay approximately $80 per month for internet service that includes
landline phone service.

Bottomline, what I am saying is, there are a lot of things we can control without the
government. We can choose to not have cable service or not have satellite service or
only choose one streaming service or not pay thousands of dollars a year for a mobile
phone and data charges and etc.

As human beings in the midst of the totem pole, we are a majority. Not the government.
Not the conglomerates. Not the satellite companies. Not the cable companies. Without
you and I, where will those companies be? If we all canceled our bills tomorrow, where
would they be?

Just Sayin. :mrgreen:

Net neutrality will killed Clixsense for good » Post #8

Sun Dec 17, 2017 11:17 in General Talk

In my opinion, any time you allow government to rule a piece of the pie,
the pie becomes smaller and the government larger and your right to
choose becomes more confined, if you have a right to choose at all.

I would certainly vote for it's removal and say good riddance and I do
welcome it's removal.

Competition is always a good thing.

I don't think in America that the American people care if the company is
small or large. I think they care about what they get and the price.

For example, NONE of you have ever heard of my internet service. For
people such as myself that live in rural areas, it can be good and it can
be bad. The small companies in rural areas still win because we don't
have all that competition. These small companies are making money
and they are absolutely not thwarted by big companies because the
big companies don't know how to run cable thru creek beds. :mrgreen:

The bad part is that the small companies can increase prices and that
gives people such as myself, almost no choice since there is little to no

No matter what, I prefer to not see internet government control. There
is little doubt in my mind, it will return in a different form some day and
some day, you may not have the opportunities that you have today.

Holiday Gift » Post #27

Sat Dec 16, 2017 22:25 in General Talk

fireflygirl wrote: A makeup kit and a foundation that doesn't dry my skin out! lol ;)

Have you tried the airspun powder by Coty? It's been around for many years and is
very inexpensive, comes in a variety of shades, has good coverage, does not dry the
skin. It's sold at most Walmarts.

Changes » Post #2

Sat Dec 16, 2017 14:41 in General Talk

I'm not sure anyone knows what to think since as you stated '5 months' and not even
a hello, other than a statement that help would be slow over Thanksgiving holiday.

I did receive the email from Adhitz stating it had been sold and they were working
on finalizing the paper work and such. They also stated, in regards to Adhitz, that
PayPal was back.

People in general do not realize how much money it cost nor how much time it takes
to run a large online program. Some times it is better to sell or just let it go rather
than continue to go in the hole and/or give up a lot of your life to maintain an online

It can also be very disheartening when you have members that constantly complain.

It all can take a toll on one's personal life, time, money, and mental fatigue.

In addition, when you have reached a stage in your life that you are comfortable with
your financial situation, it can be more worthy to sell out than continue with headaches.

I am only guessing but I feel like with everything that has happen to this program in
recent years, it was more advantageous for Jim to get rid of some headaches that were
no longer worthy. For example the PTC end, the ClixGrid. I would guess that as long
as ClixSense can be profitable and run without admins spending a lot of their time on
it, they'll let it run. I would also guess that if PayPal has returned to AdHitz, maybe it
will return to ClixSense. I would also guess that Jim keeps an eye out, perhaps even
made various contacts in regards to other earning options that could be added. He
may need to say 'we were a ptc for many years but all that changed many months
ago and we no longer operate in that fashion'. Could be partners must see that CS
has been functioning as a free earning opportunity without the MLM and PTC for a
set number of months.

Personally, I would of course like to see ClixSense survive and continue onward for
many more years. As time moves forward we may see the internet offers more ways
to earn in the GPT world than what it has now. Of course, the opposite could become
true also.

In the mean time, I don't concern myself with it. What will be will be. :P
I usually have time to come over here at various times of my day and attempt a few
surveys, make a few bucks. As long as it is here and as long as I am alive, I guess I
will continue to be active.
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