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my surrogate grandma » Post #5

Mon Dec 04, 2017 15:30 in General Talk

I worked in health care half of my life and I have never ever heard such a thing.

The body does omit odors. There is distinctive odors such as body fluids, cancer,
and some other diseases.

However, I have never in my life heard a doctor or any other professional say
there is a 'death smell' or that there is a 'death smell that signals the end of life'.

I would certainly look else where for a doctor.

my surrogate grandma » Post #2

Mon Dec 04, 2017 13:30 in General Talk

I'm sorry that is happening to you and your family.

I've never heard such an expression and especially not coming from a doctor 'death smell'.
I'd be looking for another doctor.

What do / did you do for a living? » Post #7

Thu Nov 30, 2017 12:22 in General Talk

Bachelor of Science Rehabilitation, Psychology
Associates General Studies

CNA at a hospital 8 years.

Home Health Care
Private Nursing

Agape industry for handicap children

Manager Rape and Crisis Center

Manager Social Services Nursing Home

Manager Girls Group Home

Various other jobs, certificates

Worked online approximately 25 years

Owned the first online Coffee distributorship

Owned one of the largest downline clubs online and one of the longest running

Owned many various programs online

Own farm land, rent out to cotton and corn growers

Own a few programs presently, launching a new one this year and some next year

Holiday Gift » Post #10

Wed Nov 29, 2017 00:47 in General Talk

No, you don't need a smart home.

You do need something Android, like an android tablet or android smart phone to download the APP.

All I have did thus far is add the free google (music) play to it.

It's a great deal with the $29 deal and the $25 google express walmart thing.
Also, right now, Google Express has free shipping with a $25 spend. It's almost
an insane deal. In reality it is only costing $4.

Holiday Gift » Post #9

Wed Nov 29, 2017 00:41 in General Talk

Google Home Mini is the small version that just came out. Last year they introduced the
Google Home.

It's kind of like an Alexa in that you can ask it stuff and it replies. It will also play music
and it can control your home thermostat, lights, etc if you have that kind of security set
up and the APPS installed. It will wake you up too. You have to say either 'Ok Google'
or 'Hey Google'.

Hey Google wake me up at 6 am

Ok Google tell me the weather this week

Hey Google is it going to rain tomorrow

Hey Google what time is it

Ok Google play a Bob Dylan song

Ok Google how far is it from Chicago to Las Vegas

Hey Google find me a recipe for banana bread

Ok Google how many countries are in the world

It sells for $49. During the holidays Black Friday Cyber Monday, etc
it is selling for $29 and comes with the $25 google express that you
can apply to your next walmart order thru google express.

It's fun and it is useful.

Holiday Gift » Post #7

Wed Nov 29, 2017 00:31 in General Talk

It's a good question.

My answer would be 'nothing' for me and I am serious.

If I was younger I could no doubt think of a never ending list. :lol:

For those on a budget looking for something, the Google Home Mini is a great deal right now.
I bought it for the $29 deal, received the Google Express $25 and so it was like getting it for
$4. There is a limit of 2 of the $25 off codes. Even so, after I had set it up, I went thru the
Google Express to place a Walmart order, and I couldn't think of anything to buy. So guess
what I bought with the $25? I bought 4 packages of toilet paper! :lol: Came to a bit over

Black Friday » Post #11

Mon Nov 27, 2017 14:48 in General Talk

leeuna wrote: Yumm, that sounds delicious. I'll have to try that next time I make fries. I love french fries with ketchup and ranch dressing. (for dipping)

I thought I was the only one that does that. I love fries dipped in ranch dressing.

Yep, if you buy the frozen fries and bake them in the oven, just spray some Pam
or other brand spray over them after you put them on the pan. They'll brown much
faster and be more crispy and tasty.

My new hair style » Post #2

Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:23 in General Talk

I think you need to go to a barber.

Black Friday » Post #9

Sun Nov 26, 2017 23:28 in General Talk

Farberware was the product I bought.

PS. What I do for baking fries, I some times spray the top of them with Pam before placing
in the oven. Other times, I put a dab of olive oil in a bowl, dump frozen fries in and mix
real well, then place in oven. They come out tastier and crispy brown.

Black Friday » Post #8

Sun Nov 26, 2017 23:23 in General Talk

Vholston wrote: I bought a air fryer off amazon at good black friday price !! Gift to myself but might go ahead and order more for the kids once i see it !! Has anyone here ever used one ?? If so how do you like it ??? I've heard it's a very healthy thing to cook with

I purchased one from Walmart some months ago. I thought it might be much healthier for
some foods like potato fries.

I didn't like it and I sent it back for a refund.

The things I did not like about it was the way it pulled out from the contraption. It was not
a good fit in my opinion and I did notice others complained about that in their reviews. Also,
to me, it seemed like nothing more than a small oven. My stove oven and my little toaster/
convection oven does the same. The food tasted the same as if I had put it in the oven dry.
The taste and texture was really no different. The heat did not circulate well enough to cook
the foods on the bottom. In other words, I really couldn't put much in it because anything
that was on the bottom or under other food, would not get done. The thing was also kind of
bulky and I did not want to leave it on the counter. I'd put it back in the box after use. I
realized for me, it was a waste of my time and money in addition to another contraption
that I probably wouldn't use.

With all that said, the one you purchased may be a lot better than the one I purchased.
You might really like it.

Lies on the Net about ClixSense and Members » Post #72

Fri Nov 24, 2017 09:41 in General Talk

BouldRake wrote: This thread is a good example of why the forum died.

ProTip: If you don't like listening to people saying bad words about you, don't go scouring the net the find people who say bad words about you.

The reason why the forum is dead is simply due to lack of participation.

There has not been regular updates. There has not been an update period in many months.

The change put a big damper for a lot of members that focused on building an organization
through the 8 level system that no longer exists.

The PTC and ClixGrid being gone hurt some members as it was the only way they either could
earn or the only way they would choose to earn.

Even the moderators rarely visit.

In regards to scouring the net for your name or for a program name or something else, I think
most people online do for one reason or another.

Black Friday » Post #2

Fri Nov 24, 2017 09:21 in General Talk

I ordered a few things online yesterday that were deals.

Zulilly had some nice cable throws that are normally sold for $69 and was $16.
I purchased some of those as they always make nice gifts for everyone.

I ordered a pair of ankle rain boots/shoes for myself. Those sell normally for
about $25-$35 and I got them for under $15.

Other various clothes, primarily jeans and pj's, games/toys with nice discounts.

Walmart had the $49 google home mini for $29 and I managed to order one
of those before they sold out. It comes with a $25 google express coupon that
can be used at Walmart only. So if that is used it was like getting the thing for

Holy crap dogecoin is up 50 percent today » Post #5

Thu Nov 23, 2017 18:02 in General Talk

Skrill hacked » Post #7

Wed Nov 22, 2017 20:49 in General Talk

A good idea is to keep an offline notebook that is for passwords only.

I recently updated mine by throwing my old password book away as it was looking very
ragged due to my marking out passwords every time I change them. In addition, it was
becoming very thin due to my ripping out pages.

What I do is use each page of my password notebook, for one program only. That
way I can place the date and scratch thru every so often when I want to change it.

Make your passwords very lengthy.

Lies on the Net about ClixSense and Members » Post #48

Tue Nov 21, 2017 10:20 in General Talk


You are correct, I am often matter of fact. Do keep in mind, you see very little here as
well as other members.

It doesn't matter what I say or don't say. There are always those people that are in fact
rude and focused on causing any little bit of trouble they can. They search for faults in
others. They focus on any little word or lack of word so they can start an argument. I
try to ignore this because I realize that often it is something in their own self or happening
in their own life, that is causing them to act they way they do.

With some people, no matter how much help you give them, they still focus on the negative
and/or try to blame others for their own inhibitions or lack of earning.

There's all kinds of people in the world and moderating a very active forum, is not easy.
Even the admins stay away! I was moderator for years, from the very start of the forums.
Only in recent months did I give up being a moderator. A few reasons why I stopped.

Being a forum moderator is a volunteer position. It is not an administration job. To be
fair, I will state that Jim began at some early point, giving free upgrades to the mods and
a small stipend at years end. IF I had been paid something monthly for my time, I am
positive my posts would have been primarily what some moderators did when they were
here.....not much more than a copy/paste from the FAQ. In addition, I am sure I would
have completely ignored the asxholes that abound at times in these forums.

Members do not see what moderators see. There can be a lot that goes on behind the
scenes. Members do not always see all posts made by a member. A member might read
one post and wonder why another member or moderator replies in such a way.

In regards to smilies, what can I say? Good grief? As a moderator and even as of now,
I do use smilies. Not all the time of course and certainly not a ton of them in my posts.
You are correct in that some times posting a smilie, even in an email, will result in less
of a chill or better understanding. Most people don't have time to type a book and can
often be misunderstood.

Actually, I kind of wonder if they are not going to do away with the forums. Activity
in the forums is way down. Even in the Tasks forum, few post in comparison. I would
have done a blog for them and/or sent out a weekly or bi-weekly email to members, or
held some fun contests at the forums. I believe all those things help considerably in
regards to members staying active. BUT I think ClixSense is giving off sort of a take
it or leave it attitude which is not necessarily bad. There are programs that mostly run
their self and that is the stage this one is at.

The bottomline, I really don't believe members here should take anything other members
say, whether good or bad, too seriously. It is not the other member that is doing the work
for you. Referrals excluded.

Lies on the Net about ClixSense and Members » Post #13

Sun Nov 19, 2017 17:55 in General Talk

@Danny, I did not question your knowledge and neither do I care about your lack of.

You made a post in someone else's topic that was asking for help. I replied to you the
same as I replied to everyone that would happen to read the post. You posted you
were not getting referrals. I replied with help. Simple as that. Obviously my help did
not help you but it may have helped someone.

Lies on the Net about ClixSense and Members » Post #12

Sun Nov 19, 2017 17:47 in General Talk

Raizvan wrote: I think Jim is one of the most personable and most honest of Admins around.

Although Clixsense may have made changes, that completely changed the program, and some that I don't particularly like (getting rid of Downline Teams for example) I can also somewhat understand why some members would say the site is not "trustworthy" to them. Particularly if they spent ample time or focused on promoting the elements that CS has now removed.

Some members who only joined for PTC pretty much "forfeited" their earnings when that was discontinued. And others who focused on promoting for members in their own downlines lost the benefit of having access to downline levels below their own.

I think he has been in the past but not so much any more. Also I think that is what is
upsetting some members because they are not hearing any thing from him.

Well yeah, doing away with the downline was a buger! A BIG buger. Like a quarter
million members buger. Seriously I don't remember how many was in my downline
but I do know I had over a thousand upgraded members.

Not completely but just a tad off because much of what I read was before the change
over. Some even complaining about a $17 a year upgrade. Just ridiculous.

Lies on the Net about ClixSense and Members » Post #8

Sun Nov 19, 2017 16:29 in General Talk

DannyChiarelli wrote: Didn't expect you would.

You also have no idea about the difference between lies and opinion...

ClixSense is a Scam - False
It used to be a good PTC but now it is junk - True or false, however you look at it... PTC sucks at CS.
There is no way you can make money there - False
It is a joke - True
There are members that boast their earnings - True
Valerie boasts her earnings - True or false, I don't think so.
Valerie puts down people in other countries - True or false, You manage to put everyone down that disagrees with you.
The Filipino team cheats -
PayPal shut them down cause they are scam - False
They never send updates - False, However, updates are far and few between.


If you took the time out to read and read correctly, you would have read I said 'stuff'
and I also said 'I would address some'. Just for the record, opinions can be lies. I
know for the most part, who was posting what. It wasn't a matter of opinion, it was
from sources that are unreliable. Unreliable because they are disgruntled members or
WAS members.

There is such a thing as HONEST opinion and such a thing as DISHONEST opinion.

You can call it whatever you want. I am not that petty to care.

Lies on the Net about ClixSense and Members » Post #7

Sun Nov 19, 2017 16:16 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: Poor man only income , selling shoe laces on the street

Good man buy it every day but never take it

Year latter,,,,

Poor man say to good man, Sir , you are bad person , shoe laces price are gone up today but you paid me same money , shame on you

That's about the size of it. I think you hit the nail on the head.

Lies on the Net about ClixSense and Members » Post #4

Sun Nov 19, 2017 15:15 in General Talk

@Danny, I have no idea what you are talking about but it certainly does not matter.

@CroqueMitaine I think some are just kids and if not kids they sure seem to fall into
that category. I could do the same thing, put down the thousands of people online
that have made and do make more money than I. Why someone wants to get mad
because someone is making money legitimately is just silly. There is plenty of programs
that are in fact scams and do not pay out so it's just common sense that people want
to know the truth. They want to know if a program is something honest that they can
truly make money. I will say I don't believe people should be forced to display their
earnings and I tell you, that was always a top notch in credibleness when CS opened
the forum and said you can post your payment or not post your payment. No one
should be forced to post their earnings. I've always believe that is something that
should be optional.
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