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Thanks Much!! Paid Again » Post #2

Mon Apr 23, 2012 18:50 in Payment Proofs


my 2nd payment » Post #2

Mon Apr 23, 2012 18:16 in Payment Proofs


My second payment » Post #2

Mon Apr 23, 2012 18:14 in Payment Proofs


2nd payment ( both in April ) » Post #2

Mon Apr 23, 2012 17:46 in Payment Proofs


The cable guy has got to be tired by now. :mrgreen:

my 1-st payout » Post #2

Mon Apr 23, 2012 17:45 in Payment Proofs

Congrats on your first payout!

My 3st payment » Post #2

Mon Apr 23, 2012 17:16 in Payment Proofs


$124 Payment » Post #3

Mon Apr 23, 2012 16:04 in Payment Proofs

:thumbup: :clap: :kitty:

hello clixsense people » Post #2

Mon Apr 23, 2012 10:19 in Member Introduction

Hello and Welcome aboard!

Upgrade account » Post #2

Mon Apr 23, 2012 04:04 in General Talk


My 1st Payment from Clixsense » Post #2

Mon Apr 23, 2012 04:03 in Payment Proofs


My 1st and 2nd » Post #2

Mon Apr 23, 2012 01:43 in Payment Proofs


GT Distractions -- Cool off with a... Bacon Sundae » Post #2

Sun Apr 22, 2012 15:03 in General Talk

I don't know. Some times I think they should shut down all the fast food joints.

It all goes back to the days when I was a kid. We did not eat all this junk. We were not food focused. We were not fat and diabetes did not run rampant.

As a school kid, I never ate breakfast. Never. On weekends, my family always cooked breakfast. It usually consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage, toast or biscuits. They rarely made pancakes. Even on weekends, I rarely ate breakfast.

In school, as a kid, we had a break time before lunch that consisted of a little carton of milk and a cookie.

At lunch, it was normal food. There was no choosing in the cafeteria a variety of foods. You ate what you got, normal portions, and that was it. We could go across the street from the school and get a hamburger and fries and I often did that. But here again, it wasn't a quarter pounder globbed with rich sauce. It was a flat little hamburger with mustard and pickle.

At home on the weekends for lunch, there was no norm. If we got hungry at the lunch hour, we might have some vegetable soup or a simple sandwich.

At home for supper, there was always meat. Chicken one night, pork chops another night, minute steak another night, etc. They'd have the sides of some sort of vegetable, peas or corn, mashed potatoes, some sort of bread or roll. We ate normal average portions.

Timing for meals was always steady. In other words, supper was always done about the exact same time every night. My family was big on jello back then too so there was always some sort of jello it seemed for a dessert. We'd have home made pies some times, cake, etc but it was never a daily thing.

I don't know what it is today other than the advertisers constantly advertising food, food on every corner, billboards on every block, everything in America seems to circle within FOOD. Get to plan all the food for the reception, some one dies, got to take food to the departed families house, someone graduates, go out to eat, watch tv, got to have food to eat for the movie, .... on and on and on.

And people wonder why they are fat and wonder why they are sick and wonder why cancer is rampant in America and..... WE EAT TOO MUCH and WE EAT TOO MUCH CRAP!

19 things that the mainstream media's ignoring » Post #10

Sun Apr 22, 2012 13:54 in General Talk

By the way, I have a friend that is a nuclear engineer.

19 things that the mainstream media's ignoring » Post #9

Sun Apr 22, 2012 13:53 in General Talk

Ya, many of those I am aware of or partially ware of.

To me, the most disturbing is numbers 7, 19, and 16.

In regards to the mass fish population dying...this sure relates to the trumpet in the book of Revelations.
With that said, over here around Memphis where a lot was discovered, they did come up with an explanation for it but again, I don't remember what they said.....but the REAL thing IS.....

DOES IT MATTER what they attribute it to? The FACT is, it IS happening!

19 things that the mainstream media's ignoring » Post #4

Sun Apr 22, 2012 13:19 in General Talk

It's all interesting isn't it.

As the Bible says, there will be many unexplained events in the end of times.
So who knows? No one on this planet. It's best to be prepared to meet your maker because you never know what the next moment will bring.

My 1st offer in less than 10 minutes worth $1.20 » Post #2

Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:45 in Success Stories

Congrats! :thumbup:

Shark Tank - Wine in a glass » Post #1

Sat Apr 21, 2012 19:07 in General Talk

I watch that show 'Shark Tank' some times.

If you're not familiar with it, it consist of a panel of 3 or 4 millionaires that are investors.

People submit to the show to present their invention to the panel and to request an investment from the panel.

So the other day, there was a guy on there seeking money for his wine in a glass invention.
The shark tank panel liked it and said it was very good.

The inventor mentioned that walmart was wanting his goods. Seems he cannot keep up with the orders and manufacturing of the product, which is another reason why he was there.

Point being, has anyone seen this product for sale any where?

I'm really looking forward to seeing it at walmart since that is mainly where I shop for groceries.

I must add, I'm not a wino. :lol: In fact, I don't care much for wine. I do like a glass of wine with dinner some times and some times a glass of wine in the winter evenings. That is the problem. I can't drink an entire bottle of wine. Also, some times a recipe will call for wine. I have bottles of wine but hate to open them for one glass or for a tad in a recipe.

If anyone comes across those wine in a glass, I'd like to know about it.

~*~I'm So Happy Because~*~ » Post #31

Sat Apr 21, 2012 18:55 in General Talk

What coupon site do you use?

I had at one time downloaded the coupon software over at walmart. Seems to not work any more since I installed a new operating system. I really enjoyed it tho as I was getting into actually printing out and using some of the coupons since I do shop at walmart. Couple things I did not like about it was, they are only coupons good at walmart....which I think is sort of dumb, and the other thing is, most of the coupons do not let you print them out a second if your printer is not working right or the software is not working, you can't even try again because it thinks you already printed it.

Mac help from Mac dum dum » Post #7

Sat Apr 21, 2012 15:30 in General Talk

It is a wireless printer.

Mac help from Mac dum dum » Post #5

Sat Apr 21, 2012 15:19 in General Talk

Another problem I have is with my all in one printer. It stops working. It says cannot find connection.

Well it did that a while back after installing the new os but I went to apple, managed to find the new driver software for it and finally after uninstalling the printer and reinstalling it, I got it to work.

Then the other day, same thing happen. It stopped working. All I can figure is due to an apple update, it must have kicked it off again.

It's a pain to uninstall and reinstall. I have to use the cord to install, which is too short from where I have it sitting so I have to move the entire printer over to the floor by my desk, install all over again. Just the craziest thing.
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