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It's almost 4, do you know where your sponsor is? » Post #14

Mon Nov 14, 2011 14:40 in General Talk

I don't believe in paying someones way. I would not upgrade someone in anything. Most will never be active and never appreciate the upgrade.

I do think the option to upgrading a member is a good idea. It's good when say you have a close friend or family or someone you know that is going to be very active. Some times it can be handy if that person does not have available funds.

Bottomline, you should know the person/member before upgrading them.

iPod Touch 5G and iPods in general » Post #6

Mon Nov 14, 2011 13:47 in General Talk

See video quality this one a video I did of squirrels I saved and it was done with my ipod.

Ipod Video Quality

iPod Touch 5G and iPods in general » Post #5

Mon Nov 14, 2011 13:43 in General Talk

It sounds like the ipod touch may be a good choice for you. Do keep in mind, it is small about the size of a cell phone. So watching movies on it, you can but it is of course, small screen.

I live in a rural area. I do have wireless dsl as my internet service. However, when I am out, I still get internet access. It has the 'air play' OR it may be called 'airplane' .... whatever it is called, you automatically pick up the wifi service. Since you don't have the wireless service in your home, you MIGHT still be able to pick up the internet service due to that air signal. That is what a lot of people like about it. They don't have to pay extra charges and they can still get the internet service on it. But I cannot tell you for sure if it will pick up in your own home, my guess is, it probably will.

Also, that is what I was saying, many people that have an ipod touch, do not bother with a cell phone. That is because they can use the face time and skype. I also know many parents choose the ipod touch for their kids because it saves them from buying a cell phone and paying monthly fees, instead the kids can use the face time and skype.

It has calendar and all that so you can make notes/reminders.

I love the pic and video on my ipod. I use it for all my pic taking and I have done many videos with it too. It is HD quality. I have a digital camera but have not used it since buying the ipod. I guess I have had the ipod for about a year. I carry it with me every where and I have taken hundreds and hundreds of pics with it. You'll love the camera and video. There is no reason to buy a camera or video camera because the ipod touch is fantastic quality and better than my other cameras and video camera.

You can also access email such as gmail. It will display the most recent 25 messages.

It sounds like it is what you are looking for.

May 2007 » Post #1

Mon Nov 14, 2011 13:26 in Payment Proofs

I thought you might enjoy this. I must have ran like the wind to cash that first check without scanning it. :lol: However, I did scan the second check. Look at the date on the check.

May 2007 Second Check Received

10$ upgrade » Post #7

Mon Nov 14, 2011 12:35 in General Talk

Understand it is not ClixSense advertising everything. It is advertisers that choose their advertising package.

Today, with all the 'bux' sites and various ptc's implementing micro-ad packages, ClixSense must keep up as well and offer that type of package too. So understand, the 1 cent and even 2 cent ad options to the advertiser is still there. It is the advertiser that chooses and many do choose the micro-ads.

10$ upgrade » Post #6

Mon Nov 14, 2011 12:30 in General Talk

The level system increased for premium members. In other words, early on It was 5 or 6 levels.

Do the math. Because if you do the math, you will see how much money is going thru the levels out of that $15. Don't forget the payment processor fees that come out of every $15 ClixSense receives. In addition, premium members are not only being paid more they are being paid more thru the deeper level system. You can't take $10 and payout what ClixSense is paying out to premium members.

Before you cut your hair.... » Post #1

Mon Nov 14, 2011 03:32 in General Talk

My hair is down to my waist and it's time to get it cut. My hair will be donated to 'Locks of Love' which customizes real hair donated into pony tails for children. My hair will give several children joy. Many children do not have hair due to various reasons and primarily cancer/chemo.

If your hair is long, think about it the next time you get it cut short...have it braided first, then cut, you can mail the braided hair in for donation.

I'm sure there is probably various organizations perhaps in your country that does similar.

Please don't have your long hair cut and swept off the floor into the trash. A child is waiting.

It's almost 4, do you know where your sponsor is? » Post #9

Sun Nov 13, 2011 22:50 in General Talk

There are often good reasons why you may not hear from your sponsor. I never contact my direct referrals other than the message I have in there. Usually I put my contact info on everything anyway and if they contact me, I always reply.

Unfortunately, some sponsors ... well you know, they leave this world.

I guess that might be a good question to ask. What happens to the referrals a member sponsored but that sponsor is no longer here? I suppose nothing, I guess they just stay where they are. It would be nice tho if there was some sort of roll up so the referrals would go to the next sponsor upline.

For example, I had a very good friend that I met over ten years ago online. Altho we never met in person, we thought a lot of each other as good friends. We talked on the phone often. He joined me in many programs over the years and I him. Unfortunately, he passed away about one year ago.

So things happen in our lives some times that is beyond our control. It does pose that question tho as I have never thought to ask.

It's almost 4, do you know where your sponsor is? » Post #1

Sun Nov 13, 2011 16:37 in General Talk


Actually, do you know WHO your sponsor is?

Has your sponsor ever contacted you?

Tip - You may not realize this one » Post #1

Sun Nov 13, 2011 12:53 in General Talk

Did you know that ClixSense allows people 16+ years old to join?

Do you realize how big an organization you could grow from offline promotions?

You could make flyers, post them off line at places like colleges and areas where they allow postings in which kids 16 and older hang out. Can you think of some places? First that comes to my mind is gaming rooms, internet cafes, colleges, post offices, movie theaters, bowling ally, sports areas, cafes that cater to the older teen.

Just imagine if you created some flyers, explaining how they can make extra money just for clicking ads.
Do make sure you get a short redirect to place on your flyer or purchase a domain name that redirects to your ClixSense.

Remember, never post flyers on private property or places that do not allow such postings.
Look for bulletin boards in areas that allow postings.

You could make biz cards as well.

See Why it's Important to be Premier!!! » Post #25

Sun Nov 13, 2011 12:34 in Your Stats

The first thing you want to do is make sure you are a premium member.
Upgraded members normally get more ads compared to free members.
Also, upgraded members are more likely to get more ads because there are advertisers that will only target premium members. Simply put, premium members can earn more.

Do keep in mind, my example above is just that, an example.

Advertising on clixsense » Post #6

Sun Nov 13, 2011 09:28 in General Talk

Yes you want to sign up as a member and then you can choose advertising and choose filters for your advertisement. You can choose how long you want the advertisement to last.

Interview with Jim Grago - the Admin of ClixSense » Post #2

Sun Nov 13, 2011 03:21 in General Talk

Actually WordLinx is the oldest PTC.

Hits4Pay and MatrixMails are PTR.
MatrixMails is GPT.

McConnell pretty much paved the way after WordLinx within StormPay.

The first PTC program I owned was done with a very cheap script in which the owner of LinkGrand re-programmed it for me. He put a lot of work into it and even so, it was still garbage. You just would not believe my sleepless nights. I would manually have to go through ever member one by one by one and delete cheaters and man was there ever a lot of them. I said I would never ever launch another PTC. I ate my words tho. The next time I launched one the scripts were better and there was even the bux scripts out. When I contacted the owner of the bux scripts, he swore the other fellow had stolen his script....the other fellow swore the bux script was his and stolen. I did not know who to believe and I went with the friggin garbage! I never ever want to launch a PTC and I don't care how good the script is. It's a lot of work and headaches. I think the only solid script when it comes to most any program is when you have in house programmers and create it from scratch.

Bux sites, well, I am a member of several. Most bux programs are not going to last long. Some are just run by scammers networking. Most are people that honestly want to do well but they don't have the funds or know how to mange it properly so it fails rather quickly. There are few that truly will last a long while. I think if you are a member of bux sites you have to know what you are doing too. Either just use them as a totally free member or understand the risks and how to keep those risks as low as possible.

I don't put Bux programs in the same category as a PTC because of the investment factors within a bux program.

Here's a laugh for you » Post #2

Sat Nov 12, 2011 22:33 in General Talk

Well I must say that is one of the craziest video's I have seen. :lol:

iPod Touch 5G and iPods in general » Post #3

Sat Nov 12, 2011 22:32 in General Talk

Oh and I think they probably last a very long time as long as you take care of it. As soon as you buy it, you should buy a good case for it so that if you do drop it, it won't break. I have sort of rubberized type case on mine that also came with the clear plastic thing that goes over the screen to keep it from scratching the actual screen.

iPod Touch 5G and iPods in general » Post #2

Sat Nov 12, 2011 22:26 in General Talk

Hi iCasey.

I have an ipod touch 4th generation and I like it very well. Mainly, I like it for the video and camera option. I like it better than a digital or regular camera/video.

Also, I wanted to let you know that the ipod touches do update to latest additions. Just the other day there was a free update for mine. I can't remember the new features updated but it did update it free.

I also like the smallness of it in one way because for me, I can slip inside a pocket in my handbag. It also finds the wifi signal easily. I mean at home there is no issue at all accessing the internet with it (i have wireless/dsl). Even when driving down the road it will connect most areas as it picks up thru that....what is it called....airplane signals or some such as that.

I primarily use my imac at home. I have a 27 inch mac and use safari browser. The ipod touch comes with a connector cord in which you can connect it to your mac. You can download and/or upload pics and videos from the mac desktop to the ipod and vice/versa...also I am sure same thing with the macbookpro and the other mac products.

I also have a couple of other cords for it like a car charger that I purchased separately. It keeps a charge well enough but not for hours and hours so you do have to charge it up often.

There are some features with the ipod touch that can save you money too. For example you can use skype and you can talk to others and video chat with those that have ipod or ipad, etc. Some people that have the ipod touch have given up their cell phone and use their ipod touch using skype and/or the video chats ipod to ipod, etc.

You can also download apps. It's a fun gadget as well.

I have the 64...whats it called, 64 bite or 64 something or other. I wanted the largest memory/space because I have a lot of pics I keep on it.

Also I purchased separately a charger/radio/speaker/clock all in one. I really like it. You can sit your ipod on it for charging but you can also play itunes from it and the sound is louder and stereo. I don't have an ipad but I think it will also hold an ipad too. There's a lot of those on the market and should you decide to buy one of those, let me know and I will tell you the brand name etc of mine. It's also portable. Can't remember at the moment how much I paid for it but I know it was under $100.

You can't keep up with the new electronics today. If you do, you'll go broke and go nuts. They're always coming out with more things and more generations. Last year, I bought a .... gosh can never remember all this stuff...I bought a little DS nintendo game thingie. I had an old one years ago and I like playing tetris and zelda (I'm a kid at heart). Well I tell you it was not but a couple of months later and they came out with the DS-3D. So, impossible to keep up with the latest versions but with the ipod touch, it does give you many of the latest features and updates for free.

Not sure if they will hike the price on the ipod touch 5th generation or not. I guess it's just up to you if you want to wait or go ahead and purchase the 4th generation. I don't think there would be any big difference in them cause like I said, you get the free upgrades anyway.

Tips on how to boost your Earnings at Clixsense » Post #11

Sat Nov 12, 2011 15:34 in General Talk

Yes there is 'ridethewave'. You can see their email address in your affiliate stats IF they have checked to allow it displayed.

Just keep in mind if you do directly contact them, to only discuss ClixSense. Anything else would be considered spam.

New affiliate link for all pages » Post #5

Fri Nov 11, 2011 22:58 in General Talk

Ok I get it now. :oops:

New affiliate link for all pages » Post #4

Fri Nov 11, 2011 22:50 in General Talk

I think it's a great idea. Especially when you may want to explain on a blog or web page, you can use various links as you explain and display examples.

Only thing is, I am stumped, as I don't see that option any where. I'll have to go look again.

UFO » Post #5

Fri Nov 11, 2011 17:41 in Member Introduction

I'm scared! :roll:

That is one place I have always wanted to visit, by the way... New Zealand. So beautiful there.
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