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Do you think Bitcoin is Fad or nextbeanie babies? » Post #16

Thu Aug 03, 2017 18:38 in General Talk

sweetpie3000 wrote:
valerie wrote: Most people that bought beanie babies did not buy them to profit in any way.
They bought them because they were cute and a very inexpensive hobby.

The standard beanie babies sold for only $5.99 to $6.99.

There were and are some that sold for more due to either the lower number
produced or some other factors that resulted in rarity.

I guess in one way you could equate it to bitcoin since there are people that
buy for the present use and those that buy with hopes of making a profit.

Most people took beanie babies serious take it to real business!!! People buy beanie babies in flea market. Sell it on ebay.

I disagree with you.

Most people that bought them, bought them because they were cute and simply found it an affordable
product to collect. This is exactly one big reason why it went under.

My mother collected them.
My sister collected them.
I collected them.

I did not start out collecting them. I was one that bought a few of them in the early days simply
because I visited a new gift shop in the town where I once lived. It was in the early to mid 90's.
There was one small basket of them and I saw a cat, picked it up, decided to buy it because it
looked like one of my cats. I then purchased two more, one for each of my daughters but it was
a different beanie. I don't recall what they were and I guess my daughters may still have them.

My mother and my sister including myself, all agreed that there was just too many to collect. My
sister had a very large aquarium that she no longer used for fish. At the start of her collection, the
beanies looked cute in the aquarium but it wasn't long and they were coming out the top. :lol: My
mother had various containers of them on display.

THAT really was the big issue, no matter what anyone says, I know for a fact it was.....too many
made, too fast. People ran out of space. I had a rather large curio cabinet full of beanie babies.
None of us was in it for profit. It was simply something fun, cute, and affordable to collect.

There was the resellers that bought them to profit immediately by jacking up the prices and selling
them at yard sales, eBay, flea markets, mall stores, etc.

In one way I was lucky I guess because when I lived in Daytona, I met a lady that had a beanie
baby store in the Daytona mall. She came over and bought all that I showed her which was a lot.

The funny thing is, I still had mostly bears and when my house was destroyed, they were destroyed
with it mother passed away and one day my sister came over with a huge box to give
me...... YEP, it was a huge amount of her beanie baby collection.

So you see, today I have a curio cabinet that is full of various collectables but mostly, it contains
my mothers beanie babies. Some things have more significance than you might think....and it
is not always money related.

Do you think Bitcoin is Fad or nextbeanie babies? » Post #13

Thu Aug 03, 2017 09:34 in General Talk

Most people that bought beanie babies did not buy them to profit in any way.
They bought them because they were cute and a very inexpensive hobby.

The standard beanie babies sold for only $5.99 to $6.99.

There were and are some that sold for more due to either the lower number
produced or some other factors that resulted in rarity.

I guess in one way you could equate it to bitcoin since there are people that
buy for the present use and those that buy with hopes of making a profit.

paypal shuts down another site » Post #17

Fri Jul 28, 2017 23:42 in General Talk

PayPal has been suspending accounts for many many years.

To go on and on about PayPal shutting down PTC's is almost irrelevant.

Did you know in the USA, in most Cities, traffic cops must meet a quota? Did you know that?
For example if a traffic cop only gives out 5 tickets in one month, he might be considered not
doing his job. His job might be in jeopardy. Think about it.

It's easy to get stuck in an industry you have been using for awhile. The fact of the matter is,
there's an entire internet out there and 99.999% of it is NOT ptc's.

If I had to guess, I'd guess that a day doesn't go by that PayPal doesn't suspend accounts for
one reason or another.

is age difference necessary? » Post #16

Wed Jul 26, 2017 11:24 in General Talk

Age DOES make a difference and in many many ways.

Even IF the marriage lasts, it still makes a huge difference.

is age difference necessary? » Post #15

Wed Jul 26, 2017 11:23 in General Talk

seaeagle wrote: Doesn't bother me who marries who, as long as they are both human beings (that can include robots/androids) & over the age of consent.

After all, isn't life all about spending time & finding happiness with the one you love?

I don't know if that is what it is really about or not. I kind of think there is more to it than that.

Are you guys Addicted with PTC clicking ads » Post #59

Tue Jul 25, 2017 18:32 in General Talk

pipster1234 wrote:
sweetpie3000 wrote: How is everyone ptc rehab treatment since Clixsense no longer ptc sites?

hate to break the news to you buttttt they are. clicksense is registered as a ptc, removing the ptc part won't change that, more likely you would need to change the name, new business license, etc, etc, etc.

you can call a dog a cat, but everyone knows it was a dog prior.

You said a mouth full and I have wondered about that, not just recently but over several years.

It's their software. They could take it and launch something else, use a different domain name, different name,
different PayPal account, etc. Just left this as is, and launch one for the few countries that like to do the surveys
and offers.

is age difference necessary? » Post #5

Tue Jul 25, 2017 14:35 in General Talk

Children are children and should be children as long as they can.

'When I was a child, I thought like a child'
'When I became an adult, I put away childish things'

Adults should not marry children, in my opinion.

How many surveys does it take? » Post #3

Tue Jul 25, 2017 14:30 in General Talk

DannyChiarelli wrote: How many surveys does it take to earn $50?

Can it be done in a week/month?

honestly and keep in the dis qualifiers/charge backs.
With and without the CS bonus.

It just varies, Danny, in regards to surveys only.

It depends on what is available day to day, how many you complete each day, the dollar amount of the survey completed.

So, really no one can answer that question for you.

There is the CINT survey that is $0.29. It is in there every morning and a simple one to do. So if you did that one every day, you'd have $9.00 for 31 days. The first time you do that, you'll have a few more questions at the start and at the end of it. Every time thereafter, it only takes 5 minutes or less to complete it. That's an easy $9.00 give or take a few cents depending on days in the month.

There are various surveys that pay various amounts so other than one I stated above, in which it is there every day, it just depends on what you choose to do and what you get to complete each day.

Are you guys Addicted with PTC clicking ads » Post #54

Sun Jul 23, 2017 14:13 in General Talk

There is nothing wrong with clicking for cents. Nothing at all.

The dollar is more worthy in some countries than others. Don't we all know that?

$1.00 can mean a lot to some people. It can help put food on the table. Maybe help put gasoline in the gas tank.

In reality, it doesn't matter where you are, a buck is a buck and it can help with your needs, not to mention, your

In more recent years, those in the USA could often get many ads to click and if they wanted to spend their time
clicking, they could in fact make $1.00 a day or more. There was one time I was up almost all night and I was
watching tv and clicking ads. I clicked something like 800 ads and made about $4.00, give or take some cents.

The clicking of ads for some members, such as those in the USA that got a lot, could easily net them $30 a month
and for some very persistent members, $100 to $200 a month, simply clicking the ads.

However, for everyone, it all adds up. My day might look like this:

-Affiliate upgrade - $2.00
-Affiliate commissions - $1.00
-My PTC Clicks - $0.50
-My Offers - $1.00
-My Surveys - $1.50

Even a measly dime a day is $3.00 a month.

What can I buy in the USA for $3.00 ?

- 2 loaves of bread
- 3 jugs (litter size) of coke
- 1 or 2 family size package of cookies
- A few dozen eggs
- 1 to 2 gallons of gasoline

I hope all of you that clicked PTC ads, were very proud to do so. You worked. Any way you look at it, you worked.

If all those FAT people in America on food stamps would use their fingers to click ads, we could feed more people
in this world. People that need some food. Children that need food. So be very proud you clicked ads. Any way
you look at it, you were saving the world. PayPal should put that in their pipe and smoke it!

Should oj Simpson get parole today? » Post #5

Thu Jul 20, 2017 18:05 in General Talk

I think people should not read fake news or come to unfounded conclusions.
In my opinion, that is a big part of what is wrong with the world today.

The facts are OJ and Nicole had affairs over the course of their marriage. The facts also record that Nicole had
suffered years of physical abuse from OJ.

There is also some facts that Ron Goldman was a homosexual. There is also some facts that Ron G had some
part in the Japanese drug ring and that he had been known to sell drugs to prominent people that frequented
the restaurant where he worked.

There is also facts that Nicole had become friends with Ron.

There was also some speculation that (may be fact) Nicole had more recent affair with OJ's best friend, Marcus.

Kidnapping is not only illegal in the USA, it most states, it carried a very heavy sentence.
Robbery is also illegal in the USA and Armed Robbery can result in a very lengthy sentence, as well.

Just because someone takes something that is not yours, in the USA, does not give you the right to kidnap
and/or threaten or commit robbery to get the stuff back. Instead, you are to go to the police and or present
your case in a court of law that the stuff is yours.

Also in the USA, adultery does not give anyone the right to murder another person.

I don't think anyone seriously knows who murdered Nicole and Ron. Today, I would say that most people
do believe OJ murdered them and that Ron just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The flip
side, the way they were so brutally murdered, almost one could say that Nicole was in the wrong place at
the wrong time and the Japanese mafia murdered them due to Ron's drug involvement.

For the crime in which he has spent 9 years in prison, I think it was sufficient to give him parole. The
most he would have done any way, was maybe four or five more years.

For the previous crime of murder, he was found innocent and so, either he really is or he really isn't.
Everyone gets paid, some how, some way, some where, if not on this earth, some where else.

Paypal axed another one » Post #28

Tue Jul 11, 2017 19:15 in General Talk

MLivePro wrote: Who needs PayPal anyway? Only the village idiot would trust them, and he moved to the city years ago!

Who's on Twitter? Because this fits the 140 character rule on Twitter..

Stupid rules made by @PayPal have destroyed the PTC industry. We encourage everyone to boycott PayPal immediately. #WeLikePtcSoScrewPayPal!!

Perhaps we could all tweet right now!!

Time zooms by. I keep saying the same thing, that I have been working online over 15 years.
The reality, is much scarier. It's more like 25 years.

Y'all can do what you want, obviously.

I just want to inform you of something as you may or may not know.

When PayPal launched, they were a very lenient payment processor. As time moved forward, they got tired
of complaints and would often send emails to the seller to refund to the complainer. PayPal really worked with
people back in the day. If you were doing something they didn't appreciate, they'd tell you.

Unfortunately, as time proceeded PayPal declined they're old stance of helping people in that regard. They
continued to grow just like more and more people got online selling items, launching money programs, etc.
PayPal implemented more and more policies and rules. Users of PayPal had to be responsible and read those
policies, terms, know the rules because if they didn't, they stood to see their account locked if they didn't abide
by them.

Then one day eBay purchased PayPal. You could say that is when the buzzard really hit the fan. More

Take a guess how much money goes through PayPal through eBay every day? I cannot begin to fathom.

Since the beginning of the very first PayPal complaint, there has been protestors, to say the very least.

The PTC industry to PayPal, is not even pocket change.

PTC's are by far not the first industry that PayPal has locked out. Not by a long shot and it won't be the

Now I want to inform you of a bit more. It's called the FBI, for short. I can't even begin to tell you all
about Cyber Security, Money Laundering, and I won't even dare mention other stuff here.

PayPal is not stupid. To be perfectly frank, they actually do some programs a favor by shutting them out.
Although the program may not ever realize it.

I am not condoning anything PayPal does or does not do. It does not matter if I did or I didn't anyway.

I am saying, being careful what you say online and what petitions you sign online. Stuff is not always
in black and white, at least not at the start.

Welcoming changes at Clicksense » Post #10

Fri Jul 07, 2017 13:38 in General Talk

kevin1877uk wrote: I guess the changes will either make or break CS. I would hope they will regain PayPal, it's not the same without PayPal, I've not done anything since PayPal went.

They'll get it back. There won't be any reason why they wouldn't.

Suggestions for You based on CS changes » Post #22

Wed Jul 05, 2017 10:16 in General Talk

Raizvan wrote: I guess the real question becomes, why would a promoter promote Clixsense
when they can promote other GPT sites that pay higher than 20% affiliate commissions.

And would current members continue to promote?
How many members would transition over to the other Big Bux site, or move over to another GPT?

Why promote any GPT site when they can promote other types of programs and get higher affiliate commissions?

People do what they want or like to do....some times without really thinking.

In reality, very few people make a lot of profit in the PTC/PTR/GPT world. Most owners don't either.

Look at some of the long list of pages out there promoting a ton of these things and you got to know what
they are after. Affiliate commissions. There is no way they are activity using all those, other than perhaps
to click a few ads or do just what is needed to stay active. You can't have multiple task accounts and you
can't do the same surveys or offers (for the most part) more than once.

There is a lot to be said for indirect money. In other words, you build a list in one thing, some of that
list is likely to come over to the other thing....even if those two things have nothing in common.

It's mostly just a multiple income stream for promoters that are advertising various PTC/PTR/GPT programs.

I suspect there will always be members that promote ClixSense. However, I also suspect that it may be a
little tougher in one regards. Or at least, some may not bother promoting it because they were only interested
in the 8 level upgrade funds. Now members have to focus more on the effort instead of the lack thereof, in
regards to promoting. They have to really locate people that are willing to work to make some extra money.

Suggestions for You based on CS changes » Post #17

Tue Jul 04, 2017 16:12 in General Talk

Darkstar2 wrote: @Valerie, been saying this for years - Enrollment is one thing, but activity is another. It is not uncommon to get loads of referrals and then only a fraction are still active. This what I've been saying all along, the lure of the get rich quick industry. People don't want to just click to get pennies when they can get loads of money from the ponzi schemes out there and the promise for fortune. That's the problem, people won't do tasks, surveys, none of that, they want to sign up and grab the money falling from the sky.

This is why I always rely on my OWN work and efforts and not that of referrals and I am proud of my earnings here from the beginning.

Of course it is unfortunate for those who had referrals and can no longer earn, this is going to be a problem indeed, I am sorry for those who are going through this, but you must always have a back up plan, never rely on one stream. Nothing is eternal and all good things come to an end. It upsets me to see people saying that ClixSense is dying, dead, etc......People have been complaining for years about the low earnings of CS and pennies per click, now people are sad to see the PTC go ? Perhaps it's time to move on and find some better revenue streams. But by all means, CS not dying. What is dying in my opinion is CF with their ridiculous support, the mediocrity of tasks and task authors and the issue with flags which is driving away people from doing tasks. So that's my only concern now. Majority of the traffic to neobux and clixsense is high tier countries that rely on PTC elements more so than offers and surveys. Of course tier 1 countries won't feel the changes as they were earning from tasks and surveys I still believe in CS and I'm sure it was not an easy decision let's wait and see what's in store. People bashing CS and claiming it is dead are not helping things.

Yes that is true. Few of the PTC's have been very good for various people. It's been a very affordable solution
in some areas, for advertising. It's also been very good for people that want to make some extra money but
don't have time to spend a lot of focus daily due to offline restraints. It's also been good for people that are in
fact willing to work these types of tasks, offers, surveys, videos, without referring anyone.

I always see the main problem as TIME. No matter if one is a full time marketer online or not....never enough
time in a day.

Suggestions for You based on CS changes » Post #16

Tue Jul 04, 2017 16:05 in General Talk

jjohnson777 wrote: I think I earned under 5% from levels 2-8 so I not crying over loss of it. Bigger commissions from tasks/offers might just make this very good for me. I am having open mind at least not seeing world ending.

The thing is, you didn't earn anything from the levels activity, only direct referrals....other than their upgrade of course.

The upgrade has always been some what attractive for mlm marketers, especially.
However, even so, it is far from big money.

You should contact me over chat. I'll be launching something very soon with 50% commissions and that
pans out to almost $500. I think you have a following so, I am willing to give you free upgrade.

Yep, i think some are kind of jumping the gun so to speak in regards to the changes. They might find
they like the new additions. Everyone has what they like and don't like to do. As the old saying goes,
you can't please everyone. You just have to do what is best overall to stay a reliable entity, so to speak.

Suggestions for You based on CS changes » Post #15

Tue Jul 04, 2017 07:58 in General Talk

It's premature talk because ClixSense plainly stated they were adding some optional ways to earn.

There are some very reliable free to earn programs out there. One in particular that is huge, does
not have an upgrade fee, and pays a percentage on direct referrals activity. This is obviously the
model CS is going to. They always have loads of videos.

They thought about removing the levels years ago. It was just a matter of time before they did.

The uni-level system here and low cost optional upgrade, was not frowned upon by PayPal in years
past. However, today, PayPal has cracked down on most any company or program utilizing any
type of level system. Even two tier. If you want to be compliant with PayPal, you got to pretty
much stick to no more than a finders fee (one tier of direct earnings).

Oh you may say that PTC exists, or that other PTC is doing fine, or those other PTC's use PayPal.
However, what you know is one thing and what you don't know is another thing.

For example PayPal is a USA company. ClixSense is a USA program too. There's a very real and
big difference in that compared to so called other PTC that may be offshore. In addition, you don't
know what legal entity is watching or investigating. I know of programs that was being investigated
by the FBI for years before they were shut down the entire shebang.

My point of this topic, is to simply inform those that may be interested in continuing their membership
and continuing to make money here, to get a head start. Focus on redoing your ads, your blog pages,
welcome messages, etc.

Suggestions for You based on CS changes » Post #1

Sun Jul 02, 2017 12:02 in General Talk

I know many are focusing on leaving or staying but any way you choose, is not going to help you talking about it.

Any time there is a major change in anything, adjustment is called into play.
Those that know how to face change and challenges, always fair best.

I think I may not be the only one but I think I am a good one to let you know what I have been seeing.

At one time and for many years, I had upwards of 20,000 active referrals in my ClixSense organization.

At most any one time, I had approximately 1,200 to 2,000 upgraded (premium) referrals.

In addition, I personally sponsored approximately 1,400 referrals. Understand, I personally sponsored
REAL people, not garbage, not junk sign ups, but real people.

No matter what make money industry you work in online, the percentage of activity and upgrades is going
to be extremely low in comparison to enrollment rate. I won't go into the why's of that.

In more recent time I have noticed my organization dropping. Not just because PayPal was gone but that
certainly didn't help. At this moment I have less than 13,000 active referrals in my organization and less
than 900 upgraded (premium) referrals in my organization.

Obviously you can do see the drop without even doing the math.

Members such as myself, that may have a lot of upgraded referrals in their organization, it can hurt the
pocketbook a little bit. 900 upgraded referrals, that is 900 dollars per year (if you want to look at it like

If you have don't have any referrals, well now could be the good time to focus on a plan that will boost
your income dramatically. If you do have referrals but they are inactive, you might want to focus on a
good message to inform them of the changes.

I just wanted to give you some suggestions.

1. Grab your referrals. If you have direct referrals, whether they are active or inactive, go to your downline display and copy them and paste into a document. This way you have saved their contact information (not all referrals display their email address but most do).

2. Create a New Welcome Message. You can focus on creating a new welcome message that will display inside their member area and yours. In addition, you can focus on creating a new welcome message or a series and/or a series of messages to welcome and introduce them to ClixSense.

3. You can begin creating new site content. In fact since the way the new CS will be set up, you may find some of the free blog sites won't boot your content since CS is free.

4. STRESS the MOBILE!!! Maybe you are basically doing the same thing at this moment that I am. I am inside my house sitting at a desk. Can you guess how many millions of people are not in their house right now? It's really way past time CS updated to Mobile because there are people at their work place twiddling their thumbs, people on vacation, people on the road, people every where but not at home!

Do you have some suggestions to get prepared for the new changes?

You see, instead of sitting around griping or wondering who will stay or who will go, YOU take ACTION and in doing so, you will come out a winner.

difficult without Paypal » Post #2

Thu Jun 29, 2017 11:09 in Malay

Malay | International | ClixSense Forum

Discuss it with other members in your country and see what they are using.

Would You Please Tell Me Your Payment Preferences? » Post #15

Mon Jun 26, 2017 00:06 in General Talk

incentive wrote: 1. Here how bitcoin works > How does Bitcoin work? - Bitcoin

2. Usually I buy in my country currency using Bitcoin Wallet XAPO or LUNO

3. Yes I buy in my country cash and they automatic exchange to bitcoin worth of USD

4. What I like about bitcoin is...the price is lowest fees and the prices can go up and down like stock market

5. I like Bitcoin because the lowest fees

6. It dificult to saying how stable the wallet...for USA user I recommended using Coinbase (You can withdraw your bitcoin to PayPal)

7. Yes bitcoin worth can go up and down like gold/silver and stock market.

Ok thank you. I will go down the rabbit hole.

Would You Please Tell Me Your Payment Preferences? » Post #9

Sun Jun 25, 2017 19:00 in General Talk

What do you folks do with Bitcoin?

How does Bitcoin work?

If you want to buy Bitcoin and you don't have Bitcoin, how do you buy it?

Do you buy Bitcoin with your country cash....USA dollar exchange for Bitcoin dollar?

Why do you like Bitcoin?

Do you like Bitcoin so that you can use it online? Or do you like Bitcoin because you can easily exchange it or transfer to your bank?

Where do Bitcoins come from?

What is the best and most trusted Bitcoin payment processor?

Do Bitcoin worth go up and down daily like gold/silver?
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