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Would like to comment on Valerie idea. » Post #2

Fri Jan 20, 2017 10:21 in General Talk

I just don't understand why it should be complicated.

I suggested the payment proof forum be locked and it has worked out great.

I have thought about suggesting the support forums be locked to administration and moderators only, for years.
Reality is, I have always found it odd that it is open to members. It has gotten a lot worse over the years. Much
much worse. There is a ton of mis information going through the support forums and even from members that
have been here for years. It is not that everyone means to post mis information but many do without realizing
they are.

There is a lot of problems and even what members in general do not see, in regards to the support forums
allowing everyone to post.

This is not to say that members here are not knowledgable.

Anyway, I locked the feature request post already concerning my request for that feature.
If admin thinks it is a good idea, they will lock it and if not they won't.

Login to Clixsense ( My Account ) » Post #2

Fri Jan 20, 2017 08:30 in General Support

You might locate some help here:
**** Proxy/VPN/VPS error **** | ClixSense Forum

Weird quirk with Chrome » Post #2

Fri Jan 20, 2017 08:27 in General Support

Ok I don't see a question but looks like you have it figured out so it will work for you.

Balance withdrawing problem » Post #2

Fri Jan 20, 2017 08:25 in Payment Processor Support

You did not give any details so I have no idea what your issues is exactly.

You'll need to contact administration by submitting a support ticket. You can do that
by clicking on the 'Helpdesk.

Adonbar not updating » Post #4

Fri Jan 20, 2017 01:30 in General Support

You're welcome.

Auto Lock Support Forums » Post #16

Fri Jan 20, 2017 01:16 in Feature Requests

@realpizza I think you haven't been in the oven long enough, dough boy.

@splatt44 well you know what, I don't know what you are going on about, being slammed and a bunch
of talk that simply does not make sense to me. I made a one sentence feature request and you think
you're being slammed. :lol:

Penny Challenge » Post #2

Thu Jan 19, 2017 23:50 in General Talk

Where do I get the penny?

Auto Lock Support Forums » Post #13

Thu Jan 19, 2017 23:48 in Feature Requests


1. When new members make a post, it must be approved by a moderator before it can be displayed.
I think that is 5 or 10 times. I don't recall which. Primarily that is a spam prevention feature. There
is no point in all posts being approved first. Most members follow the rules and post appropriately.

2. Have you viewed the number of moderators here? It's a lot. At this time, the number of mods
seem to be adequate.

3. Moderators do have contact with administration. Moderators and administration have their own

4. I don't understand your point here really. All members can post. It is the member forums.

5. Moderators do mark posts for deletion.

6. This information is already in place. When a post is marked for deletion, often, depending on
the sub forum, the member receives the info as to why the post was deleted/not approved. The
admin also has that information. When a moderator edits a post, the reason for editing is displayed.

The above has nothing to do with the feature request I suggested.

Auto Lock Support Forums » Post #12

Thu Jan 19, 2017 23:37 in Feature Requests

@splat44 I often have a difficult time understanding your topics and posts. So excuse me if
I am not understanding your point.

I totally lost you on the judge part. Right, I did not post a topic about locking the Helpdesk.

This entire thread does truly make my point. Kind of funny really.

Auto Lock Support Forums » Post #10

Thu Jan 19, 2017 23:34 in Feature Requests

realpizza wrote: This is mentioned in the forum rules

Quote:11. Note that it is impossible for the moderators to confirm the validity of posts. Please remember that we do not actively monitor the posted messages, and as such, are not responsible for the content contained within. We do not warrant the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information presented.

If the members want to take their chances with forum members (potentially unreliable source of information) as opposed to submitting a ticket to the Clixsense staff (most reliable source of information), then it's their prerogative.

As stated in the rules, moderators are not responsible for the wrong information in forum posts.

If seeing people posting wrong information is a source of great distress/frustration to you, then moderating might not be for you.

Thank you for making my point.

If and when you get a new referral and that new member happens to come to the forum to post
questions in the support forum and gets a reply like yours, they may never come back.

Addon on firefox 29 » Post #2

Thu Jan 19, 2017 23:29 in Bug reports

You might try viewing the following information:
Viewing Ads Issues | ClixSense Forum

Adonbar not updating » Post #2

Thu Jan 19, 2017 23:27 in General Support

Well I think clearing your machine and rebooting might be worth a try.

Auto Lock Support Forums » Post #7

Thu Jan 19, 2017 21:25 in Feature Requests

splat44 wrote: This will also means members wouldn't be able providing support and setting an auto locking isn't fair!

Yes, I noted few unrelated post and reported also!

I personally think forum rules need to be bit strict!

What do you mean 'isn't fair?'.

It's the support forums. Members do not reply to helpdesk that fair?
Don't bother to answer.

Ask the member that worked to gain a new referral how fair it is when the referral ask a
question and is turned off by silly replies.

Favorite Beatle » Post #18

Thu Jan 19, 2017 18:48 in General Talk

mappo710 wrote: Come on , Valerie . "Poo Poo " . What are you a Kindergarten teacher here and we are your 4 year old students , Give a break !

No, just you are in kindergarten. The K is not capitalized within a sentence, by the way.

Poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo

no han abonado la encuesta » Post #2

Thu Jan 19, 2017 16:13 in General Support

It may take several hours for the survey company to confirm it.

Also, you may want to log out of ClixSense and log back in.

In addition, some times the survey companies lose track or simply does not redirect back for the credit to apply.
You can submit proof, screen shot, to the survey if you don't receive the credit. Some times they will credit later.

I'm so bummed out. Kittens gotta go » Post #10

Thu Jan 19, 2017 14:41 in General Talk

Yes that is a mouthful dutch. It really really hurts when a pet is the same as family, if not more so
and they pass away.

It's a selfish emotion, however. That is the way I look at it. Sort of like the 'better to have loved
than to never loved at all'.

Auto Lock Support Forums » Post #5

Thu Jan 19, 2017 14:31 in Feature Requests

So if there was an auto lock on the support forums, moderators only could reply.

IF for some reason a moderator does not know the answer, we can ask another moderator and if all
else fails, we can ask admin. No doubt, that is what we need to do any way because if we don't know
the answer, probably no other member does either.

In regards to tech jargon, well we already have sticky topics about tech issues that one may have
relating to ClixSense such as proxy, and toolbar.

Auto Lock Support Forums » Post #4

Thu Jan 19, 2017 14:24 in Feature Requests

Marcel-R6 wrote: In that case also in the Task section,lately it looks like I'm running a Kindergarten.

Members posting without even looking where they post....

The reasons why I feel an auto lock for the support forums is needed is because:

1. Some times a moderator may not be around at the time a member makes a topic asking about
something. A member will come along, see the question, and answer incorrectly. An example:

QUESTION: Hi, I am new member. Please tell me how I can upgrade to premium member? I can't find the upgrade button.

MEMBER ANSWER: No don't upgrade. You just got here. Maybe upgrade tomorrow. Do you do tasks yet? Have you done offers. Who is your sponsor? Don't you sponsor upgrade you? Why you asking such questions? You need to do this that and the other. You want to contact me, ask admin cause I am big help as you can see.

Then I come along and read that nonsense. I set it to delete and/or try to explain to the reply post
the information he/she gave, is incorrect! Well by this time, the new member may have already read
it and ran for the moon. :lol:

2. Chit Chat. Here again, members come along and post in topic starters questions for help. They begin a
chit chat amongst theirselves. Example:

QUESTION: Hi, I am new member. Please tell me where I can submit a 'like' to a post?

MEMBERS REPLY: John: why ya gotta like a post ya just got here?
sally: leave the new member alone
ted: after you stand on your head for an hour you'll find it
Carol: I beens toking for that too but too busy toking
bob: you'll see the like button once you post 1,000 posts

3. 100% false information. An example:

QUESTION: Hi, I am new member. Can you please guide me to locate my referral link?

MEMBER ANSWER: You don't have a referral link.

I'm so bummed out. Kittens gotta go » Post #6

Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:40 in General Talk

I don't have a hard case or I would send it to you.
Do what I do, use a thick cardboard box.

For feral cats, that is what they would probably need for transport.

I put Miss Lucy in a semi hard case after she had delivery of her kittens and she tore that
case to pieces before I could even get it to the truck. I was shocked because it was a very
cute heavy duty carrier. She shredded it, got out, ran for her life. :lol: I then put her in a
rather thick cardboard box and that did work. She couldn't get out of the cardboard.

Well, I don't know what else to tell you. Either allow them to run around outside and feed
them when you have the food to feed them or locate a shelter that is a no kill shelter.

The problem with keeping them, you are contributing to the over population without having
them fixed. One cat can result in thousands of offspring. One cat can have say six kittens
and those six kittens each have six kittens and those.....and so on.

THIS IS the problem. Find a no kill shelter.

Auto Lock Support Forums » Post #1

Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:27 in Feature Requests

I'd like to see automatic lock to the support forums.
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