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Posts by valerie
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Changed location » Post #4

Sat Aug 22, 2015 23:13 in General Support

rs0882 wrote: Hi,

I will shifting my location next week and i wont be able to login for 15-20 days because of shifting, and my broadband also will change. I want to know whether my account would be present for such long or will be deleted. what will happen?
kindly help (my location would be same but different address)

Thanks and Regards.

Submit a support ticket through the Helpdesk to let them know.

UnFeature the Feature in Task Sub-Forum » Post #1

Sat Aug 22, 2015 19:41 in Feature Requests

Please discontinue the option to post poll's in the 'Task' sub-forum.

Mail fraud » Post #2

Sat Aug 22, 2015 19:32 in General Talk

Well alrighty then.

I suggest you contact the legal authorities in your area.

Topic Closed.

Is it possible to have a mobile version...... » Post #2

Sat Aug 22, 2015 19:26 in General Support

First of all, this isn't neobux nor is it other ptc sites.

You can in fact use your mobile devices with ClixSense IF it works for you.
It works fine for me on my apple and android devices. However, ClixSense
isn't configured for mobile devices but it does work with many devices.

Payza is available again ! » Post #3

Sat Aug 22, 2015 10:06 in Payment Processor Support

If it is not displayed in your account, the answer is no.

Commisions in Daily Checklist Bonus » Post #5

Sat Aug 22, 2015 00:25 in Feature Requests

I can't make sense out of this topic.

Topic Closed.

Changed location » Post #2

Fri Aug 21, 2015 15:21 in General Support

Click on Helpdesk and submit a support ticket.
They'll change it for you because you cannot edit your country local yourself.

Please Help. » Post #8

Fri Aug 21, 2015 12:08 in General Talk

Already reported.

Topic Locked

Welcome Aboard! Getting Started with ClixSense. » Post #202

Thu Aug 20, 2015 20:15 in Member Introduction

glcg6474 wrote: hello. I have one question. How I can change my country in my perfil? because now I am living in another country but clixcsense doesn't allows this procces. can you help me . please

In order to have a country edited in your profile, you must contact admin
by way of the Helpdesk support ticket system.

Cashout » Post #6

Thu Aug 20, 2015 20:13 in General Talk

kingstonrdx wrote: $8.27 I dont see pay out option..someone help please

Please read this FAQ about payouts. You need $10.00 in earnings for your first payout by check:
When and how will I get paid (Cashout)?(Cashout)#pq

Ha Ha. Topic Locked Again - Info Bang » Post #35

Thu Aug 20, 2015 15:21 in General Talk

I'll add a bit of insight that in reality, I would think would be evident already by those
that have read the forum rules and have been here for awhile.

The topic in question was more or less 'Chit Chat about RainForest Tasks'. What does
that topic mean? Wouldn't it mean members chatting about 'Rainforest tasks'?

The General Discussions forum is NOT about anything you want to post. You still
must abide by the rules and for the most part, topic's should go along with the

If you want to start a topic 'Poems' what would you post in the topic? One would
at least think you would post poems in such a topic.

I think members tend to forget there are a lot of potential new members viewing
this forum. It could even be someone that clicked on YOUR link. In addition, there
are always new members viewing the forum, trying to locate information.
Believe me I know. Fun is Fun but you need to stick to the topic at hand so that
members can find the information they're seeking.

Guess what?

Topic Locked.

Valerie » Post #2

Thu Aug 20, 2015 13:28 in General Support

You're welcome.

Good luck.

Ha Ha. Topic Locked Again - Info Bang » Post #2

Thu Aug 20, 2015 09:06 in General Talk

Go eat a carrot, and stop bone picking!

Locked topic info please » Post #45

Thu Aug 20, 2015 08:56 in General Talk

In case you didn't notice, we have a new CF moderator.
In other words, a new CS moderator for the 'Task' subforum.

I'd suggest posting task related content there. I'd also
suggest to keep your posts related to the topics at hand.

I must really, really be dense » Post #19

Tue Aug 18, 2015 23:15 in General Support

Rod, you don't need to tell me about traffic exchanges.

This topic was started by someone that I thought wanted real help.
However, I don't think she was really interested in that since her
earnings have not changed by not even one cent.

So topic is closed.

I must really, really be dense » Post #16

Tue Aug 18, 2015 21:39 in General Support

Because you never want to use a small number of credits to advertise in
a traffic exchange.

Debit from my account » Post #4

Tue Aug 18, 2015 21:38 in General Support

You can always submit a support ticket thru the helpdesk but if it was debited,
it was a reversal for some reason.

Debit from my account » Post #2

Tue Aug 18, 2015 18:16 in General Support

You could look at your 'History' and see what the reversal was.

remove an old account » Post #2

Tue Aug 18, 2015 12:27 in General Support

Posting email address is not allowed.

Creating more than one ClixSense account is not allowed.

You'll need to submit a support ticket through the Helpdesk.

need help » Post #8

Tue Aug 18, 2015 09:04 in General Support

Like I said, submit a support ticket through the helpdesk.
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