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Posts by valerie
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Tips on How To Stay on Top of Task Weekly » Post #2

Mon Nov 18, 2013 16:53 in Tasks

Yes, very good tip.

Hint: trouble understand how to do task » Post #1

Mon Nov 18, 2013 16:52 in Tasks

Just a hint for you that may or may not be of help.

If you have attempted to do a task that you can't understand how to do, you're not getting
any help from CrowdFlower and you're not getting any help here, in understanding how to
do the task, then do a google search....


Type into google search field:

How to succeed at CrowdFlower tasks in regards to ABC


Help needed in completing crowd flower task, fill in blank for category

Some times if you take a few minutes to do some searches thru a search engine, you can locate
a blog post or some such as that of someone that knows how to do a specific task that explains

We Miss u SACHIN TENDULKAR !! » Post #6

Mon Nov 18, 2013 15:08 in General Talk

It's always wonderful to have athletes in the world.

There's an abundance to be said for it in regards to the good. Whether it be football,
baseball, gymnastics, hockey, tennis, weight lifting, etc.

It is thru the aspiring and the great athletes in which so much is formed. Little things
like hope and understanding, world peace and bringing nations together if only for a
few hours.

It relays to youth they can be anything they want to be if they work hard enough.

where is togo ? » Post #2

Mon Nov 18, 2013 10:34 in General Talk

Togo is a country in West Africa.

18/11 - My Birthday » Post #5

Mon Nov 18, 2013 09:30 in General Talk

Happy B.D.!

Over moderated!!! » Post #2

Mon Nov 18, 2013 09:29 in General Talk

You can call it whatever you want and if you have a complaint on a moderator,
take it to the ClixSense administration by submitting a support ticket through
the Helpdesk.

By the way, praising ClixSense is one thing since this IS ClixSense but comparing
it and discussing other programs that are down, has absolutely nothing to do with
ClixSense. So please refrain from posting about other programs.

Understanding about referrals income ! » Post #2

Mon Nov 18, 2013 00:21 in General Support

Click on affiliates above to learn more.

You earn on direct referrals activity.

As a premium member you can earn more but also earn on upgrades thru 8 levels.

Counting to 10,000 » Post #1701

Sun Nov 17, 2013 19:42 in General Talk


Oh gosh this has been so much fun but now the count is reached. The End.

Sites down... great to see ClixSense is up. » Post #8

Sun Nov 17, 2013 18:10 in General Talk

Keep in mind this is Clixsense and nothing else.
If you have issues with something else, you would need to contact that.

Request to provide more ads daily » Post #4

Sun Nov 17, 2013 09:47 in Feature Requests

Where do you think ads come from?

Members purchase ads.

You can't force people to buy ads.

Ads do not come from the sky.

Money does not come from the sky.

Money comes from ad purchases.

If you want more ads to click, then I suggest you log in continuously thru out your day, to
check for ads to click/view. Ads are listed all thru out the day.

If you want to make more money, work to complete offers and tasks. Also you can refer
others and earn from their activity.

Life Time Upgrade Option » Post #1

Sat Nov 16, 2013 13:00 in Feature Requests

I'd like to request a life time upgrade option that may include a claus.
The claus would be up to ClixSense in regards to what would be included.

$17 a year x 5 years = $85.00

Therefore my suggestion is a life time upgrade option for $99.00.
The sponsor would receive $10.00 for each lifer.

It wouldn't be an option everyone is willing to take. However, for
serious people, it would be an option they'd most probable make.
Even if they didn't in their first few months of being a member, they
might some time during their first or second year membership.

Additionally, the $99.00 upgrade option could also be made by way
of their funds already made....just as they can now do.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that now with all the various
ways to make money, there are members that can make $100 profits
within their first month.

The SUGGESTION of $99.00 is an example off the top of my head.

There is, even the oldest PTC, that offers a life time upgrade option.

To go on, there are people/members that would see this as more
than doable, more than lucrative, and would eagerly promote their
ClixSense more so than ever before. It could bring in bigger players.

Just saying.

PS. in regards to the 'claus', i'm just saying that there that might be
an additional benefit or two....for example now we see a yellow star
by premier members names and there could be a green star by lifers
names, perhaps some other goodie in the lifer package.

Feature Request for $ 5.00 » Post #25

Sat Nov 16, 2013 12:49 in Feature Requests

You want me to tell you why it's a really bad idea?
I will anyway. :mrgreen:

Many members would not make $5.00 in their first month.
Many members are new and when you're new, it takes time to figure out how things work,
how to make money, all the various ways to make money.

When you implement a monthly option to upgrade, and members upgrade and do not make
their $5.00 back plus profit, do you think they will ever upgrade again?

In any business, online or offline, a person that is serious about making money, should give
the opportunity at least 1 year of their devotion and if they can't do that, there is no point
in them joining any way.

LOOK at the post above mine. Look at peterjohns6912 stats. He joined Sept 23, 2013
and today is Nov. 16, 2013 and he has made $3.83. He has been here almost two months
and has made less than $4.00.

I could go on with more reasons like you as the sponsor is going to see more money due
to that year long upgraded members activity. But I won't bother giving all the reasons.
I believe the main reason I am making here, sums it up pretty well.

Upgrades » Post #4

Sat Nov 16, 2013 12:38 in Feature Requests

yaqool wrote: If you start a monthly upgrade plan it would show members that they are missing out by not being upgraded on more cash and quicker cashouts and definitly bring in more upgraded members, thanks Robert Nilsson a happy member since 2007

Not sure why you suggested this since there is an in your face topic already posted
about this. Therefore, this topic is locked.

Upgrades » Post #3

Sat Nov 16, 2013 12:37 in Feature Requests

mharjrae wrote: :roll: what's that monthly upgrade plan are you talking about?
i think there is no such "monthly plan" thing in this site.
u are misleading information. :?: or are you just suggesting this? :?:

Read the forum category heading: Feature Requests

Request to provide more ads daily » Post #2

Sat Nov 16, 2013 12:36 in Feature Requests

You can purchase ads and then there will be more ads.

Thanks for another great payment » Post #2

Fri Nov 15, 2013 16:19 in Payment Proofs

Please review the forum rules for posting payment proof.
Transactions id numbers are not allowed and the member email address is not allowed.
This is for your security.

payment still waiting for more than a month » Post #2

Fri Nov 15, 2013 14:41 in Payment Processor Support

I don't know if you are asking about a survey in pending or if you are asking
about your check or payout or what.

All I know to tell you is to submit a support ticket thru the 'Helpdesk' which is located at the top of this page.


Fri Nov 15, 2013 11:40 in General Support

You would need to contact CrowdFlower and ask them.

dailychecklist and task in the philippines » Post #2

Fri Nov 15, 2013 09:12 in General Support

The daily checklist bonus is applied to your earnings the next day.

Pretty good earnings for 4 days » Post #2

Thu Nov 14, 2013 15:54 in Your Stats

Hello there Finland and welcome aboard!

I reckon you can pretty much keep that up. Some days are better than others.
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