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How do you stay employed due robot invasion jobs? » Post #9

Sun Dec 04, 2016 11:03 in General Talk

Just feed the robots the same stuff they serve people and they will be too fat to function.

Believing in life after death? » Post #37

Sun Dec 04, 2016 10:57 in General Talk

What makes you think the universe has been here billions of years?

I have always found that kind of funny that people believe in theories and believe in what
they read and/or believe what they hear or believe what they watch.

What's on the other side of our universe?

It's good people become educated, study, read, look at the never ending amount of theories out there.

However, there is a little something called 'experience'.

You can read, watch a movie, listen to a song you like, all those things that have baring on the way you
think. None of that matters. Wouldn't you agree none of it matters?

Think of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. He did not know anything except what he thought and what he theorized
and what he read. It wasn't til he drank the potion that he experienced.

Same goes with many things in life. Someone may tell you something but until you experience it for
yourself, you don't know. Like someone mentioned a 'toaster'. You might be told how the toaster works,
but until you use the toaster your self, you will not know the reality of it because you did not experience it.

Why is it that there are people that do not believe in design and creation? After all, we can look at the
new printers today. They can print out almost anything. Look at the labs that are working on using a
printing system to create body parts. If we as human's can design and create, what makes you think
that this earth was not created, that man was not created, that all that exists is not designed and not
created. That there is a creator greater than us, more knowledgeable than us, that designed and created?

I know the creator exists because i have experienced. Just like others that have experienced the creator.
We know. Just like you may know your toaster works due to your experience. We know our creator
exists because we have experienced.

It's like a nearsighted person going to class, sitting at the back of the room and not seeing anything
the professor writes on the board. You're too far away.

Believing in life after death? » Post #13

Sun Dec 04, 2016 00:04 in General Talk

I don't.

I believe something forever. I know something is forever.

I don't know how people can look around and not see the design.

Design is not accidental. Design is creation.

Look at the woodpecker. There is no possible evolution there. None. Scientist will tell you there is none.
So how do you reckon woody keeps from beating his brains out? He keeps from beating his brains out
because he was designed for his brain to float inside a case in his head. He did not evolve. He was designed.

Look at yourself. Now take a look around. Why are you not a fish? Why are you not a cat, a monkey,
a giraffe, a wallaby? The reason why is because you and everything else on this planet, was designed.

There is a designer out there. Call the designer what you want but just know, the designer does exist.

Downline information » Post #11

Sat Dec 03, 2016 23:19 in General Talk

You're welcome.

Quitting smoking » Post #42

Sat Dec 03, 2016 18:59 in General Talk

Ya, I don't think vaping or pot smoking is good for the lungs. I don't think anything is good
for the lungs other than air and humidity or something to help one breath.

Maybe one day people will realize they don't need a crutch. For now, they're making the health
care industry a fortune.

talk » Post #8

Sat Dec 03, 2016 18:45 in General Talk

This is all I have to say.....
Tiny Tim - Tiptoe Through The Tulips - YouTube

What annoys you? » Post #11

Sat Dec 03, 2016 18:40 in General Talk

pindokhan123 wrote: what i hate or rather what annoys me the most....

is when You are talking to someone and their concentration is elsewhere,,damn it i hate repeatin myself..when they say,'what was that again?'
u just wanna bash their head in with a frying pan :evil:

Or just tell your husband you are going to make him wear hearing aids.

Believing in life after death? » Post #6

Sat Dec 03, 2016 18:37 in General Talk

A lot of people say this or that because in reality they have not experienced anything else.

Once you experience something else, then you will know that something else does exist.

In order to experience something else, your body should be in the presence of two more people.
It's best that your body is weak and vulnerable.

When you experience that something, at first you will feel like your body is going to
when your feet tingle as in pins and needles when they fall asleep. This feeling will consume
your body. Your sadness will suddenly disappear and you will feel very joyful. You'll be so
happy. A joy you have never known before. You may find yourself dancing, singing, running,
skipping, jumping, uncontrollably. You may even find yourself talking in a language you don't
understand. Then you will know that something else, really truly does exist.

Downline information » Post #9

Sat Dec 03, 2016 18:23 in General Talk


What's Your Favorite Kissie? » Post #1

Sat Dec 03, 2016 18:18 in General Talk

There is actually 12 main flavors of Hershey's Kissie's.
However, they do have more flavors of which many you only see at holidays.
There is even pumpkin spice, strawberry, carrot cake, and more.

What's your favorite?

I'm kind of partial to the dark chocolate, caramel, almond, and the mint. It's difficult to choose just one. :P

Quitting smoking » Post #39

Sat Dec 03, 2016 18:07 in General Talk

Actually, I am surprised they don't have 'organic' cigarettes. Maybe they do, I don't know but
the though occurred to me just now.

It can't be good to take any foreign material into your lungs.

However, I think a lot of what is bad for your lungs is the process of tobacco and all the
carcinogens that are in it.

Years ago, people smoked cigarettes that probably had tobacco worms in it. Their lungs
were probably healthier in comparison of a smoker today.

I am from Tewkesbury England » Post #17

Sat Dec 03, 2016 18:03 in General Talk

I think you're from Wallabebury

Quitting smoking » Post #36

Sat Dec 03, 2016 09:12 in General Talk

People make all kinds of excuses for not quitting. When they finally become honest with theirselves,
as BouldRake pointed out, they will stop smoking.

My excuses to continue smoking were like most cigarette smokers excuses. The big excuse was
'well ya gonna die of something so it might as well be lung cancer' and another one is 'well my
great great great great grandpa smoke all his life and lived to be 196'. Oh here is another great
one that women usually like to use 'if I quit smoking I will get fat'. :roll:

The real facts are, people that use tobacco, are very highly going to die from it. They are going
to cut their lives shorter. They will die a most uncomfortable death. They do spread second hand
smoke. Many do suffer for years before they die.....yes, I said YEARS and it is often called COPD.
Many will be on OXYGEN. Many will be FORCED to quit in order to use their oxygen. Many will
drag an oxygen tank around with them. Many will never leave their house because the oxygen
tanks are cumbersome. Many will need to have fluid drained from their body, some times on a
regular basis. Many will suffer from a large number of OTHER health issues, skin problems,
pneumonia, flue's, carcinoma's, and more. People that smoke, do die from other complications
before they die of the actual cancer. People that smoke, can die and many do die, at a very
early age. When you smoke, at some point you will begin to cough and gurgle. You'll hack.
You'll be lucky if you can carry on a conversation with anyone without hacking or coughing.
When you lay down to sleep, you will sound like someone attempting to gargle listening for the
first time. You will wheeze and gurgle. Eventually you will cough up what will look to be greenish
black will become worse. You will have so much of it that you'll need to carry a pack
of paper towels with you around the house or worse.....the ultimate worse.....a coke can or
some other type of can to spit the foul contents of your black lungs.

If you smoke cigarettes in your house, your house and most everything in it, smells and turns
yellowish orange. No matter how much you clean, since you consistently smoke, your house
becomes consistently smoked in like a ham that has been hanging in a smoke house for years.
Your clothes turn orange. In fact, many clothes you will wash but they will still smell like
smoke. Everyone that goes around you, won't want to embarrass you so they say nothing
but they are glad when they leave your presence because fresh tobacco smells so good but
used tobacco smells like stinking puke and you will smell like a walking talking stinking puke

When you stop smoking, you will feel renewed. You will kick yourself for not quitting sooner.
You'll wish you had all the money back that you spent on cigarettes all those years. Your
house will smell like a summer breeze. People will actually smell your cologne on you for the
first time ever. Your skin will brighten. You'll look younger. Your hair will soften. You might
even find your hair thickens. You'll feel more toned. Old bones, aches, pains, arthritis, seems
more dull. You'll actually smell things, things you thought you could smell but you really didnt
until now. You'll taste all the flavors in your foods. You won't feel so tired. You'll be able
to walk longer and faster. Your endurance is greater. Your eyes are brighter. Your brain
functions easier and faster. You'll feel 100% better than you have felt since you were a kid.
And then............

You see someone smoking, you know what they are doing to themselves.

STOP making excuses and QUIT!

Quitting smoking » Post #28

Sat Dec 03, 2016 00:54 in General Talk

Ya, I am one of those people that say, if I can quit smoking, anyone can. I believe that.

I started smoking when I was ten years old. My sister that is over 4 years older than I, smoked.
Most of us as kids had an older sibling that smoked. Yes, in the 60's we had lots of commercials
of beer and cigarettes. The land of sky blue waters and the ever famous Marlboro man. Even
TV shows displayed people smoking....all of those Twilight Zone type shows...and even Rod
died of cancer.....always had a cigarette in his mouth/hand. Dean Martin, cigarette in one hand,
whiskey in the other.

YOU really can quit smoking.

It's a terrible thing to watch someone die of lung cancer. I have seen it all. Some people with
lung cancer drown in their own black fluid, a slow death. Some spew pieces of their lungs. Some
spew black blood. I am not talking about a few drops of blood. I am talking about coffee ground
blood that gushes from the mouth like a projector.....covers the hospital walls, bed, everything.
It's a really really really really horrible way to die.

We all will die but you do not want to die like that.

You have to take it one day at a time. Don't think about tomorrow. Just throw the cigarettes
away and say I will NOT smoke today. No matter what, I will NOT smoke today. Then when
tomorrow comes, say it again..... I will NOT smoke today. The patch is the best thing to use
because it will help wean you from the nicotine and the urge to smoke is reduced. But don't
think about tomorrow or the next week or the next month. I will NOT smoke today and go
to youtube and look at the lung cancer videos.

Quitting smoking » Post #10

Fri Dec 02, 2016 12:22 in General Talk

I believe that is it in a nutshell. You have to really want to quit.

When you get to the point you really want to quit, you'll stop making excuses and do it.

Quitting smoking » Post #5

Fri Dec 02, 2016 10:50 in General Talk

Actually, cigarettes were a very inexpensive addiction. Probably the most inexpensive addiction ever.

It also has always depended on where you live, in regards to price of cigarettes.

In the 1960's, in the North East (Chicago area) of the USA, cigarettes sold for about $0.35 per pack.
In that exact same time frame, in the South East (Kentucky area) of the USA, cigarettes sold for about $0.19 per pack.

In the very early 70's, cigarette prices began to rise slightly in the USA. By the mid 70's, in the South,
Generic cigarettes began to populate due to the rise in cigarette prices. A carton of generic cigarettes
(ten packs per carton) sold for $3.00. It wasn't long and the same cartons rose in the 70's to $5.00
per carton as name brand cigarettes rose in price.

I know all that from first hand experience. Not reading from anything.

So by the time the 1980's rolled in, cigarette prices along with taxation was rising steadily. By the
1990's prices really began to soar as well as gasoline.

It's truly one of the largest increases in prices for a product over the years, that I have personally
experienced. Cigarettes and Gasoline. Over the course of 50 years, I'd have to say those are huge
increases and even Gasoline is Less in rise than cigarettes.

Christmas Time » Post #2

Thu Dec 01, 2016 21:11 in General Talk

The same to you and yours.

talk » Post #5

Thu Dec 01, 2016 21:08 in General Talk

Nice and quiet in here. I think I smell tulips and green grass and I can hear little fish jumping in the stream.

Any suggestions from U.S.A. members ? » Post #7

Thu Dec 01, 2016 18:34 in General Talk

Well when it comes to internet service, you would need to check what is available in your area.
I couldn't even begin to help you with that and I don't think anyone else here can since they don't
know your home area.

I have DISH for TV viewing but NOT my internet service.

I live in a rural area but I am close to a county school. I have DSL through my local rural area
landline phone service.

No, I did not mention ESPN just like I didn't mention the thousands of channels accessible through

As I did state, you of course would need streaming from the internet in order to use the content
from the tv box's. The exception is the box you can get from walmart to receive the local networks.

I suggest simply checking in your local area to see what is available. It sounds like you don't
want to cut the cord with cable so you might find some other cable companies in your area.

New Year Resolution ? » Post #25

Thu Dec 01, 2016 11:27 in General Talk

It's what little boys do and when they grow up, they do it when they're too lame, too uncouth, too foul mouth, to get a woman.

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