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Posts by valerie
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CaSh out submit & payment received? » Post #36

Wed Dec 02, 2015 00:02 in General Talk

vBusiness wrote: Hey the 8 dollars and some change don't mean anything to me here in the U.S. that's nothing, trash! What tick me off is I hated when I get SCAMMMMMMMM!!!!!!

ClixSense isn't a scam and I for one am tired of reading your nonsense.

I understand you may be aggravated and irritated at the recent trial implements but that
is no reason to stomp your feet and constantly insist that ClixSense is a scam.

Also, lacking knowledge of how something works is no reason to get all huffy. All you need
to do is ask and someone will answer.

I'll try and enlighten you.

ClixSense sends 1 cent to members that request paypal payments. This is done only one
time and it is for your protection. I am a member presently of several programs that do
NOT do this. "They simply state, make sure you enter your paypal address correctly because
it cannot be undone". ClixSense could do the same thing but they don't. They're kind
enough to send 1 cent to your account to make sure you did enter the correct payment

In regards to logging into your paypal account and accepting the payment, yes, you do
need to log in but not everyone needs to take any further steps. However, some people
do. As long as you log in, click on the 1 cent to see you have it there, then all is fine.
For others, they may have to click a tab/button to accept the 1 cent after logging in.

I am in the USA and I have sent thousands of dollars to ONE of my members before
and I made sure they had to click to ACCEPT the payment. I don't see that as lame
at all.

The new payment trial period is just that. If you read the update, you'll know that admin
states he may change this back to cash outs twice a week. With the payment load
becoming so heavy, he wanted to try something else to see if that worked better for

It would be a good idea if you familiarize yourself with ClixSense. A good place to start
is simply reading the pages inside and out including the terms/policies, FAQ and affiliate

New Affiliate Commissions » Post #22

Tue Dec 01, 2015 23:03 in News and Updates

TigerHeart wrote: Dear Admin, Hong Kong is not a country. It's a part of China. BTW, thanks for your generous promotion. God bless U buddy.

Hong Kong is a separate region, I believe it was once under British rule.

Online with many programs, 'Hong Kong' is often listed in the country list, altho it is not a country.

Same can be confusing for Africa, South Africa, continent vs country.

Kind of like the USA, too, in that there are states within the USA and altho each state is within the
country, each state is not a country.

You can get down to the nitty gritty with many things, if you so desire.

Hmmmm was it Palin that said she could see Russia from her house? :lol:

adding to pending cash out » Post #4

Tue Dec 01, 2015 16:49 in Payment Processor Support

You're welcome.

adding to pending cash out » Post #2

Tue Dec 01, 2015 16:11 in Payment Processor Support

No it doesn't delay it.

Start the New Year with Debit Card and eCards » Post #2

Tue Dec 01, 2015 15:53 in Feature Requests

And can't ya just dig this ad:

Free Money for Everyone!
No PayPal, No problem
No Bank Account, No problem
No Credit, No problem
ClixSense has your back ALSO with Debit Card and a multitude of eCards!

Start the New Year with Debit Card and eCards » Post #1

Tue Dec 01, 2015 15:49 in Feature Requests

How about it?

ClixSense debit card. That would be cool.

Just as cool would be eCards. There's an eCard site ya know that IBD and SE uses.
How it works is the member simply chooses eCard for cash out. The member must
wait a few days and receives and email to choose the eCard they want. They choose
it and it sends them the eCard code.

eCards do solve some problems such as :

-Members that don't have a paypal account

-Members that don't have a checking account

-Members may have other reasons they can't choose the payment options presently provided

It would be a great implement for the Year 2016

New Affiliate Commissions » Post #17

Tue Dec 01, 2015 15:36 in News and Updates

Admin has listed the top tier countries.

If you don't see your country listed, that means your country is not in Admin's top tier country list.

About the 1 cent payment » Post #2

Tue Dec 01, 2015 07:57 in Payment Processor Support

Log into your paypal account.

Direct referral » Post #2

Mon Nov 30, 2015 15:59 in General Talk

Yes, people that you directly enroll, that enrolls at your ClixSense website, is your
direct referrals. You earn on all their activity and you earn on their upgrades.

As a free standard member, that is all you earn from in regards to referrals.

When you upgrade to premium, as a paid member, you can earn on member
upgrades thru 8 levels.

Just say that you sign up Gloria. Gloria signs up 50 people and all those new
50 members upgrade. You won't earn anything on those 50 new members upgrade
because you are not an upgraded member yourself.

You can mouse on 'Affiliates above and then click 'Program Details' :
Best Affiliate Programs | ClixSense

How to get a better shopping deal » Post #4

Mon Nov 30, 2015 12:45 in General Talk

ProAdCo wrote: Better deals is to wait after 25 December

That's when retailers has to unload inventory before the new year comes in.

Yep, some times you can get some better deals on items, after Christmas.

Pending balance for two week. » Post #2

Mon Nov 30, 2015 12:37 in Payment Processor Support

nonsolodisegni wrote: Hallo,
I finished a survey successfully coming to the end of the congratulations, but then its gain has been pending for about a couple of weeks and I am still not allowed ...
Thanks a lot.
Best regards.

All you need to do is mouse over it in your history and it will display as pending.

Offers/Surveys that are $3.00 or more go into pending for approximately 30 days.

How to get a better shopping deal » Post #1

Mon Nov 30, 2015 00:21 in General Talk

During these types of holidays in which one day runs into another type of deal, prices
can differ dramatically.

For example, Pre-Black Friday a price of a tv is $400. The same tv on Black Friday is $389. The same tv is $345 on Cyber Monday. You ordered the tv for $400 on Pre-Black Friday. You're kicking yourself because you wish you had
waited til Cyber Monday to order the tv.

IF the item has not shipped, contact the company and ask for a refund on the price difference.
Let them know the item has not shipped or had not shipped when the best price was introduced.

What if the item has shipped?

Contact the company anyway. Let them know you have not received the item and want the
refund difference of the lowest price.

Most companies/stores will in fact give a refund to the better price. Not always and not all
companies but many do, especially if the item has not shipped. Usually if an item has not
shipped, you can cancel the item. Upon canceling the item, you can then add the item again
at its lower price. The companies/stores know that and as a norm, they will give you the
lowest price and refund the difference.

Affiliate Program » Post #2

Sun Nov 29, 2015 23:38 in General Talk

I would guess it is because the second one did not view ads.

Also, do keep in mind that you only earn activity on your direct referrals.

CaSh out submit & payment received? » Post #18

Sun Nov 29, 2015 22:03 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: If every PTC site around pay as ClixSense I will be very , very rich .If just 10% pay me I will have no problem in my life. If just 1% pays i will buy a new car

Aint that the truth!

New Cashout Policy and Higher Commissions coming » Post #182

Sun Nov 29, 2015 13:27 in News and Updates

I still think the best option would pertain to standard and premium members.

Standard members would be allowed to cash out once per week.

Premium members would be allowed to cash out twice per week.

Something like that.

funding my account » Post #2

Sun Nov 29, 2015 12:14 in Payment Processor Support

You have the option to click on 'Advertise' and then click buy to buy ad credits.

The ad credits are then applied to your account.

You then have the option of using the ad credits as you choose and at any time.

waht a miniunm payament » Post #2

Sat Nov 28, 2015 23:48 in General Support

$8.00 for standard members.

$6.00 for premium members.

New Cashout Policy and Higher Commissions coming » Post #172

Sat Nov 28, 2015 17:37 in News and Updates

supadupa wrote:
valerie wrote: 2. Members may submit for payment every day but will only be paid once per week

This one is not true. I was payed yesterday and already have enough for another cashout but I cannot submit for payment now. It is telling me that I have to wait 3 days and 2 hours. :)

Yep, mine said something like that too this morning when I submitted cash out.
Not sure what is up with that. Maybe its set to every three days. Not sure.

Increase Interactive Video Block Size » Post #7

Sat Nov 28, 2015 15:47 in Feature Requests

freelizard wrote: which browser are you using? :?: If it's just a firefox thing or is this across all web browsers? :geek:

I use Safari browser.

I don't know if the browser has anything to do with it, not sure why it would since its a block
within a block. :)

New Cashout Policy and Higher Commissions coming » Post #169

Sat Nov 28, 2015 15:41 in News and Updates

Those of you not in the USA and those of you not taking holiday vacation, may not realize
this is Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

You see, every year in the USA, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the last Thursday in November.
Many people take a long weekend.....Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and a vacation

In regards to deposits and that sort of thing, it could easily be Monday and Tuesday for those
to process from their bank to the online payment processors.

If you take a look closely at what admin stated and in the payment proofs sub forum, you'll
know the following:

1. This is a trial period to see if this cash out system will work better than previous cash out systems

2. Members may submit for payment every day but will only be paid once per week

3. Members that submit for payment may go ahead and add present earnings to their cash out request

4. Members are paid by way of placement in a line (q) such as lining up to a water fountain

5. Approximately 30% (could be more) will be paid each day from the q placement

6. Members are being paid because even tho few post their payments, some do and you can see this
if you look in the 'payment proof' sub forum

Those of you worrying, concerned, don't be. ClixSense isn't broke. ClixSense is not shutting down.
In fact, ClixSense is going to increase affiliate commissions and have some extra fun at Christmas

I certainly won't say I am proud of them implementing this at the big shopping time of year but I
am not admin and I don't know what they have to deal with. When things arise, you do have to
deal with it no matter what time of year it is.

Thats my take on it and I wasn't born yesterday on here.
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