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After I made a cashout » Post #2

Mon Dec 31, 2018 17:35 in Success Stories

Requested a cashout on my$173.20 ClixSense balance
on Dec 15th and it was processed on Mon 17th.
Today Dec 31th the check arrived. Considering weekends
and holiday time,that was excellent. With the exchange
of USD versus CAD it came to $231.88.
Thanks Jim and those looking after the cashout requests.
And wishing everone a New Year filled with happiness,
Luck,good health and prosperity. :)

How We Take it ...tasman1 » Post #2

Sun Dec 30, 2018 17:12 in General Talk

Every year I feel blessed having survived one more in
reasonably good health. As a matter of fact,feeling much
better now than same time a year ago.Having a goal to
get to 2020/2021 and start collecting dividends on my
Skyway investments keeps me going. Wishing everyone
a Healthy,happy and prosperous 2019

Perfect survey answer » Post #6

Fri Dec 28, 2018 12:12 in General Talk

No Blondes?

Dear Santa .......tasman1 » Post #8

Wed Dec 19, 2018 15:50 in General Talk

Have to look very deep in my bag for any blondes,
they are in big demand. :xlol:

Cashout 2 bottle of Whisky ...tasman1 » Post #4

Wed Dec 12, 2018 17:13 in General Talk

Just requested cashout to have a few extra $$ for the Holidays.
Pending Cashout $165.21 But as mine are send by check
and the Canadian Mail has a very large back up due to labor
disputes,I am not sure when that check will arrive.
No matter it is like money in the bank.

Reminder for cashout for Decembar ..tasman1 » Post #4

Wed Dec 05, 2018 16:10 in General Talk

If you are cashing out by cheque they do not go out before the 15th
and then it is up to the mail on how long it will take.

How to live to 100....tasman1 » Post #5

Sun Dec 02, 2018 14:58 in General Talk

Yep it is just a numbers game,if yours comes up,nothing will stop
the Grimm Reaper from calling on you. Do not worry about him
and live every day to the fullest. :thumbup: :thumbup:

Best way to stay poor forever...tasman1 » Post #4

Sun Oct 21, 2018 13:29 in General Talk

I've been under the bridge and I will tell you,
it ain't no bed of roses. I am now a rich man
without any money as I have no debts at all. :lol:

Mega millions is 1.6 billion dollars? Are u buying » Post #7

Wed Oct 17, 2018 20:11 in General Talk

Buy lots of gummy bears and do not worry about teeth.
I have saved major money over the years by never buying
lottery tickets. :lol:

I got a speeding ticket YIKES! » Post #4

Mon Oct 15, 2018 17:39 in General Talk

Have not hadf a speeding ticket since I gave up driving
and handed in my Dr Lic. Have not been stopped when
out with my 3 wheel walker either. :lol:

CD/DVD, Laptop ,Lost , Help ....tasman1 » Post #4

Sat Oct 13, 2018 23:30 in General Talk

Did your operation has given you the ability to
become the shrinking man? :D
Next time tie a tread at the point of entry and
take it along as you search inside.

Kidney cyst operation [ removal ]...tasman1 » Post #34

Fri Oct 12, 2018 18:19 in General Talk

Welcome back. :)

Kidney cyst operation [ removal ]...tasman1 » Post #18

Tue Oct 09, 2018 11:10 in General Talk

Stay positive we are all rooting and/or praying for you. :D

Kidney cyst operation [ removal ]...tasman1 » Post #7

Sat Oct 06, 2018 16:45 in General Talk

Wishing you good luck and a speedy recovery and
hope to see you back here soon in good health.
Not sure if you belief in prayer but will keep you in
my thoughts when I pray.

Old Donkey, how to survey .....tasman1 » Post #4

Sat Sep 29, 2018 13:30 in General Talk a weed,you can pull it,but it will always return. :roll:

75% Down , time for change....tasman1 » Post #4

Wed Sep 26, 2018 21:26 in General Talk

Yes age has an influence on your earning capability but
I have found myself with more time than money and find
that extra $100/$120 every 3 months that I earn here
are a welcome bonus on our meager income,so am
thankful ClixSense is here. :D

Does it take a long time to make money here? » Post #8

Mon Sep 24, 2018 19:19 in General Talk

Happy will be the day I will earn enough to have
to pay taxes. The last 4 years I did not,but there
is still hope. My Skyway pre-IPO equity shares
could be the cause in late 2019. :lol:

Is FB working? » Post #3

Fri Sep 21, 2018 21:26 in General Talk


Is FB working? » Post #1

Fri Sep 21, 2018 09:30 in General Talk

Since yesterday FB is not working. I get a page with nothing but numbers and other stuff.

Proof yes or no .....tasman1 » Post #2

Thu Sep 20, 2018 19:54 in General Talk

Send your blonde to testify in your behalve :lol:
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