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Posts by oberder
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What music/song are you listening now? » Post #812

Yesterday, 11:04 in General Talk

Well, my little niece was ( as always ) avoiding bed once again, so I had this playing to keep her entertained :mrgreen:

[♫] Don't Mine at Night (Pony Parody) - YouTube

Pinoy Members Tambayan & Attendance Thread! » Post #4182

Yesterday, 10:28 in Filipino

Present! ( at salamat, malapit na ang Friday! :mrgreen: ) Whee~!

FYI - Hacking may get heavy » Post #8

Yesterday, 10:15 in General Talk

:idea: One can try password managers -- but here's the catch:

1) Review first all the Password Managers that are available on the current market -- from FOSS ( Free Open-Source Softwares ), Freewares, and Paid variants -- make a list of what you'd find then do a multiple search on not just review sites, but in forums that it's members reply in regards to pros and cons of the programs' functions ( the big mistake for some is the first thing that appears on a search engine inquiry would be the best answer -- that's absolutely wrong ;) Dig deeper )

2) Make sure you have access to your database ( aka Local Storage ) -- avoid being dependent on Cloud-based storage most of the time -- there's practically no telling where, or how your personal/private files are stored/encrypted/secured at. With recent talks from some tech forums that mention that such cloud-based services are not only suspending users from uploading/storing certain files, these same companies are now accessing the content of the files itself ( encrypted or otherwise )

Providing reference link to Symantec Forums ( which is in HTTPS for browsing security )

:arrow: Reference source -- Cloud-Based ID-Safe is NOT a secure replacement for local storage | Norton Community

Aside from BouldRake tip, one can also make use of the Gibson Research Corp Password Generator ( to get a new password in this secured HTTPS page, just press F5, and a new random set will be generated ):

:arrow: Reference source -- GRC | Ultra High Security Password Generator  

i just dont know hw to win on the clixgrid game » Post #5

Yesterday, 09:51 in General Talk

semore wrote: hello house i just feel cheated because after exhausting the 30 chances of play on the clixgrid i just couldn't win a penny
but why.
please help me.

Seeing that you have just recently signed up, I wouldn't be surprised you like to win quickly and as often as possible on the ClixGrid -- but ClixGrid is a game that solely decides on one's luck ( and to a lesser degree, one's karma )

:?: Have you done meditation exercises before clicking? Did you clear your mind of anything that could had made a distraction when you clicked? Were you able to offer the blood of 13 virgin goldfishes to the Elder God Cthulhu by using a butter knife, while sitting in a circle made with the ashes of 6 white crows, and 3 multi-colored candles, while chanting the Ultimate-Konami-Cheat-code ( "Up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-b-a-select-start" )...?

If you did, or tried to do what's listed above, well... chances are pretty slim

Your best option is not to feel disappointed you didn't win today -- there's always another day, another chance, and another way ;)

...meanwhile, I'm still figuring out what to decide to offer the next time I play... :mrgreen:

Determine the main color of a product » Post #2

Tue Oct 06, 2015 20:01 in Filipino

:?: Anong browser ang ginagamit mo pag nag-Task? Can you get a screencap?

Sa alam ko, kailangan na ang browser ay naka-set to "Accept Third-party Cookies" under it's options ( yun ang nag-ayos sa Task problem ko last year )

My laptop is suddenly really slow » Post #42

Tue Oct 06, 2015 19:51 in General Talk

Use a clean cloth to rub off the bottom side of the mouse; sometimes you may see a somewhat dark grimy buildup on the parts ( the local word used to describe this is what Filipinos called "Libag" ) and don't take your mouse apart

If any of BouldRake's tip won't work, that's the only time you'll need to replace the mouse -- don't buy a mouse because it's a popular brand ( a.k.a. expensive 'gaming mouses' ) even a plain generic mouse will do -- mice ( or mouse ) aren't meant to last longer than a year or so, as long you ( or a child in the family ) doesn't go click-happy on it ( that is, when playing online / Flash / Unity games that need the user to literally smash the left-click of a mouse :mrgreen: )

Cash Out Policy » Post #6

Tue Oct 06, 2015 10:13 in Filipino

mars1227 wrote: nakakalito naman bakit wednesday na raw ang cash out daw?ano po tlg ?huhu

Wenesday on US-Time ( EST ) is Thursday on our Time Zone

Example of such time zones: it's 630am in the Philippines, Tuesday -- but it's 625pm in EST, Monday

Then add considerations of transaction time -- it'll take a while for a transaction to finalize electronically from branch to branch

:idea: Remember to check your Announcements section -- Frequently Asked Questions | ClixSense

My laptop is suddenly really slow » Post #37

Tue Oct 06, 2015 10:05 in General Talk

Well, the concept of spoon-feeding information to newcomers is a case-to-case issue, IMO

If you ask me, this is my way of paying back gratitude to a user who helped me before; I was in the same situation as Ambrie was more than a decade ago, when I needed help with my WinXP -- and in those days of dial-ups, the concept of Forums weren't like today, it was more of a message board

I couldn't remember the username, let alone that user's gender, but whoever he/she was did a lot for me -- from simple posts teaching me the tools to have ( it was from that user I learned about MBAM ) as well how to maintain my gear in the best way possible, linking other sites by giving clues where there were and so on

I don't know if that user is still around the Web, but the least I can do is return the favor back -- the same way he/she did for me

Guess that's the only reason I have why I 'kept stirring the pot' ;)

ClixGrid » Post #3

Tue Oct 06, 2015 09:52 in General Talk

sharmasandhya5 wrote: When we play ClixGrid, our click is validated even if we are not a winner. Can anyone make it clear ?

ClixGrid is a game that deals with chance -- no trick, no cheats, no strings attached, no boogie man waiting in some dark corner -- there's absolutely no way to know if a member will get a winning click, or how much, or otherwise when they start placing their choice out on the board

When you click and won nothing, it's nothing to be disappointed about -- try again, put your luck up to the test

If you've used up all your clicks and won nothing today, it's all right -- there's always another time, another day to try again

Just keep on clicking, that one lucky chance will come ;)

gerymiah » Post #13

Mon Oct 05, 2015 08:28 in Filipino

ronnel012188 wrote: Kumusta guys... It's been a long time... Nadeactivate tuloy account ko.. Buti pwede pa reopen... Namiss ko mga Tao dito.. ;-)

Oy, angtagal mong nawala sa Forums -- good to see you around :thumbup: Eto, recovered from a minor eye check-up, but will earn back my membership when may clean bill of health ako

extended ads » Post #7

Mon Oct 05, 2015 06:37 in Filipino

Hope nakakuha na kayo ng Extended Ad ngayong oras -- lumabas na sya! Naka-score ako :thumbup: Thank you ClixSense!

smokers die younger » Post #9

Mon Oct 05, 2015 06:33 in General Talk

Errr... Quit smoking? Does that mean I'm supposed to quit on smoked ham, and jerky for good? But those are so delicious...


Oh, I'm just pulling your leg there :mrgreen: -- I already quit smoking 9 years ago; back then, when I used to work in such a stressful office environment, I'd down a pack in a day, half of that during work ( at times, grabbing a few sticks more from co-workers )

Now, cigarette-free, and good riddance to that habit ( because the price of a pack today equals a 2L bottle of soda -- I'd rather spend my money on the soda instead, with a few coins for tube ice to spare ;) )

My laptop is suddenly really slow » Post #34

Mon Oct 05, 2015 06:22 in General Talk

BouldRake wrote: Foxit used to come up on the El Reg forums all the time. There was a huge kerfuffle over OpenCandy for a while, then much rejoicing later when it was removed - followed by much face palming when it was discovered they were sending telemetry back to China even without the added malware.

So, before anyone says "it's fine, they don't do that anymore", it's true, they don't - they spy on you directly these days, which is even worse.

For the sake of the discussion, I tried to locate the Forum that mentioned about Foxit 'calling back home' but the closest one I could find (* don't worry, the Forum there is in HTTPS, so it's safe to visit ):

:arrow: Reference source -- App "telemetry" - SANS Internet Storm Center

According to the Forum Thread there, along with a screen cap of the Foxit PDF for Mobile's behavior -- showed how it compromised the Forum user's identity, location and device; the Thread also discussed that the members tried to get the side of Foxit but for some reason the posts from the Publisher's side 'disappeared' ( taken down, obviously to avoid showing them in a bad light due to the issue )

Sidenote: Imagine that, more than a year ago... not a lot of users knew about that :(

My laptop is suddenly really slow » Post #32

Sun Oct 04, 2015 19:06 in General Talk

In the case of AlienMommy, I'll add my own experience as well -- don't use any program from Auslogics

Auslogics programs have a tendency to use scareware tactics on users to buy their products to 'make sure their PCs are in tip-top condition' -- clicking on one of their service tabs ( I believe it's the last one on most ) to check your gear will trigger this

Another program to avoid is Foxit PDF Reader -- I can't remember the version when it started bundling OpenCandy, but if you do install this program, the malware OpenCandy gets to 'hide' in your gear's Temp Files, and when you start surfing the Web, it'll start downloading it's components without your knowledge. Though a tip was to run MBAM after you installed Foxit ( to remove the instances of OpenCandy ), it be best to use instead other PDF readers; I'll recommend Sumatra PDF Reader -- it's Free-to-use and is specifically a bare-bones no-nonsense PDF reader ( as in, no editor or unwanted components )

In terms of Defrag programs, Windows own defragging system is good, but there are some third-party programs that help it; Piriform Defraggler is a good option to use

My laptop is suddenly really slow » Post #27

Sun Oct 04, 2015 04:45 in General Talk

It's good that all seems well

At most, CCleaner should take too long, unless you have a lot of files that were accumulated -- you can check how much data was and should be removed by clicking on the Analyze

BTW, have you removed any System Restore points? That should also give back some HDD Space -- tap the Windows key on your keyboard, then type on the Search Programs and Files the keywords Control Panel -- when it appears, click on it

In the Control Panel, click on System then click on System Protection -- if you have UAC active, a prompt will appear -- when you click on this, a small menu window will appear; on the System Protection tab menu, click on Configure

Inside the Configure, a new sub window will open -- here, you'll be able to see how much memory has been allocated to System restore ( the one I mentioned of not doing ) -- click on the Delete tab ( a prompt will appear, agree to that ) and in a few moments the status should read zero

Close both sub-windows, then check your Computer on your Desktop -- clicking on it, a window should appear; find and click on the Properties tab menu; a sub-window should appear, then click on Disk Cleanup -- now the process will take a while since it'll be locating other files that can be removed safely from your gear; when it's finished, the sub-window should appear showing how much data can be recovered -- now, don't click on it yet -- instead, click on the Clean Up System Files ( again a UAC prompt will appear, just agree to that )

When the clean up appears once more after a full check, it'll now show all the files that can be recovered, including the option to remove previous Windows Update installations/Service Pack Backup Files -- by default, it's not active, but if you want to clear these file out, just put a check mark -- a head's up: when you do want the previous Windows Updates to be removed from your gear, it'll prompt you for a restart so the gear can properly reconfigure itself

My laptop is suddenly really slow » Post #20

Sat Oct 03, 2015 19:01 in General Talk

Ambrie wrote: I've just noticed that there's an icon on the toolbar to get Windows 10 - I didn't even realise it was there, although I do get the odd pop up message every now and again to upgrade!

I believe here's something worth reading in regards to that, courtesy of the Ghacks Tech Blog:

:arrow: Reference source -- How to remove Windows 10 upgrade updates in Windows 7 and 8 - gHacks Tech News

:idea: Sidenote: Don't forget to read the comments left by the readers as well, since they can provide even more clues ;)

My laptop is suddenly really slow » Post #16

Sat Oct 03, 2015 07:32 in General Talk

:thumbup: That's good the hear, Ambrie

The reason, if I may add, why I don't want you to do a System Restore, is the possibility that among the identified malware that were caught from scanning with MBAM, that there may be a present rootkit infection -- this kind of infection, even if one were to do a System Restore, would just reappear and remain in your gear

Just a little head's up: MalwareBytes always updates their security databases numerous times in a day; at most, they can update as much as 8-10 a day. Since you're using the Free Version of MBAM, make sure to check at least twice a day -- manually check for updates, that is ;)

And, as a habit -- make sure to scan your gear with your updated anti-virus and anti-malware programs at least once a day ( allocate at least an hour or two, depending on the size of your HDD for this -- a good reason to go out, or raid the kitchen for the meantime ); defrag your gear at least twice in a month ( really -- too many times will reduce the lifespan of your HDD; even worse if you have a SSD, where one should never defrag at all ); and always manually check for updates ( never depend on automatic updating -- too much movement/usage on CPU, let alone background usage )

cash out » Post #2

Sat Oct 03, 2015 07:11 in Payment Processor Support

:idea: You can be able to find the topics at the Hindi | International | ClixSense Forum where the resident moderators -- uzair_friends and ptcscrutiny -- will be able to check up with, along with other members from the Indian community

My laptop is suddenly really slow » Post #14

Sat Oct 03, 2015 07:03 in General Talk

maddyo wrote: DO "SYSTEM RESTORE" from the date (restore point ) when your system was working fine !

This is a big no-no -- since there are signs of malware infections in the gear, doing a system restore wouldn't help but propagate the infection. And since, according to Ambrie that even if it's been a few days, she didn't mention she was able to a System Restore Point before the time of the infection, or when the infection actually occur -- so one can assume it could had happen even before the time she mentioned the slowdown of her gear

Basically, everything she has done in the past hours would have been for nothing

As I've mentioned: do your best to clear up the infection; when all's good, then steps can be made to prevent for any further infection ;)

My laptop is suddenly really slow » Post #12

Fri Oct 02, 2015 09:43 in General Talk

Ambrie wrote: The Malware Bytes scan has just finished - 206 threats / unwanted files have been removed!

Thank you very much for that oberder, I will do what you suggested too :)

:thumbup: Well , there you go -- and I thought a gremlin was hiding in your gear :lol:

Make sure to run MBAM a few more times to make sure it quarantines all the infections, then once you got a clean sign from MBAM, update your Anti-Virus and start re-scanning with it ( go for a full thorough scan, not a quick scan )

Hopefully the infections should be out of your gear for sure

EDIT Sidenote 1: 200++ malware infections? They have been breeding in your gear, haven't they? :mrgreen:

EDIT Sidenote 2: Forgot to mention -- on using MBAM, under the Scan menu, use the Custom Scan - then inside the Custom scan, make sure there are check marks on everything, especially on Scan For Rootkits -- it'll be a slow scan, but guaranteed to be quite thorough

And, in the Settings menu tab, under General Settings, make sure that the Explorer Content Menu Entry is set on Yes so you can scan any file/folder/drive by using the right-click on your mouse/touchpad button
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