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Posts by oberder
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Happy Easter! » Post #5

Today, 08:09 in General Talk

ptcscrutiny wrote: Happy Easter!

Ooohh, I got to grab some of eggs--


Nowwaitaminutethere! I mean chocolate and candied eggs! ( Not what you're thinking-- :lol: )

Quote of the day » Post #61

Today, 07:28 in General Talk

"The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself."

-- Douglas MacArthur

And of course ( by the same person ):

"I shall return"

Pinoy Members Tambayan & Attendance Thread! » Post #3143

Today, 06:20 in Filipino

Present! Happy Easter rin :mrgreen:

What music/song are you listening now? » Post #156

Yesterday, 19:21 in General Talk

I got to stumble over this out of curiosity ( and that they say it was a song in the 70's ) and I kind of like it :mrgreen:

Dschinghis Khan - Moskau 1979 - YouTube

:idea: Quick Edit: For those that want to see it in English: Moskau Lyrics - YouTube

earnings » Post #7

Yesterday, 19:02 in General Talk

mahmed28 wrote: and please guide which tab is containing surveys?

Surveys can be found under the Offers tab -- then from there, depending on the advertiser that will submit, it'll be available for you

browser probs » Post #4

Yesterday, 18:59 in Bug reports

So far in regards to the toolbar issue, some of the members do is a uninstall/reinstall of the said toolbar; others checked if their browsers have add-ons/plug-ins that affect the toolbar ( NoScripts on Firefox is one such that can hinder the toolbar ) so a temporary disable would be in order

I believe the Moderators have links in regards to toolbars that may work after Firefox v28 and the updates made by Flash and Java ( unfortunately, I don't have them on my list as of the moment -- but they're somewhere in the Support Center Forums, so a brief check using the search magnifying glass at the top corner with the right keywords should give results )

GT Distractions -- Time to check your Updates » Post #158

Yesterday, 03:46 in General Talk

:idea: Head's up -- Brightfort ( formerly JavaCool ) has released new security signatures for SpywareBlaster v5.0; there are now 16871 protection signatures ready

Please do check the program's updater manually to ensure that you get the protection signatures; SpywareBlaster v5.0 is available at the main publisher's downloading sections and reputable downloading hubs

browser probs » Post #2

Fri Apr 18, 2014 10:40 in Bug reports

1. Check if your Adobe Flash is up-to-date -- as of this post, Adobe Flash for both IE and Non-IE browsers ( yes, you have to install both ) should be v13.0.0182 -- make sure to do a clean uninstall/re-install; this applies as well to Oracle JAVA ( if you wish this installed ) which is now available at v8u5 ( or aka version 8 build 5 )

2. Clear our your browser's Cookies and cache manually

3. Check if you have plug-ins / add-ons that may hinder in viewing flash-based ads; it also helps to see if the plug-ins / add-ons are also up to date

:idea: EDIT: to test your Firefox Browser's plug-ins, visit: Plugin Check & Updates — Mozilla and see if they are up-to-date

Pinoy Clixgrid Proof of Winnings » Post #745

Fri Apr 18, 2014 09:43 in Filipino

Naman, fe_abad :o Sunod-sunod ang score -- dapat mag-libre ka na ng KFC Double-Down! :lol:

fe_abad wrote: CONGRATULATIONS!
You have just won $0.10!
You have 15 chances left for today

fe_abad wrote: CONGRATULATIONS!
You have just won $0.10!
You have 11 chances left for today :D

Quote of the day » Post #59

Fri Apr 18, 2014 09:35 in General Talk

"If people ask me for the ingredients of success, I say:

one is talent, two is stubbornness or determination, and third is sheer luck.

You have to have two out of the three.

Any two will probably do."

-- Fred Saberhagen

Pinoy Members Tambayan & Attendance Thread! » Post #3141

Fri Apr 18, 2014 09:33 in Filipino

Present! At anginit! :o

how to add referrals » Post #2

Fri Apr 18, 2014 09:23 in General Support

Use your Affiliate link -- this could be found in your Account Summary page ( that is, double-click your user name tab, the one next to the "Sign Out" tab ) and look down a bit -- you'll see the My Affiliate Details -- it's highlighted in bright red; this you can use on posting on your social networks

Other than that, you can use the many Banners -- click on the Affiliates tab, and from the drop-down menu, click on the My Banners -- you can choose any of these to be placed in your social networking sites

There's also a brief written example of how to use advertising tracking at the Affiliates tab, then from the drop-down menu click on the My Campaigns

But, if you're referring to 'add referrals' as renting or buying, ClixSense does not allow renting or buying members as per HelpDesk FAQs ;)

Quote of the day » Post #57

Thu Apr 17, 2014 18:38 in General Talk

"There's no excuse to be bored. Sad, yes. Angry, yes. Depressed, yes. Crazy, yes. But there's no excuse for boredom, ever."

-- Viggo Mortensen

Pinoy Clixgrid Proof of Winnings » Post #741

Thu Apr 17, 2014 18:11 in Filipino

fe_abad wrote: CONGRATULATIONS!
You have just won $0.25!
You have 59 chances left for today

Congrats -- at pinahirapan mo pa ako sa kaka-screencap :lol:

Blowout! Blowout! Blowout!--

Quebra de link em pesquisa da Toluma » Post #2

Thu Apr 17, 2014 13:57 in Bug reports

azambuja wrote: Estava no final de uma pesquisa Toluma, hoje dia 17/04/2014 iniciei em torno de 13:50 horas. Pesquisa dizia que eram 15 minutos, passaram-se mais, no final da pesquisa dá quebra de link e perde-se a pesquisa e não se recebe nada. Esta começando a ficar impraticável fazer pesquisa da Toluma, sendo que alguns dias atrás já aconteceu o mesmo. O que pode ser feito?

Jorge Azambuja

@azambuja, welcome to the Forums -- I'll translate your post so the others will be able to understand your issue; please do remember that it is strictly English only outside the International Forums

:idea: Going via Google Translate ( Portuguese to English ):

"It was the end of a Toluma research, today initiated on 17/04/2014 around 13:50 hours. Survey said they were 15 minutes, passed-over at the end of the survey gives break lose and link to research and do not get anything. This starting to become impracticable to do research Toluma, and some days ago the same happened already. What can be done?"

Pinoy Members Tambayan & Attendance Thread! » Post #3139

Thu Apr 17, 2014 07:16 in Filipino

Present! Whee-- ;)

ClixGrid » Post #16

Wed Apr 16, 2014 15:05 in General Talk

Try your hand on doing Tasks and Offers -- at the Hindi Forums ( Hindi | International | ClixSense Forum ) some of the members there are currently discussing on the Tasks available; try to post a thread there as well where uzair_friends and ptcscrutiny -- the resident Moderators of the Hindi Forums -- will try to assist you ;)

Pinoy Clixgrid Proof of Winnings » Post #739

Wed Apr 16, 2014 14:38 in Filipino

Heheh, nalimutan ko pala -- kakascore ko lang kanina:

Maraming salamat, ClixSense :mrgreen:

ClixGrid » Post #14

Wed Apr 16, 2014 13:52 in General Talk

For starters mdmufiz, don't ever think you're a failure -- never look low on yourself ( really ) ;) Sure you didn't get to win today, but that's no reason to keep trying again and again

What you need is 'persistence'

( Offhand, in my country, there's a word in the local dialect that matches that: it's called 'tiyaga' -- basically, it's the drive of one to just keep doing it; plain stubbornness -- and that's it )


I won this just a minutes ago, after more than weeks of not getting anything ( well, ok... I got my share of extra clicks :mrgreen: ) I was being stubborn myself; sure, I didn't get to win on a day, but I kept at it -- shrug my shoulders and let luck play it for me

Just keep clicking, you'll get to win something off the ClixGrid :thumbup:

Quote of the day » Post #54

Wed Apr 16, 2014 09:24 in General Talk

“Remembering is easy. It's forgetting that's hard.”

-- Brodi Ashton
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