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Posts by oberder
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What music/song are you listening now? » Post #1050

Today, 14:59 in General Talk

A bit of something to keep me awake ;)

Deadmau5 - Ghosts N Stuff (High Quality) [Original Instrumental] - YouTube

( Strangely, this song is also in the Star Wars Kinect game :shock: )

Ang Hirap » Post #14

Today, 14:55 in Filipino

Cyrus_balayo wrote: Hello po! PLS REPLY PO!
Paano po magcashout?

You will be able to cash out when you reach US$8.00 -- see: When and how will I get paid (Cashout)?

Sa nakikita ko sa stats mo ( from this Forum Post date ), nasa US$0.20 -- kailangan ng ipon pa

Certificate out of date » Post #5

Today, 14:46 in Bug reports

BouldRake wrote: SSL Server Test: (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs)

That's broken alright.

:?: So would this be safe to consider that it's an issue with GoDaddy's side?

not allowed » Post #2

Today, 14:32 in General Support

Kreacher wrote: Avast claims the certificate is invalid or some such problem and blocks URL. ClixSense still loads and all seems to work. I guess this is a tracking site/service that is used by ClixSense. (

I wonder if this is why the Clixaddon doesn't seem to work right for me anymore?

If it's AVAST, try to disable the HTTPS Scanning in the Web Shield Option, as suggested by CatMonster ( though the screencap is in German, the option locations are just the same )

:arrow: Reference source -- Certificate out of date | ClixSense Forum

For some reason the HTTPS Scanning is active by default in AVAST; one may disable this to get a performance shift

EDIT: I'm checking as well with BouldRake's link at Certificate out of date | ClixSense Forum -- and according to his provided link, it seems that the said cert is not in good standings

Pending Cash Out » Post #6

Today, 09:13 in Payment Processor Support

ryoosari wrote:
Sweden2015 wrote: Hi
I have pending balance since 15 Jan/ 2016 .. is that normal >?

What payment processor did you choose?
If it's PayPal, I don't think it's normal.

@ Sweden

If you chose your payment processor as Neteller, it would take quite some time ( much longer, I'm afraid, based from replies from other members ); now, if you did request via PayPal and it's more than 5-7 business days ( excluding weekends ), 10 days at most -- just submit a HelpDesk ticket to inquire assistance

question » Post #9

Today, 09:08 in Filipino

Di ako naka-score ng Survey... kasama ko na rin si ma'am ptcseeker :lol:

Hamo, there's always another day, another opportunity~

Sa mga gumagamit ng EON » Post #3

Today, 09:06 in Filipino

proudly_pinoy wrote: 3 working days partner pasok na sa eon ko.

pero ngayon nalilito ako pano mag withdraw sa paypay to eon. iba na kasi yung page ng paypal.

pag click ko ng withdraw ang hinihingi link to bank account. di ko makita yung withdraw to card.

alam mo ba partner? :D

Pwede mo i-configure ang Paypal page mo to the old look; parang pampagulo lang ang bagong page format, IMO ;)

Pinoy Members Tambayan & Attendance Thread! » Post #4491

Today, 09:01 in Filipino


Sus, ma'am ptcseeker, di ka nag-iisa -- semplang rin ako sa Surveys ngayon :mrgreen:

Quote of the day » Post #2436

Today, 08:59 in General Talk

"You gotta take care of yourself;
you can't do anything in excess

-- Jorge Posada

Age Group Survey » Post #47

Today, 08:50 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: If We oldies win this one what will be reward ??? I will ask for False Teeth

Well, I'm looking forward to a few extra pairs of eyeglasses ( I still mistake those small dogs on the captcha as cats )

13 minutes of straight lies » Post #4

Today, 08:46 in General Talk

Politics... *groan*

If there's one thing to keep in mind: no matter where in the world one is, it's always messy when there's Politics at hand :(

Viewing Ads Issues » Post #100

Today, 08:28 in General Support

prezrala wrote: Hi, for two days I can not view adds - evwrything looks OK but no add apears, it says This Ad did not load properly...what can be wrong?

:?: Have you made sure that your browser, and the Adobe Flash Player plug-ins ( you need both plaug-ins: one for IE browsers, and the other for Non-IE browsers )

If you do have Adobe Flash installed, try to check using the Adobe Help page to test and see if your Flash player is up-to-date:

:arrow: Reference source -- Flash Player Help

If moderators allow me » Post #2

Yesterday, 09:19 in General Support

Sadly, there's already the Tasks Forum section where there's more than enough Sticky threads that have the basic ideas, and picture guidelines in regards to doing and accomplishing Tasks -- as of late, if not for as long as I've been active in the Forums, some members would just post messages like "Please help me" or "How to I earn" on threads that aren't related to Tasks at all ( in a sense, they're post-littering :( )

If you want to create a Thread in the Tasks Forum section that can, as you say, offer help ( interaction with members ) -- you can, without the need to be a moderator

Just try to keep your Thread tidy :mrgreen:

EDIT: Just adding a few more details

What operating system you are using ? » Post #30

Yesterday, 08:38 in General Talk

Pink_Pearl wrote: Is Windows 10 is more secure than Windows 7 ! What do you think ?

Unless the user has read the Win10 User Agreement completely ( and I do mean, down to it's fine print, and reading between the lines )... one would be surprised why they're better off on their old OS ;)

Oh, and for those who bought their gear with pre-installed Win10, same thing... the User Agreement applies

Pinoy Members Tambayan & Attendance Thread! » Post #4488

Yesterday, 08:33 in Filipino

stwie wrote: hi bago lang ako dito paano po yung referral??

Walang Rented Referrals dito sa ClixSense, at bawal -- dito, you earn on your own means ( kungbaga, sipag at tiyaga ) and getting referrals is only by promoting yourself through your social networks; please see the Pinoy ClixSense What you need to know | ClixSense Forum under Promoting

Baka malimutan ko pa: Present :mrgreen:
( Grabe, kung kailan atat na ako -- biglang tatawag ng walang sa oras ang mga *censored* para mag-OT... :( )

Bernie sanders and Donald trump win the primary. » Post #6

Yesterday, 08:24 in General Talk

I saw it earlier on CNN and BBC ( via cable TV ) -- it's still a long way, til the fat lady sings :mrgreen:

( Sidenote: No, I refuse to watch it on Fox... ;) )

First Family Robot device in your house? » Post #5

Yesterday, 08:22 in General Talk

Hmmm... I'm already tempted to use the search engines and look for "Home Robot", tagged with "Japan"

( ...there's enough of that 'other anime' to know where that would go to... *wink wink, nudge nudge* ) :lol:

please help Oberder Chrome problem » Post #18

Yesterday, 08:14 in General Talk

:clap: It's good to see Helloworld was able to assist you, sonymatta ( sorry being late, had other matters at hand )

Guess the edited part from my first reply was a good gut-feeling; to contact RF in regards to the issue :shock:

please help Oberder Chrome problem » Post #6

Tue Feb 09, 2016 10:25 in General Talk

sonymatta wrote: Thanks my friend Oberder

i had sent to CF all details with above screenshot attached lets see what will they do now

once again thank you

:thumbup: Hopefully it gets sorted out; there's some members as well in the Filipino sub-forums that seem to have issues logging in ( guess it's just another day at CrowdFlower :mrgreen: )

Rented referrals » Post #3

Tue Feb 09, 2016 10:17 in Feature Requests

Time and time again, that the idea of having rented referrals ( aka Bots ) in ClixSense isn't really good at all -- sure, they 'make*' you earn more, but in long term it's just a hole that get too deep

NOTE: *'make' as in, just give you the idea that you are earning a lot -- but it's just a placebo

You're better off earning on your own(!), and/or getting real people to sign up under you -- instead of a bot
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