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Posts by oberder
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You need to keep this advert on focus to get credi » Post #2

Yesterday, 10:59 in Filipino

emmee wrote: Pahelp po.. bakit po everytime na magcclick ako ng ads ito po lumalabas, "You need to keep this adverd on focus to get credit" Thanks po!

Pag nag-click ka na ang ad, at nag-open na ang timer window -- don't shift to another window -- either masyadong mabilis kasa pag-click ( offset clicking ), or nag-focus ang browser window mo

Just check by tapping/clicking on the ad window to make sure you stay in the ad, and no where else

Finally Reached $1,000 Total Earnings » Post #17

Sun Aug 30, 2015 07:33 in Filipino

:clap: Congrats! :thumbup:

Angtagal-tagal namin nag-rerequest sa iyo, Bossing Mclloyd...

Blowout-blowout-blowout-blowout-- :lol:

Words of wisdom » Post #222

Sun Aug 30, 2015 07:30 in Filipino

Long time no see, Mommy Fe :mrgreen: Hope ok ka where you are, at ingat palagi

Pinoy Members Tambayan & Attendance Thread! » Post #4144

Sun Aug 30, 2015 07:27 in Filipino


Umuulan na Linggo, maghanda ng payong pag may planong gimmik mamaya :mrgreen:

Firefox Not supporting Clixaddon » Post #17

Sun Aug 30, 2015 07:21 in General Talk

AlienMommy wrote: Lordy! I absolutely detest Chrome! Followed by IE.

For me, Chrome has been in my opinion, known to take too many processes, especially with its plug-in/add-on components -- to see the behavior in Windows, one can open the Windows Task Manager -- press simultaneously CTRL+SHIFT+ESC ( this is applicable to most Windows from XP, all the way to the current 8.1 )

When the Windows Task Manager opens, click on the Processes tab, and you'll be able to see Chrome's processes -- compared to Firefox which would be one ( three, if Flash and it's Plug-in Container are active, though this quickly disappears if a web pages doesn't use Flash entirely ) -- Chrome would be running at at least three to four processes ( if you'd be one of the unlucky ones, there would be 5 to 8 processes :shock: ) Trying to manually disable one of these from Chrome can result to a browser crash. And if you have one of the older machines, with a limited amount of RAM... you'd get a bad performance behavior ( sluggish movements in programs that are currently opened and needed, for starters )

I had Chrome removed from my system; lately it has been a tad lagging, and the number of processes it was running made me shake my head ( "Why do you need so much?" ) -- No regrets when I gutted Chrome :mrgreen:

will Chrome start blocking Flash ad the 1st sept » Post #5

Sun Aug 30, 2015 06:53 in Bug reports

I think I can provide the Tech Article for that, as seen at ArsTechnica:

:arrow: Reference source -- Google Chrome to block auto-playing Flash ads starting September 1 | Ars Technica

Though the news about Chrome implementing this on full-scale on September, it's still unclear what this would do for certain sites that has flash-based components -- till then, the work-around would be to choose another browser ;)


Sat Aug 29, 2015 08:58 in General Talk

arkassim72 wrote: I wish there is no adobe flash on view ads to confirm any clicks. Because adobe flash did not support android nor gingerbread specifically

:idea: Please refer to ptcscrutiny's post for an option: Question | ClixSense Forum

Firefox Not supporting Clixaddon » Post #12

Sat Aug 29, 2015 08:46 in General Talk

AlienMommy wrote:
oberder wrote:
BouldRake wrote: No, or yes, depends.

In the ESR it's optional. In 42 it's mandatory.

One can read it here: Mozilla to require add-ons to be signed in the future - gHacks Tech News

ProAdCo wrote: @ BouldRake

Couldn't they do the about:config and change the settings within the FF source code and turn that OFF

And what to do: Fix for installing unsigned add-ons in Firefox Dev and Nightly - gHacks Tech News

Is Mozilla turning into..

MICROzilla? :o

From what I can make out of some Tech Blogs, it's like the current heads of Mozilla really wants Firefox to be like Chrome, and distance themselves from the ones that made Firefox a unique browser -- the Add-on authors :(

Too many hoops to jump through, eh?

On a offhand-note, not related to anything on this Thread, got this one as of late: Mozilla CEO threatens to fire person responsible for anonymous hate speech on Reddit | The Verge

no cat captcha » Post #9

Sat Aug 29, 2015 08:30 in Bug reports

freelizard wrote: hmmm I did try F5 and that would get them to appear momentarily before the page refreshed - then the dogs n cat vanished
I've since gone and updated flash - after uninstalling the old versions ( and of CCleaner too ) and getting the correct settings - took over an hour since I had to use IE because Firefox would hangup and fail at 89% :? ( twice )

anyway working fine now

I'll try the cntrl f5 next time should I encounter a problem

By any chance, try to manually check if your Firefox browser is up-to-date -- it should be v40.0.3 by now; it would also help to try and check what plug-ins you have

To check the Firefox Plug-ins, press simultaneously CTRL+SHIFT+A -- the About:Addons page will appear as a new Tab, then click on the Plugins menu -- inside the Plugin menu, sometimes too many of these components tend to affect browsing, so you can manually disable these ( to change the behavior, just click on the box on the right from "Always Activate" or "ask to activate" to "Never Activate" ) -- depending on your needs, you can disable the plugins that allows reading PDF on your browsers, word processors, and multiple media player plugins ( like VLC and WMP ) on at the same time

There's no need to restart the browser when you do this; just refresh the pages you have opened ( to do this, just press the hotkey F5 on the top of the keyboard )

Pinoy Members Tambayan & Attendance Thread! » Post #4142

Fri Aug 28, 2015 10:09 in Filipino

Present! TGIF~ :mrgreen:

tomadochi life » Post #62

Fri Aug 28, 2015 09:07 in General Talk

How about a semi-oldie? I had the first Baldur's Gate ( I swear I had my installer somewhere; had mine in the early part of '99 )

But among the classics, SimCity will always have a place in me :mrgreen:

GT Distractions -- Time to check your Updates » Post #279

Fri Aug 28, 2015 08:42 in General Talk

:thumbup: Thanks for the head's up, BouldRake -- I wasn't able to breeze through the DocumentFoundation's Forums in regards to the new release, so my bad on that part

I do know that LibreOffice Portable is now at 5.0.0 rev2 -- the portable version is available at the main publisher's site, and some reputable downloading hubs will offer the two variants: v5.0.0Rev2 and v5.0.0Rev2 All Languages ( the second portable variant is much bigger since it will be adding additional language packs )

Refferals » Post #13

Fri Aug 28, 2015 08:33 in General Support

hyldig wrote:
ariff100 wrote: Dear my "Boss" I am my Site buy 10 Active Unlimited Refarals Please Give Me.............................! & healp me

Did you find 1 of the many doubtful pages that sell referral packs ? Do not buy them , Admin do not want bought referrals on page . Those buying them risk getting banned .

Assisting hylig

Admin posted the news in regards to that, as seen at: Affiliate Promotion - June 9th | ClixSense Forum

Quote:Do not attempt to create bogus accounts and NO PTSU (Paid to signup programs). We have been very strict with this policy and those members we have removed are not getting their accounts back for violating this policy, so please be sure to think before you act!

no cat captcha » Post #2

Thu Aug 27, 2015 15:51 in Bug reports

freelizard wrote: So I cannot view any ads til this gets straightened out

:?: Is your gear ( PC/Laptop ) have Flash plug-ins that are not up to date, or that you may have a program that blocks Flash components? So far, I can see the Cat Captcha and it works ok on my side.

In any case, could you be able to provide a screencap so we could see what it looks like from your end?

GT Distractions -- Time to check your Updates » Post #277

Thu Aug 27, 2015 15:46 in General Talk

:idea: Head's up

Mozilla has now released Firefox v43.0.3 -- the patch update is available by manual/auto-update through your Firefox browser, and the offline installers ( along with local/regional translated variants ) are available only at the main publisher's downloading section

Most reputable downloading hubs will be offereing the EN-US offline installer

:arrow: Reference source: Firefox — Notes (40.0.3) — Mozilla

Other updates:

a) TheDocumentFoundation has released LibreOffice Productivity Suite v5.0.1 -- the new update is available at the main publisher's site; aside from the Windows installer, installers for Linux ( x64 and x86 ) as well for MacOS are available; for those that wish to have the Portable variant, it should be available soon

Most Downloading hubs will offer the Windows installer

b) Brightfort Studio ( previously Javacool ) has released new security signatures for SpywareBlaster v5.2 -- to date, there are now 17270 unique protection signatures added to the database; users should manually check for the update, while paid users will be able to get the updates automatically

tomadochi life » Post #58

Thu Aug 27, 2015 11:50 in General Talk

hyldig wrote: Ups . Those WinXP games still was using the Dos prompt . The later windows was born without Dos prompt . You need to install a Dos prompt / emulator to play the old games . But most old games all the back to 8085 processor ( the first pc ) can still be played . I collect , I got everything . 8 " Floppy disk drive included .

Nah, I have my old WinXP machine up and active ( had to have an electric fan shoved at the side though :lol: ), they seem to play just fine, unless I really have to pull out the old 386 for good measure. I just use my old friend on weekends for goofing off. What I miss are my old copies of Leisure Suit Larry and SimCity ( yup, that old 2D interface )

Those Sayha Watpu days...

Is ClixSense Open on Moblie .....? » Post #6

Thu Aug 27, 2015 11:34 in General Talk

lust4money wrote: Android phones do not support "flash player", you need that in order to view ads on ClixSense. Although you can't view ads on Android phones, you can still open it and check your status or balances. I do that everyday.

And also, i do not know if this is against ClixSense Terms of Services (viewing ads on mobile)..

Fix to that is:
1) downloading FireFox
- this is available on Google Play
2) downloading FlashPLayer for Android (phased out)
- although Google ended this feature, it still exists. Search google for that, you should find the forum that is discussing that issue online.

Hope this can help. :)

I'm afraid you haven't been checking our Forum Section -- as permitted by the Filipino Forum Moderators, the sticky is at Pinoy ClixSense What you need to know | ClixSense Forum -- where under the bullet guide "Issues with Flash ( PC / Laptop / Mobile devices )" are three links to the respected Threads that have resolutions for users having issues with Flash

Along with that, I added back then a resolution to the members to try other browsers which are Flash-compatible -- as seen at Flash has not been detected | ClixSense Forum

And our resident Moderator, ptcscrutiny has also provided a work-around for mobile browsing as well, as seen at: Question | ClixSense Forum

But please do note that members must not install the Puffin broswer; there have been issues with it and the Admin has addressed to that, as seen at: cant do tasks and offers because of this problem.. | ClixSense Forum

tomadochi life » Post #54

Wed Aug 26, 2015 15:33 in General Talk

bludee39 wrote: Hi , just wanted to know whats everyone playing if you play video games & which game console?

Im playing on my new amiibo supported 3DS, ( Tomodachi life & Puzzles &Dragons Z) so what are you playing :)


Guess I'll have to dust up that old Dreamcast out once more... Since I already gave up my old Playstation ( the gray one, where you can plug a GameShark on the back ) to my nephew

Might as well pull out my backup copies of Command and Conquer Generals and Starcraft on my old WinXP for good measure this weekend ;) I love playing the GLA

Neteller questions about payment » Post #2

Wed Aug 26, 2015 15:27 in Payment Processor Support

joenguzle2 wrote: hi good day I have a question

if I ask today payment processor Neteller cashing it today or not?

I need to know that please?

As per announcement, as seen at New Payment Option - Neteller | ClixSense Forum Admin may require members to be a bit more patient as the process will require a bit more time to build up the necessary transactions

wednesday is the new day for payment ?? » Post #2

Wed Aug 26, 2015 15:24 in Payment Processor Support

amare95 wrote: i didn't cash for month so the day is must be change becuase i tried in monday but nothing happend

If there's any issue with the cash out request, you can submit a HelpDesk Ticket and inquire with the Staff
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