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Posts by oberder
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Pinoy Members Tambayan & Attendance Thread! » Post #3347

Today, 12:06 in Filipino

Present! Whee-- :mrgreen:

Nakakatamad Magtask » Post #4

Today, 12:04 in Filipino

mclloyd86 wrote:
iamAlLima wrote: hindi kaya dahil mababa ang bigay ng task? hehehehe. kung i sum up mo erp yan, kung madami ka magagawa worth time pa rin sa iba yan.

Not worth it puro kalahati e dami mo natapos tapos kalahati lang...

Sayang oras at kuryente hehehe

Plus umaambon pa... ang lamig ng simoy ng hangin... then may kumot at unan sa tabi...

( Hashtag moments: #angsarapngulan #petiktime #cool )

Quote of the day » Post #299

Today, 12:01 in General Talk

"Never trust a computer you can't throw out a window."

-- Steve Wozniak

I regret nothing :lol:

Pinoy Members Tambayan & Attendance Thread! » Post #3345

Wed Jul 30, 2014 15:25 in Filipino

Present ( at umaambon pa ) Wheee-- :mrgreen:

Pinoy Clixgrid Proof of Winnings » Post #789

Wed Jul 30, 2014 15:22 in Filipino

onlinebiz wrote:
oberder wrote:
onlinebiz wrote: Congrats po sa mga nananalo.. ako wala parin.. hehe.. :lol:

Basta libre po kayo pag naka-score sa ClixGrid, ma'am onlinebiz -- maski tatlong siomai, pwede na :mrgreen:

haha.. siomai talaga? ipag-luluto na lang kita kuya oberder.. joke.. :lol:

Basta may toyomansi with sili, at isang malaking baso ng gulaman, heheheh :mrgreen:

PayZa update » Post #16

Wed Jul 30, 2014 15:17 in Payment Processor Support

jjohnson777 wrote:
bscint13 wrote: Ladies and Gentlemen! Dear Administration! I understand that an international project, is not it? And here the U.S.??? Not satisfied with seascape, connect any other system, but suitable for all project participants, not just the citizens of the United States ... What you done now called fraud (international law) despite your previous merits and achievements. I want my minimum salary now, but I can not bring her ... and I regard this circumstance? Connect OKPAY, PerfectMoney ... as for me and normal systems as legally ...

Both those banned US.

Assisting jjohnson777

There was already an issue of it a year ago -- so for US companies, or individuals to have business with OKPay wouldn't be convenient ( :idea: Reference source: OKpay didn't Accept USA clients? )

And in another search on news feeds dated roughly a year ago, I found an article in regards of why PerfectMoney had ceased businesses with US clients: ( :idea: Reference source -- Perfect Money refuses to register new clients from USA | Economy )

Until there is a definite clear sign that it will be good for any US company to conduct business with them, it would be best to wait and see

37 clicks for 1 cent » Post #2

Tue Jul 29, 2014 11:07 in General Talk

I don't know... :mrgreen:

ClixGrid's all about luck -- so it wouldn't matter how many clicks it'll take to win; just click and hope it'll stick ;)

No Cashout button?! » Post #6

Tue Jul 29, 2014 05:15 in General Support

cherryking wrote: Where is the button for cashout? will appear when I reach amount of $6?
Thank You!

Click on your User Name Tab ( it's the one next to the Sign Out tab ), and this will open the My Account Summary page

Inside the My Account Summary page, look down at the My Account Details section and you'll be able to see the Balance -- next to that is the amout that you have earned, and if you see the small moneybag icon, the click-link Cashout is there

Micro ad causing locked PC » Post #9

Tue Jul 29, 2014 05:07 in Bug reports

Just in case, a good full scan using anti-virus and anti-malware programs may help; I haven't seen this particular ad ( guess it's unavailable for Tier3 countries ) so I can only speculate it may be a Java script embedded in the ad that may have caused the lock

In regards to anti-malware, getting and installing a copy of the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware ( MBAM ) v2.0.2.1012, would help -- make sure it gets updated after you installed into your sytem ( Free versions need manual updates, which the user has to do; Paid versions have an auto-updater ) and run a Custom Scan ( after v1.75, the MBAM standard scan is now called Custom Scan ) with all the check marks, including a Rootkit scan -- note that a Custom scan will take roughly an hour or so ( depending on your system's HD, and how much files are stored in it ) so get ready to spend some quality time :mrgreen:

Other free and open-source anti-malware programs are available, but these are often recommended under supervision from a Forum Support -- sites like Bleeping Computer and MBAM Forums have members that can assist other users that have issues in regards to malware/spyware/ransomware/junkware issues for their OS, and will help in step-by-step procedures on using these tools

Hope your issue gets cleared soon, and you get back to clicking :thumbup:

Pinoy Members Tambayan & Attendance Thread! » Post #3342

Mon Jul 28, 2014 15:17 in Filipino

Present! Whee-- :mrgreen:

Pinoy Clixgrid Proof of Winnings » Post #787

Mon Jul 28, 2014 15:15 in Filipino

Here we go again :mrgreen: Maraming salamat ClixSense!

Quote of the day » Post #286

Mon Jul 28, 2014 08:21 in General Talk

"Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory."

-- Mahatma Gandhi

What music/song are you listening now? » Post #178

Mon Jul 28, 2014 08:12 in General Talk

Maliky wrote: If you like “The Magnificent Seven” and have never seen “The Seven Samurai” (directed by Akira Kurosawa), you should find a copy (warning: if you do not like movies with subtitles, ignore this suggestion!).

:thumbup: Watched "The Seven Samurai" -- a definite Classic to watch, along with those like "Lone Wolf and Cub"

Here's a little nugget ( thanks to my nephew ): kids and kids-at-heart can watch the anime "Samurai 7", which was based on Akira Kurosawa's work and preserved as close as it can regardless of it made for an alternate universe ( I was surprised when I watched the series, and I'd say it's pretty good ;) )

Also, Subs over Dubs :thumbup:

PTC click question » Post #2

Mon Jul 28, 2014 08:04 in General Talk

damahao wrote: Is it worth buying? Has someone tried this pattern and how much did you earn?

:?: Is this about ClixGrid -- about buying an ad in the ClixGrid, and asking how to win there?

Micro ad causing locked PC » Post #6

Mon Jul 28, 2014 07:47 in Bug reports

I'll assume that you already have the new updates of Adobe Flash ( you should have the two plug-ins: one for IE browsers, and the one for Non-IE browsers ) -- if not, double check; the current version Flash is, as of this post date, is v14.0.0.145

:?: What browser causes the lock?

I'll assume you'd be using Mozilla Firefox -- if Flash isn't the issue, try to check if an add-on may be the issue; try to see if you have a particular add-on installed, then disable if needed ( Reference source: Blocked Add-ons :: Add-ons for Firefox )

If there's no add-on listed there that's installed in your system, see if it's a plug-in issue; in the link provided from the MozillaZine database, under the Problematic Plugins entry, highlights a list of plug-ins that, if it's installed in your system, should be adjusted on your end ( Reference source: Issues related to plugins - MozillaZine Knowledge Base )

TIP* to make it easier for a check inside the reference pages provided above, use CTRL+F or the Search shortcut so you don't need to scroll through it all the time

:idea: Additional Edit: For a better way to check your plug-ins on the Mozilla Firefox, you can use the Plugin Checker from the Mozilla site: ( reference source: Plugin Check & Updates — Mozilla ) -- the link provided is under HTTPS to ensure your privacy and security while surfing

I am unable to see the tasks page » Post #2

Mon Jul 28, 2014 07:35 in General Support

You can do a proxy check -- if the system determines a reading ( see #1 for the Link on the note made by resident Moderator, ptcscrutiny ), then send an inquiry HelpDesk Ticket for further assistance

If by any chance that you're using a modem -- first, safely log out of the internet, then turn off your modem/router for a few minutes; if you have Piriform CCleaner, perform a cleanup of your system in regards to your browsers cookies and cache ( this can be seen under the Windows and Applications tab of CCleaner -- place a checkmark on the cookies )

Now, after cleaning, and a few minutes of turning off the modem/router, turn it on again and log in

:idea: Reference Sources:
1) How to determine am I using proxy or vpn? | ClixSense Forum
2) ClixSense HelpDesk - Submit a HelpDesk Ticket

What music/song are you listening now? » Post #175

Sun Jul 27, 2014 19:02 in General Talk

Well, I've been really enjoying watching some Classic movies on weekends, so here's one ( offhand: for those who smoke cigarettes should be able to guess which brand used this theme song :mrgreen: )

The Magnificent Seven Theme - YouTube

Got Red Flagged » Post #7

Sun Jul 27, 2014 17:57 in Filipino

joms23 wrote: panu po malaman pag may red flag???

Figure of Expression lang yun :mrgreen: Mostly ang gagawin ng system ng CF ay mag-papakita ng status message sa Dashboard mo na 'your work doesn't qualify' o kung ano pa man ( *angdaming kung ano pang che-che-bureche... alam mo na yun* :lol: )

Pero ngayon ko lang nakarining na pwede ma-kick out ka sa isang Task at 100% accuracy :shock:

Pinoy Members Tambayan & Attendance Thread! » Post #3341

Sun Jul 27, 2014 17:53 in Filipino

Present ( at SONA ngayon, kaya't ingat sa pag-biyahe sa QC area ) Whee-- :mrgreen:

75% accuracy pero walang badge » Post #2

Sun Jul 27, 2014 17:52 in Filipino

Wag -- creating a new account won't do; baka may chance na ma-flag ka for fraud ( subjected to creating multiple accounts ) at baka ma-indefinite ban ka sa system nila

Natural sa Staff ng CF na maging mabagal ( daig pa ang pagong :mrgreen: ) since parang konti sila *nanaykopo...*

;) Tiyagaan mo muna; konting tiis lang, at lalabas ang Badge status mo ( just keep trying to maintain good accuracy ratings from there on )
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