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Posts by oberder
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Find Business Addresses » Post #2

Sun Mar 15, 2015 02:41 in Filipino

j2washere wrote: pa tulung sa task na to anu tricks dito and yung phone # na ganito +91-80-6614 4900/01/02 ayaw e accept anu maganda gawin? thanks :thumbup:

Sa tingin ko, kailangan i-submit mo tatlong numbers with the Area code -- so ang lalabas yata ay:


Pero nagtataka ako kung bakit listed sya as a landline ( not sure if it is a landline since it's 8-digits when I did a search engine check )

Pasok mga Newbies/baguhan dito sa CS forum. » Post #732

Sun Mar 15, 2015 02:35 in Filipino

DROIDSense wrote:
Yla06 wrote: Hi po sa lahat...can anyone help me po paano palitan yong country of residence ko? nung mg register kasi ako yong sa country na part...di ako maka pagselect ng ibang country naka lock lang po sya sa AUSTRALIA....kaya sa account yana ng nka lagay...wala po akong makitang sagot sa FAQ...thanks po..pasensya na di ko pa gaano kabisado lahat...

try mo po magsend ng ticket, click mo lang po helpdesk sa upper right corner.

Here, I'll help you:

:arrow: Reference source -- ClixSense HelpDesk FAQs -- Create and Submit a HelpDesk Ticket

Ads Opening a NEW window change ?? » Post #5

Sun Mar 15, 2015 02:05 in General Support

I'm experimenting on the two options ( going through Firefox's Tools: ALT+T -- Option -- Tabs -- check/uncheck "Open New Windows in a New Tab" ) while going through the ClixGrid

So far, nothing seems out of the ordinary when toggling the menu -- if your Firefox browser has been updated several times ( overlapping updates may cause the build-up issue from time to time -- one can see this at ALT+T -- Options -- Advanced -- Update -- Show Update history, then try a clean uninstall/re-install of a fresh Firefox browser installer at the main publisher's downloading hub

EDIT: when I mentioned overlapping updates, that means there's been more than 4-5 consecutive updates placed over the Firefox browser -- if there's a lot listed, it's time for a clean uninstall/re-install; if there's less than 4 ( say 3 ) recent updates, it'll still be fine until you decide to

Quote of the day » Post #1027

Sat Mar 14, 2015 11:57 in General Talk

"I walk slowly, but I never walk backward."

-- Abraham Lincoln

( Offhand: Pretty much sums up for all of us as Clickers ;) )

I need ideas » Post #4

Fri Mar 13, 2015 19:34 in General Talk

:idea: Ok, Admin -- I'll give it a 'roll' *bu-dum-tsh*

Split Lanes

10-Pegs ( or Ten-P )

Shining Gutters ( I know -- I'd bet I'm getting into trouble for this one :mrgreen: )

Quote of the day » Post #1018

Fri Mar 13, 2015 15:48 in General Talk

"Musicians don't retire;
they stop when there's no more music in them

-- Louis Armstrong

( Offhand: try to replace 'music' with 'perseverance', then 'Musicians' as 'Clickers' -- it's no different, right? ;) )

Pedi ba Tablet pang Task? » Post #13

Fri Mar 13, 2015 15:40 in Filipino

DROIDSense wrote:
gemini_16 wrote: Mga sir at madam, ask ko lang..most of the task that i received is more spanish language.. kayo ganito b ung task lagi na na natatanggap nyo?

reply po naman..salamat po

hindi po, may ibang language din bukod sa spanish. depende kasi yan sa task author :thumbup:

At most, it's Tasks written in Portuguese

GT Distractions -- Time to check your Updates » Post #249

Thu Mar 12, 2015 18:31 in General Talk

:idea: Head's up -- Adobe has a multi-update; current new releases for Adobe Flash Player for IE browsers and for Non-IE browsers ( also known as NPAPI ) as well as Adobe AIR are as follows:

Adobe Flash Player for IE and Non-IE browsers are now at v17.0.0.134
Adobe AIR now at v17.0.0.124

These are available as online installers at the main publisher's site for all OS systems; offline installers can be requested there as well

Quote of the day » Post #1009

Wed Mar 11, 2015 22:16 in General Talk

"People won't have time for you if you are always angry or complaining."

-- Stephen Hawking

"Why so serious?"

-- Heath Ledger ( playing the character Joker in the movie Batman The Dark Knight )

About Eon Card.. » Post #6

Wed Mar 11, 2015 19:20 in Filipino

Income_4_All wrote: hindi n po aqu makakalipat ng ibng branch kz nung nag-apply pu aqu nilagay ko bacoor branch eh

Ayun, baka yun ang reason kung bakit naging stringent and under scrutiny sila sa requirements mo ( consider it as a precaution by the bank's employees to ensure that the applicant is a legitimate customer )

Pinoy Members Tambayan & Attendance Thread! » Post #3759

Wed Mar 11, 2015 19:17 in Filipino

Present! Whee--

( Anghirap talaga ng buhay-bampira :mrgreen: )

Akala ko english, un pala... » Post #3

Tue Mar 10, 2015 20:12 in Filipino

Mukhang Portuguese ang Task sa screencap mo -- best try to do Tasks that are in English, kasi minsan may mga terms o salita na kahit gumamit ng online translator na kulang/di husto sa nasa document -- best eto sa mga members na natural na sa kanila ( local dialect na ginagamit nila )

Pinoy Members Tambayan & Attendance Thread! » Post #3753

Tue Mar 10, 2015 20:05 in Filipino

Present :mrgreen:

( At angsakit ng mga mata't daliri ko... nanaykopu-- )

Please Reply » Post #3

Tue Mar 10, 2015 19:56 in General Support

As hyldig mentioned, ads will appear randomly in a server cycle ( in a day ), so it would be a good idea to check from time to time your View Ads tab; installing the ClixSense ClixAddon would also help you

GT Distractions - Losing a Like » Post #1

Mon Mar 09, 2015 18:03 in General Talk

Actually, not related here in ClixSense's Like/Thanks system :mrgreen:

Just read off a Tech Blog that Facebook will be soon implementing some new guidelines in regards to it; I'll be providing the search engine keywords instead, since it may technically fall under some Forum guidelines:

:idea: Reference search engine keywords: Facebook update business news Making Page Likes More Meaningful

So, to cut it short: any Facebook member that has been deactivated but were able to Like something from your page, may soon be removed from your tally count, as based on the FB Staff's quote:

Quote:"...ensure that data on Facebook is consistent and up to date..."

Well, to those who got a lot of Likes and Views, guess it's time to say goodbye to those stats :shock:

Quote of the day » Post #994

Mon Mar 09, 2015 17:45 in General Talk

poiuy123 wrote:
ptcscrutiny wrote:
poiuy123 wrote: Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.
- Ambrose Redmoon.

Already mentioned before ;)
See #307

Sorry, I didn't go through the older posts to see if it was mentioned before; I liked the quote so posted here.
So, do we have to post a unique quote everytime that hasn't been posted till date? :?

Yup, when you can -- and don't worry, I'm guilty of some re-posts as well too :mrgreen:

"Take chances, make mistakes.
That's how you grow -- Pain nourishes your courage.
You have to fail in order to practice being brave

-- Mary Tyler Moore

Popups on Clixsense » Post #5

Mon Mar 09, 2015 17:41 in General Talk

peytonann wrote: Hey Guys,

I am getting some annoying popups on clixsense which is not allowing me to work on anything.
Is it only me or is there anybody else who is experiancing the same thing?

:?: Would you be able to make a screen cap of the pop-up that appears on your browser?

About PTC there anyone try this? » Post #5

Mon Mar 09, 2015 08:01 in Filipino

mclloyd86 wrote:
mint25 wrote: kamusta success rate nyo sa PTC advertising?

No comment hehehe

Parang nag-iisda -- sobrang pasenya't kailangan, 'no bossing mclloyd86 :mrgreen:

Another quick question! » Post #2

Sun Mar 08, 2015 21:45 in Filipino

roujette wrote: I have tried searching the whole site/forum for the answer or maybe I didn't look hard enough.

Can anyone give me an idea about the differences of each ad? What does it mean when it says Sticky, Standard, Micro, Mini, and Extended?

Salamat sa makapagsagot. :)

Here you go:

:idea: Reference source -- What are the differences between all of the ad exposure types?

Pinoy Members Tambayan & Attendance Thread! » Post #3749

Sun Mar 08, 2015 21:43 in Filipino

Lunes na naman, suya... :mrgreen:

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