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Posts by oberder
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ClixSense Running Super Slow This Morning » Post #3

Sat May 10, 2014 21:51 in Bug reports

All seems well on my end -- ads and ClixGrid are loading and closing just fine, as well as going through the Forum pages and other tabs

Quote of the day » Post #120

Sat May 10, 2014 06:10 in General Talk

"If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else,
it will spread into your work and into your life.
There are no limits.
There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them."

--Bruce Lee

GT Distractions -- Time to check your Updates » Post #163

Fri May 09, 2014 20:30 in General Talk

:idea: Head's up -- Mozilla has released Firefox v29.0.1 -- the new update is ready to download at the publisher's secure downloading hub ( please make sure that you keep tabs of the address bar on your browser, making sure that viewing the Mozilla pages is always on HTTPS ), along with the many regional variants that will suit the user's nationality

Release notes and synopsis of the new version can be seen at: Firefox — Notes — Mozilla

Naming your Refferals » Post #12

Fri May 09, 2014 11:01 in Feature Requests

Though I like the idea of personalizing your Referrals by giving them a nickname ( for personal organization -- which may be easier than seeing a full member's username )

Offhand humor-wise, I hope nobody starts giving a nickname to their Referrals like "this little piggy..." :lol:

I've never gone this far...till today! » Post #2

Fri May 09, 2014 10:57 in Filipino

Nasaan ang medical slip mo? At absent ka sa Pinoy Forums nang kaytagal-tagal, hala-- :lol:

:clap: Anyways, maligayang pagbabalik

GT Distractions -- Time to check your Updates » Post #162

Fri May 09, 2014 10:32 in General Talk

:idea: Head's up -- time for a multiple update:

PC and MAC OS:
The Document Foundation has now released LibreOffice v4.2.4 and is ready to download for both OS at the main publisher's hub, as well as most reputable downloading hubs

Mac OS
The Dropbox Team has released Dropbox v2.6.33 and is ready to download/update

:!: Follow-up: In regards to Malwarebytes Anti-malware ( MBAM ) recent issue with v2.0 -- please visit the Malwarebytes Forums, and get the known update known as Public Beta v2.0.2.1010 which greatly replaces the old v2.0 with a far more improved system -- though that this is a Beta release, it is stable and scanning time has been seen as more responsive :thumbup:

Less Ads » Post #2

Fri May 09, 2014 10:21 in General Support

Aside from clicking ads which will randomly appear, and testing one's luck in the ClixGrid ( wouldn't hurt trying ), try to see if there are Tasks available, as well as Offers; these are definite ways to improve earnings in ClixSense ;)

Pinoy Members Tambayan & Attendance Thread! » Post #3191

Fri May 09, 2014 10:19 in Filipino

Present ( at weekend nah! ) Whee-- :mrgreen:

Quote of the day » Post #118

Fri May 09, 2014 10:18 in General Talk

Winning means you're willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else.

-- Vince Lombardi

Newbie here :D » Post #3

Fri May 09, 2014 10:16 in General Talk

mk94 wrote: Do you get anything for playing the games ??

The flash games in the Games Section are just for entertainment purposes; something to pass the time if a member wants to wait for upcoming ads/Offers/Tasks

Quote of the day » Post #116

Thu May 08, 2014 19:38 in General Talk

"Luck favors the prepared"

-- Edna Mode / Disney Pixar "The Incredibles"

Quote of the day » Post #111

Wed May 07, 2014 17:36 in General Talk

"Enjoying success requires the ability to adapt.
Only by being open to change will you have a true opportunity to get the most from your talent."

-- Nolan Ryan

Pinoy Members Tambayan & Attendance Thread! » Post #3189

Wed May 07, 2014 17:34 in Filipino

Present! Whee-- :mrgreen:

Hello I have a question.. » Post #3

Tue May 06, 2014 13:03 in General Support

Make sure to inform the HelpDesk that you'll be going to another country, so that way they can designate your flag to match accordingly

Now, in the case of a long absence -- being away from ClixSense for a period of inactivity ( say 30days ) is quite fine -- just remember to login and check your account status before you reach 90days of inactivity ( that would be roughly 3 months )

Any member, Standard or Premium, that does not show activity ( log in ) for more than 3months/90days will be considered by the system, and all earnings and records will be reset to zero

:idea: Reference source -- ClixSense HelpDesk FAQs -- Why am I being asked to login each time I come to the site?

So again, just make sure to log in again before you reach 90days of inactivity to avoid losing your earnings ;)

Quote of the day » Post #107

Tue May 06, 2014 12:36 in General Talk

"Inspiration is one thing and you can't control it, but hard work is what keeps the ship moving.
Good luck means: work hard -- Keep up the good work.

-- Kevin Eubanks

Pinoy Members Tambayan & Attendance Thread! » Post #3185

Tue May 06, 2014 12:34 in Filipino

Present! Whee-- :mrgreen:

Pasok mga Newbies/baguhan dito sa CS forum. » Post #496

Tue May 06, 2014 12:31 in Filipino

gaananfamily wrote: bago ako dito sa clixsense..hindi ba pwde ang check international payment?kelangan mgpaypal talaga?salamat more power!

Pwede ang tseke, but kailangan maka-accumulate ka ng halos US$100+ as per ClixSense guidelines -- kung may inquiries ka regarding sa Check Payments, you can submit a HelpDesk Ticket and ask the Staff ( remember: English only )

Withdraw PayPal via Bank Account » Post #320

Tue May 06, 2014 12:27 in Filipino

ninzmetran wrote: yung sched po ba na every monday or friday before 2pm EST ang pag cashout ay same time din po ba natin dito sa phil? or time nila sa abroad?

Time nila -- so basically, halos 8-10hrs advance tayo sa EST

Para sigurado, make a secondary clock on your PC Desktop / Laptop -- here's a guide how to do this with XP/Vista/Win7 ( for Win8/8.1, it may be the same, but if in doubt, you can use the F2 which is the MS Help tab on all Windows OS )

Here's a forum link on how you can make two clocks appear on your browser: Local Time for posts made on the Forum | ClixSense Forum

First cash out » Post #2

Mon May 05, 2014 08:16 in General Support

Since you were able to make a cash out request days ago, a HelpDesk ticket would be a good start -- inquire with the Staff in regards of your cash out, and I'm sure they'll be able to see to it ASAP

:idea: ClixSense HelpDesk -- Submit a HelpDesk Ticket

Quote of the day » Post #102

Mon May 05, 2014 07:50 in General Talk

"Happiness is not the absence of problems, it's the ability to deal with them."

-- Steve Maraboli
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