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Posts by oberder
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Practice Posting Here » Post #452

Sun Jan 12, 2014 04:11 in General Talk

:mrgreen: Practice post? Ok--

Only 7 Letter Words » Post #1211

Sat Jan 11, 2014 22:08 in General Talk

Crouton :mrgreen:

4 Letter Words » Post #1158

Sat Jan 11, 2014 22:07 in General Talk

Wick ( part of the candle :mrgreen: )

Pinoy ClixSense What you need to know » Post #81

Sat Jan 11, 2014 19:54 in Filipino

Found in the Forums: for those that want to click using a Tablet, here's a guide to where you can get Flash-enabled browsers courtesy of ptcscrutiny:

:idea: Reference source -- Question | ClixSense Forum

Pinoy Clixgrid Proof of Winnings » Post #709

Sat Jan 11, 2014 08:42 in Filipino

:thumbup: Congrats to jl0403010 -- nasa ClixGrid ako nung manalo ka :clap:

$0.02 ads » Post #18

Fri Jan 10, 2014 21:18 in Filipino

Ladies and Gentlemen -- A Wild Extend Ad has appeared just a few moments after this post

Hope nakahuli rin kayo :thumbup:

i thought i'd get $10 for just signing in.. hoax? » Post #2

Fri Jan 10, 2014 08:25 in General Talk

In regards to the $10 you mention, please refer to this post: Introducing | ClixSense Forum -- it'll explain everything about the said $10 you are inquiring about

:oops: Edit: minor change to the link -- wasn't directing to the proper Thread response of ptcscrutiny

Pinoy Members Tambayan & Attendance Thread! » Post #2897

Thu Jan 09, 2014 21:46 in Filipino

Wresent! Pheee-- :lol:

Pinoy ClixSense What you need to know » Post #80

Thu Jan 09, 2014 21:43 in Filipino

stl1008775 wrote: sir obender pwede bank mag cash out gamit ang pnb account ng misis ko wala kasi akong debit card

To make a cashout online, you need a payment processor ( in this case, Paypal ) where you have to register at the main Paypal site and have it verified with a legitimate card:

:idea: Send Money, Pay Online and Merchant Accounts - PayPal Philippines ( NOTE: do make sure that the Paypal site that log into has to be always HTTPS to ensure a secure transaction )

To use someone else credit card ( in this case, sa asawa mo ) to have it verified, technically that would fall under electronic fraud -- mahirap na mag-assume na pwede, so the best and legitimate way is to get a debit card for yourself and use that ( one example is Union Bank EON card -- you can check online for details of this debit card, or you can apply to the nearest Union Bank branch for one )

GT Distractions -- Time to check your Updates » Post #124

Thu Jan 09, 2014 21:19 in General Talk

Head's up -- Brightfort ( formerly Javacool ) has now released new signatures for SpywareBlaster; there are now 16734 unique protection signatures available

The database is ready to apply on Manual / Automatic updates for the program

Playing game » Post #3

Tue Jan 07, 2014 17:54 in General Talk

ClixGrid -- the game that tests one's luck ( and patience )

Playing it is easy, winning's just another matter -- there's no technique here; no position, no pattern, no special technique, no super code that gives 30-lives, no blood sacrifices and what-nots :mrgreen:

Basically, the ClixGrid is something any member should try their luck for; regardless if being a Standard or Premium user, there's just no telling where, and how much the prize will be -- so just keep on clicking, keep on trying because perhaps if luck doesn't go well for you today, there be another day to try once more ;)

Pinoy Clixgrid Proof of Winnings » Post #708

Tue Jan 07, 2014 17:48 in Filipino

:D Swerte! Score uli--

Thank you Lord, at sa ClixSense

ClixGrid and sites that don't give ClixCents » Post #6

Tue Jan 07, 2014 17:47 in General Talk

Well, just keep on clicking -- who knows...

...luck happens :mrgreen:

Pasok mga Newbies/baguhan dito sa CS forum. » Post #361

Tue Jan 07, 2014 13:31 in Filipino

jagbada123 wrote: Bakit konti ng task sa Pilipinas? Bakit sa U.S. ang daming task na nakalagay. Ask lang

Available advertisers -- also that some advertisers target particular countries depending on their needs ( ang tawag dito ay "Geo-targeting" ) Another thing dapat i-consider ay depende rin kung saan ina-allocate ang mga Tasks, dahil ang hawak ng Tasks ( number and prices of each Tasks batch ) ay CrowdFlower, so ClixSense or any other PTC sites hosting Tasks, have control over

Remember though that there are days that Tasks will come -- and they come in a lot, so the best thing to do is always check from time to time the Tasks tab to see if new ones appear, and be ready for a first-come-first-click ;)

Pinoy ClixSense What you need to know » Post #77

Tue Jan 07, 2014 13:26 in Filipino

mahiyain wrote: Guys, patulong naman po, Is there a way para makausap ko or malaman ko man lang yung details (email or contact info) ng sponsor ko? I have been a member of clixsense since September. Just want to thanks my sponsor in inviting me to clixsense. Kasi ang nag-a-appear lang sakin is yung username nya (PreLlerZz)

Chances are that if the contact info of your Sponsor doesn't appear on your system ( which can be seen on the Affiliates tab ) which is his/her email, you can try to inquire with the HelpDesk; submit a HelpDesk Ticket to ask them if you can relay a brief message to your Sponsor to contact you via your email or to your social networking site like FB or Skype or equivalence -- though this will depend if the Staff will accommodate it

Just give it a try, though ;)

Pinoy Members Tambayan & Attendance Thread! » Post #2893

Tue Jan 07, 2014 13:19 in Filipino

Present! Whee-- :mrgreen:

share sa wifi » Post #2

Tue Jan 07, 2014 13:18 in Filipino

This would be best handled by the HelpDesk Staff -- just to be safe, submit a HelpDesk Ticket and inquire, mahirap na kung mag-assume ang members in regards to Shared WiFi

Radio Royalty redirects me to a fake Java Update ? » Post #5

Tue Jan 07, 2014 13:11 in Bug reports

:idea: If you know that you have already installed a legitimate and updated program ( in this case, Oracle Sun JAVA ) -- then when visiting a site that redirects you to a message window that says your JAVA isn't up-to-date, and you have to click on a link to download an 'up-to-date' copy -- best ignore that pop-up and never click on anything it says ( close that tab )

A HelpDesk ticket would help to inform the Staff about it

Just make sure that after you go online -- scan your gear ( desktop / laptop ) with appropriate anti-virus and anti-malware programs that are with up-to-date data signatures

ClixGrid and sites that don't give ClixCents » Post #4

Sat Jan 04, 2014 08:21 in General Talk

The way I look at it -- I project myself like I was playing an online MMORPG -- where ClixSense is the heart of the game; clicking of ads, doing Tasks and Offers as the main missions ( 'defeating the opponents', figures ), while the ClixGrid is more of a side-quest :mrgreen:

Ok, that aside, doing the ClixGrid isn't really something to expect good earnings, but something to see if one's luck would get them something -- putting expectations on winning on one try all the time isn't a good practice, let alone expect to win at the first click ( if that was true, then I'd be winning the Lotto all the time -- same idea, right? )

So, don't feel too down if you don't get to win today -- there's always another day, another set of ClixGrid clicks to try once more; just keep on clicking, and who knows

Now, in regards to Offers, well that's another thing altogether ( I don't get as much, if not any Offers since I'm in a Tier3 set, unlike members in Tier1 like US, Canada and Europe ) It's up to the advertiser how they make the Offer for the members to accomplish, I guess -- so any issues that involve it would be best to inform the site's staff ( like here, submitting a HelpDesk ticket ) to look over the matter

GT Distractions -- Time to check your Updates » Post #123

Sat Jan 04, 2014 08:09 in General Talk

:idea: Head's up -- Dropbox has now released it's new version; Dropbox is now v2.4.11 and is now available at the publisher's downloading section, and most reputable downloading hubs

:!: If you download at the main publisher's site, Dropbox always uses HTTPS to ensure safety of your download
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