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Posts by oberder
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GT Distractions -- Time to check your Updates » Post #78

Tue Jun 25, 2013 14:36 in General Talk

:!: Head's up -- Piriform has now released a new version for Windows Users -- CCleaner is at v4.03.4151 which is available at the main publisher's site and respective downloading hubs

Also, Mozilla Firefox has now released the new v22.0 -- and with a new added feature: Services -- Firefox update is ready through your browser's update system, from the publisher's main site and your favorite download hubs


For reference, here is the link on the Release notes regarding the new Firefox v22.0:

:idea: Reference Source: Firefox Notes - Desktop

Double LETTER Vocabulary Game! » Post #90

Mon Jun 24, 2013 16:45 in General Talk

Tortillas :mrgreen:

Counting to 10,000 » Post #971

Mon Jun 24, 2013 16:44 in General Talk


You begin from the last letter of the previous pos » Post #3215

Mon Jun 24, 2013 16:42 in General Talk


...and here I go again, whee-- :mrgreen:

countdown from 10000 » Post #121

Mon Jun 24, 2013 16:39 in General Talk

9 9 8 7

Clix Grid » Post #3

Mon Jun 24, 2013 16:37 in General Talk

Before, I took the advice from one of the members to stand up -- turn around three times -- sit and click

Well, the technique did get me a prize ( Reference source -- ClixGrid | ClixSense Forum ) But I didn't continued with that since it really made a pretty stiff back for me :mrgreen:

Nowadays, I just do a "click-and-forget" -- randomly clicking anywhere, and let Luck take care of it

5 Letter Words » Post #2346

Mon Jun 24, 2013 16:31 in General Talk

Dirty :o

Word Association » Post #477

Mon Jun 24, 2013 16:27 in General Talk


( I feel the pain too, Gasher )

Scientific terms only~ previous last letter » Post #278

Mon Jun 24, 2013 16:26 in General Talk

Yellow Jack ( also known as Yellow Fever, is an acute viral hemorrhagic disease )

( Offhand: Even here I get the "Y" *cries* :shock: )

4 Letter Words » Post #729

Mon Jun 24, 2013 16:23 in General Talk


Last Two Letters » Post #826

Mon Jun 24, 2013 16:22 in General Talk


( Oh gawd, it has been so long I haven't been goofing off here :mrgreen: )

How to become a winner in clixgrid » Post #3

Mon Jun 24, 2013 16:20 in General Talk

Greetings taurusgirly -- unfortunately there's no tip / technique / pattern / prayer / blood sacrifice to some ancient deity ( goodness, did I add that :mrgreen: )

ClixGrid is a game based on chance -- no matter where you'll place or make your click, there's no telling if there's something or nothing there, let luck win your favor -- so just click where you can; click regularly and click where your gut feelings are -- who knows, you might nail it when you least expect it

And no -- ClixGrid does not show favors if the user is a Standard or Premium user -- even with the difference in the number of ClixGrid chances, there's always someone who'll win :thumbup:

Forum: CONFIRM "Mark All Forum Read" » Post #4

Mon Jun 24, 2013 16:13 in Feature Requests

I like this one -- a confirmation message -- I'd vote for this one :thumbup: ( I also made a few slip-ups in my earlier days in the forums when clicking the "Mark All" too :oops: )

Forum: Kill A Topic » Post #2

Mon Jun 24, 2013 16:06 in Feature Requests

Unfortunately, a Topic couldn't be hidden, but :idea: you can try to hide a Forum Section if you don't want to see it when you visit the Forums Section -- to do this, look for the semi-invisible dash found at the end of each Forum section ( the one that looks like a 'ghost dash tab' ) -- click on that and the Forum section disappears, and will only re-appear if you re-click it

In other words: It's gone :mrgreen:

Tasks Not Found » Post #1

Mon Jun 24, 2013 15:18 in Filipino

Anyone got this lately?

Naman... *suya* :(

Tasks Bug "Not Found" » Post #6

Mon Jun 24, 2013 15:15 in Tasks

I also got to see it :shock:

Tried clearing cache and cookies -- no effect ( Guess it's a CF issue )

account block » Post #4

Mon Jun 24, 2013 15:03 in General Talk

DaxServer wrote: From User Agreement - ClixSense

If your account should go to inactive status (90 days with no logins), ClixSense will consider the account abandoned and close it. All funds in the account will be forfeited in the event the account is reopened. Any referrals or ad credits that are in your account when it's closed for inactivity will remain in the account.

:idea: Assisting DaxServer

Greetings ahrabd,

Basically if a user does not log into their accounts within the 90-days of inactivity ( which is roughly three months ) all the user's earnings and stats will be reverted to zero, but the account can still be accessed

Try to make sure to log in at least once every month, or before the 90-day grace period in order not to lose your earnings -- if you want, you can submit a HelpDesk Ticket and inquire for further assistance

Todays winnings » Post #3

Mon Jun 24, 2013 14:57 in General Talk

:clap: Congratulations -- It's still a good win, in my book -- Keep on clickin' :thumbup:

direct referrals » Post #3

Mon Jun 24, 2013 14:50 in General Talk

Use your Affiliate Link ( to see this, hover the mouse / touchpad pointer over your username -- from the drop-down menu, click on the Account Summary -- from there, look down a bit and you'll see your own Affiliate Link ) and promote it on your blog, social networking sites, and so on -- this include using ads available in most PTC sites -- word-of-mouth also helps; talk it out with friends / neighbors / etc.

Before I forget -- just make sure to remember that you can't post your Affiliate link inside the ClixSense Forums ( as per rules ), and that in some Forums outside the ClixSense area that they may have rules in regards to self-promotions ( as in, posting the link ) so do make sure to read the rules from their sites so you won't get into trouble

Pano? » Post #3

Mon Jun 24, 2013 14:37 in Filipino

yuukosan wrote: Pano po dito bumili ng referrals? o panu po d2 magkakaroon ng referrals? anu pong gagawin? help po pls kababayan...

Good day, yuukosan

Sorry, pero di pinapayagan ng ClixSense system ang Rent Referral system, base sa FAQs and Rules nila

:idea: Reference Source -- ClixSense FAQs -- Does ClixSense rent or sell referrals?
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