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Posts by oberder
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crowdflower accuracy » Post #7

Fri Mar 21, 2014 04:01 in Filipino

mclloyd86 wrote: Madaya din naman 'ung accuracy minsan kahit tama sagot mo mali minsan magulo ang rules...

tapos nagkamali lang ng isa, 11points agad nabawas sa accuracy... Pagnatama mo ang kasunod 1 point lang dagdag sa accuracy mo hehehe :mrgreen:

Nalimutan ko ang isang Task last year na ganuon na ganuon -- isang mistake lang sa spelling, bawas halos 5-8% from the overall accuracy ratings :( Pero kung tutuusin, magulo ang set-up ng rules in regards to getting the data -- pati naman ang signs ng colon/semi-colon/quotation marks/dash ay kailangan... nabuwisit ako duon...

Hello!! » Post #4

Thu Mar 20, 2014 20:31 in Filipino

meah1682 wrote: thanks!! kakalula ang tasks this past few days for about 1 month naka 100usd ako pero bakit ganun bgla na lng nwwla ung task?

Ganun lang yun, ordinary lang yan ;) CrowdFlower ships the Tasks, so only they know kung ilan at kung gaano kadami ang Tasks na papa-release nila sa mga PTC sites ( all Tasks are, like ads, dependent on advertisers -- the ones who makes the Tasks )

So kung mapapansin mo may mga araw na malalakas at bumabagyo ng Tasks, then the next time halos wa kang makita -- natural lang yun :mrgreen:

Naka-score ka na ng US$100+ sa isang buwan? Aba't.. blowout ka na!-- :lol: Pahingi na rin ng Load!

Pinoy Clixgrid Proof of Winnings » Post #733

Thu Mar 20, 2014 20:25 in Filipino

Sweet! Nakascore ngayon--

And on my near last click ( with the extra click, that is :mrgreen: )

Had the crap scared out of me today » Post #3

Thu Mar 20, 2014 18:52 in General Talk

Careful when you turn off and power down your gear -- if there be a reflection of someone else that appears on your monitor... someone behind you...


Pinoy Members Tambayan & Attendance Thread! » Post #3069

Thu Mar 20, 2014 18:49 in Filipino

Present! ( At Friday na ) Whee!-- :mrgreen:

Malfuncktioning click ! » Post #4

Thu Mar 20, 2014 06:39 in Bug reports

:idea: Time for a checklist ( just in case ):

Browsers -- Mozilla Firefox must be v28.0; Google Chrome should be v33.0 ( note the version is on constant updating status ); Opera is at v20.0.1387.82 ( also known as Opera v20.0 Build 1387.82 )

Add-on / Plugins --
1) Adobe Flash for IE and Non- IE browsers must be v12.0.0.77 ( both plug-ins )
2) Adobe Shockwave ( Full or Slim variants ) must be v12.1.0.150
3) Oracle JAVA must be v8.0.0.130 ( or also known simply as v8 )

tanong lang mga boss? » Post #3

Thu Mar 20, 2014 05:58 in Filipino

onlinebiz wrote:
Juggernaut- wrote: hindi po ba nkakapag rent ng Referrals dito? DR lang ??

yes po, hindi po nakaka-rent ng referrals dito..

Assisting onlinebiz

:!: Reference source -- ClixSense HelpDesk FAQs -- Does ClixSense rent or sell referrals?

Malfuncktioning click ! » Post #2

Thu Mar 20, 2014 05:43 in Bug reports

:?: Strange, I already clicked on that particular ad earlier but nothing happened on my end

Are you sure your browser, as much as your installed plug-ins ( Flash for both IE and Non-IE, JAVA ) are up-to-date, as well that you have the newest definitions for your anti-virus programs? Try and see if you can do a quick check of your gear; then clear your system cache and cookies from your browsers, and try again

clixsense » Post #2

Thu Mar 20, 2014 05:10 in General Talk

If you need to earn, one definite way would be accomplishing Tasks and Offers that will be available -- try your best to pass the Practice Test on a particular Task so you'll be able to work on it well ( and that you have to be as accurate as possible too ) On Offers, depending on the advertiser, this may come to you randomly so check the tabs from time to time

Now, about ClixGrid -- it's all about luck -- no tricks, no techniques, no cheat codes, no super 30-life keyboard tapping... no patterns, no definite shapes or directions... no prayers, no charms, no human sacrifices or selling souls to some demon from another astral plane of existence... ( gawd, what am I saying?~ )

:mrgreen: Ok, I'm kidding on a few of those.. but really: it's just one's plain luck if you want to win the ClixGrid

There's no telling where that lucky click will be; what pic, what corner, what time... nobody knows -- all you have to do is just do your best and maybe put everything to gut feeling; just don't feel discouraged if you don't win today -- there's always another day

;) And don't fret -- anyone, regardless of membership ( Standard or Premium ) will all be placed on equal grounds when playing the ClixGrid -- it doesn't choose who's going to win

Be active, be diligent, be patient :mrgreen:

hirap ng tasks :( » Post #4

Wed Mar 19, 2014 19:17 in Filipino

mclloyd86 wrote: Ang saklap ng new tasks mukhang tama naman mga sagot ko expelled agad hehehe

Bilis naman maubos ng 3 new tasks

Check mo mamaya sa CF Forums, and for sure -- may magcocomplain na :mrgreen: Wheheheh

Offers » Post #2

Wed Mar 19, 2014 19:16 in Filipino

If you are using a modem, just turn it off for a few minutes ( sa 5-10mins ) para ma-reset ang connection -- after the time, turn it on and try again

Another thing to check ( as per some members ) is to check your clock's Date and Time -- see if it's correctly set

task payment » Post #2

Wed Mar 19, 2014 19:13 in Filipino

rheizel wrote: Bakit po hindi nadadagdagan pera ko after kong gumawa ng task?

Not all Tasks will reflect immediately -- some will appear a few minutes or so; but if it doesn't appear on your listings after 12-24hrs, make sure to remember your JobID and Task number, then go to the CF Forums and inquire ( create a Thread ) in regards to the Task you were working on, and wait for a response from the CF Staff, since ClixSense has no control in regards to Tasks ( ClixSense only sponsors the Tasks, it's CrowdFlower that handles all conditions )

hirap ng tasks :( » Post #2

Wed Mar 19, 2014 19:08 in Filipino

rheizel wrote: bakit ganuun hihirap ng mga tasks haist :( :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Ganoon talaga -- yun ang request conditions ng advertisers na nagpagawa ng Tasks sa CF ( CrowdFlower ), so ibayong ingat sa pag-encode ng data at sa paghanap ng sagot sa mga Tasks nila para di ka madamay sa accuracy rating

Again, di sa pabilisan ang gawa pag nasa Practice area ka, at lalo't pag Live ka na ;)

Pasok mga Newbies/baguhan dito sa CS forum. » Post #450

Wed Mar 19, 2014 19:02 in Filipino

nicosanico wrote: Bat wala po akong offer ? Pakisagot po. Salamat :D

:!: Please read the Thread Sticky created by Moderator valerie in regards: ClixSense Offers Forums -- Why Don't I Have Any Offers? - READ THIS!

Pasok mga Newbies/baguhan dito sa CS forum. » Post #449

Wed Mar 19, 2014 19:00 in Filipino

jho_19 wrote:
nicolerecinto wrote: e pwede po bang mag invite using yahoo mails ? dagdag din po ba yun sa referral mo kapag inaccept nila yung request mo ?

paano po kung walang paypal account?pano makuha ung money mu dito?

You can apply at the Paypal website*: Send Money, Pay Online and Merchant Accounts - PayPal Philippines -- then check the Thread Sticky: Withdraw PayPal via Bank Account | ClixSense Forum on how to link your Paypal to your credit card

Kung tseke ang gusto mo, you have to accumulate more than US$100 for it ( please see this: ClixSense HelpDesk FAQs -- When and how will I get paid (Cashout)? ) -- do consider it to be more that US$100 since there are corresponding service fees in regards ( see table chart in the said link )

NOTE: Make sure that when you visit the Paypal site, that it must be always HTTPS ( secured connection ) on your browser's address area, to ensure that all your transactions are protected

Pinoy Members Tambayan & Attendance Thread! » Post #3065

Wed Mar 19, 2014 18:53 in Filipino

Wesent! Pheeee-- :lol:

Media Player Update » Post #18

Wed Mar 19, 2014 18:51 in General Support

:idea: Offhand advice: do make sure that if you installed the ABP ( AdBlocker Plus ) add-on -- that you must maintain at least two major subscriptions only -- more than two subscriptions will slow down your system, so decide which subscription would best suit your need

Unexpected Errors » Post #4

Wed Mar 19, 2014 18:44 in Bug reports

:?: Are you using a Mac OSX or Blackberry when checking PTC sites?

I'm going over a quick check over the search engines, and the issue seems to stem to that particular OS -- perhaps a visit to the Mac and Blackberry Forums may help

Aside from that, some users have commented that they noticed the error also appearing on Google Chrome; try to do a manual update check for the said browser to see that it's up-to-date

Then, as a good measure, make sure that your other program components are up-to-date as well; check your Adobe Flash ( both plug-ins for IE and Non-IE ) and JAVA

GT Distractions -- Time to check your Updates » Post #147

Wed Mar 19, 2014 05:41 in General Talk

:idea: Head's up -- Oracle JAVA has now released JAVA v8; the installers are available at the publisher's downloading hub ( for both online and offline installers ) as well for variants of Mac OSX and Linux

Please do check reputable downloading hubs that will carry the online and offline installers

GT Distractions -- Time to check your Updates » Post #146

Tue Mar 18, 2014 10:35 in General Talk

:!: Head's up -- Mozilla has now released Firefox v28.0

Time to check your updater systems from your browser, and the offline installers will be available at the publisher's site in a few moments

EDIT: Adding Release Notes for Firefox v28.0
:idea: Reference source -- Firefox Notes - Desktop
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