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Posts by oberder
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not renewing the premium account » Post #2

Tue Dec 31, 2013 18:35 in Filipino

jhoe1976 wrote: hi po,happy new year po... :xsmile:
ask ko lng po kung pwede ko po bang hindi na mag renew ng premium account?
thanks po...

Just let the subscription run out

Once umabot na sa due date ( which you can check by hovering your mouse over your username next to the Sign Out tab, then from the drop-down menu click on the Premium Account tab ) that's it; subscriptions that are not renewed by the members on the date that is indicated on their system are automatically reverted to Standard users

Crowdflower.. » Post #2

Tue Dec 31, 2013 10:51 in Filipino

Onigiri05 wrote: Magttnong lng po ulit 2ngkol sa crowdflower? Dba un yung nagbibigay ng mga tasks d2 sa clixsense? Nagregister ba kau dun? Hindi ba may babayaran dun. Pki sabi lng kung mali ako kc meh nabasa ako na pag nag register dun sa crowdflower meron atang babayaran dun, nagregister kc ako sa crowdflower kc baka makakuha ako ng maraming tasks, wala kcng nadating na tasks sa akin ei, kung meron man bihira. Ty po

1. Yes

2. No -- there are no fees to pay when signing up to the CrowdFlower Forums via Dashboard

3. You're welcome :mrgreen:

ClixSense lagging!!! » Post #4

Tue Dec 31, 2013 09:09 in General Talk

on_line wrote:
oberder wrote: Didn't notice any lagging or loading difficulties from my end -- ads load up just fine, and same with the ClixGrid

Hmm. Weird.

:?: Have you tried to (1) log out first, (2) clear the cookie and cache from your browser, then (3) re-log in

Did PTC investigation closed ? » Post #2

Tue Dec 31, 2013 08:38 in General Talk

Giving a quick check on their Twitter message -- it has a link in regards to the site issue -- that would be a good start to know

In regards to finding legitimate information about scams, always remember that the search engines are your best friends, and always do your homework ( that means, don't relay on just one source -- collect as many as you can, validate each site's opinions, dissect the 'cut-and-paste' sentences and quotes, and ensure the info has links and sources to back up it's proof )

A lot of Forums have now started their own opinions of new and up-coming sites, and their members are already being active in providing info ( to the point some threads are so heated and debatable, it's not for the faint of heart so to speak ;) )

Again, giving a link or two to these sites isn't really allowed in the ClixSense Forums ( just to be on the safe side ) -- and let your fingers and keywords do the searching

What music/song are you listening now? » Post #131

Tue Dec 31, 2013 07:49 in General Talk

I just got to hear this one out of curiosity, and I admit I really liked it :mrgreen:

:idea: Reference source -- Bounds Of Modesty - Frozen Where I Stand (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) - YouTube

Ibayong ingat sa Bagong Taon » Post #1

Tue Dec 31, 2013 07:44 in Filipino

Ilang oras na lang at bagong Taon na!-- :o

Stay close with your families and friends, enjoy the festivity -- but don't over-do the food and drinks
( especially the drinks :mrgreen: ) Ingat kayo sa mga paputok at kung anu-anong pwedeng isindi -- siguradong may garden hose, mga balde ng tubig, at ang cellphone ay full load

And remember, stay whole for the Year of the Wood Horse ;)

:idea: Reference source -- Chinese New Year - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Most reasons of not upgrading account. » Post #2

Tue Dec 31, 2013 04:18 in General Talk

Tasks are handled by CrowdFlower, as Offers depend on the advertisers -- getting a Premium does not guarantee that a member will receive more Tasks and/or Offers, but having a Premium will benefit the member as stated in the guidelines:

:idea: Reference source -- My Account: Premium Account - ClixSense ( please do read the highlighted red box at the bottom of the page )

Quote: Upgrading your account will not get you more offers or tasks and may not increase the number of ads available. The only added benefits are listed above and if you are not going to refer others or won't be able to complete the daily checklist on a regular basis, upgrading may not be for you. Please make sure you understand this before upgrading

It's up to the member to decide if they really need a subscription or not -- but the bottom-line idea is: if you have the patience and diligence to do what you can; to get your earnings through ads / Tasks / Offers that will come to you as your check from time to time, you'll do good regardless of any PTC site you sign up to ;)

ClixSense lagging!!! » Post #2

Tue Dec 31, 2013 01:41 in General Talk

Didn't notice any lagging or loading difficulties from my end -- ads load up just fine, and same with the ClixGrid

Happy New Year Clixsense Filipinas » Post #2

Tue Dec 31, 2013 01:39 in Filipino

Happy New Year rin -- at ingatan ang mga daliri't mata, mahirap na :mrgreen:

Pinoy Members Clixsense Payment Proofs » Post #272

Mon Dec 30, 2013 23:24 in Filipino

lon_sweet wrote: oo nga paano ba mag premieum kasi ang sa akin international check ang gamit ko..?

:idea: Hover your mouse over your username ( the one next to the Sign Out button ) and from the drop-down menu, click on the Premium Account tab

Kung umabot ka na sa requirement na mag-purchase ng Premium subscription na US$17, may options ka na gumamit either using the earnings you got from ClixSense or via Paypal -- if you choose the payment mode from your clicks from ClixSense, the transaction will be immediate ( in seconds, you'll get the subscription -- along with it you'll get the unexpirable 1000 Ad Credits which can be used to promote your other earning sites / business in ClixSense -- just don't use the Ad Credits to promote your ClixSense Affiliate link, that would be a waste because you're a member here )

Sad Po Ako » Post #2

Mon Dec 30, 2013 08:34 in Filipino

In regards to the Micro ads, they do appear -- pero hindi na sa isang bagsakan ( yun ang napansin ko nuong Standard user ako ), then as a Premium user, may makikita akong ads na may maliit na star sa harap ng value and clock timer -- eto ay ads na sadya lang sa mga Premium users; they range from Micros, up to the ( rare ) Extend ad -- so you have to check your View Ads tab from time to time ( which is a good manual habit, if you have no toolbar -- F5 is your best friend )

Sa Tasks naman, hawak eto ng CrowdFlower, so ClixSense has no control on how many and how much a Task will be

In a good hand, it's good that when you log in that you'll have $0.04 ( that's 4 Standard ads ) in a few minutes -- Standard users would have to spend quite some time ( as in hours ) to have 0.04 ;)

Just be patient; give the Premium subscription a chance to work for you -- sipag at tiyaga, and a bit of optimism doesn't hurt :mrgreen:

No ads » Post #5

Mon Dec 30, 2013 08:01 in General Support

gta5 wrote: i only get 4 ads a day

Ads to come, but they'll come unexpectedly and at different values and times -- all under the choice of the advertiser -- just keep an eye out from time to time at your View Ads tab, refreshing it either by using the F5 or clicking on the tab to refresh it

Just don't refresh too often; say every 2-5mins ( 5mins tops ) so that way the system doesn't give you a warning message of refreshing too soon / too fast

No ads » Post #4

Mon Dec 30, 2013 07:55 in General Support

sirvic36 wrote: Hello,

Yestarday, and for the first time, I didn t had any ad!! I refresh the page many times, logout, login, and zero ads. Was that a bug? The rest of the site was okay to me, but the ads...

Today, I have ads.

If by any chance that you may have the same issue in the near future, you can submit a HelpDesk Ticket and inform the staff about it -- one member from the Filipino boards had an issue, but was resolved when the Staff had informed there was a minor technical issue

:idea: Reference source -- wala akong adz na click | ClixSense Forum ( for those who wished the resolved message by ogtrebuh at the end of the Thread translated, it reads: "It's now ok sir oberder, I've sent a ticket to ClixSense, the issue was fixed because they have a slight problem with their server... whew, thanks you all fellow Pinoy Clixsense" )

Pinoy Members Tambayan & Attendance Thread! » Post #2871

Mon Dec 30, 2013 07:48 in Filipino

Present! At isang araw na lang -- magpapaputok na! :o

Pasok mga Newbies/baguhan dito sa CS forum. » Post #359

Mon Dec 30, 2013 07:46 in Filipino

mahiyain wrote: patulong naman po.. papano po ba mag-post ng photos dito sa forum? I was trying to post my completed checklist pro I can't. pwede bang bigyan nyo ako ng step by step procedure on how to post photos. thanks po in advance.

:!: I have replied to your post at: Checklist for Today | ClixSense Forum -- please do not double-post on any Thread, just wait for a member / volunteer to assist you -- this is to make sure of less clutter in the Forum sections since the other Moderators from the other sections have taken notice

Checklist for Today » Post #127

Mon Dec 30, 2013 07:41 in Filipino

mahiyain wrote: Patulong naman po... hindi ko po alam kung papano magpost ng checklist photos.. pwede po bang bigyan po ako ng step by step kung papano.. thanks po in advance!

Here you go -- etong Thread ay gawa ni Ma'am valerie, isang Moderator sa Primary Forums area

:idea: Reference source -- Read First - Guideline for Posting Payouts | ClixSense Forum

4 Letter Words » Post #1137

Sun Dec 29, 2013 22:52 in General Talk


Only 7 Letter Words » Post #1188

Sun Dec 29, 2013 22:51 in General Talk

Censors :o

Word Association » Post #637

Sun Dec 29, 2013 22:50 in General Talk

Flow-- err... I mean Flour :mrgreen:

Happy New Year! » Post #3

Sun Dec 29, 2013 18:35 in Filipino

Happy New Year :mrgreen:

At ingat sa paputok! Mahirap mag-click pag walang daliri--
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