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Posts by oberder
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Be fair on task and ads on PH » Post #4

Sat Aug 03, 2013 07:19 in General Support

haterdice, in regards to Tasks, these are handled by CrowdFlower -- a company that is quite separate from ClixSense -- and only CF ( CrowdFlower ) has the jurisdiction to decide how many or when Tasks will be allocated to the different PTC sites. ClixSense only provides a means to host Tasks since its implimentation early this year

Tasks are created on the advertisers needs; there is no 'bias' or segregation for any members on relation to location / country

Should there be issues in regards to Tasks, it would be best to raise the issue at the CrowdFlower Forums

Double LETTER Vocabulary Game! » Post #157

Fri Aug 02, 2013 11:32 in General Talk

Miller ( Ok, I was watching an ad on cable... beer commercial, that is :mrgreen: )

Last Two Letters » Post #959

Fri Aug 02, 2013 11:17 in General Talk

Leviathan ;)

countdown from 10000 » Post #303

Fri Aug 02, 2013 11:13 in General Talk

9 8 2...

...5 :o

Word Association » Post #539

Fri Aug 02, 2013 11:11 in General Talk

Celebration ( where there's fireworks-- :mrgreen: )

5 Letter Words » Post #2397

Fri Aug 02, 2013 11:10 in General Talk

Prawn ( sorry, I'm hungry-- :mrgreen: )

4 Letter Words » Post #816

Fri Aug 02, 2013 11:08 in General Talk


Counting to 10,000 » Post #1228

Fri Aug 02, 2013 11:07 in General Talk


You begin from the last letter of the previous pos » Post #3513

Fri Aug 02, 2013 11:05 in General Talk


What is your highest Clixgrid winning? » Post #3

Fri Aug 02, 2013 10:38 in Filipino

Highest ko sa ClixGrid -- $2.50 :thumbup:

:idea: Reference source -- Pinoy Clixgrid Proof of Winnings | ClixSense Forum

Pinoy Members Tambayan & Attendance Thread! » Post #2600

Thu Aug 01, 2013 08:13 in Filipino

Present! Whee-- :mrgreen:

brown out » Post #2

Wed Jul 31, 2013 14:29 in Filipino

ebizptc wrote: ten hours brown out paano na ang clicks ko.

Saan ang brown... este, blackout sa inyo ( Sobra naman, 10 hours na walang koryente... nanaykopo... )

it is okey na nag-premium ? » Post #10

Wed Jul 31, 2013 14:27 in Filipino

tdoloriel wrote: Mga gano po kaya karami ads kapag premium.. ipon pa kasi ko eh

Pag nakakuha ka na ng Premium subscription, automatic on every log in you make ay may naka-allocate na sa iyo ng apat na 1-cent ads ( so that's 4 cents ) aside from the other ads that will appear -- including some ads that come will be targeted specifically for Premium members only ( these are ads that have a small star before it's value )

Remember that the ads will appear randomly, so it's not a matter of "log in / click / log out" -- it's checking from time to time while remaining in ClixSense; either using a toolbar, or manually refreshing your "View Ads" tab every 3-5mins at a time

Tasks » Post #6

Wed Jul 31, 2013 14:21 in Filipino

she_mallorca wrote: Waaah! Bakit po everytime i-open ko yung Tasks tab may mga nka-lista na tasks tas may num ng available,
pero pag nag-click na ko ng task, eto palagi lumalabas na msg: 'There is no work currently available in this task."?

Normal lang yun -- it means na umabot na ang mga members quota para gumawa sa Task na yun, so full allocation na ang Task na yun -- so the best thing to do na lang ay wait for a new shipment of Tasks from CF ( CrowdFlower ), or try to check from time to time and see if a member had logged out

Kay hirap kumita ng cents » Post #2

Wed Jul 31, 2013 14:16 in Filipino

I know what you're going through ;) True, as a Standard member back then, clicking ads is quite a chore -- and back then, Tasks were not yet available ( it was only this year it had been implimented, and I've been around for quite some time already

But remember that the ads here don't just appear when you log in; they come when you least expect them, and at different values -- so that means when you log into ClixSense, stay a bit longer -- refresh and check the View Ads section from time to time ( open a new tab and surf on that while leaving the ClixSense tab on )

Then try your luck on the ClixGrid -- my first Premium subscription, believe it or not -- half of it was from my earnings off ClixGrid :shock: I don't know how to explain it, but I just kept clicking, playing my luck on the Grid til I realized I got my subscription value up

Just don't feel disappointed that things seem slow now -- just imagine what it was in my time -- be patient, be persistent ;)

Easy way to earn money in clixsense. HOW? » Post #13

Wed Jul 31, 2013 14:09 in Filipino

Always check from time to time; some ads ( of different values ) just appear when you don't expect them ;) Even if they seem like small change, compound them and it helps -- at least while waiting for CF to release any Tasks, that is :mrgreen:

Remember: in your browser ( any browser ) -- F5 is your best friend ( that is, the "refresh" hotkey on your keyboard )

What happened sa task? » Post #15

Wed Jul 31, 2013 14:04 in Filipino

clarisajavier wrote: hello.
ahmm bago lang po ako sa clixsense . tanung ko lang po how will i improve my salary ?

Err... you mean "Earnings" ;)

1) Be active: check and click ads that come to you -- most will be random; be ready dahil iba't-ibang values ang lumalabas sa mga ads na ito; always check on the sections from time to time and see -- always be ready for the opportunity -- aside from ads, do Tasks and ( if available ) Offers, to increase your earnings

Now, make sure to save some of your earnings for your Premium, so to increase your earnings even more ( a membership is good for a year, and most members are able to get back their memberships quite well )

2) Try your luck: play the ClixGrid when you get the chance -- maging random ang lagay ng click mo, tanging swerte lang ang nakakaalam

3) Promote: Aside from clicking, promote yourself sa mga blogs at social networking sites using your Affiliate link, para makakuha ka ng sarili mong Referrals

4) Participate: Believe it or not, posting a few responses and replies in the Forums does wonders to a member, telling their referrals that they signed up to a real person, and not a Bot :shock:

TASK » Post #2

Wed Jul 31, 2013 13:57 in Filipino

Hindi sa oras yun, kungdi kung may available slots na may gagawa nito; sa daming nag-aabang ng Tasks, at alam mo na kung may na-post na Tasks -- unahan na yan -- when that happens, CF ( CrowdFlower ) systems will determine kung ilan ay pwede mag-trabaho sa particular Task, it's out of ClixSense's control from there

Just check every so often, and see if you can try to get into one -- until then, konting pasensya at tiyaga ;)

Guys, how can I win in clixgrid... » Post #4

Wed Jul 31, 2013 13:50 in Filipino

It goes down to pure luck -- swertehan talaga ang ClixGrid ( parang Lotto sa atin, hehehe :mrgreen: walang nakakaalam kung sino ang mananalo )

Just do what you can -- click regularly ( that is, every new server cycle when your ClixGrid chances are replenished ) and pray that one of those clicks will be a lucky one :thumbup:

May tanong lang po. » Post #4

Wed Jul 31, 2013 13:48 in Filipino

Kung may time ka, pwede rin i-check ang "Success Stories" Forum section -- halos lahat ng members, regardless of nationality, ay nag-popost rin ng screen caps duon sa mga panalo nila sa ClixSense

( Be ready, yun ay isa sa mga mahaba-habang Forum sections dito sa ClixSense :mrgreen: )
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