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Discussions générales » Post #4503

Wed Dec 12, 2018 17:36 in French


Il est ou le rond point Clixsense pour que j'y mette mes palettes pour faire un barage

5G internet is very dangerous for human society » Post #19

Thu Oct 04, 2018 20:01 in General Talk

SleepPie3000 is dangerous for society

Dogecoin huge spike 100 percent! Move over bitcoin » Post #8

Sun Sep 09, 2018 19:30 in General Talk

You told us the same thing years ago.

robot vacuum cleaner » Post #4

Sun Sep 09, 2018 17:01 in General Talk

Mod Edit

robot vacuum cleaner » Post #1

Sat Sep 08, 2018 18:20 in General Talk

Anyone owns a robot vacuum cleaner, It can even wash the floor. You can schedule the bot and some can be controlled with smartphone. I am sure there are some controlled by voice

I am thinking to buy one and it looks like cleaning great it's cheaper than a cleaning lady.

Sorry I posted in the General support section instead of the General talk section. Can any moderator move it.
Obviously I am not looking someone from Clixsense to clean my house :kitty:

Happy Labor Day » Post #7

Thu Sep 06, 2018 08:57 in General Talk

Working 40 years, up to 65 years old and to die 10 years later (considering the Life expectancy)
great life !

Flexibility in working and a better pc » Post #3

Thu Sep 06, 2018 08:54 in General Talk

I work full time online and need to use 2 PCs. It decreases my productivity but I have no choice.

Perfect life for 100 years , How?...tasman1 » Post #4

Thu Sep 06, 2018 08:47 in General Talk

The world is horrible, no way I want to live for 100 years

Dogecoin huge spike 100 percent! Move over bitcoin » Post #5

Sun Sep 02, 2018 14:33 in General Talk

zegon wrote:
tasman1 wrote: Here We go again

Does not understand why he is so insane on "coins" , when there are dollar bills... :?

I suppose there is a supermarket in The USA accepting dogecoin to buy noddles

I am such a proud father!!! » Post #14

Sat Aug 25, 2018 13:57 in General Talk

She is lucky to still have her father. My daddy passed away suddenly in April

Just a reminder » Post #1

Sat Aug 25, 2018 13:39 in General Talk

It's just a reminder so you don't forget that we won the football world cup :lol:

  1. We won the world cup
  2. The best goal during the world cup is from France
  3. The youngest player was french
  4. FIFA declared France with the best team

Jealous Brazil :lol: :lol: :lol:

hungry thieves stole $100,000 worth of ramen in a » Post #7

Sun Aug 19, 2018 23:08 in General Talk

Darkstar2 wrote: Thieves Steal $100,000 Worth of Dry Ramen Noodles in Georgia - Thrillist

I had to post this - :D Some veteran members here might understand why lol. Who's the number 1 suspect we have in mind here :lol:

This is gold
I suppose he will know don't stop to make sweet pie of noodles until bugs fixed :lol:

bookmarked :mrgreen:

Bitconnect Promoters got Arrested today » Post #2

Sun Aug 19, 2018 23:06 in General Talk


favorite to win the world cup Russia 2018 » Post #138

Mon Jul 16, 2018 10:07 in General Talk

Our goalkeeper even helped Croatia with 1 goal :D
By the way, the president of Croatia is cute. I wouldn't mind teaching her football in private :oops:

France is world champion » Post #7

Mon Jul 16, 2018 10:05 in General Talk

Thanks to Russia for this world cup!
The French economy will probably increase by 10% :D

favorite to win the world cup Russia 2018 » Post #134

Sun Jul 15, 2018 13:00 in General Talk

Tasmannn !!!!

favorite to win the world cup Russia 2018 » Post #133

Sun Jul 15, 2018 12:54 in General Talk

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

We are the king !

Final to win the world cup Russia 2018 » Post #56

Wed Jul 11, 2018 16:56 in General Talk

Croatia surely cheated using a French VPN :lol:

Final to win the world cup Russia 2018 » Post #52

Tue Jul 10, 2018 16:21 in General Talk

8-) :P Yeah, we did it! we are now in final. I would love to have England for the final

Discussions générales » Post #4437

Tue Jul 10, 2018 16:19 in French

Sacrés Belges, ils croyaient nous apprendre à jouer au football :lol:
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