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Posts by Paulica
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Help referrals upgrade » Post #1

Fri Jul 20, 2012 07:07 in Feature Requests

So when you upgrade to premium you have 2 choices: either pay 17$ from your balance or your sponsor pays 15$ to upgrade you. My idea would be that a person should be able to upgrade itself but with the help of his sponsor. So let's say i have only 6$ and i want to be premium, then i send a request to my sponsor asking him if he is willing to pay the rest of 11$ so i could become premium and start earning more money to both of us faster. Tell me what you think.

every game 0.001 is it possible? » Post #5

Fri Feb 24, 2012 17:08 in Feature Requests

Well i do have an idea but i don't think i can explain it very well. How about a game that you can play ONCE per day in which you can win, FOR EXAMPLE, a maximum of 0.05$? If so, that game should be made out of 5 levels. You get 0.01$ for each level you pass but if you complete level 2 and die in level 3 you still get 0.02$. I thought of an action game (doesn't matter with what) in which you complete a level after you beat a boss. So if you beat all 5 bosses you get 0.05$ and all you have to do is wait for tomorrow so you can start again. If you manage to take out only one boss you get 0.01$ so your effort isn't in vain. Anyway only the administrators decide if they implement this feature but the game should be hard so not anyone can complete it. This is AN EXAMPLE of how playing a game for money is fair. Tell me what do you think.

Taskuri - Probleme si sfaturi » Post #4

Sat Jan 28, 2012 13:28 in Romanian

Eu deja mi-am ratat sansa de a mai face task-uri platite cu 0.10$ datorita procentului mic. Oare exista, si daca nu, o sa existe o modalitate de a incerca din nou?
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