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Posting holliday .....tasman1 » Post #6

Today, 00:40 in General Talk

valerie wrote: That may very well be the point.....when you are positing positive information, it is helping members.

When you post negative information, is that helping members?

Some times there are 'trouble makers' on an active forum. It almost wouldn't make sense if there
wasn't a few to come along now and then. Some people get a big laugh out of it. Some are nothing
more than children getting a kick out of stirring up trouble. It happens.

We're all human and we can get very aggravated at times with this stuff, especially when we are
booted from surveys or something else. Seems members tend to complain more when things are
not good for them then they do when things are going great.

You are correct Valerie, this is human nature to emphasize the negative more than the positive - but there are ways to deal with situations - you can disagree with another member or not like their posts, there are CIVIL ways to point it out, and there are disgraceful ways, such as resorting to personal attacks and war. Regardless of how a member may be posting negative stuff moderators need to set examples, and not try to add fuel to the fire by making personal attacks to a member at fault. Now let me ask you this question Valerie, let's say there are more positives than negatives, do you honestly think that those of us so-called "complainers" will only post complaints mostly ? It would not be logical. I have been a member here since 2012, I have posted countless times success stories, encouragement, success with tasks and surveys, I've even been active and participated actively in tasks topics helping others, etc, but those FEW who are against me now and all out war, FORGET that, hence, the human nature of looking at negative more than positive - However, I cannot just MAKE stories up just for the kicks of it, that would be hypocrisy. If there are more negative posts than positives it is because the situation calls for it. I've been absent from this forum for a long time during that long break, am I the problem here, NO. Because when I came back it was a MESS, it was war and flaming BETWEEN moderators, between mods and members, members and other members, and there were nothing but negative posts about tasks and surveys, that situation existed long before I came back Valerie.

I have posted countless HELPFUL and positive posts in the PAST when they called for it, or I would have received all the likes, which I do not care for BTW this is just an example. Am I the only one here who sees a massive decline in quality of our tasks and surveys ? NO.......these complaints have been made by many.... I may have used wrong choice of words and let frustration get the best of me - but yet some assumed I am a bad person and made their mind right away not looking at the GLOBAL picture and all the help I provided here - Frustration sometimes gets the most out of a person and which can cause sometimes absurdities and wrong choice words, it's not like I have done this for the past 7 years though - it's very easy from the perspective of a user who is doing so well to look DOWN to the users less fortunate - some have compassion some unfortunately will find any possible ways to attack - it's disappointing that this is coming from staff though - As far as your posts, they have been nothing but compassionate and professional I have nothing against yours but I am talking about another moderator - When I complain here I complain about the situation with tasks and surveys I have never attacked another member directly, but when people turn around and make it personal and attack me, I will defend myself in kind.

I should have said that I feel somehow cheated and somehow some tasks appear to be to lower accuracy, wrong choice of words, this is true, I should have said that many authors neglect to update their tasks and accuracy, my bad, but there are ways to address a problem - being rude, unprofessional, condescending is not the way to get a point across.

As to posting negatives YES it can be helpful, if I know a SURVEY ID is bad and off quota at the end, I would be very helpful in warning a member about it, it would members frustration in going through an expired survey !! That is a positive. I am only human and sometimes frustration gets the best of me and I use wrong choice of words, but should I just lie and post good stuff and forget about the bad ? Because stats do not lie, I am not the only one here who has seen a drastic drop in surveys and tasks, these complaints have existed long before I returned from break, just because some members or staff are doing good does not mean they should condescend those who aren't !

I will be careful with choice of words, but I won't stop reporting my experiences, good or bad, if there is positive I will post positive, like I normally do - and I do give credit where due - In tasks many times I have posted JOB IDs of good tasks, but some people will only see the NEGATIVE posts - if there are more now than ever before there is a reason.

I have never stopped working hard here, I'm not lazy, I used to earn $300+ in the old days, now lucky if I can do 2 figure this month, it's declining - surveys, tasks, it is not out of laziness, I work 100x as hard now and do my best.

As to newbies, they will find out for themselves when they join and work on tasks and surveys, they don't have to read any negative posts to discourage them.

Keep in mind also that even before my posts there were MANY complaints about tasks and surveys, not just mine.

So yes a negative post with right choice of words CAN be helpful.

If a particular task is very unfair and is known to have bad corrections, should I just write instead "Hey I did this task it was GREAT" Lying about positives would only make things worse. If there were more positive things I would certainly post more positive. I am not the only one complaining about surveys and tasks though, so if I stop posting here, it will not automatically wipe all complaints about tasks and surveys.

I will do my part and be careful to keep my frustration in check, but I will not compromise my integrity - if something is bad I will say it, if something is good I will say it too - We can each disagree with one another's opinion and views, but personal attacks is unacceptable.

Complaints will rarely affect newbies anyway, people want to make money they will still TRY. There are tons of complaints about HYIP and programs online, yet people join them in flock to find out themselves and they get burned, that's human nature.

The highest denominator WINS. Whichever tips the scale, if it is negative, it is more negative, if it is positive, it will be more positive.

I will do my part in trying not to let frustration make me use wrong choice words, BUT if I am attacked personally and such I might respond in the same tone though.

and one last thing I have been accused by another user as saying "admin bad because of competition bad", this is entirely FALSE, I have nothing but praised CS and the site, I only mentioned about the competition and that some people have upper hand and we are not all on the same playing field, never once did I blame CS or say admin is bad, never - so yeah when things get personal they get ugly really fast. I am not a bad person, but when things personal people will usually see that bad side of me, I'm not like that normally though but we are all human and enough is enough, there is only so much you can take though, and as far as I know NOBODY here is perfect or a saint, almost everyone has at some point in their lives said stuff that were out of line or in haste.

Posting holliday .....tasman1 » Post #4

Yesterday, 23:13 in General Talk

You are a smart guy Tasman1 taking a break from posting - I have done this too for months / years at a time, when I came back from my break, all I saw were fights between mods, between users, members complaining of surveys, tasks, etc, this should be telling to those who accuse me of posting negative things, need I remind them that I was away from this forum for a long time, and these complaints have always existed. YET nobody complained about me in the years when I was helping around with tasks, offers, posting success stories, not a single bad rep in those years but yet the moment you post negative stuff people FORGET all the good you did, that's human nature I guess and hypocrisy in some.
It is because some of these people are sitting on a gold mine and doing well, so it's easy to have complete disregard toward others who are in less good situations, some people have no compassion or respect at all - to those who have complained about my posts, one day you will be in this situation and you will bite those words as you too will complain. I have seen this all too many times.

In those years I have posted MANY positive things, I cannot make up stories that do not exist just to please some touchy members or specific moderators, when there is negative it needs to be stated, when there is positive, it is stated too, but people will only look at the negative and judge a person accordingly, and forget all those years of positives.

You are a wise man for taking a break, if I were to take a break too and come back I would see the same complaints. I was gone from here for a very long time, yet there were fights, attacks, many people left and all that BS, yet I was not around, and now that I am around, I am being blamed and the next target victim .... If people want to read only positive and false positives, then that is not a community, and if people are not happy with one another's posts, there are CIVIL ways to deal with things, saying stuff like "this member is crying" name calling, making shit personal is uncalled for, not only from members but moderators.

I hope Karma is real, these people who have big success out of nowhere attacking those less fortunate, one day you may be in this situation and you will see what it feels like hopefully - Now I am not talking about you Tasman1, I have always enjoyed reading your posts, people know which ones I am referring to - Taking a break from posting about offers and tasks might be a good idea, but you won't see me make up false success stories that's not me.

If I come across a bad task or survey I will keep on posting about it, will make better choice of words though and not mention scam and other stuff like that, but you won't see me lie about success just to please some people.

Affiliates? » Post #6

Fri May 17, 2019 00:04 in General Talk

nemesislaw2002 wrote:
I can't agree with you more this industry is on the bubble.
Task and surveys nowadays are just so hard to obtain, which is much less attractive to new comers.
Even though I've only joined for 2 yrs, I can still observe that.

Cortrect - As far as tasks, there are still very few daily recurrent tasks, there is that 2 and 3 cent recurrent task, if you can somehow catch them and do them all you can make about $0.12 ~ $0.50 or more daily, that's still better than the few cents on PTC without referrals. On RARE occasions you can get good tasks but very rare, you see for about 2 months I have not gotten a good task and just today I made almost $5 on tasks, but STILL my overall monthly balance is half of what it normally should be, so downward trend.

And people now only like gamble their money on bitcoin or whatever trash, I feel sorry about that too..

Those abundant HYIP and ponzi schemes online, now this is the new trend - After the demise of Payza, EGOPAY and LibertyReserve, Bitcoin basically was the saviour of HYIP, nearly all HYIPs now accept bitcoin and a lot of online non regulated casinos, so the underground and illicit market is keeping Bitcoin alive, whatever is left of it, Bitcoin is the haven for scammers online, basically once you part with your bitcoin it's done deal, you can't dispute. Bitcoin and PerfectMOney are keeping the scams online alive and stronger than ever. The PTC and GPT sites are suffering and declining whilst the fraud industry is alive and well, go figure.

I mean here you can actually accumulate your effort, isn't that much more guaranteed?
Anyway thanks for sharing your true view.
For the affiliate, guess I may as well forget it...

That's up to you, you do not have to give up on it, you just need to have realistic goals and expectations - Honesty is the best policy when getting quality referrals - If you mislead them like some promoters do, and give the impression that you will earn big money doing nothing or set unrealistic goals, people will quickly be disappointed when they join you. IF you are honest and explain the program well, you will likely get less referrals, but more quality referrals that will hang on a bit longer, though people are not patient - new people join and will quickly be demotivated when they go through surveys, and likely give up.

For tasks, new members start at badge level 0 where there are virtually no tasks and where leveling up is extremely difficult due to the massive amount of broken and unfair tasks that never get fixed - You will unlikely get NEW active referrals that will sustain you several dollars daily - you will likely need hundreds of not THOUSANDS of ACTIVE referrals. You are better off saving your money and focusing on other online earning opportunities or work here.

With the PTC gone from here it is more difficult to get referrals - Higher tier countries benefit mostly from tasks here, BUT they have to go through a painful process of leveling up to badge 3. Tier 1 countries main benefit here are surveys, BUT in TIer 1 countries you won't find much commitment from people to work al those hours for few pennies or few dollars daily, BUT still tier 1 is your best bet to get referrals, those looking for a supplement income, as survey offers are more abundant for Tier 1.

Try to get affiliates for those PONZI scam garbage online guaranteed you will get loads of them - people do not want to join GPT where they can earn for FREE - people want QUICK money even if it means risking their live savings and losing money they STILL persist in wasting their bloody time online with such fraud!

Our bitcoin baby is back » Post #13

Thu May 16, 2019 23:49 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: 70 second latter, loss another 300.00

$ 6,679.96
Just now

ok ,,,, once it cost 1cent maybe I will buy 1 bitcoin

I came very close to being rich / wealthy - Back in the years where bitcoin was at $8, I came very close to buying a couple of thousands worth - INSTEAD I was lured to invest in an HYIP (GeniusFunds) :/ I did not know much about HYIP scams in those years and lost it. Had I put that money on Bitcoin as originally intended, I would have been 7 figure richer today.

Bitcoin is extremely volatile now, not worth it, people still do not learn their lesson - BTC is headed for another big crash before going back up - you are safer with the actual market which is volatile but is on a growing trend, where BTC is not backed, not regulated, and basically that, VIRTUAL currency, so yeah have fun gambling with your money, had I made the fortune in BTC in those days I would have withdrawn my principal + maybe 75%-80%.

CLICKSENSE- Not merely a money making machine » Post #55

Thu May 16, 2019 00:23 in General Talk

Cayvin wrote: How do I make more money fast?

1) Try your luck at the lottery.
2) Ponzi schemes
3) Using your talent / skills and freelancing

I am not condoning #2 BTW, but the point I am trying to make here is that there IS NO way for earning fast money unless you are very lucky or you have developed specific skills that will lead you to opportunity, but this is usually a long process and may require a bit of luck.

The only way online outside the fraudulent surveys and tasks, is finding work matching your skills / talent, if you do not have a specific skill / talent that matches with specific work, then basically it will be impossible, you will have to rely on work that requires little or no experience, which is so hard to find because everyone is looking for that, and there is more demand than work available.

If you were to ask the same questions years ago I would say probably the easiest way for quick money is tasks and surveys, but this is no longer reality now.

CLICKSENSE- Not merely a money making machine » Post #53

Wed May 15, 2019 22:51 in General Talk

symbianuser0707 wrote: Payoneer is the best solution now,direct banking for most of Europe also,since the decline of quality surveys,little number of tasks,etc,the minimum 50$ is done on a longer period of time than before,but it's achievable!Not impossible if you work steady!Payoneer should remain the basic payment solution for years,no fees to bank accounts!

I only cash out ONCE a month using Payoneer, This way I pay only $2 fee per month, instead of paying $2 multiple times. So for example if you are cashing out every week, you would be paying $2 x 4 = $8 USD per month, whereas with 1 cash out per month you would be paying only $2. In any case as you noticed, due to the MASSIVE decline in income it would be extremely difficult to earn at least $50 a week, in the old glory days, it was easy, now it is mostly only to those who are lucky to get good tasks.

Beware of "other" sites that pay you on DQ » Post #1

Wed May 15, 2019 00:28 in General Talk

For legal reasons I don't think I want to mention the name of the site - nor do I want to give hints as it will give it away. There is one site out there that pays you a few cents even if you do not qualify for a survey. So technically you could do 30 surveys and not qualify and earn almost a dollar or more. Some sites will even GIVE you a few dollars to sign up. Beware, some of these sites use unethical practices - you will get lot of surveys at first, mostly DQ of course, and when you get very close to the limit to cash out, you will get less and less surveys, eventually you will not get paid even if you DQ. I know of a few members there who told me their stories and warned me not to join - there are other similar stories reading online reviews - when you reach the minimum to cash out, site will treat you like you are a criminal and under investigation - in some cases your account will be blocked without explanation, in other cases they will ask for passport, SS#, ID, proof of date of birth, proof of legal name AND residency / address, etc. It sounds kinda odd for such transactions we are talking about a low minimum not thousands of $. Unfortunately, some people fell for this and gave the info, many got mysterious blocked even though they provided authentic documents, and their balance was zeroed, or they simply did not get paid or their payment was considerably delayed. Some managed to get paid after back and forth with support - in the cases that were brought up to me, there has been cases where these members mysteriously started getting phone calls for telemarketing, mostly fraudulent calls, fake M$ tech support, fake IRS, and these members told me they NEVER got such calls before - one of them even got a call that threaten them to send money or they will go to jail. But even worse, one of the members got a call from their bank as their account was flagged for suspicion of fraud and identity theft - I mean it's no surprise they provided their legal name, residency, address, DATE OF BIRTH !!!

This CROOKED site wants your personal information YET they are hiding behind anonymous information on their domain. Kinda ironic

So next time you say "other sites pay a few cents when we disqualify" just think about whether sacrificing your identity is worth those extra cents - and just think if they have thousands of members, where that money comes from, there are reports on how they block accounts for no reason and "STEAL" balances, this is one way they could be affording to do so.

Remember it is not always greener on the other side of the fence.

CLICKSENSE- Not merely a money making machine » Post #48

Wed May 15, 2019 00:17 in General Talk

I don't know about other countries, but for Canada, the MINIMUM to cash out from PAYONEER balance to BANK is $50. For Canada, Payoneer supports DIRECT banking, so no banking fees. I usually get my money in 1-2 days from request. For other countries I am pretty sure it is $50 (you would have to check on the site to be sure), and countries where Payoneer does not have direct banking option, you have to use WIRE, and so there are extra charges for using WIRE + landing fees from your bank it can be very costly. I.e. for my bank if I were to use wire, I would be charged $15 landing fee for each intermediary bank - bunch of THIEVES - luckily I have the direct banking option. As far as PayPal I do not think CS will ever get PayPal back - PayPal has officially terminated and cut ties with CS - It is rare that companies will reverse their decision The reason why PayPal dropped CS, Neo and other PTC I explained in great detail in another topic. As far as CS being a GPT now and no longer in PayPal's prohibited industries, well I think there is more to the story, I think some other external factors made things worse. They could implement AirTM which is a peer to peer type of thing, and there is PayPal support in that, but it is a rip-off in fees ! I'd like more than anything to see PayPal here, but it is not going to happen in my opinion, or they would have made it possible a long time ago, who knows, maybe CS does NOT want PayPal back - when you have someone screwing you over just like that without valid reason, I don't think you would want to do business again :D

Affiliates? » Post #3

Wed May 15, 2019 00:09 in General Talk

Getting ACTIVE referrals nowadays is extremely difficult. You are better off relying on your own efforts and work. Most people want EASY money effortless, and anybody who has advertised on PTC over the years has noticed that conversion to ads for sites where a user can earn effortless money (HYIP, ponzi, revshare, PTC BUX rental of active bots, etc.) is much higher than advertising for sites where you actually have to work. Getting NEW active referrals here now is difficult because things have changed for the worse in terms of tasks and surveys. Unfortunately CrowdFlower/Figure Eight has decided to focus on 100% profits and has not shown ANY efforts to engage with community over the years, leaving a platform swimming with unfair and difficult tasks, and declining tasks. Now with Appen's acquisition it has added immense uncertainty for the future of GPT, as nobody knows if we will still be able to continue working on tasks through channels (i.e. here, other GPT) or if it will be done strictly through Appen or F8's own portal from 2020, nobody knows.

For surveys, it is extremely targeted, mostly Tier 1, and even so quality has declined immensely - For OLD members who have enjoyed good earnings over the years, they are more tolerant and will stick around - i.e. you will see me and others complain a lot about the state of surveys and tasks, but we are still around - NEW referrals will NOT have that kind of patience and will likely face the same situation (DQ, off quota, bad surveys, bad tasks, expels, unfair correction) and they will likely start blaming CS and / or just quit. Old time members here including myself have experience a marked decline in earnings over the years - look at my stats for example, the amount of tasks I have completed and surveys - I am lucky now to complete maybe 4 TASKS a day (the market research ones) as the rest is purely junk with unfair corrections or ridiculous instructions. Things have change for the worse, and to be fair, not only here, but GPT in general, even direct panels have become really bad - So I question WHY do people still want to get referrals - if you are getting them for free, that's another story, but if you are spending money to advertise, you are likely going to struggle to reach your ROI.

The only scenario where I could see it possible to get quality referrals is if there were somehow some recurrent and fair tasks like in the old days (wine, uber and other tasks that were on a daily basis), other recurrent activities of the past were PTC element, which is gone now, so you have Surveys which is mostly Tier 1 traffic and tasks which is all tier for the most part, but very unfair.

Now I know some old timers will disagree and say they have thousands of referrals, yeah, but those were likely obtained many years ago when things were better, so like I said, old timers will likely hang around, it's the new ones that are hard to get - now with the Bitcoin and revshare / investment GARBAGE online, people rather gamble their money on sh*t online than LEGIT sites where they actually need to WORK.

Unfortunately Figure Eight is the ONLY platform which has an API that can interface externally to channels I wish there were other options CS could add, but there aren't, other crowd providers are stand alone and do not work externally.

With the sharp decline of affiliation surveys, I think the GPT industry is on the bubble - some survey publishers are opting out from cash incentivized traffic (i.e. CS) and rather do in app, non cash rewards for higher quality of data.
This can explain why less surveys.

In my opinion the GPT industry is on the bubble, and so is CS. If in 2020 Figure Eight / Appen breaks away from external channels, it means CS will lose the majority of its traffic and rank and be just a plain GPT, there are many tier 1 GPTs they are surviving, though for CS it would be a massive loss in valuation as they would go from a full rewards GPT/PTC, down to full rewards GPT, down to simple GPT in decline.

I've been following the industry closely for years I am sorry for my pessimism but I do not see ANY positive markers - the only positive markers that I am aware of is that the companies CS deals with are making HUGE profits year to year, but that has nothing to do with CS or any GPT, they can and will survive without CS.

I'd be lying if I said I am not worried about the future of this and other GPT sites, and I am sure maybe some other long time members here (those who are not afraid of their opinions) might agree.
Whatever happens to CS, I will forever be grateful to Jim, Joao and everyone involved with the success of this site, I will NEVER forget the good times and am extremely thankful and that won't change.

30 surveys stacked to be tried » Post #4

Mon May 13, 2019 22:18 in General Talk

dutch1898 wrote: Wow, lets hope one or 2 will be paying me. :D

So tell us, how many of those 30 surveys did you complete ? :)

Posting holliday .....tasman1 » Post #3

Mon May 13, 2019 22:16 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: Posting holiday now in force for tasman1 for next 30 day , enjoy folks , try not to post just dark , bad stuff , try to brighten your days a bit , I am a bit tired of posting here every day and you all must have a rest of my posting

See you around half of June , enjoy

Nobody complained on your posting you are realistic and not some overly optimistic person instilling false hope into people, you keep the place lively with your sometimes controversial posts, it's a change from the norm, and quit pointing your fingers at me, you are the one to complain too about surveys, etc, you only seem to change your stance quite a lot, you were the first to call surveys mafia, thieves, etc, and all of a sudden you seem to praise them, people have a right to "cry" (your words) and complain when many of us have seen an 80% drop of income. I used to earn $200 a month from surveys in the past, and $300-$400 here on CS, lucky this month if I get $50, I think I have every reason to complain or should I just be happy about it ? Just because you are doing well does not mean it is the majority, in fact a lot of people here are noticing the same issues with both surveys and tasks. Some people might disagree with you but don't feel that you are an annoyance, it is always and has always been somewhat refreshing to read your posts, because you are not afraid to say things as they are, forums need more people like you to say things as they are, and luckily you don't have a community manager up your arse here to censor you, misinterpret you and threaten you. Though I agree sometimes that a break from the norm is beneficial. I took a long break too from posting when I was busy with my freelancing contracts, probably the biggest mistake I did was to return to a platform that was basically censorship - but here it has never been as such and all kinds of discussions have been welcomed good and bad, minus religion and politics of course :D

I know you though you probably will be back posting before 30 days, it's in your blood :D

See you soon :) Whenever there is something positive I will be sure to post about it, remind me when that happens though because all I see is sh*t all around, I do give credit when due, but you won't see me bullshit and praise - I'm not a hypocrite, and I too say things as they are, I won't say shit to please others, if there is positive, I will give credit and praise, if there is negative I will cite negative, if there is more negative, then it's just that. I've been an active member since 2012 so I think I know how to gauge when the situation is good and when it's heading south.


CLICKSENSE- Not merely a money making machine » Post #39

Mon May 13, 2019 17:22 in General Talk

Arvind9 wrote: No one is a cheater can you explain that to a survey that puts you off because some irregularities are found

So you are yet another member here making bold accusations that failed surveys are due entirely to inconsistencies and the survey taker's fault ? This is wrong on many levels. So am I a cheater too ? Because a lot of the surveys lately I get DQed at the end, off quota, etc, so that means I cheated / rushed ? whatever ? So survey publishers are all clean and don't cheat us right, you seem to be defending the publishers - I am not saying that there is no cheating from survey takers, but NOT everyone getting issues with surveys are doing something wrong. You have just alienated and insulted every single survey taker here, not everyone is a cheater or doing something wrong.

CLICKSENSE- Not merely a money making machine » Post #37

Mon May 13, 2019 16:56 in General Talk

Arvind9 wrote: No I am not giving wrong ideas,most members dont read the question properly and choose the right option,the answers dont look logical,thats why many surveys show you a message that your answers were given in a hurry,it has happened to me a couple of times,it looks ok to me but they see it differently,that what needs to be better understood how you give answers.

I'm sorry but just because some members allegedly do not read questions properly and answer anything either intentionally or not does not mean EVERYONE does it.

I'm one of those members who take the time to read each question carefully, proof is anybody can look at my survey logs and see that often I take more time than the actual LOI of the survey. Surveys have QUALITY control checks in them, some obvious some discrete, if you fail any one of those you won't get paid, going too fast, you can fail one or more unintentionally, so it does not pay to rush surveys you WILL get caught, either now or when client reviews the data, not only can they see that you rushed the survey BUT they can see the TIMES per page submit, they can set timers on whole survey AND on each individual pages. I've actually seen raw survey scripts - assuming that the bad situation we are going through with surveys is due to quality entirely is wrong - while it is true that fraudulent users have an edge, mostly on tasks, it might not apply on surveys, because there is more scrutiny on the data in surveys, in surveys you get reversals, in tasks you get paid - though some people are gambling with their accounts.

Not everyone doing well in tasks are cheaters, not everyone doing well in surveys are cheaters, not everyone doing bad in surveys are doing something wrong.

That's the point.

CLICKSENSE- Not merely a money making machine » Post #35

Mon May 13, 2019 16:17 in General Talk

Arvind9 wrote: Get a bit imaginative think how you can change the way you answer,and depend less on your demographics you will see some difference.

You have to be careful publicly giving such advice, considering admins can read such posts, and if I think what you really are suggesting here, it would be a very slippery slope to go down - doing so will only give more ammunition to these publishers ALREADY claiming they are victims.....should we give them more ammo you think ? I don't think so - 2 wrongs don't make a right.

ALIEN HUSBANDS and WIFES...tasman1 » Post #10

Thu May 09, 2019 00:22 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: Did read some newspaper from Planet Mars today and did read this .. Some aliens from Earth think that...... bla bla ... but why they call us alien ? they are aliens not us , they talk rubish me think

What do you mean "us" ? Are you alien too ? :P

ALIEN HUSBANDS and WIFES...tasman1 » Post #8

Thu May 09, 2019 00:01 in General Talk

wildbillhickok wrote: Such species are not between us the only place that you might probably find them is on Area 51.

You won't find any aliens in Area 51, that's all I can say - as I don't want to get into trouble :D

Are there aliens on earth among us disguised as humans, MAYBE, that's debatable.

What about prodigies, people with uncanny skills and some very talented young people / kids, well one explanation, they might have gathered the knowledge in previous lives, somehow this "knowledge" follows you minus the memories, again this is just theory nobody can know for sure, governments have not yet unclassified or mentioned anything about aliens and I don't think that day will come to avoid chaos.

As far as those UFO sightings, crop circles, well, they are not necessarily alien related, they COULD be something else I don't dare speculate here :P

If there are some aliens among us on earth disguised as humans, I might be one of them but unaware of it, I won't go into reasons why i think so, sometimes you will see me unintentionally say things like "you humans do this, you humans do that" and I do not agree with the general ways most humans work and think so yeah who knows :D

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Wed May 08, 2019 23:54 in General Talk

The only place that can make rules for routers are the actual companies that provide the platform for publishers and advertisers, unfortunately, many companies work on a "PROFIT ONLY" business model, such as Figure Eight, where basically their task authors have free will to do anything, including lowering people's accuracy unfairly, not fixing test questions, running deceptive tasks (like the adfly / bitly guy getting free traffic with his deceptive task) etc. though each platform does have their own internal rules, but when it comes to rules towards actual task contributors or survey respondents they are nil, basically publishers can reverse surveys for ANY reason and they do not have to justify the reasons too. The only thing CS can do about it is forward our complaints, but I guess most of the time these complaints might fall on deaf ears, one of the companies CS deals with has made over 300+ million profits last financial year, so do they care, nope, as people still continue to provide data, leads, survey, complete offers and tasks and shareholders are happy, that's all that matters to company - In my opinion, ClixSense has our best interest, but there is very little they can do.

According to publishers, they say "We get cheated too by survey respondents", but there is a problem, they are DELUSIONAL into thinking they can expect the same quality and honesty when they continually lower the pay rate. When you see some once $1 offers down to 30 cents, would it be reasonable for them to expect the SAME quality ?
They should not punish the whole crowd for some cheaters though.

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rajukurup wrote:
valerie wrote: You did not say anything about India.

Again and for the last time, you said ClixSense was the ONLY free to earn program.
That is absolutely not true. I'm not speaking in regards to any specific country and
you did not either.

so sorry for that; I was in a hurry while typing and could not coordinate the points. I actually meant the illegible sites in India . Here there are many money making sites but none of them are useful, they charge huge fees for enrolment and provide nothing. Here in clicksense some people complaint that they are working like slaves when they get disqualified for a survey or when the count of survey invitation decreases, these people should visit such sites to know how clicksense is worth. there is a captcha solving site which provides lot of work and after working for the whole day you may receive a maximum of 10$ but what about clicksense you can earn that amount in a day for just working 1 or 2 hours if that day is lucky for you. there may good sites as clicksense for other countries I am ignorant of that. :?

As one of the said "complainers" I am offended by what you are implying. I know very well about other sites, and yes you are right, ClixSense is the best I have seen SO FAR, if you are able to earn $10 in 2 hours here, good for you, just because you do does not mean everyone does though, it is probably not the majority, if it were, then nobody would complain, even $10 for 1 day work is still acceptable for these kind of opportunities, but when people work for a whole day and get cents or see a 40-75% decline, don't expect me or anybody to be happy about it. As far as captcha sites,are you aware about the crooked industry this represents and what decoding captchas is used for, kindly do your research on that - Many of those captcha decoding sites are ripping people off, not paying, and those who do, you have to do through captchas that are increasing ridiculously impossible, I've tried once just by CURIOSITY, but then I researched on the dark side of that industry and stopped. YES there are other ways to earn much better than here, but they may be crooked models, there is HYIP sites, ponzi bux sites (new ones in particular), ponzi revshare, etc, there is certainly better in terms of earnings, but those who have no issues in participating in illegal activities online.
As far as legit, AGAIN, I agree CS is the best, this does not invalidate any complaints about declines though, those of us complaining are very old time members, I think that right was earned considering our loyalty hard work and efforts providing the complaints concern the right channels.

What you are TRYING to tell me and other complainers is this: "Stop complaining and be thankful to CS who is that hand that feeds you, they are not a money tree!" You are the one who fails to get the point here, nobody said CS was a money tree, we are here, we have rules, we are expected QUALITY of work, when in return we get cheated by surveys and by crowd tasks, it is normal to be frustrated, it is normal when we have to work 300% harder and yet see 40-70% of our earnings decline (this % IS JUST an EXAMPLE).

So yeah since this is your best site, one of these days when you are in a situation where you stop earning completely or you see a big drop, will you be happy about it ? You certainly won't, some people just say nothing, some people complain, showing a little compassion towards less fortunate goes a long way, not making them feel worse than they are !!!

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valerie wrote: ClixSense has been online many years and there is very credible programs out there that
are free. That is not what you said, however. You said there was not free to earn programs
out there and that ClixSense is the only one. That is not true. There are some very long
running GPT programs that are legit and free, not just ClixSense.

Also here is a scoop, some people might not be aware because I have not heard anybody even notice or mention it, not even that site announced it, but a very popular site people know starting with N now offers network surveys, I am surprised the OP forgot about that, yes they have memberships for the PTC side, but for GPT site you can earn as a free member, though yeah I will agree on one thing - CS is the best so far in terms of fees, commission, bonuses, and the amount of offers, I've been a member of a few sites in the years and CS is the best, at least for my country :) Maybe for a US member they might think otherwise, but yeah CS is the king of GPT in my books. That said, on some GPT sites, when you get ONE reversal some admins will ban you and you will be treated like a criminal, so yeah even with the annoyances CS is the best, but again for the millionth time, people have a right to make observation and complain, where it becomes unfair is where people are making bold accusations about CS stealing, not caring, ripping us off, etc, I have read such posts, but they are few, as far as I'm concerned I've never made any such remarks against CS.

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valerie wrote: You did not say anything about India.

Again and for the last time, you said ClixSense was the ONLY free to earn program.
That is absolutely not true. I'm not speaking in regards to any specific country and
you did not either.

Thank you Valerie, I noticed it too, this is serious misinformation on his part because to anybody reading the topic they would think that you have to PAY to earn on other sites, which is completely false, I think he is confusing between HYIP ponzi sites, Ponzi BUX sites, ponzi revshare and actual GPT. Not a single *LEGIT* legal GPT should EVER charge you any money to earn, if they do, they should be avoided. I have yet to hear of any legit GPT charge to earn. Some might have memberships, that would be a crappy model for a GPT but one in particular has memberships, but basically you get paid more for referral commission, you can still earn on FREE on that site, with less perks, but FREE is always possible, but on great majority of sites you do not need to PAY a single cent. I also think he is confusing between country requirements and pay - Many GPT sites only accept Tier 1 countries, WHY ? Because the networks / 3rd party affiliation sites they deal with support as such. Sites that carry Figure Eight tasks accept international members - some GPT sites are survey and offers only so they accept Tier 1. Very few or fewer GPT sites now accept non Tier 1 due to the low amount to nil amount depending on site. While ClixSense has many perks over other GPTs it is by no means the ONLY GPT that does not charge money.

As far as on topic, I kindly request the OP to have a little sympathy toward others - the OP is always on the defensive whenever someone complains about a situation particularly with surveys - there seems to be a serious lack of comprehension as the complaints are targeted towards the 3rd parties and it was never a question about putting the blame on ClixSense - People's complaints are genuine for the most part - Business is business after all we are here to earn, and ClixSense is a company and it too wants to earn, it is normal that when you see a steady decline of income and a steady increase of work that people will complain - it is counter productive each time someone complains to defend clixsense or say stuff like "hey I am doing ok and earning well you must be doing something wrong" attitude, not only does it demotivate people FURTHER but it is an annoyance !

We are all here to earn in the end, we love ClixSense (most of us do ) those of us who complain are pointing the fingers where it should be pointed, 3rd parties, whilst some have directly blamed CS, it's not the majority.

It's important to have compassion and stop spreading misinformation about this or other sites.

The decline of surveys and income is not limited to CS, it is seen across all sites that carry the same networks. As far as reversals on CS and not other sites, people should understand that other sites take a larger cut on your work, some GPT take as much as half or more, I will not mention the name but it is a very popular one, some take 40% or more, even one taking 60%, so yeah it's kind of obvious they may absorb SOME of the reversals or have different deals with network, but the less money you are earning on other sites for the same work, is FAR worse than doing surveys here and getting reversals, here at least you know CS takes only 30% cut + you get most of it back through checklist and other bonuses - So please don't try putting words in people's mouth rajukurup », I'm one of those "complainers" and I never once blamed CS for anything, I've been in the industry far long to know how it works and I know the companies CS deals with as well - The only thing you were right in your post is that CS is not a money MAKING "MACHINE", it is an OPPORTUNITY, it is based on our work and efforts, so it is NORMAL to complain when there is much efforts that is met with steady decline, speaking for myself I will always appreciate and be thankful to this site, I owe it big time to ClixSense, I'm sure the rest will agree about CS. As far as your comment on other sites charging, this has NOTHING to do with anything.

It looks to me like you are defending CS (when you do not need to) and providers of offers, yes I agree that cheating goes both ways, they get cheated a lot too, but that does not invalidate that there are lot of honest people discouraged because of the decline of pay rates, increase of reversals AND decline of quality, it has NOTHING to do with CS!

ALSO there are other GPT sites that I have known years ago they had many Indian members and other countries and FREE too, research goes a long way, there are also BAD GPTs out there, which use ponzi model, luckily, unlike PTCs, there many good GPTs out there.
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