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Posts by Darkstar2
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Darkstar 2 » Post #3

Tue Apr 08, 2014 23:32 in General Talk

sullybutt wrote: What happened to DarkStar 2? I miss him, he was funny!

Even though I am still actively reading the forum and giving occasional likes, and glad to see people share and express much the same opinions on certain hot topics, I am no longer going to post on this forum, for an undetermined period of time, but not anytime soon that's for sure. Maybe one day if I decide to do so. :P I am however still actively doing offers and earning here, (this is the only thing still keeping me here really....) and direct panels and I am still very active on EMS forum, and "that other PTC" forum, and that will continue....Those 2 forums will be the ones I will post on from now on. For more explanations people know where to PM me on EMS.

I think now would be a good time for mods to please lock this topic. I will not make further replies/comments or posts here.

Thank you.

Is it time ClixSense dumped Crowd Flower? » Post #3

Mon Mar 24, 2014 15:32 in Tasks


How Long Do You Spend On Each Casino Task? » Post #22

Sat Mar 22, 2014 14:37 in Tasks

steven2106 wrote: They put two lots up in one day. The earlier one's were labelled Saturday leading us to believe they were tonight's lot but obviously that was for Friday. They came up again at about 3am. I only noticed half way through but because almost no one was aware of them still managed to get most of them.

Now we have no idea what time they will appear next time. I understand they cant be precise but surely they can stop being so random.

that's exactly the point, they want to rotate times as much as possible, because they want more unique traffic (suckers) to their casinos, on the other hand it gives more chance to different contributors to do those tasks.
I've not been able to do more than 1-2 a day since they rotated the times, when I was able to do 15-17 years ago consistently. Changing the times every day is counterproductive; they could at least do so in a more reasonable interval ! :D

You must go to the site mentioned by searching » Post #41

Sat Mar 22, 2014 14:34 in Tasks

(removed tip)

How Long Do You Spend On Each Casino Task? » Post #18

Fri Mar 21, 2014 23:59 in Tasks

Wow !!! What a day today ! I've managed to complete 17 casino tasks today ! First time I've been able to do that in years. And they all bloody worked too :P So I wasn't part of the selected contributor IDs to be scammed today, nice.......
Anybody else complete more casino tasks today ?

How Long Do You Spend On Each Casino Task? » Post #3

Thu Mar 20, 2014 22:49 in Tasks

Worst that can happen you will be suspended from the casino tasks, not all the tasks.

What you should be careful is your answers. Providing the right answers, searching the result, and visiting the site. Remember this is an SEO task, the goal, to search using the given query in google and click the site.
You don't have to spend a lot of time on the site, but you DO have to search for it and click it, so it's hard to
get away with anything else. Make sure you note the right position and page the result was found in.
If your answers are significantly different than the average, that can get you suspended.

There are specific tasks that require a MINIMUM amount of time to be spent on, others not.
What counts the most in the casino tasks is proper answers, proper search query and results and
proper site visited. You don't have to browse the entire casino site, just click the link and stay on its
home page.

Some will require you click on sections of the site and ask you questions on the games, in such case, do so.

Since I've been doing this a long time I know by heart the answers they are looking for, however, I take the time to answer them as opposed to speeding through. Speeding through on any given task is NOT good and can get you flagged.

Register Avast! Free Antivirus 2014-Get 1 Year Key » Post #8

Tue Mar 18, 2014 17:31 in General Talk

I pay for yearly AVIRA and I'm happy, it has a far better detection rate and rated amongst the top 10.

You must go to the site mentioned by searching » Post #20

Mon Mar 17, 2014 22:47 in Tasks

lovemoe wrote: I'm having the same problems, dehawkinz. I do the tasks, those that won't verify, I report and I still get CF's crap about not paying - "too many complaints." They "apologize" with their copy & paste answer and end it with "Thanks for reporting, have a nice day." Yet NO payment! I'm owed at least $1 for the last month's problems, but they refuse to pay, even though they KNOWINGLY provide us with broken tasks. RIDICULOUS.

However, I keep doing these tasks because at least half of them work... it's just the rest that give problems that CF needs to fix or remove!

This is terrible and unacceptable, and fraudulent.

I encourage anybody who receives such replies from CF that they cannot be credited due to too many complaints,
to file a better business bureau complaint on fraudulent business practices and failure to honour agreements.

There are consumer protection laws that protect people for such type of fraud.

Since I can't post URL just google between quotes "better business bureau crowd flower"
and file a complaint, document everything along with the replies you get and mention that they failed to
honour their agreement which is the incentive for completing a task. The business is not even BBB accredited
(go figure, they'd probably get an F- rating) There are few BBB against them already, but it seems not enough
people complaining to the BBB.

Only thing to put pressure and get things done is making sure you know your consumer rights and that companies have to abide by laws in place. If these companies are exposed to the mass media perhaps
they can finally decide to change their business practices.

Clearly this is a scam attempt from the casino networks, not CF, so obviously it seems CF is paying from its pockets (????). In such a case then CF should avoid doing business with bad clients or put pressure to their
developers to fix their tasks ! But the casino tasks having nothing that need fixing.......since the same
task works sometimes and sometimes not, so they just randomly decide to break it to save money and not pay
on a selective basis.

I also encourage people to not bother playing at ANY of the casinos in these tasks, they are all owned by the same network and they are terrible. They not only cheat people and claim fair odds, they are rigged.
Don't encourage allegedly crooked and fraudulent sponsors !

You must go to the site mentioned by searching » Post #16

Mon Mar 17, 2014 16:21 in Tasks

Edtheturk wrote: So let's all stop doing them!

Well I report them yes it's time consuming but they credit me within 24-72 hours usually.

If they don't they know I will file a BBB report as many did already for failure to honour an agreement.

I've had mostly problems with support not fixing accuracy but as far as missing credits they come through most of the time, but it's annoying having for 2 bloody years report tasks continually, and not only that sometimes these extra casino tasks can affect your checklist bonus as you might be missing 1 task to unlock the bonus.

Not going to quit doing casino tasks for as long as I get credit, be it on the spot or manual credit.

We are being scammed by the publisher of the task, CrowdFlower cannot force the developers to fix their sh*t!

Penny tasks » Post #13

Tue Mar 11, 2014 17:28 in Tasks

What a bloody rip off !

These tasks are getting far more complex, requiring 3x-4x the labour, yet the pay is as low as 1 cent!

What the HELL happened to the 5 cent, 7 cent, 10 cent, 14 cent tasks ?

EVEN the 1 cent tasks get marked unfairly and you constantly have to fight to get your accuracy fixed.

And they expect to get quality work with exploiting people like that ?

India .. No tasks » Post #2

Tue Mar 11, 2014 17:25 in Tasks

Yeah it's very strange indeed.

What is your global accuracy % ? did you complete many skill tests ? how many badges you have ?

I too find it strange, CF is a very unfair company. I have 95% global accuracy, all my badges, skilled contributor and many skill tests complete, and get far fewer tasks than people in same country.

How much money do you make per day? » Post #9

Tue Mar 11, 2014 15:51 in General Talk

On CS alone, from $2-$5 a day sometimes more, it varies so much. That is majority from surveys, + daily casino tasks and occasional task.

Obviously surveys is country targeted, but tasks is more international friendly.

All sites combined I'd say around $5-$15 daily. Again it varies, but most days in single digit.

ClixGrid Prizes » Post #5

Tue Mar 11, 2014 15:47 in General Talk

Odds are low but money is coming from advertisers, that's the big difference.

It's just luck, free, and by no means is a steady income earner.

Some claim 400 ~ 600 : 1 odds of winning something, that is over a long term period, which averages out.
So you may win sooner than those clicks or much later.

Don't expect winnings and click you never know when your luck comes.

Personally I click the grid because I have to for my checklist bonus, 20 a day.

So it's a FREE trial.

how do i rent or buy referrals? » Post #3

Tue Mar 11, 2014 15:44 in General Talk

Sorry, there are no bots here for rent.

This is a real PTC site with real human beings and real traffic.

Most sites that rent said referrals are ponzi and you are playing a gamble.

Of course there are some rare exceptions but no matter, you won't ever make big profits with rent
referrals, at least not in the long run.

Best you get direct referrals or rely on own efforts to earn, that's what I learned ages ago, never to rely
on referrals for income alone.

A Canadian here on Clixsense » Post #3

Wed Mar 05, 2014 15:20 in Member Introduction

francine2011 wrote: To all Clixsense users, I want to say HI from me, Francine, a Canadian citizen who uses Clixsense almost every day.
I am not making a fortune but I enjoy the surveys and especially the tasks.

I saw from the posts that there are a few Canadians here. I would like them to tell everybody how much they enjoy Clixsense and how they use it.

Well that's it for now.

talk to you soon


Another Canadian member to join and welcome you to ClixSense.
As you can see by my stats, proof that Canadians can earn, but keep in mind surveys are extremely
targeted, not only by country but province, city, profile, etc. Certain Canadian provinces get more
surveys than others it seems.

You just experienced some survey frustration but don't worry, you will get plenty of those, the survey
industry can be a headache, but it is the fastest easiest income you will come across that does not
require spending money or joining ponzi schemes.

As a person who's been doing this for over 12+ years on different sites, I can tell you that it is trial and error. Check frequently during the day, evening, etc, most of the time you will be told no survey, but keep checking, and don't give up no matter the frustration (there are bad days, low earning, bad surveys ,etc.....) but many good.

I NET around $100-$300 /month on surveys alone. There are many Canadians here earning.

Wishing you best of luck.

TIP - Tasks, there are daily "casino" tasks, where you search and visit a site and get paid 7 cents.
That's a quick minimum 0.14-0.21 daily if you spot the right time for these tasks.
Sometimes they change times or some days they don't have any of them, but found out over the years
that under worst case, $3-$5 a month from casino tasks alone.

I am from Montreal, Quebec, not exactly the best target for surveys and I still earn.
Ontario has good potential for surveys, other provinces to some extent, maybe
NWT, Yukon, Nunavut, less, so if you are from one of these you might not get many or any surveys.

Try joining panels directly, I am a direct members of SSI, and earned another $2k there alone.
PineCone is my 2nd favourite too. There are some good opportunities for Canadian members,
I use ClixSense as my main earner BUT also have secondary earners for bad days on CS.

You must go to the site mentioned by searching » Post #4

Tue Mar 04, 2014 15:31 in Tasks

It's done selectively in my opinion, they are playing, same task same query same site, has problems one day and not another ? For 2 damn years been reporting this issue, it never gets fixed, CF keeps comping but the developer does nothing !
Who would want to play on their casino anyway but I wonder who foots the bill for all these rubbish tasks.
CF is happy because they have business, the developer is happy because too few people report problems and just
bite the bullet.

CF & some casino developers = pile of dung! » Post #1

Mon Mar 03, 2014 23:08 in Tasks

And that is only putting it lightly

I've been scammed tonite of 4 casino tasks. The same that worked well for past months....

SAME keywords same sites, but the submission error (red) that the site needs to be visited.

Selective SCAM!

These add up to the checklist bonus.

I can't for the * of me understand why is nobody fixing those ******* casino tasks
been reporting those for 2 bloody years!

Not Going To Renew Premium Upgrade » Post #23

Fri Feb 28, 2014 14:40 in General Talk

chefkang wrote:
I have serious doubts IF the majority of the members here can make yearly tasks and offers that will pay yearly at least $243 and only in days when it's possible to get the checklist bonus. My personal opinion is that this is not doable for the average Joe 8-)

Please do not put words in my mouth I did not say the majority. I was giving a general example. One just does not go and buy a premium, there is a process first, and one should decide based on results they get. Obviously if a person joins and is in a good demographics and profile target they will get surveys and tasks, the extra effort comes from checking regularly for tasks and surveys and accepting bumps along the road, for those, when earning consistently would greatly benefit from a premium. Now I was talking under the worst case scenario a person could click their own ads + grid and maybe get a few tasks or do anything to recover BACK the $17. But the POINT is one should not upgrade unless necessary. If a person has no intention of promoting and earning from referrals then it's all up to the checklist bonus and nobody can predict in advance how much surveys / tasks you will get so it can be a gamble, however, a member's counrty can help determine things. If you are from US / Canada / UK there are daily casino tasks, all it requires is efforts to locate the times they appear which can be done, it would be highly improbable that a person from a tier 1 country would not get a single task or survey or enough to cover their $17 in one year. If you are in other countries, some will get fewer surveys some none, but there again if you are doing amazing numbers in tasks consistently, that might be an option to think about.

This is why there is no definitive answer, one cannot tell others "yes upgrade" or "no don't" this is a decision that has to be made by each individual based on many factors since not all members are in the same situation. Remember that this is a PTC/GPT hybrid now, and GPT offers can be extremely volatile and are targeted.

You have the whole year to recover this which should be doable even under worst cases....
It's not doable necessarily.

I was addressing the original poster of this topic since I know his country supports tasks and surveys.
He was asking an opinion as it relates to HIS account, not other members!

Mind you, the casino tasks can actually pay you more money for the same work on at least 1 different contributor of CrowdFlower.

Are you referring to another bux site ? If it is the one I think you are referring to,
on that site your cashout minimum limits can reach up to $10 max, (starts at $2, increments $1 and ceiling is $10)
Here for a premium the minimum is $6. More so, over there they don't have a decent survey wall like ClixOffers, they use offer walls but much fewer surveys, and you have to wait 30 days. This topic is NOT about debating which site is better. The OP asked for an opinion.

Darkstar2 wrote: If I was in the situation where I did not earn anything from tasks or surveys or offers for a consistent amount of time, long term, I would probably decide not to renew, but I would base my decision on long term results and not just a bad period.
You are from a tier 1 country and this mean that your experience for a consistent amount of time can easily be the permanent experience for another member especially if he is not from a tier 1 country ;)

Again, I know all of this, I was giving an example on how I would decide, if you read my posts over the years you would see this is the first thing I mention about surveys, they are biased towards specific countries, US being best followed by tier 1 countries. Some international countries can have access to surveys but very limited. Tasks are more international friendly but so volatile.

Statistically you may win nothing as well. And even if you win something you have to count how much time your spent for it to understand if your efforts brought you something good.

That is true, which is why I mentioned that the ClixGrid is just that tiny extra, FREE chance and should not be considered as a stable earner and people should not have expectations.

Darkstar2 wrote: Here is a TIP, do not put emphasis on the grid and do not EXPECT winnings, just play it as a FREE game, with no expectations.
A different tip would be this one: if you don't have realistic expectations that can satisfy you for something, do not try it ;)

Well sure some people would factor time and efforts into what they are earning online and say it is not worth all the clicking for little earnings, the same can apply to tasks and surveys and anything. Which is why there are JOBS and one should not make it a career and rely strictly on online income such as these ones. It is a supplement to income, some people will earn decent, some not, some not at all. Everything requires efforts, something it pays off sometimes not. I do have offline sources of income but I've made thousands of $ over the years from surveys alone, out of my spare free time, everyone has free will, this extra income helped me upgrade my computer several times, quality upgrades. To me, online earning will never replace stable income from a job, that's just me.

I agree with PTC, people should read the FAQs and research carefully when joining, nobody can guarantee income.

Going back to the case of the OP, based on his counrty alone, there is potential for an upgrade, however based on his experience, not qualifying, being screened out, frequency of tasks/surveys, that's where he has to decide. If the situation is bad enough over such a long period of time, one can decide to gamble and take the chance things get better (nobody can predict) or just skip the upgrade. This is highly similar to people throwing their money on upgrading on bux site, nobody can tell them in advance if their "BOTS" or site with controlled scripted avgs, will recover their upgrades or if it will be worth it for the some do win some lose...They can rely on what they read on the forums and common sense. OR common sense, ponzi schemes, few win, many lose........This is a real PTC with REAL potential and real advertisers and here you don't have expensive upgrades and scripted referrals to worry about and luckily you can earn without an upgrade, in fact it is not even necessary. If you don't have referrals or intentions of getting any, it will come down to tasks/offers/checklist bonus, and only a small % of the user base would fall under the exceptional stats required to make it it all comes down to what I was saying country targeted but also profile targeted........Nobody can know in advance but only the member him/herself based on their experience.

Exactly because you never know when luck will strike, there is always a chance that it will never happen. You won 2 big prizes as you say and some smaller ones but you forgot to tell us how many times you tried.
Why don't you tell us what is the total number of your clicks in clixgrid and the total value of all the prizes you've got :?:

lol well sure that is if one looks at the negative side of things. It's like the lottery, we know the odds are so slim that you probably would have better luck getting struck by lightning 3 times the same day ! But people still buy lottery tickets, spend their hard earned money, why ? Because you never know. The person who wins several hundreds of millions of $ in the lottery, they probably would have never found out had they said "nobody wins or it's very hard to win".

Clixgrid is a *FREE* trial, you can click on it or you can skip it. Sure you can click and never win anything,
But there IS possibility to win SOMETHING and it's free.

About my clicks:I remember doing the math and it came to about $0.001 per click lol.
I spent some time of not winning much so now I don't click all my chances. However, what's interesting is that
given I earn lots daily from surveys and some tasks, I HAVE to click at least 20 boxes in order to unlock
the checklist bonus, so it's a forced trial whether I like it or not :D

I remember the ratio going below 0.001 (somehow it feels odds have become lower since they added the $10,
but that might be coincidence).

Here are my current stats since you asked for them and share them freely as I don't "hide" them.

At the current time of writing: 18,646 clicks
total earned $14.95
2 biggest prizes won was $5 and $2.50. The $5 was won early on.
Calculator is going haywire, but as you can see < 0.001, so when one earns what I do daily, I kinda don't worry much about the grid, but I DO have to click on it.

As to the OP, if you decide not to renew, you will still earn, you can later upgrade at any time, there is no deadline or expiration fees or any of that. Again, you are given pros and cons, but since nobody can predict whether you will have enough tasks or offers in the year to come, it is hard to make a 100% accurate assessment.

Hit and run refferal » Post #7

Fri Feb 28, 2014 00:30 in General Talk

cat73 wrote: Im member since February 2009 and I have 267 refferal but im so sad cos my refferal just only 21 left:

I need US$300 to collect them all by ads but I do not earn more than US$300 so far.... ( Negative )
Now I need your opinion and your advice about my situation, so I keep active for life and not leave Clixsense...

That's ok and normal don't feel bad about it. When you cold recruit referrals that is what is to be expected. A lot of people are out for get rich quick schemes and lured by bux site ponzi schemes, fast money scams, working for no efforts, etc. It is a FACT that the hard part is NOT getting a referral but getting a committed referral.
Perhaps sometimes changing the WAY you get a referral can have a big impact. Try to refer people you know FIRST, try to target SERIOUS people who want to earn from legit ways, you will get LESS, but LESS is MORE, quality over quantity. If you set up your own blog or web page and explain what to expect in great detail and honesty as opposed to advertising your direct ref link, you will probably get better referrals (less sign-ups) but better odds those who sign up will stay longer because they are well informed and know what to expect.

Setting up exchange and deals + RCB might also help them stay more committed.

But the more a site gets popular it becomes harder. Most people are out to earn quick money, and unfortunately fast money scams are growing like wild mushrooms and people get lured in the wrong places, that is seriously affecting the PTC industry and any real business that is not a ponzi.

Try combining exchanges + RCB, joining someone's program against them joining yours and offer a RCB,
that encourages your referrals to be committed because they will earn from you only if they are active with your program and you click on their program. Also they get a % of your commissions back.

I have an interesting RCB deal with my upline for quite some time now and made good money with that alone,
quite enough to cover a few premium upgrades.

When cold recruiting you will get a lot of curiosity seekers, they join, they click and they see they are not
earning their expected $10,000 a week and they quit for some BUX site to rent bots and be scammed by
selective paying ponzi admins and other such rubbish.

Of your 21 left if they are all active, that's great, but try to change your ad campaign. Personally I earn
from my own efforts so I don't recruit, but if I was to do so, I would not advertise my affiliate link, I would
set up a web page and explain in clear words and all honesty what to expect and all the potential in as
much detail and easy to understand words. remember, you are aiming for quality referrals not the quantity.

Good luck.

Not Going To Renew Premium Upgrade » Post #18

Fri Feb 28, 2014 00:19 in General Talk

chefkang wrote:
valerie wrote: In regards to what I was saying, absolutely that is the point of the clixgrid (checklist).
Strange that :clixsense: didn't know that when the clixgrid was introduced :lol:

valerie wrote: However, if you want to nic pic which you enjoy doing with me since you obviously
have nothing better to do
"Members should post in a way that is respectful of others. Flaming or abusing members in any way will not be tolerated."
This is what I can see there: Forum Rules | ClixSense Forum

Now you have to explain how what your wrote is respectful of me? ;)
valerie wrote: the real point of the clixgrid is to give quality low cost
advertising to the advertiser. Which I might add, may result in additional advertising
options being chosen.
Most of the members are not advertisers... and their chances to win something in the grid is 0.25% which means almost a guaranty that you will not win 8-)

Well it is a FREE chance and if you click over a period of time statistically you will eventually win something. Yes odds might seem low to win something but you are supporting ClixSense and advertisers, more advertisers means more revenues means better for all of us members too. Here is a TIP, do not put emphasis on the grid and do not EXPECT winnings, just play it as a FREE game, with no expectations. You never know when luck will strike and you will win. I won $5 once, and $2.50, those are the two biggest prizes won, and the rest smaller prizes, you don't have to consume ALL your clicks in one go it might be discouraging. Try scattering them throughout the day.

it's all about luck.
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