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Penny Math » Post #6

Tue Jun 21, 2016 03:56 in General Talk

ohh my brother , where i can find that sort of money [ old geriatric is in pension now ]

Welcome back dear Forum » Post #11

Tue Jun 21, 2016 02:46 in General Talk

walkinganomaly wrote: Did anyone else notice that "Visit the Forum" is NO longer listed under Daily Checklist Bonus? I thought it looked different!!!

it will be back once the forum is fixed 100%

Penny Math » Post #4

Tue Jun 21, 2016 02:30 in General Talk

still can not understand , how can i double it every day , not sure even Bill Gates can do that

Penny Math » Post #2

Tue Jun 21, 2016 02:21 in General Talk

?????????, what is that

Welcome back dear Forum » Post #8

Tue Jun 21, 2016 00:44 in General Talk

zegon wrote: Almost all post in the forum is marked as ' unread ' for me , it is so for you too ??

nope , all normal here now ,

Just Found Out ! » Post #24

Mon Jun 20, 2016 22:04 in General Talk

Me , His Highness tasman1 , declare this topic as most visited and popular topic in the last 24 hours
Congrats Rose , well done

Welcome back dear Forum » Post #4

Mon Jun 20, 2016 21:50 in General Talk

+22 ,,,,, but i am not popular person , but i am popular with surveys

ok , ok , most important is that we have forum back

Welcome back dear Forum » Post #1

Mon Jun 20, 2016 20:42 in General Talk

Welcome back dear Forum , in the name of all We wish You a long life

Just Found Out ! » Post #16

Sun Jun 19, 2016 23:25 in General Talk

PennyBang wrote: Hoops, sorry Tasman1, my twin brother.

Oh my, didn't mean to you leave you out.

I've edited and included you :thumbup:

mucho gracias brother

helloclixsense prople » Post #4

Sun Jun 19, 2016 22:36 in Member Introduction

Hi Marina [ nice name ] welcome and have a good earning here

Just Found Out ! » Post #10

Sun Jun 19, 2016 22:29 in General Talk

zegon wrote:
RoseGold wrote: Just found out, I have a new referral...This person is very active today, clicking on ads :D

Congratulations !!

Hope that the person remains active with you forever , you deserve it. :thumbup:

zegon ....she did say...Till Death Do Us Part

Just Found Out ! » Post #6

Sun Jun 19, 2016 20:26 in General Talk

RoseGold wrote:
PennyBang wrote: Congrats on the new born :clap:

I didn't know you were pregnant and you just found out yourself. :lol:

Oh babes on the way and never was :lol: :lol:

I was never pregnant but have 3 kids

Gatekeeper » Post #11

Sun Jun 19, 2016 20:12 in General Talk

Slow down folks , it is nice sunny day

Just Found Out ! » Post #2

Sun Jun 19, 2016 19:57 in General Talk

nice , good luck

Gatekeeper » Post #7

Sun Jun 19, 2016 19:24 in General Talk

zegon wrote:
PennyBang wrote:
zegon wrote: Fast money can buy fast food ... wrooooom ...

Fast food = Chemical foods

Fast Money = Chemical paper

Fast food............Chernobyl for body , you will glow in dark

If you could combine two animals to keep as a pet » Post #8

Sun Jun 19, 2016 00:22 in General Talk

ehhh , hmmm , I will like to combine myself and Bill Gates money
I am sure I will be nice animal and nice girls will like me as a pet

Do You Snore » Post #1

Sat Jun 18, 2016 21:55 in General Talk

No , No, but my wife say that I am snoring elephant

Mods misuse their authority » Post #15

Sat Jun 18, 2016 20:04 in General Talk

This is my fact .Here I can still talk , i can say if i do not like something , i can ask if i have to ask , i can make complaint , and much , much more and still no worry ClixSense will ban me or terminate my acc

Rest of PTC world , all i read on forums is... this is best site , long live bla , bla bla ,,, tell a problem and you a history

Now , about Mods here . they are all here very , very good and honest. Do they make mistake sometimes ? Yes , but as I say here they are humans and humans make mistakes from time . we all do .Remember , it is hard to be mod , i was mod on few small site last year [ reason why i was not much here last year ] and trust me it is hard work

Let us all try to understand Moderators here
We are free here ,We have best site , best moderators and most honest Admin

Pard for my bad English

⚽ Euro 2016 ⚽ Congrats Portugal⚽ » Post #98

Sat Jun 18, 2016 05:50 in General Talk

late here , going to bed ,,, never forget CROATIA

WINNER super » Post #3

Sat Jun 18, 2016 01:05 in Success Stories

0.68 ????? strange number in grid
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