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Question on answering surveys » Post #2

Sun May 01, 2016 03:52 in General Talk

what to tell you . i have same problem , i am 62 and all kids are over 20.... now i say yes , i am not sure if i have some kids around that i do not know . one is never sure

ProAdCo and tasman1 twins ???? » Post #27

Sun May 01, 2016 03:47 in General Talk

ProAdCo wrote:
tasman1 wrote: Twin brother , We have good balance , are we going for cash out or we save for , old age .

Not decided. I got paid Friday and my Premium renewal is coming due in 3 weeks.

I may split it up and go half and half then earn more to make the two halfs whole again.

1. For the Upgrade.

2. The other for me to cash out.

ok . i have upgrade in August so i can cash out now . got around 18 dollars

ProAdCo and tasman1 twins ???? » Post #25

Sun May 01, 2016 00:59 in General Talk

Twin brother , We have good balance , are we going for cash out or we save for , old age .

Quoias and sick Australia » Post #4

Sat Apr 30, 2016 19:37 in General Talk

charez wrote: Complete more offers now :lol:

ha ha , yep must do 80 surveys just to call repairman :lol: ......... time to fill rubish tip , it is now all about buy , buy , buy to save western civilization

Quoias and sick Australia » Post #2

Sat Apr 30, 2016 19:26 in General Talk

Forgot to tell ..... call a person just to give you a quota for repair cost in Australia 60-80 dollars

Quoias and sick Australia » Post #1

Sat Apr 30, 2016 19:22 in General Talk

Yesterday for me
SHARP Plasma 106 cm.......NEW , 650.00 dollars , sound gone ...Repair cost QUOTA 1100.00
Friends ,few day ago
LGH washing machine , 6 kg . NEW, 670.00 dollars. programer gone ....Repair QUOTA 880.00

Can tell you much more....Are We Sick

Target stock plunges as 1 million boycott » Post #18

Sat Apr 30, 2016 18:26 in General Talk

If it wasn't so, wouldn't be so many newspapers covering the subject. Maybe you should stick to UK affairs instead on USA affairs.

correct or not ????? It is not important at this stage . Problem is that will be our NORM in future , we are all sissy, good for nothing and we do not deserve better.As I said many times,,,,We Are Sold .Amen

Prince AIDS Shocker » Post #14

Sat Apr 30, 2016 18:15 in General Talk

rmalten wrote: Nowadays, rare to find real journalism.
Media has become full of corrupt, paid and TRP based journalism..

Agree 1000%

Post your "My Campaigns" page here » Post #3

Sat Apr 30, 2016 04:58 in General Talk

No campaigns from my side ,Trump is to strong and I do not stand a chance
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Target stock plunges as 1 million boycott » Post #15

Fri Apr 29, 2016 23:23 in General Talk

yep ... Dec 2016 , shares to finish another 5-6% up , living in Australia I do not have any intention for this stock but it is not bad value for American

Checklist Bonus » Post #414

Fri Apr 29, 2016 22:41 in Success Stories

sonymatta wrote: Thanks Sureslh :)
will try to complete all days if surveys are there

if no surveys , do 2 vids

Target stock plunges as 1 million boycott » Post #5

Fri Apr 29, 2016 20:35 in General Talk

Dow is going down for last few day . not just Target.... good or bad price is to look at chart for min 1-3 years..... market is yo-yo

Election Candidates » Post #1

Fri Apr 29, 2016 19:25 in General Talk

Your Candidates on Election Day

1 . Name ........ Mrs visit your children
2 . Name ........'MR visit your parents
3 . Name .........Mrs visit your friends
4 . Name .........Mr go to restourant
5 . Name .........Mrs go for walk
6 . Name .........Mr play game
7 . Name .........Mrs do nothing , stay in bed

Warning » Post #4

Fri Apr 29, 2016 18:52 in General Talk

Choice , who will you vote .... controlled freak or not controlled freak ? [ i do not vote for last 10 years and will never vote again ] Freak is Freak , controlled or not

Warning » Post #3

Fri Apr 29, 2016 18:21 in General Talk

he is not controlled , but we will be controlled ..controlled or not controlled they must control or they will be controlled .

Prince AIDS Shocker » Post #5

Fri Apr 29, 2016 04:08 in General Talk

It is sad , yes , but for me it is more sad that today generations will forget us much faster . It is , ME , world now

Why the forum is too quite today!! » Post #2

Fri Apr 29, 2016 03:58 in Success Stories


Tops 1,235,000 + Pledge to Boycott Target » Post #84

Fri Apr 29, 2016 01:13 in General Talk

valerie wrote: You know things have gotten bad when all people can do is argue about bathrooms. :lol:

how often do empires end well, really? They live vampirically by feeding off others until, sooner or later, they begin to feed on themselves, to suck their own blood, to hollow themselves out. Sooner or later, they find themselves, as in our case, economically stressed and militarily extended in wars they can’t afford to win or lose.
For many Americans, it’s no longer “our government” but “the bureaucracy.

Tops 1,235,000 + Pledge to Boycott Target » Post #80

Fri Apr 29, 2016 00:10 in General Talk

Disturbing video has emerged of police in the US reportedly removing a lesbian woman from a ladies' room because they 'didn't believe she was a woman'.

The video, which was posted on Facebook, begins with police officers approaching the woman in the bathroom line and asking her to leave the facility.

She responds to their requests: "I'm a f---ing female. Do I have to tell you again?"

One of the officers answers, asking her if she has ID.

Another woman in the bathroom can be heard saying 'she's a girl' as the same officer repeatedly asks her to leave, telling her:

"If you've got no ID, get out."

It appears that at least one of the officers places their hands on the woman as she's being moved, before they all come to a stop in the hallway where the officers point towards the door as they again tell her to leave.

Another woman can be heard in the background saying: "So you're saying you have to have ID to go to the bathroom."

Prince AIDS Shocker » Post #2

Thu Apr 28, 2016 23:07 in General Talk

The cause of death of the Purple Rain hitmaker, who was found collapsed in his Paisley Park mansion in Minnesota last Thursday, is yet to be confirmed.

But last night a music industry source claimed he had been "preparing to die for a little while", adding: "He was in bad shape."

They told the National Enquirer: "Doctors told Prince his blood count was unusually low and that his body temperature had dropped dangerously below the normal 98.6 degrees to 94 degrees.

"He was totally iron-deficient, very weak and often disorientated. He rarely ate and when he did, it all came right back up."

The publication made the shocking claim that the singer was diagnosed with AIDS six months ago but refused medical attention due to his Jehovah's Witness faith.
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