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Safest Browser? » Post #10

Sat Sep 24, 2016 03:59 in General Talk

Use Tor browser through the linux based Os called T.A.I.L.S

Down for maintenance » Post #6

Sat Sep 24, 2016 03:55 in General Talk

First time i've experienced this.

But yes,It seems they're doing some maintenance right now.

People of the Future » Post #5

Sat Sep 24, 2016 03:52 in General Talk

Future world eh???

People will live their daily lives plugged into their VR-machines.

All will be perfect perfect,No obesity as everyone will simulate themselves as being fit/slim and looking drop dead gorgeous

No crime/killings/robberys etc, as it will be completely pointless doing so cause they're all simulants.

Just bought a Ocolus rift VR set for my pc,See that's only the beginning :D

Do you like clowns? » Post #21

Wed Sep 21, 2016 14:00 in General Talk

valerie wrote:
Nikorj wrote: Watch the movie "All Hallows Eve",And you would like them even less.

Watched it yesterday,Not a bad horror flick at all :thumbup:

I started to watch that last night and changed my mind.....thought I'd wait closer to Halloween.

He he,It's a refreshing take on all those Halloween horror movies.

be quick to turn off your tv if he starts knocking on the screen :twisted:

Do you like clowns? » Post #8

Wed Sep 21, 2016 09:13 in General Talk

Watch the movie "All Hallows Eve",And you would like them even less.

Watched it yesterday,Not a bad horror flick at all :thumbup:

Do you like clowns? » Post #6

Wed Sep 21, 2016 09:02 in General Talk


Even Ronald Mcdonald is creeping me out.

scam » Post #32

Sun Sep 18, 2016 05:49 in General Talk

Marcel-R6 wrote: I agree with the topic starter,it is the biggest scam thanks to CS I now have my dream bike

Yep total scam. :lol:

Be careful marcel, It's a scam bike :shock:

It will cheat on you sooner or later :mrgreen:

scam » Post #28

Sun Sep 18, 2016 05:02 in General Talk

Easy on him now dear members.

He/She is probably used to get scammed by other ptc's/gpt's (Take your pick,There's plenty)

i get more surveys here than on any other danish site,And 80% of them are even in Danish :thumbup:

Well i can only say one thing,If you're ditching Clixsense you're missing out on a good oportunity for a bit of extra profit.

So throw that tin-foil hat away and start earning :thumbup:

Like right now!!!!!! And shut up please :mrgreen:

As an standard member its big really » Post #6

Fri Sep 16, 2016 17:53 in General Talk

peazie wrote: pls can any one in the explain to me on how to earn money on this site

Complete surveys or get some refferals.

Fill out your profile and check the survey routers daily.

See if you can get people to sign up on clixsense via your affiliate link.

Complete your daily checklist for a bit of extra profit.

Check the offer section and play some games.

That's what we all do :thumbup:

til now - Not English » Post #39

Tue Sep 13, 2016 09:37 in General Talk

wendymarais wrote:
Marcel-R6 wrote: I've always said if I can type and speak English(And nope I'm not claiming my grammar is perfect),why is it that you don't speak Dutch?

Europeans must be smarter :lol:

Afrikaans klink amper soos dutch, begryp jy wat ek sê :lol:

Africans sounds so much like the dutch,Do you understand what i'm saying.

Did i get it right?? :D

Motivated » Post #5

Mon Sep 12, 2016 10:04 in General Talk

No rain here either.

28 degree celsius over here, Simply outstanding september weather :thumbup:

If this keeps up i'll be throwing an outside BBQ on christmas eve :D

Famous me... » Post #4

Sat Sep 10, 2016 06:08 in General Talk

I'll agree. is far too little for a person of your caliber :mrgreen:

What does a $15 get You? » Post #9

Sat Sep 10, 2016 05:40 in General Talk

1 trip to burger king.

1 triple whopper + fries (No soda)


7 x 10 rolls of toilet paper (Discount) only 2 layers :mrgreen:

Star signs » Post #93

Thu Sep 08, 2016 12:59 in General Talk

Aww Marcel, You too.

6 person's usually remembers my birthday,Quite frankly sometimes i wish they wouldn't..

It's always rush rush rush, Travelling nearly 100 km and top score is around 3 hours before they're hurrying back again.

To be honest my own birthday isn't that important to me either.

Star signs » Post #91

Thu Sep 08, 2016 12:02 in General Talk

Aww Bouldrake That sucks.

When is your birthday,I'll write it down.

Can't remember anyones birthday unless they're written in my calendar (Not even my mom's) :mrgreen:

Star signs » Post #89

Thu Sep 08, 2016 11:47 in General Talk

Capricorn here.

Worst drawback is that it's always F....... cold on my birthday :mrgreen:

Why am i censoring Freezing.

More coffee please :mrgreen:

I'm Finally A Premium Member » Post #2

Wed Sep 07, 2016 10:12 in General Talk

Excellent choice fellow premium member.

Now you're ready for Diamond membership (It's only 990$)

Nahh just kidding of course!.

Welcome And may the ground quake as you pass :D

kickstarter for funding of hacker identification » Post #9

Wed Sep 07, 2016 05:25 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote:
Jo_milky wrote: is it okay to change our password?

Admin changed mine and send me e-mail

Me too.

I just read in another topic that some peoples account wer'e hacked and they lost some or all of their money :thumbdown:

When i say bust his ass i'll mean it litteraly,He seems to like it that way :lol:

kickstarter for funding of hacker identification » Post #4

Wed Sep 07, 2016 04:34 in General Talk

Looks like everything is back to normal.

Yeah bust that hackers ass :thumbup:

What's the last movie or TV show you saw? » Post #6

Wed Sep 07, 2016 04:28 in General Talk

Ha ha ha. Good one Bouldrake.

The Giro,Tour and Vuelta could be considered as the longest running tv-shows ever.

Every year it returns with 20-21 new episodes :D
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