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Reminder for cashout for Decembar ..tasman1 » Post #2

Wed Dec 05, 2018 09:37 in General Talk

Helooo Tas.

Are we in that certain christmass mood HO ho ho ho ho :D

Migration , Yes or No.....tasman1 » Post #14

Wed Dec 05, 2018 09:06 in General Talk

There's something completely wrong with the mindset of the rich and established.

Danish national bank swindling for around $200 billion, CEO needs to retire and get's around $2 million (minus bonus) for leaving the post.

CEO says "We have not been good enough" while apologising and bowing shamefully, Not illegal, No jail time, everything is forgotten, Not something media talks much about, Best we forget everything.

A normal danish citizen swindles with tax money for around $55 million, Daily coverage by the press, Jail time 6-8 years, The Public is very angry on social media, everyone talks about it, No one remembers bank scandal.

In other words "EVERYTHING IS FINE"

No need to migrate, Same situation everywhere.

CHEESE ? » Post #4

Wed Nov 28, 2018 05:53 in General Talk


Casu Marzu (it's lovely), Try googling it :mrgreen:

No i like fresh and young (cheese).

Our data for sale.......tasman1 » Post #17

Sat Nov 17, 2018 18:34 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: A.I. it is still not always that useful or amazing, and can be extremely frustrating. While much of the talk is about the possibilities, both good and evil, the reality is much less dramatic: Artificial intelligence has come a long way in just the last few years, but it still has a very long way to go to achieve the aims

In short , A.I. is just possbilities , not reality
My opinion ,A.I. will stay possibility forever , not reality

Only Human can have intelligence , read stupidity [ just look at me and you will agree with me :mrgreen: ]


Are we being a bit sarcastic here :lol:

This is not speculation, This is our reality slowly melting together with VR

In the near future you will have a hard time distinguishing fake from real, that's a fact ;)

Our data for sale.......tasman1 » Post #14

Sat Nov 17, 2018 17:26 in General Talk

Actually an interesting topic to be had.

This youtube video is about Deepfake machine learning, Worth a watch.

Deepfake Videos Are Getting Real and That’s a Problem | Moving Upstream - YouTube

New Movies? » Post #27

Sat Nov 17, 2018 06:58 in General Talk

valerie wrote: 'Cold Skin'

The movie is weird. It's about a man that lives in a light house and a man that goes
to the island and lives in a shack. They are in the Antarctic. Fish people come out
of the ocean and every night they have to kill them. I kind of liked it. :lol:

You are forcing me to see this, It's not very nice of you.

Sounds interesting with the whole isolation, Deserted cold weather setting :thumbup:

Told You , Justice in world is fake..tasman1 » Post #13

Sat Nov 17, 2018 06:45 in General Talk

What's worse is the political ideologys people are buying into, Stupid red vs blue nonsense that hinters any political advancement.

Studies show that most youngsters today reads the 4 first lines in an article before commenting, About 20% of them reads only the headline.

Valerie is completely right, And wer'e all guilty of it.

Our data for sale.......tasman1 » Post #13

Sat Nov 17, 2018 06:28 in General Talk

I'm more worried about artificial intelligence.

Most are not even aware of how much it has progressed, IT specialists only knows the formula and not the actual process that happens when machines learn by themselves.

If computers had our neural network we would be considered to be pretty dumb, Almost laughable stupid.

Maybe we would be keept as livestock or put in a zoo :D

Our data for sale.......tasman1 » Post #8

Fri Nov 16, 2018 02:55 in General Talk

That's why i smile and dress nicely all the time.

Drones, Hidden cameras etc. or whatever.

Need to look good in the spotlight :D

Let's have some Chinese songs! » Post #6

Sun Nov 11, 2018 04:09 in General Talk

Quite an attractive girl, She wouldn't be able to do a whole lap around my bed.

She reminds me of the typical anime girl you'll always find in a JRPG (Role-playing game), Mainly the Final fantasy series.

For lost souls ......tasman1 » Post #9

Tue Nov 06, 2018 05:20 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: Just a letter

I love you dearly, more than anything in this whole world, I think you already know this. I know you love me too, I just forget sometimes. Depression clouds my mind, it fills me with horrid thoughts about how unlovable I am, and how worthless I am. Sometimes I believe you, sometimes I believe depression.

I know you prefer the good days when I am happy and not anxious or snappy, and I wish I could have these days everyday, but I can’t. I feel the cloud approaching, and it petrifies me. Sometimes I tell you, and sometimes I don’t. Please if you notice the cloud before I tell you just hug me tight and tell me we will fight the cloud together. Please don’t ask me if I am OK, my automatic answer will be yes when in reality it is a big NO. Depression makes you feel ashamed you see.

I know sometimes I overreact to the smallest thing and get angry, but please be patient with me. Forgetting the bread will not be the real reason, feeling like I am losing control over my mind will be the reason. Depression is very clever you see – it builds up a wall of anger piece by piece, and you never notice it until it’s so big it begins to topple over. I am sorry you get the brunt of my anger on cloudy days. Please forgive me. Please. Just tell me you love me and leave me to calm down.

Ouch that touched me.

This is very fitting for one of my friends, Haven't seen her for 3 years now.

Creepy ..........tasman1 » Post #9

Sun Nov 04, 2018 03:43 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote:
tasman1 wrote:
Nikorj wrote: Can anyone tell me if the electric chair hurt that much, I would like to know!! Please

Have anyone tried it :mrgreen:

No , but you can try it and tell us here , we wait :shock:
and I can try hanging , will advise :D

That's the spirit :thumbup:

You chose hanging, And i take a lethal injection.

We can discuss it later then.

I'm so hyped :thumbup:

Creepy ..........tasman1 » Post #6

Sun Nov 04, 2018 03:03 in General Talk

Can anyone tell me if the electric chair hurt that much, I would like to know!! Please

Have anyone tried it :mrgreen:

skrill » Post #11

Thu Nov 01, 2018 04:08 in General Talk


Faith restored.

Maybe i should cashout my $150.

New Movies? » Post #23

Thu Nov 01, 2018 03:56 in General Talk

Ahh a Classic :)

This is a very sick piece of art, Is it really from Austria :?:

The games are not that funny if i remember it correctly :mrgreen:

skrill » Post #9

Thu Nov 01, 2018 03:46 in General Talk

Orchidea wrote: Have you tried to use skrill the last 5 days?
I think it's their new policy for everyone.

I won't do anything for now. Thanks for your help.
But if you use skrill these days, tell me if you encounter any problem! Thanks :P

Ehh Noooo?

Now i'm a bit worried :?:

skrill » Post #5

Wed Oct 31, 2018 09:14 in General Talk

Hi there.

I have never been asked to upload anything, And i think it's a bad practice that nearly all payment processors use. What about they also sent me their ID as well, Just to gain some trust you kniow!!.

I really don't know, And if you have no other options you're probably more or less forced to do it (Maybe Greece is considered a high-risk country?)

Just have in mind that Skrill has a very bad reputation, And just because me and Tas have not encountered any obstacles it dosn't mean others won't.

Sorry, But it's up to you if you're okay with giving away your personal id to a third part.

I'm way to stubborn, So please don't ask me :D

skrill » Post #3

Wed Oct 31, 2018 06:47 in General Talk

I would never do that!

Funny things is that just like Tas i'm also using Skrill for withdrawels and they have never asked for other than my bank account and to verify it, But i am aware that when you have withdrawn a certain amount they will ask for further identification. When that time comes i will remind them of the European data law (GDPR), And hopefully we can work something out.

Remember : The internet never forget's, And that includes your data too.

Told You , Justice in world is fake..tasman1 » Post #10

Wed Oct 31, 2018 05:11 in General Talk

True true, I do know the immigrants (legal and illegal) are being exploited by employers in the us, And most often without any form of security.

But i also think it has something to do with the free and open immigration policy the US have always had, There are simply to many immigrants and too few job opportunities. for them.

Right now in Copenhagen they're about to expand the metro, But do you think they're using Danish workers for the job??. Of course not, Danish workers are to expensive and 90% are brought in from mostly Poland to cut costs.

I've also seen a few hoods in the US and i can tell you it's not a very pleasant sight at all!!, Houses in ruins and shambles, Trash and litter everywhere , People sleeping in tents on the sidewalk, Quite a shocker for foreigners not used to it.

Quote of the day » Post #3752

Tue Oct 30, 2018 19:44 in General Talk

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

- From a wall in Copenhagen
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