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Game Plays: 2,141  
Drifting Afternoon
Rating:(4.5 out of 5 based on 39 Votes)
Primary Category: Puzzles
Secondary Categories: Other, Action, Shooting, Fighting, Strategy, Rhythm

Although it looks pretty windy out there, your intrepid little orange kitten has no trouble keeping up with your mouse as you guide him around the screen. Click somewhere, and he'll jump in the direction of your cursor. Those are the only controls! The object is simply to help him leap from one brightly coloured bubble to another as they float by. Each time you make a successful jump, the amount of points you earn increases. Falling to the ground resets the chain. If you jump over one or more bubbles and land successfully on another, you'll get a bonus. Just keep an eye on your time, and keep an eye out for special bubbles that can grant you a small time extension!

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