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New Affiliate Stats and more...

28 Jun 2011 06:29 pm
Today we released an update that now shows more affiliate stats. If you have referrals you can login to your account then go to My Referrals on the Affiliates page. On this page under where it says "Earned" there are values that are now clickable. These values are broken down to your hourly earnings from your affiliates. Note that it will only show a number if there are earnings from that referral.

We have also added a new column on the Referrals page called "Source". If you are promoting at different sites this will show you where your affiliates come from. Note that this is not a substitute to the Campaigns. Campaings are more accurate as the Source is not always available. So if you are using Campaigns you should continue using them.

And finally we have introduced a new 2 Year Premium Status for $26.95. This is a 20% discount on the second year upgrade. If it's time for you to upgrade, take advantage of the savings and upgrade for 2 years!