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Viewing Ads

How does the Cat CAPTCHA work?
Why arent there more ads available to me?
I do not get a timer when I am viewing ads, what happened?
Can I use my mobile device to view ads?
Adobe Flash Not Detected?
I cannot view ads, ad did not load properly?
I have been offered an automated system (Bot) to view Clix. Is this permitted?
Is an Autosurf?
What is a framebreaker ad?
The ad timer stops or I am getting an error, why?
Why do I get access denied, proxy/vpn error on my mobile device?

Some mobile browsers use proxies to help speed up your access. The issue is that ClixSense does not allow access from a proxy.

If your using an Android device there is a setting called Data Saver that you should disable.

3 dots menu at the top right > Settings > Data Saver…-saver.jpg

If your not on an Android please try a different mobile browser.