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Viewing Ads

How does the Cat CAPTCHA work?
Why arent there more ads available to me?
I do not get a timer when I am viewing ads, what happened?
Can I use my mobile device to view ads?
Adobe Flash Not Detected?
I cannot view ads, ad did not load properly?
I have been offered an automated system (Bot) to view Clix. Is this permitted?
Is an Autosurf?
What is a framebreaker ad?
The ad timer stops or I am getting an error, why?

ClixSense now requires that the ad window be in focus when you view the ad. You cannot open the ad then change tabs or minimize the window. You must keep that window open and in view until the timer counts down to zero.

Also if you attempt to resize the ads window you will get an error. We require your window be a minimum of 640x480 in size.

Why do I get access denied, proxy/vpn error on my mobile device?