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Viewing Ads

How does the Cat CAPTCHA work?

What does CAPTCHA actually mean?
The term CAPTCHA stands for 'Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart' and is used to gerenate tests that humans can pass but automated systems like bots cannot.

Clicking on a PTC Advert, from the View Ads page, will open the advert on a new window containing a picture CAPTCHA at the top and the advertised website at the bottom.

This CAPTCHA needs to be solved in order to get credit for the click. To solve it you need to look at the five pictures displayed, of four dogs and one cat, and click on the cat. On the following example you would have to click on the first picture.

Because pictures are not verified by us, sometimes the cat may be too hard to find. In this case you may either click on "Reload" to get a new set of pictures (odds are the new set will be easier) or use the "process of elimination" (if all the other pictures are dogs then this must be the cat!).

If you fail to click on the correct picture the following message will be shown with the option to try again. Click on "Click here to try again" to retry and the CAPTCHA will be shown again with a different set of pictures.

Please note that if you fail to click on the correct picture 2 times you will lose that advert. If you fail at least 5 times in the same day you will be denied access to the adverts page for up to 24 hours. If you are denied access several times (up to us to determine) your account will be suspended! You cannot just click on the pictures randomly thinking it is ok because we give you the option to try again. You do need to follow the instructions and prove that you are human!

Clicking on the correct picture will start the timer, if the website has already been loaded. If not, just wait a few seconds to give time for the website to fully load and the timer will start. If the website takes more than 10 seconds to load the timer will start at that time.

After the timer reaches zero your click will be sent for validation while displaying the following message. This usually takes less than a second but may take a little longer depending on the server load.

After your click has been successfully validated the following message will be shown. If validation failed for any reason an error message will be shown instead explaining why.

Whenever you get an unexpected error usually you just have to try again and the error will go away, but if it persists you may report it to us via the Helpdesk.

To avoid these errors please make sure that:
1. You have javascript enabled on your browser;
2. You have nothing installed like NoScript, AdBlock, an anti-virus, etc, that is enabled to block our javascript from these domains:,,
3. You open only one advert at a time. You cannot open more than one advert at once. Adverts need to be opened one after the other.

With more than 12,000 pictures available and growing every day, this CAPTCHA keeps bots away and makes it fun along the way!

These pictures are provided by PetFinder from people offering pets for adoption. There is a link to the site, which will open it on a new window, under the pictures for your convenience.

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