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Viewing Ads

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This happens when the ad does not load in the frame below the timer. This issue could be related to your anti virus or an addon that you are running in your browser. This issue does not seem to effect Internet Explorer users so we suggest you login with Internet Explorer and if you are able to view ads then you know this is something related to your browser blocking a necessary file.

Some addons will block some needed files that are necessary for ClixSense to operate correctly. If you are running an ad blocking addon such as no script or ad block plus or anything similar this would definitely cause issues with our system. To check for running addons please do the following:

For Google Chrome:

1. Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar. (Far right corner of your browser)

2. Select Tools.

3. Select Extensions.

For Firefox:

Hit CTRL+SHIFT+A on your keyboard to bring up the Addon manager.

Look for any addon that may be interfering with our site. The Addon No Script or Ad Block Plus allows you to enter whitelist URLs and continue to use the addon. Please enter the following domains to ad block plus or no script:

For Internet Explorer Users

On your keyboard hit ALT+T and then hit A.

If you are not running any addons then the problem is most likely your anti virus program.

If you are running Avira Anti Virus, this may be the issue. A recent update to Avira is blocking javascript on our system. If you temporarily disable avira and it works then you know that's that issue.

A permanent solution is to disable "Webguard" in Avira then you can view ads without issue. To disable webguard do the following:

1. Double-click the Avira umbrella icon on the desktop, to start AntiVir.

2. Click on the + sign next to Online Protection

3. Click on Deactivate for AntiVir WebGuard

If you are running Avast.

Please do the following:

Bring up the Avast Splash Screen....then >>

Click on Settings...then click on Exclusions tab, put the following URLs in there, Avast will no longer block it.

Another solution would be to uninstall your current anti virus (as long as you didn't buy it) and install Microsoft Security Essentials, it's a free anti virus program from Microsoft that integrates itself very well into the operating system and works in the background not showing any annoying popups.

You can get Microsoft Security Essentials here:

Microsoft Security Essentials

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