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Why are there no Offers, Tasks or Surveys available to me?
I completed an offer but did not receive my commission, what can I do?
What is the value of 1 ClixCent?
Can I change the language the surveys or tasks are sent in?
Why didn't I get credit for a Matomy/TokenAds/SupersonicAds offer?
Can I change the language listed in an offer or survey?
Why was the offer or survey I did reversed?

We don't know the exact reason why this was reversed but unfortunately we received the reversal from the research company and we must debit this from your account. They did not accept your completed offer and as a result we are not able to credit you for it.

Reversals usually happen after their manual verification deems an offer or survey invalid for quality reasons. They may also disqualify you for security reasons so make sure that you take your time to read each question and time to respond to them. If you RUSH through a survey or offer or if you fail QUALITY questions or if you are caught as a STRAIGHT LINER you will not be compensated for the survey (even if you might see the congratulations screen) and your answers will be invalidated.

Thank you

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