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What are the differences between all of the ad exposure types?
What websites are not allowed to advertise?
How do I submit a new ad?
What advertisements are displayed to viewers first?
What are the editorial guidelines for advertisements?
Why can't I advertise my ClixSense affiliate URL?
What are ad credits used for?

Ad credits are purchased and are used to determine how many clicks your advertisement should get. An ad pack for 500 ad credits (for example) will not give you more ads to view, this will allow you to assign 500 ad credits to your PTC ad that you have already added to your account.

Ad credit packs are NOT used for you to view more PTC ads or will not make you money. This is used only in advertising your ad.

What are ad credits, can I get more ads with them?
My advertisement is still pending? How long will it take to be active?
Can I use a URL shortener like or