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General Information

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All money that is earned in ClixSense is in US Dollars. Each ad will have a value up to 2 cents. 100 cents makes $1.00 (One dollar). Because some of the ads have a value of less than 1 cent, we display this as 10th cents. For example, if you see a balance like this:


This is actually 2.1 cents or 2 cents and 1 tenth. It takes 10 tenth cents to make 1 cent. We realize this may be confusing but the easiest way to determine how much money you have is to look where your decimal point is located.

For example;


This represents five dollars, fifty four cents and 2 tenths.

Here are some other example;

$0.1730 Seventeen cents and 3 tenths

$1.4000 One dollar forty cents

$0.0390 Three cents and nine tenths

$6.0020 Six dollars and 2 tenths

We hope this helps clear up and confusion about your balance.

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