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Premium Accounts

What is a premium account?
What method of payments do you accept for upgrades and ad purchases?
How long does it take to upgrade my account status to Premium?
How many ads will I get or how much can I earn if I upgrade to premium?
Should I upgrade to premium?

There is a misconception about being premium. Many people think that upgrading to premium will present you with more ads, offers, tasks or surveys to do. That is simply not true. Purchasing an upgrade can earn you more money but not by giving you more of these options. Upgrading is for those members who promote and have a referrals.

Premium members earn higher referral commissions than free members do. As a premium member you are able to cashout with a lower balance and you are entered into an 8 level affiliate program but the 8 levels are for upgrade commissions only. On the 8 levels we do not pay click, sales, offer, survey or task commissions from your referrals activities.

Our suggestion is if you actively promote and have a downline then by all means upgrade. If you do not plan to do this then being premium is probably not for you.