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Premium Accounts

What is a premium account?
What method of payments do you accept for upgrades and ad purchases?
How long does it take to upgrade my account status to Premium?
How many ads will I get or how much can I earn if I upgrade to premium?

This is a tough question. It all depends on many factors. The total amount of ads that come in to our system varies from day to day. As a premium member we guarantee a minimum of 4 premium ads daily. But it's usually more than that. One day you may see 25 ads and the next day you may see 10 or less. It also depends on if you actively promote with our affililate program. If you can promote others to our site then you can substantially increase your income. But again, how much varies.

Please do not write to our helpdesk asking, How Much Can I make? Many people do not realize the amount of factors in play when trying to figure how much money one will make. It depends on how many people are logged in, how many new ads come in, how many referrals you have and how many ads they view, how many of the ads that are new have over 1000 clicks assigned to them and more. We get this question a lot so please respect our wishes and do not submit questions asking it.

Should I upgrade to premium?