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General Information

When and how will I get paid (Cashout)?
I received an email asking if I wanted to be a Mystery Shopper, is this legit?
How do I earn money with ClixSense?
What is the Daily Checklist Bonus?
Why haven't I won in Clixgrid?
I share a home with my brother, my cousin, and his girlfriend - Can we each have a ClixSense account?
Can I access my account from different locations?

Yes. We do not mind if you access your account from home, work, the Library, friends house, internet cafe etc. Accessing your account from a different IP address does not put your account in any danger of being closed or suspended. But, you may not share your PC with any other ClixSense member. If our system detects this activity we lock both accounts.

Can I earn playing games?
My account is closed, can I reopen it?
How much money can I make?
Where is the cashout link?
Is PayPal accepted in my country?
How do I close my account?
I don't understand my account balance, what are the 2 extra digits?
Can a Paypal account be listed on more than one ClixSense account?
Can I access my account with a proxy?
I received an email from ClixSense Research, is this legit?
Why can't I access ClixSenseResearch?
Why is my account suspended?
How to update my profile information?
Why was my PayPal cashout returned?
What is a ticket?
How do I uninstall the toolbar?
Is my personal information secure?
I cannot access the registration page, is my country supported?
Is there a minimum age to join ClixSense?
Can I change my username?
Will my account be safe if I change my ISP?
I can't see ad notifications in the toolbar or the toolbar has disappeared, what happened?
How do I change my email address?
Why am I being asked to login each time I come to the site?
Why did I receive a $0.01 payment instead of my cashout?
Can I change the sound the toolbar makes when new ads come in?
What is the ClixAddon browser extension?
Does ClixSense have a video explaining how this works?
Why can't I cashout with Payza?
Can I create an account for someone?
Why was there a debit from my account?