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The ClixAddon Browser Extension is Here

21 Aug 2014 04:33 pm
**UPDATE** We now have the addon for our Opera Users. You can still follow this discussion in our forum.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new browser extension, the ClixAddon. The ClixAddon is non-intrusive and will show a number in the far right hand corner of your browser, representing the total number of offerings available to you. We hope you like it!

How it Works
Clicking on the ClixAddon button will display a summary of your ClixSense account. This includes the number of PTC Ads available to click and the number of Surveys and Tasks available to you. It also gives you a quick overview of your account status, including your balance and past and current earnings, plus one-click access to most pages of the ClixSense site. The information displayed on the ClixAddon is updated every 20 seconds so don't be surprised if something does not match your current account information. The Tasks number is updated every 4 minutes.

The ClixAddon has a series of options that can quickly be accessed by clicking on the Options button. These options give you a lot of flexibility on what you would like to be notified about (PTC Ads, Surveys and Tasks), be it simply by showing a number on the ClixAddon button, by popup notifications that appear on the taskbar or by the sound alerts that are you familiar with from the ClixSense Toolbar.

Everything that you see on the ClixAddon is pretty much self-explanatory, in case of doubt just move your mouse over the respective area and a tooltip will appear explaining what you are seeing.

Browser Support
ClixAddon is being launched for Chrome and Opera only at this stage. Other browsers like Firefox, and Safari will soon be supported also, but please note that we are not planning in supporting Internet Explorer at all so we strongly suggest you to switch to one of the other browsers, Chrome being the preferred one for the time being.

Chrome and Opera are the first browsers being supported not only because it's really easy to develop extensions for them but especially because Chrome is already being used by more than half of our users. If you aren't already using Chrome we strongly suggest you do too. Click here to download Chrome.

The old ClixSense Toolbar will slowly be phased out so if you are currently using it in Chrome or Opera we request that you please uninstall it and start using the ClixAddon only instead.

If you have any issues, questions or suggestions please feel free to submit a helpdesk request.

Follow the discussion on the forum here.

Happy Clicking!