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ClixAddon + Optional Toolbar for Firefox

23 Jun 2014 09:49 pm

For those people missing the old toolbar we just made this ClixAddon update for you :)

This is only available for Firefox and unfortunately there are no plans to support this for Chrome in the foreseeable future, that's because Chrome itself does not natively support toolbars.

The toolbar is optional and it's not a substitute to the ClixAddon button. The toolbar gives nearly all the same information and makes it visible at all times with no need for extra clicks.

To get access to the toolbar you need to upgrade the ClixAddon to the latest version 0.83 (Firefox only). The toolbar will immediately appear by default once the ClixAddon is upgraded.

Download the ClixAddon | ClixSense

The toolbar can be disabled by clicking on the X icon found on the right-hand side of the toolbar and enabled again by right-clicking on any empty area at the top of the browser then clicking on "ClixSense Toolbar", as seen on the screenshot above. The ClixAddon remains functional without the toolbar.

Follow the discussion on the forum here.

Happy Clicking!