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New Affiliate Commissions Coming Soon and New Cashout Procedures

24 Nov 2015 05:19 pm
Members, we are making some big changes to our cashout procedures. Many months ago when we changed the cashouts to once a week it seemed like a great idea at the time. But as ClixSense continues to grow so does the amount of cashouts we send. So, effective immediately we will begin processing cashouts every business day. This means we will process cashouts Monday thru Friday unless there is a US holiday during the week as cashouts will not be processed on recognized US holidays and we WILL NOT process cashouts on the weekends. For example this Thursday November 26th is Thanksgiving and no cashouts will be done.

The cashout procedure will work as follows:

Each morning we will review cashouts and at that time approximately 30% of all cashouts will be processed on that day. There will be times when we will process all cashouts in one day but that depends on how many are pending. There is no cutoff time and we are not setting a time when they will be done, but they will be processed each morning.

**Please note** - You will not be permitted to cashout more than 1 time a week. You can however still add funds to your cashout while it's still pending.

This does not mean if you cashout on Monday morning that you will receive your cashout on Monday morning. Your cashout will be entered in the pending queue to be processed and will be done in the order it's received.

Also, this process does not affect those users who elect to receive a check or for those members from USA or Canada who must first go through our address verification process and receive their first cashout by check. Checks are still sent one time a month and will be processed on or before the 10th of each month.

We have already approved and sent several thousand pending cashouts today.

New affiliate signup commissions
Starting on November 30th we are increasing our affiliate signup commissions up to 300%. Yep you heard me right, a huge increase in our affiliate signup commission structure. We will make another announcement later this week on this massive increase with complete details so please watch for another announcement.

Stay tuned for even more "Holiday Promotions" we have planned for the month of December.

We truly appreciate your support and wish you continued success here at ClixSense.

The ClixSense Team