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Changes On How Adverts Are Viewed

12 Sep 2011 04:39 pm
We have just introduced a few changes on how adverts have to be viewed, for both PTC and ClixGrid adverts:

1. The picture challenge (CAPTCHA) is now required on all clicks.
2. The browser window where the advert is displayed must be at least 640 pixels wide and 320 pixels tall. We may increase these even further in the future. Adverts must be seen after all. If your browser window is too small please try maximizing it.
3. Other techniques to stop bots have been introduced too.

These changes were necessary for mainly 2 reasons:

1. To stop fraudulent clicks generated by bots and auto-clickers.
2. To increase advertising response and effectiveness.

The better results the advertisers get the more adverts they will publish. The more adverts they publish the more you will earn.

Advertisers are paying you to VIEW their adverts so please be sure you do.

Thank you.