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ClixGrid Optimizations and Bonus Clicks

29 Dec 2011 02:25 pm
We have been busy optimizing ClixGrid on the last couple days and have also introduced a new type of prize when you click on a winning box, that we are sure you will like.

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1. There is a new link at the bottom of the picture: Refresh. Click this link to refresh all the information on the page without having to refresh the whole page as you would do by hitting F5 on your keyboard, or clicking on the refresh button on your browser. This produces a much faster page refresh. *

2. The same refresh function is also used when you finish viewing an advert. So now a page refresh is much faster up to 10 times in some cases! You will now have to wait a little bit less between ad views.

3. Moving your mouse over the boxes "Recent Winners" and "Last $5.00 Winners" now expands these boxes to the full height of the game area for better visibility.

4. Many behind-the-scenes optimizations have also been done to make the whole game faster and more efficient. You may not notice a difference but this was done to support the growth ClixGrid has been experiencing.

5. And last but not least you now have the chance to win 5 extra chances when clicking on a winning box. For example, as a standard member you have the normal 25 daily chances and if you are lucky to win this bonus your chances for the day are increased by 5 each time you win this. With that said there is no limit on how many times you may win this on a day, as there is no limit on how many times you may win cash prizes. The bonus chances need to be played on the same day they were won, they won't carry over to the next day.

* Locking the picture makes the refresh even faster if you don't already have all the pictures on your browser's cache. To lock the picture click on Lock Picture found at the bottom of the picture, or click Unlock Picture to disable this.

Watch the server time that is displayed under the picture. Clicks are reset a midnight EST, so please keep that in mind.

Happy clicking!